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Bill Belichick: It's good to see our guys perform at the most critical point of the game

Dec 3, 2012|

We speak to the head coach live on a Patriots Monday after the Pats won yet another AFC East title under him. Bill breaks down the game, the rest of the gameplan for the week, how they'll face-off against the Houston Texans, and also touches on the horrible tragedy in Kansas City that hit home for him since it involved two of his former co-workers.

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-- money will I've done here at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro is always it's not even know all nonsense conversation with coach -- go check. That's below the no nonsense life insurance company is now offering new lower rates for men and women call 888 get -- realized. Or visit SB allied dot com free you're free quote. You know it's happened so often here tell what you guys have won this division and I -- we we almost forget to say hey congratulations guys you. He won the division -- congratulations to get the cap yet -- Yet to happen it's all -- dollars and. Well never is that is that signaled the end of the year and a one of them you know win the division we want five games of division so. Notes that's good that. We're sitting here want to know is talking about when the divisional. You know that's -- good point so. You know players have worked hard and we Clinton pressure all year given them the start that we go off to them. And -- respondent but the responded yesterday when on the game's on the line we you know him. Good defense of good defense that plays big offensive -- it and you know so. It's good to see our team perform well it that the most critical time in the game. We -- -- and so we've done things in them in the game haven't played well but yesterday it was probably those -- best football so. -- -- Let's talk about that drive understand you have a lot of production offensively this year. Had a couple of fifty point games 49 point game against it's yet. But I would say that's probably drive of the year. Yesterday in the game of all things considered you make it two score game. You make them burn all their time out to chew up over seven minutes on the clock and me can you imagine the drive going you better. Then that ended yesterday. Sure supposedly drive at that point game. I think that the jet drive at the end regulation that was that was a big on to him. But that it that that's that's what's all the notes about winning and winning is about making plays at critical points in the game and have to make them at the end of the fourth quarter. Those those conversions -- meant to -- Clark prominent. Put ourselves in position to have kicked a field goal to make it to score -- those those whose whose great -- of office. What did you see what are you doing jobs see. In that game -- that it made you stay with their running game first half Ricky ran for ten yards something like that and then. The second half and over a hundred yards rushing what was it. That despite the lack of production on the grounds that. We're gonna stick with this thing. Well that's that's a little though we talk about going into the game I think the big thing in the first one of the things was just -- week. Had some penalties and we are some long yardage situations and we weren't able to. The opportunities call as many right personally would like to have called. And -- a difficult didn't do enough with them so combination of those things production. And opportunity. When they coincide when you get first downs and more opportunities when you when you run well and produce yardage then leads to more runs. Or first downs more opportunities. Or more runs. As your defense to play calling -- more Russell the last few weeks. I don't know I think the big thing we try to do is just look at each game and figure out what -- Phillips and thus our best matchup against an opponent what what would you do stuff themselves. With some pressures called me and some that we didn't call -- -- Three narrow situations. I think you know part of the game for yesterday it was tricky off balance. You know we've we've been called some. Trying to mix in some pressure and and I think it's tricky kill off console -- so we continued to them. I'm Brandon Lloyd. Is a guy that we Paul fudge you gonna get an awful lot of production out of this year. I think he was targeted one time and when we do see him catch the ball he's catching it outside the numbers two feet clearly inbounds doing exactly what. You want him to do in that situation -- -- seeing them over the middle or not seeing him anywhere else is there a reason. Nobody is not targeted as much as as we thought. Well -- you know Toms really got to make those decisions. Don't know when the ball slapped with -- coverages and based on the past -- ocean. With with how the coverage of declares and all that -- them as to what to do with the -- so. I'm sure others think he's talked about Clinton. I don't really have too much that you know everybody's got to try to. You know do the best they can on the play is called in Toms got to make the best decision he can with with the bulletins and pressure of limited amount of time and so. What those are men there and then there with the car did you foresee him more involved in the offense then we have seen so far. You know are really try to have projections for what what guys do and and don't do when and how lower to think the big thing you try to do is coach the players can understand the system. And and then see how it plays out and we don't promise players anything. They they have earned whatever plan time opportunities they get. And then what they do with those opportunities you can is gonna make the most of the ones that so. And there's -- there's opportunities that Brandon says that he could have made more of their opportunities. Where we could go on the ball more than we did so. Sometimes that'll -- sometimes them. It's not just about the steps -- with that said after the game Steven Ridley said. He never dreamed that he would be 1000 yard rusher. He's over a thousand yards for the season. And great yards per carry average. Where where have you seen the most improvement numbers that we're facing the most improvement. In release came from his rookie year to this year. It's -- assessing it. This it is it picking up the blitz all. All that you know all of us blitz pick Paul Allen faking. Route running route. Spacing and and distribution I think he you know it's come along way in that area. There is always a good running skills don't think that's that's been an issue but I think he's on the ball consistency this year and is also had -- a better ball security. And my say consistency Reid blocks and get into the right place in the glory hole. With a right foot work and you let them you know what the blockers do work and taken advantage of the blocks that -- Company runs hard he breaks tackles we've seen that he continues to do and he's a tough physical runner. So our got to bring down his good balance. Those ball security is done. Has improved. -- have much much of that at -- LSU game and that wasn't part of the make up of of that team and his game in the passing game wasn't. No no no it nuts and and I think our passing game with. Empty formations and for open formations and things like it's. You know that that it definitely adds another element to it of course we see a lot of of difficult. Pressures and it seems like the jets and Miami yesterday. Baltimore teams like that they give us some exotic pressures things that move guys around different spots -- identification. And then of course actually block them so. There's that's a lot tougher than than some of the things that they that he -- when he was college no question. Am -- a measuring the Susan Vince Wilfork playing better as the year goes along and always putting well all your -- seven -- Steve you have a really good year. And any make a lot of big plays he's so you know his defeat blockers he's free and things up for linebackers and and he's also given us great leadership and communication on defense line. And with the front seven and Vietnamese he's really -- -- -- chose to be hard. As much more -- than what what he's definitely. It was so far this year he's currently he sees him very good here I wanna get right into Houston because obviously it's a fascinating team it's the team right now that's at the top of the conference. And let's start -- JJ watt who seems to be a disruptive force. He seems to be everywhere -- also seems to be getting his hands. A lot of the passing game in the middle of the in the field what do you do how do you deal with a guy like that bill. Is -- yes you're right -- he's real disruptive player. He's long he's you know he's got a good quickness good length. And like this tough on on inside players you know the the guards and senators and -- -- on the senate -- occasionally they slide over again more he gets almost on -- type thing Padilla is so much longer than they -- that. That is -- does is par for the on the block. He's got a good quickness. He's he's he's a great time and instincts as far as in the past link it stands up. Mean of course is long arms blog as Somalia's long arms but he he has the ability to. Instinctively get in those passing lanes and painted him he's got his hands on me -- that down ten or fifteen balls this year. And not batted down at them out here for a reception season and all that. Could pass -- strip sack. -- -- And he's he's certainly on the road to and the player of the year insurgency for quarterback sometimes to Alter. How they throw the ball because you've become so disruptive and at times that can even -- your greater problems. Well I think that's quarterbacks -- some he has to do any regardless of who the players. He can't throw -- his post defense -- -- -- you just can't throw through me got to find space in there somewhere to. -- around or throat lower interest from deeper if you've got to throw Opel within ten -- of the line of scrimmage on the under routes and in Constance Lance and things like that -- you gotta find space to throw one. -- the offensive linemen can't it's it's hard for them to move on knew where they are is where there aren't quarterbacks good -- around them so. Whether it's him or anybody else he -- -- through that. Sure I think he's a guy that you know you you got to be aware of and are often in our office on the need to do a good job of keeping us far away from the quarterback as possible also trying to push models currently it's. And it and they do their agenda -- has done well here while Tom's stuff open. And fine clear clear throwing and so. That is going to be important this week. About a switch gears on you a bit and ask you about that juniors Super Bowl that was played on Saturday the SEC championship game usually. Best conference in the country in Alabama and in Georgia. When that it LSU I mean as he's -- Nixon and obviously. -- guy you know very well and always a good coaches Marcos. Why why do you think he has been so successful. At a number of places in college football made. He's my career coaches who have wondered SEC championship at two different schools. And obviously did on Saturday what what is it about saving -- you can tell us that this makes them. Stand apart from the competition. I'm -- I think it really does everything well I think he -- great football coach on every level. He's. Technically very as far as -- and chosen and understanding everything -- going on the field from a technical standpoint from a teaching standpoint -- models. Techniques schemes strategy kind of thing I think he's outstanding in that area. You know he's a very good teacher. Both the staff and the players so the communicates well. He's an excellent recruiter. And you know I think that's the one thing about college football that if you could create here's you know in a limited one draft choice I'm wondering which was -- -- and it. Fifteen number one draft choices in the animal commit and and it's like he's done for the psyche. It's about five or six NFL draft choice number one draft choices every year in and gets about five more than next year and get some -- and number twos. So. And other securities that are part of the the teachings of big part of it and you know this is overall knowledge of the game. In the screen isn't. Techniques and everything is that -- -- -- so he's got a lot of coaches with them. An under room in God's Will Muschamp. -- a -- on the -- successfully obviously learn from and so. He's good you know Mark -- -- good job to in Georgia's they have great set of players and I mean there. Currency in the game I mean there are within a cochlear it's very memento flop but it can't enemy in Ireland in the does separation between those two teams is is sold so small town in the regular principled stance both. Both groups -- you know players Iran and much more competitive -- -- -- when you were in the NFL it's a ten years in an NFL ten years fifteen years was it ever thought of viewers Wendy Beckett. Coach in college football on that would be something that's interest in Europe or is that just in the pros for you all the way and that really thought about. You know I applied and interviewed for public college Johnson and and -- go -- with the giants in the eighties there and then talked about how close. And it in Oregon probably fortunate that in work. Not not that I would have money -- would like the opportunity at that point on what sort of things are down from -- to us. I don't think don't. Tired when I hope this camera phenomenon that was. It is. We're smuggling and you know through. But you about -- competency -- -- scanned -- on line but. And everybody you know in the end though those are good experiences because it you know maybe think about those situations -- about the whole you know build a program. Presenting our youth build program hired coaches affords all in and that was good preparation for me as it turned out. With the other interviews liberal national -- it. -- on the books or Arizona Cardinals. The raiders. Cleveland so forth so. You know those are good experience. The job seemed so different of the pro coach on the -- you just talk about recruiting and my guess would be. That you got to be good coach on either level to be successful. But don't -- to be just a great recruiter and an almost sometimes that's what kind of a BS artists to be it would go into the home and convinced the kid and his family. The jury going to be able to make something special out of the show man. You know I'm sure that there is. You know I mean I know there's a lot of talent than a minute we run into that. You know college free agents or even professional free agents to a degree. I mean -- -- this money involved but there's also recruiting at -- But I would say the bigger part of it for me than I think -- also a tremendous job of that and why he's so successful -- evaluation. And you're not recruit guys only want. You know you want your -- great ones in the -- and I think that's what really separates him as the players here cruise and -- -- or the good ones and you say well everybody knows -- good ones are but not really and sentences to slickers -- number one draft choices that don't end up. Being great players in the NFL there's a lot of you know top recruits that -- -- -- -- great college players and I think that's in on it does a great job forum on as a violation which is difficult because as you know high school football is. It varies from you know a lot of different levels of Latin you know you get guys that are plan. Against you know that it and one recruits are playing against players that are are nowhere close to that so there's a great discrepancy and the quality of the play from. Region to region but also from one team to another one point two plus they're seventeen or eighteen year old right he's had term project and so I think that's a big big part of it. And and I know and it does a great job there and we talked a lot about that about his whole selection cross season and that evaluation process. And of course he's you know done -- National Football League levels wells you know we talk about some differences and some players. You know he's given me a lot inside about -- by doing college players you know as how he sees in the -- what you know. Looking back on now haven't been in the NFL. You know how how he -- college players little bit differently as a college coach Stan. What he did when he was a professional coach just because is that your experience -- it so it it you know it's an -- -- conversation is that a better. Barometer when you're watching an SEC championship game and you already said there were tons of players that you can see that kid Doug Jones for for Georgia. -- linebacker was tremendous. When you look at these players and they're playing against that type of talent. Does that make a huge difference in your valuation processes supposed to when you're watching more of their regular season games. An Atlanta team that might have a lot of guys that are going to be businessmen are doctors are. -- when I was with the gonna be doing the next year sure tell our football players that were on that field because the were really playing in the game. -- absolutely and I think that's that's a great you know great of went to a -- players. Is to see him against other NFL players I mean they're not only get that they -- all conveniently. You know that type of thing. You know one of our. You know an interesting thing that happened a couple of years ago when we went down. To see the great Florida class with -- Hernandez Tivo and Cooper. Louis Murphy in spikes. Cunningham and all those guys and who knows you know men and problems that doesn't guys drafted. Throw line and whole group. You know one of the things. We saw there was in watch and -- it was Kyle. And Kyle -- of the Mississippi State plan against policy relative to. In some of the other guys that were planned against Palestinians. And talking accounts. You know how to go this year -- the Mississippi State was that was tough for him so it looked like it was you know -- incident so. You know watching good players play against other good players -- if they can play against them at Mississippi State and Florida than they could probably play against them in New England -- you know that's. So it it certainly helps clear violation course of that the same time you know we'll see you player a couple of weeks. You know Cecil shorts -- nonunion then you know in his provision. Played against that's against Atlanta doctors dealers and insurance salesman or anything else picturesque -- now he's this. So offensive -- very unscientific process and and that's what makes it silenced and fastening it. There's a lot of good football players this EC and there's a lot of good football players down there are some of whom don't play. You know we saw the Randall gated Alicia who who you know was was -- even a starter -- LSU and and had a good career we saw Matt Cassel played behind two Heisman Trophy winners and USC and it's starting quarterback and so you and me and other sometimes -- an assistant -- the opportunity those schools in the evening and opinion. You know legitimate NFL players and and it'll hardly play. You may need to hear others that you could look of important about it. Tom Jackson. Or Walt. That. Project contact is -- object -- -- former UConn coach OK Ben a producer get the only point there and finally if you -- get a gold star for that name I was for it. -- get a chance to talk -- with -- -- about the tragic mountains whose best we can. Hear us talk to pull people out there and you know we have pretty close cause of the organization. When you know some players out there there than here and also some coaches and it's obviously you know. A situation -- we expressed our. Innocent person and -- prayers and condolences to an entire organization players and their families and you know it's very difficult situation I think what they did on Sunday it was just you know mark what can imagine. A player coach in the game and those kind of circumstances enough. But you know they're obviously looking at the pull together and and and play well and went so but -- this. It's -- -- -- in off the charts in terms of them deal with. You know and political situation. -- Came to America like -- -- Iraq trying to pull that team together and I don't know how you get a team focused you have to your team focused every single week imagine dealing with that. It being you know that you 24 hours removed from that and used a cultural one of the people involved out of the park tomorrow night. Yeah I mean it you know external situation. But it even that the and so I think for the other 31 teams there's certainly and he you know a strong ripple effect I mean there are some. For some waves there -- I think hit hit our team and and hit every team I mean I definitely feel like -- our team because of our. -- closeness of that organization and if you will mean to a victory but. I mean every every team at the field and in every every team's -- -- -- players and every you know teams got people are going through different situations and their lives are perfect and there. Their deal was some type situation or circumstance whatever so. And you know just really and you never know and it is and publisher inside. You know who knows what he used the picture was terrible. Yeah I think you beat it too trivial to us to have a coach's question of the week but. I would just say that can give some praise to our sponsors. Your local Mercedes-Benz dealers in their winter event going on now at your local Mercedes-Benz dealers on the web at MB USA. Dot com. -- congratulations another divisional title ten of the last twelve years which is pretty pretty phenomenal record. Good luck Monday night against Houston move I would like -- on Tuesday. Can we can we have some of teachers and that's two players in the middle where it has been a satisfied and those projections and -- that I similar violence advocates xxx is in the matter of other shots off thanks bill -- like an -- -- -- an affliction.

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