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Vince Wilfork: Winning AFC East is nice, but we have larger goals

Dec 3, 2012|

We check in with Big Vince Wilfork on a Patriots Monday after another stellar day for him in the trenches vs. Miami. Vince helps us break down the win, the division title, what else the Pats want to accomplish, and the BIG Monday Night tilt next week vs. the Houston Texans.

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But back there and a big show us patriots Monday were lured away allowing -- -- were alive down here at Gillette Stadium the players. Believe none of the day off today because it's a Monday game coming up next week. So our guy Vince Wilfork joins is live right now in the AT&T -- want -- so we don't today. Or pretty good coverage so because. Now when you blow when you walk over and give the oh lead this football to -- does that cut down her texting during the second half of the game. Don't enjoy is just coming here down here we have a football pitching did. Wish you are panicked and before albeit. -- -- -- that opponents call the ball clean so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dolan the yesterday obviously you did all of the things you needed to do when your offense made -- probably their best drive of the season in the fourth quarter to close the game out. Army knew it was unbelievable -- me. First of all we know more down there how tough it was wanna be first vote because we -- player from. And you know it was one of those games Fordham where. He was a must win for them so we know who's gonna get very best and being a division game more roll against against football for that always seems to do what problems. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We knew that they were one of a couple of committees. We knew that you know beat the -- what do we knew about it please could have possibly you effort but we do have to. Maintain our poll composure as they -- fight through everything that paperwork so. That they would get a real good job over and and prepare our although it is. -- well being on the sidelines -- -- -- Just -- more to ball looked downfield. They have their their their property put together. Note we ran the ball and you know what never before as a clear. But these have little -- -- the know your offered through you know see. Corpsman take the field in the be successful and the run on the ground. I'd -- a very good you know run defense in my arm itself. And it just goes to show you know if we can put it we we just go well. And -- actually -- -- just -- to say hey we want it to someone with takeaways -- we -- Make make this point if it is in the game. It showed it -- because record is in our -- was going against one in the top defense in Iraq because there wasn't there would be they kept up the -- course being so. It was drifting apart in the feet from the defense -- you know stamp for the -- are -- -- -- from our scalable means. There was there was there's fresh -- Always talk about this defense now has a knack of love coming up with turnovers coming over loose balls and now we just talked about earlier you know you gave the ball to Bianca but before. You can get the ball to Bianca you had to get it yourself it was victors in this it. You're I think you're locked it was -- needle for awhile. And then is the ball and seemed to appear to feed got a what was your take on -- and that's what we so how did you see that play developing. Well you know what if there was going on right guard and con needle and and -- was very aware of -- depression that was given from maps are from America and was just try to keep the quarterback in front of me. If you try to scored are either way -- a position you know. -- sharp you know make a plea and what are probable pop up refers are right -- -- -- reform board match. But you know at that point was -- just get the ball you know wanted to ground it you know it's part of the -- -- better you know. Polled don't want. In one you know we we knew there are pieces. Step in one big strip. All year of being they would it is to hit the ball -- tomorrow ports we -- real -- -- we got one couple one up. I'll put the ball what are -- -- -- you know cooperative with the ball in the air. Bombs so images that we can you. To give our -- the ball as essential short field. Always upon forceful. There I was just being more. Caution -- Making sure can you don't. Or are you the way you want -- the ball popped out my it seems -- just get the ball and just you know see if it's a formal. If they have to review of them -- what -- short coupled with the falcons -- that and figure out. Of -- as your defense. Do more aggressive for these last few games it was just a fact of we've been playing. No army we we've we've been a lot more aggressive. The play call of immigrants who we've implant more aggressive. After our defense is distressed when we play aggressive when you. We decorum and you don't have a lot of character actually think. I think we'd be more successful -- in the past couple weeks we've been -- -- in her therapist apartment for. -- -- so. -- -- continued and it took you know now this is -- one -- beautiful penal now we always talk about you know playing one game accomplice. Right now is this is the time. To take you Warren stepped they've accomplished warned gamers that term. Each week each week between that's all we can do we keep that -- they'll. But each we each game in balance you know he seems to now we have put everything we -- into Houston and just control what we shall. And and and we do it would be firm but assumes carping about our our stuff restore our -- fleeing. Port somewhere else and get distracted there when you have problems but -- the government to a real good job staying focused. Grow apart throughout the week prepare whale if -- -- going on a firmer -- adjustments Cornet Wales. And we've -- storm to come together as we've seen him in when you play good team full of good things. I -- about that one game and at one game only and that would be Houston coming -- ball mill on Monday night. A team that really relies on the run they need to establish that run with -- Arian Foster. You guys have to stop him 2202. Closed down what they can do offensively. Actually misspoke with the running game there are two. And the better they run the ball over -- so -- there offensive. He notes -- and see where. -- -- you know have a good run pretty well. Spare part so. We know they have a military and we don't have a great receiver one but definitely -- there. Have been one of the bears' front of -- in the game quarterbacks -- -- -- take care of the ball. Also from our ability to drop you know they -- -- ski party like -- ball. So we know what this -- is gonna come down to be and they look to come to run again. That we can handle the running game. We we will be OK but what we have we have to protect -- we have to be aggressive we we would read our -- We want to pick up lots. -- -- -- -- This is the type of game -- if you if you -- football. You won't be in the -- And you wanna just keep that run the ball -- invited noted on the ball. They or wherever wanna whatever it may be -- -- -- record is but it involves one. -- -- the best he could to -- the best team in the league. And here we are we have Monday Night Football we go animal farm term to be so. If you can't get up put his game. You don't need to be in the in this plane. In the Antarctic trust me. We was almost like coming back in the and that's what I'm saying that there was. Lot of book on the flight was in the work we've gotten this week we have -- from -- sort of let me know right here. Everybody. Was thrown out of the gulf. We assume we lose focus or playing in Houston in an effort -- our early in the week when you. One that you get when they have the split now you're almost certain not even Briere was later you've already talk of -- genetic component let me know these. -- to get to work -- to prepare where. And hopefully bring -- to play well. You know events the -- played for Bill Belichick I think I was about eleven when he played for Belichick and you'll probably too. So here's a run back a bit middle if there's a lot of and I. Reportedly returning punts and Huskies OK. So long time ago but the odds are he always makes the point that Bill Belichick. Is always seeking out his players for. Opinions they tell me what you think you know what do you think you can do. And and I wonder when you say that the calls have been more aggressive is that because the coaches just have become more aggressive or have players like view. And Mayo. Gone to the coaches and said we can do some things a little different let's be little more aggressive. I think it's a mixture of both I think our think our coaches to -- the job of seeing him on what they have. In basically torture an awful that. Well in his in this -- where you know appeal asking me or are I'll ask you what do you think about it is. In would have worked we're try to do it over to break and get where we sort of -- Academic and work. A pinnacle to a really good job actually looks policy can help these layers and just seen how we play what can what can benefit. If not a lot of terms where we have to go to him say it is too. This article on this Vista will look at more days because you know he'll have already come with a good because a quarter or to come. More with no adjustments are we wanna play different call stuff so it's a miserable. -- I put guys have a great -- a great game Monday night and I'm sure old door probably next Tuesday here at the stadium will sealing out air ambulance -- -- -- -- right here in the Olympics -- And you've played with some pretty impact full. Defense of players in your career TLC. Did you watch this guy game inning game out. He gets better and better and better it is amazing to me the impact that Vince has a game and I think people take him lightly. Maybe because of the body type they look at it. He is such phenomenal athlete it's frightening big men usually fade as the season goes along I am no not at all that's like somebody plays he's -- -- virtually a different every single play were few years ago is okay for what 60% of the place that and he it starts he's. At the point of attack they move him around overload our personal attack couple drives. On the -- they move them around -- know that having him at the point of attack is going to be. Is going to affect everybody else that makes linebackers better it makes. The front seven better -- a guy like that that's literally anchoring your defense. All the sudden. Guys like Mayo can can free apple that delayed and delayed blitz that was still owes us I think that's exactly what was stellar -- Tuesday I call that was actually you -- It looked to me more likely hug with who looked like he had a hit that that running back commitment when the running back stopped. To vote to blow blocked the defense of and he got -- and instantaneous decision and attack the quarterback that's exactly what you're supposed to have that I've gone out. I have a feeling that -- what I had to cover to the outside and -- government to -- exactly right so that was just a great read an unbelievably quick response by mail. Lot of times you see that you're you're hesitant especially. Especially inside backer covered running back -- try to get re educate and but he made that decision so fast and so quick. I guarantee that was something he saw on film but it's it's amazing -- -- -- you -- back can you watch these games and you see what he doesn't every single play is happening just different things and every single play. It is absolutely amazing. The impact he has on a football game.

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