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Monday, December 3rd Whiner Line

Dec 3, 2012|

Monday, December 3rd Whiner Line

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My view -- -- excuse views expressed and expressed. My life these aren't likely to see Chris Cox. That's -- discretion exercised. -- And now. Warning airlines. Tim Tebow cannot absorb. I think he's the worst quarterback in the NFL I do not believe that he never had any business being a member of the New York Jets and now. The reading today inaudible. In the New York Daily News and hearing drumbeat on not lose about one. Tim Tebow wins then jets while an abomination. They odd disgrace. WEEI. Warning your line is this just. This thing. Resembling a professional football team professional about it nothing dial 6177793535. This team has managed to get worse and even further embarrass itself. More than it has in the past whiner line. Anybody can -- grade block associated -- gang green doesn't just takes the knowledge and now that. -- at WEE nine they are a walking piece of embarrassment at this moment in time. Why -- alive even. Every one airline it is powered by AT&T WEI alive it's available on your iPhone or android. Your Blackberry device brought to you by him. AT&T AT&T forgy LTE with Spain's don't. Q something around ten and times -- you are correct sir then three GAT and T rethink class I didn't want it might. I've concluded that yes he's getting -- -- attacks like you know -- is that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Origin what was that but I that you -- colonies. At the I'm glad to have them I can play. Possibly steal keys -- currently has struck. That's right you -- -- and often that's also an honest mistake in my past mistakes I know wasn't as you missed it was a little. And -- but I taught not only are hurting like you know -- you for a long time gap and a lot of times as likely fake anger that you have. And it's like that you know that's lovable but this may not lovable -- wilderness and you know Chris you want to -- -- I love Macs and it was an honest mistake I didn't know he's picked up like Carlos Almonte. You didn't love -- on Thursday I was a little -- yes. He picked up my case the people he doesn't have a car behind -- one in one he's got 2% to Turkey he picked up off the -- he doesn't have a car you don't need. But -- -- -- you feel like you you haven't gone I'm sure he'd kill them all away all of this what you -- -- but he felt better about life sorry I don't think that's still get them. Michael and commitment that -- It's okay if you listen to this Christmas by -- It's. Not just in general. The problem has. Does the song's been sullied by being remade by Chris -- -- about Chris Brown. I have a real sense to let it. You regulation added to your image -- to do that he bank -- -- -- so powerful column. Reflect me. -- You know I don't like Tony Romo but apparently not as the budget cutting back on the -- you have -- I've not might become a fan. And -- and they showed an awful lot during the broadcast an awful lot you know he stepped up he just never Jessica Simpson -- -- at all right now she's having another baby yet it was his presidency curt Warner's wife all the time Winston -- Think Jamal Bill Belichick comprehend it caught Gideon that's. It -- and -- Oh. Well Natalie. -- -- -- -- -- -- So it on the right yeah you're watching general. It's my last -- -- it six. Hey contract and I don't play a particular point in Belgrade because I think -- and it's not. The coming up -- well what apple want what ground you have to stand -- anything to anybody. -- It doesn't mean anything is just something Barack. I have black -- got great booted they have had good credit. -- -- And message. It just takes the camp mine and. I have no adult and when the game in the fourth quarter yesterday they had employed gradually got dropped. What else. -- reduced our Valladolid. Quite. And that's -- passable on a day and say. Parade of them that paid to drive. And graded film Pope over ball and they had settled for a field goal. Right out of bid David -- -- I have great boo boo came up to me like that is what the papers will be due to a boy. -- -- -- -- -- A lot of Travis these plea deal that he's brought up the goal was just a little more on what. And a maximum -- by the way into your horse was a little bit confused. When Brady covered up a little wasting of a always. News it was an -- a little jumpers. And Mikey actually yeah. And -- in this desolate called them frightening incident -- keys field you are that's very good that's see that's clever that make you feel better. This. Bob Kraft well probably yeah I -- that one mistake nobody. Show -- the money. And I'm. OK okay. And -- it. I don't know how you can play without Mao -- I don't see how you can do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I was another -- one dropped you don't -- use out of it now there was one earlier this -- February. Indianapolis I don't remember that well -- -- I don't care. And my husband can throw the ball -- That is why I got I've got on the back. I'm back back end. Those scores were -- number with these charities. Our garage usually nets finished and I pretty good yeah. I'd -- that particular. -- -- have more. But up until haven't don't have and hit that kept one back. Now I have an iPad all the big garden I'd never uttered these words before but I won't believe -- now. Pregnant behind. -- and -- I gotta give it to -- -- -- -- -- you know last week shortly that's our first and Brian. Gotta give it to -- what what -- see how do you guys in the silent he won the super blows every. Roethlisberger and it was a long it's I mean I was probably had them you don't know I was like this -- the commissioner with those first round picks. -- -- -- -- Well yes and again because and -- -- thank -- -- well at the end of the airlock and then. Talked about it today that would mark and shotgun homeland -- couldn't put his car in the garage. It's like Gordon neighbors stated goal line across the driveway yeah. I'd -- Case and oh what an activated they get -- game. That would that broke and I have a -- break in the written complaint what are you didn't help -- well. And even worse he was a healthy scratch the -- was healthy for the game he was -- to -- -- -- -- special -- -- a dozen -- so important not to putt right there right into exile Ross though he knew we might have to bench Sanchez and he did not want to put Tebow in the day maybe. Little. That the best investment. I'm pretty the best and that's what give credit to get back and. And men. Don't count on the. My -- every now I had if you have me. -- And -- some other very well thought -- come back of the bad bad. Give somebody talked about what I want I'd like he's got up on the Mondale. Loving god is going to be -- about 500 detonated. It would have to read that Bible that don't talk about that people. So well Jason you're in a Bible do you think you had -- -- think frankly rather. -- -- -- dead people are already doesn't matter if they go under the bus because they're dead. First positive for the pictures couldn't find them. If they go -- Mike Napoli. Thank -- Mike Cameron. Sent. Similar yeah. There are accurate accurate very practical -- about our builder. And power grid at all. -- and -- -- -- he's three years 39 million yes I -- A guy's gonna hit 380 this year in February and by creating event at all and enjoy Christmas it's been 31 homers have. I -- -- counties have come on board regret bought. And it's about. Us us -- -- have you heard of Larry Lucchino. I could. Justin Verlander. He would forget and its my poor. Except Eric -- Every good -- what about that's okay what can be more competitive. Oh my god they're going to be paying them well but brigade. And that's what do it nobody can -- And then changed. People fall. And why that would -- about Mike Barnicle. And the message. Perry. Don't why don't I don't -- again and -- -- And what. And -- -- cryptic about the pop back. About cabinet that the public can have an accountable -- it into -- -- wondering additional that they have more. Did you'd probably do you have a look at it look at closely look at the correlation. Head of the coverage probability clinical value and you know crop that helped that it. I have a good dad -- -- would -- the probability distributions could likely be the perfect animal he delivered on that respect that you. And then -- met at this thing sounds like about it and it sounds like it -- I tell you don't push your -- applied. By AT&T AT&T forgy LT Easley is out do Tim does stress on the tragedy. AT&T rethink possible.

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