WEEI>On Demand>>Is Mike Napoli the answer for the Red Sox? Rob Bradford breaks down the move live from the Winter Meetings

Is Mike Napoli the answer for the Red Sox? Rob Bradford breaks down the move live from the Winter Meetings

Dec 3, 2012|

We check in with Rob Bradford from WEEI.com live from Nashville to get his take on the Napoli signing, and any other moves for the Red Sox on the horizon.

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Fight back there and a big show our -- and holly were all live at Gillette Stadium but the Red Sox are making some noise today. As they have signed Mike Napoli three years 39 million dollars so much check in with our. Guy from WEEI dot com rob Bradford he's down near Nashville that the big opry land. A hotel rob has brought you by the beach is -- Fort Myers and seven -- Find your island today in Fort Myers sent a -- dot com also opryland treatment around right now. Are gonna put -- -- and I apologize. -- real entry era. That a source who told me at the very big hotel. Again it yes. That event -- -- get after a lot of the complaining from the writers and that out of the walk so far and so forth and so on but whatever. -- interview go to winter meetings. Not you're you're not complained the winner meetings and joining me somewhere in -- -- -- -- -- In order as we got -- out of the gate. And that's all you can hope -- get the ball roll. What do you make of that news how do you think the Red Sox he Napoli and those who who does this affect if anyone the arrival of Napoli -- the right -- Well you know obviously this food too much surprised but I -- if the couple -- it could trust and a couple low levels because number one it shows you this strategy throughout the entire offseason knowing Napoli but with rotting gums. If they're willing to overpay for short term to keep that beat -- contract. Within reason in terms of years and people there what three years for Napoli that's still quite a bit by -- nobody got four years. So you overpay a little bit for the short term that the strategy you know become relief drafting when it comes to dark -- opened talks. Because all along that's been with a red -- could possibly get involved not the six year deal but this shorter term deal -- more money than other teams are willing to pay. So I think in terms of how -- the actual deal backs they're they're. Proceeding. -- I think it is interesting because a clue what they're doing now. I don't it was Hamilton would make some sense to me short term because. No Trace at peace he's got some issues here and you've got to be concerned with the G to keep the -- down low and happily one surprises me looking at the money. He -- three years 39 million dollars. The Rangers did not make that qualifying offer of thirteen point two they could've had him for one year and -- realized that if another team wanted to give them a multi year deal which you wanna go and get a draft pick in return. -- -- concern you at all that they -- -- usual in a pass on from one year at thirteen -- is to make that would have been a terrific deal for team. Yeah well I think it's cute things I think I might surprise yes because I was along the same month what -- thinking which is UKU you know you're not -- of thirteen point three year team in on. Napoli and so -- the number of the annual number's going to be lower than that. So that surprised me. But concerned now because they -- before the idol I don't begrudge jumper take taken this approach as long as you don't get are locked in to deal. Which you feel uncomfortable with in terms of years and and even when Napoli you'll get him. And you go okay you go through the first two years and then that's when David Ortiz contract up. I -- you do -- -- are. Does he play first base every day. -- people are very quite apparent is that not concern you I mean middle Brooks had some issues. They can those rose to your first Gonzales seemed to pick everything out of the -- isn't -- a number I mean. I know a years ago nobody looked at that -- at first base as a defense of position now people look at it at least I thought they did. As a corner infield spot that has great importance. Yeah it is there you know I think there should be some comparative I think it is an undervalued position in terms of saving run. But also say that that was classified the -- similar sum up quite a bit is his first state defense is being okay. And you're -- Mike Napoli for his back. And did because reported product do you are a lot of guys in baseball who can do what you doesn't turn to power. -- order production and also in terms of grinding out of that total level what Kevin Youkilis. So you you want -- for at bats so you also want him to stay in the lineup. And the best way you're gonna get Mike Napoli stayed in a lot of did not happen to patch. So you know I think that if you can't classify him as an OK first baseman. I'm OK with that -- I'm OK with playing him for the the majority the game for the schedule. What we were talking in the first hour rob. The -- and I were talking about. Bill James in the impact that he's had on these signings. I've tried hard to believe that Bill James is making the call on Mike Napoli in David Ross and Johnny don't even though I don't like the Gomes a -- signings too much. Well what what you hear what you know about. Bill James and his cell rolled his offseason vs other offseason. Army I think it is having John Henry pointed out that they want -- may be a little more involved than he has in years past but. It doesn't take an advance they -- person to say okay this was bloodied by misguided bloody -- that guy. There's reason for all of these signings -- -- one. Is they didn't play well Fenway Park OK you know what you have a guy Napoli open guy and go home who's this swing to the hole dead -- header. So that that helps along those lines. You want guys who were gonna grind out did that give back to that kind of way of thinking as I pointed out before Mike Napoli. Pitches per plate -- almost the exact -- Kevin you look for his career. And controlling the running game that's why you're side by David Roth could you are happy with that so they're trying to will address the needs of some deficiencies they've had. But you know in terms of build games I think that that's where it as we go along and you get deciding -- -- -- the to make a whole lot of sense. And you have to explain it through -- the -- -- prism that's where we might get a little bit more clarity about his role. -- so they still want Cody Ross. Yeah I mean I think they're instructed silica content still in contact and talking -- Cody Ross and the thing that gets tricky your yap about the Napoli it's not a what are affect everything else. It also has become a very right handed heavy line up. And so you look at the position that they need -- -- -- in what they're hitting. Well you obviously Ross is a righty righty hitters so. You really have to leave on a knicks' odds are not an expert to buy a lead on Ryan Bailey's are -- big -- not -- -- you would go home to. Balance that off. But you know these I think there instructive in Rafa I think it also into president switzer but I do sort tell me that. There might wait until after the Hamilton trying to see where they're mark to market ends up in a Victor -- the very intriguing guy. Who also would be great fit here. But there's a lot of teams and on him and might just take you got one team that's going to go to four years and citizenry. While that may be too much that the source sure I'd like in that. You know he hits from both sides he's a versatile guy you can you complain many outfield maybe play a little bit different Jack I have the same feeling. You look -- don't you look at Cody Ross there are so similar. So you're right if you got left handed pitching coming into Fenway Park you're gonna beat the crap out of it there's no doubt it would with a Gomes and a Cody Ross let's say playing left and right field. What do you do what do you do refer what does lead the a percentage is now 75% of the time when you have -- in a -- Yeah allies are also that I think -- he's the that they they are comfortable -- playing right field is that. Coach -- never. Don't know known on that right now that's what I meant I -- Gomes a left. Obviously get the wall to protect them yeah many could do it. Yeah let whoever they may get an -- going for the gonna have to have food and some -- level competency when it comes to playing. Right field at Fenway that's like a victory go a switch hitter who put in -- that would have played that a field in the past makes a lot of sense. And you don't buy up all the guys that we mentioned. Still despite the fact it's right hit a right handed. Cody Ross might be the best value no draft pick. Lower Monday may be lower years so that's you know what the other day that might be where they end up. I'm still waiting for the big dogs to come and what do you hear if you're hearing anything yet about. Josh Hamilton does with with the Red Sox or anybody Josh Hamilton Zack Greinke where do you think those guys a land war plan and how much money when they commit. Yeah Colombia and I think that -- that this stick rank yup the board terms the -- -- to -- that. It looks like the Rangers in the dot might come down the Rangers and Dodgers. Dodgers dodges they have and a diamond. It makes too much sense right and and then when it comes to -- and open. Josh Hamilton to Miette -- here right now at the most intriguing part of -- intermediate but just because you. -- you know the biggest name and on the free agent market but because the red -- could get involved here. And not if it goes the 45 or six years I don't know they're gonna get involved. And willingness to do what they have been doing which is overpaid for the short term. If it gets to that I have been in he's not getting the farmers that are here opera that you really want. He might take that so that's where it becomes intriguing to me and and we talked about the -- it didn't take the money and issues and everything else aside. What is his -- where -- it's been termed the left side of the plate how he feels it's a really really good fit for the team right now. Well I'm with you on Hamilton got Greinke for a second because. We've heard over and over that Zack Greinke would not be good any big market there's a lot of pressure. It's only play in Kansas City in the play in Milwaukee and then just four short span. In the other Los Angeles and I warned counties a little different as you know. But doesn't that kind of contradict everything we've been talking about if he signed with the Dodgers I understand. It's not as concentrated as Boston and and Dodgers fans may be -- as -- -- Red Sox fans the public contradict everything have been saying about Greinke. -- -- it he gave -- is factor that you have to. The way in here. Exactly -- you're -- it would just as I did that -- while. But you know it I think that he Greinke came so I think this was it a couple lost our games ago -- that straight up you know bought while playing embarked in new York and he said you know that's -- not the best fit for me. Mean what do players saying that. -- that have to send up some red flag I just think you're right you don't know how players gonna react if we're overreacting you are under acting to. That the whole pressure of the media market -- guys we didn't know about Carl Crawford about Adrian Gonzales. -- oh we discuss it took it for granted that they would be okay and it was you know. So but I think that when a player comes out and says that that's when the red flag really have to go -- and and and then also. The number or years exact -- you gonna get and the amount of money for a starting pitching. You know the prelude to the Red -- to meet you can't allocate that money towards that it's it's too dangerous we've already seen. Somebody while I am convinced and I know we're gonna go through this for over the next month month and a half we did splashed you with fielder we did it a little while for for poor -- And they ended up getting 200 Michael Hyderabad on that winning candidate -- 280 some odd million that would detail and that that -- -- and -- you haven't paid a -- Really against Pinochet went over 200 I -- there -- gonna go well north of 200 out of it doesn't take you to dinner out -- you and I did -- did we went to dinner. Well and another. Couple my weight my better from where I'm from 2000 I think he's right about this I duel him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I remember it yeah very well the 2007 -- let the play a 140 games anyway not. Air in the last month of played almost every day that it might my quote unquote. What are what are the 214040. Days. Exactly. What. Got robbed call me up -- -- -- and I -- I think he's going to tell. Line up there and what is the JD once the play out. Odd name that they'll receive pop up your ass Drupal Cabrera interstate guy. And I know he's got the you know that the Red Sox -- one of the the teams on his list but the when they put six teams on the list yeah that's pretty much so that they can read you a contract with those who have tried and I. They're big market teams everybody thinks that he doesn't wanna come here. Because he's got a stipulations contract that the Boston is one of six teams that you can't trade him to. But that's really just -- a financial thinks of the beacon re do a deal with a blue with a big market team what do you think about him. Having I think that they have to take a hard look at the opposition and in Alex -- -- someone close to them said that. The no trade thing really is going to be an issue if and when prevent any kind of deal the Bakken. But I think that you have to take a hard look at because of that -- the -- -- I'd appreciate it properly is the V -- thing different. I don't they wanna see where they fall at the end of the off season and say you know like that's our line up support this guy. But still if you have a chance to upgrade especially from the other side of the plate you gotta do that and if he can do it reasonable dollars and reasonable years. After become a party wasn't -- priority come to the Nazis and certainly first base and outfield and starting pitcher was. But the bigger deal because you. -- -- get I would Iglesias but still I think it definitely gonna raise our. I want chicken with the in the next couple days may be mentioned we'll get to talk about pitching that would be nice if they can. Picking me a lot you know -- apparently not to the red socks. -- and let the I Rob Kurz double to -- is similar and I see elated that said rob Bradford down there. In Nashville -- that the baseball winter meetings core -- were right back to you -- --

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