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Reaction to the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide in Kansas City

Dec 3, 2012|

Troy Brown, Lou Merloni, and Mike Mutnansky react to the tragic news that happened over the weekend in Kansas City. Brown gives a unique perspective on his former coach Romeo Crennel and talks about if the Chiefs should've played Sunday's game.

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And Kansas City. Tragedy yesterday this football team wins the game -- Dawson. They had been in the Carolina Panthers 2721. Showing guts and all phases of this game the chiefs get their first home victory of this season. On the weekend no one will ever forget it. Respectfully. To you guys and ladies that. Our armed choosing not to answer any questions about what I saw yesterday. And I think that you understand that and hopefully you respect my wishes on that. Because there wasn't a pretty sharp and so. I'm choosing not to talk about it. That is chiefs head coach -- canal what he saw. Up close reportedly was the suicide of one of his players to -- Belcher. On who shot himself Saturday morning just outside of the chiefs facility opponent Scott Pioli are roomier canal. In front of -- oppositional coach there in Kansas City this comes after reportedly. -- he shot his girlfriend and the mother of his child nine times at a home just outside Kansas City in front of his mother. And and and created you know one of the most bizarre stories we've seen in sports and a long long time and -- the sports or because this guy played for the Kansas City Chiefs. And drove back the facility to kill himself front of people that he knew and -- front of people that he played for their Kansas City. -- I don't know how Romeo Cornell Troy coach that game yesterday and not a Kansas City Chiefs played that game yesterday. And I'm not -- -- people involved in this story are going to and recover anytime soon because this murder suicide has left one girl orphaned. And -- left eighteen and a community. Rattled in terms of what just happened. Which -- Belcher in Kansas City is. I mean just does this say I mean I don't like the common about two million things on the whole lot about but this definitely is a tragedy. And it is a very says tragedy and and don't know what caused the whole situation. I do know this to Harden my prayers go out to. The young lady and her family man and Bill Archer and his family and and obviously the the orphan kid as an upper hand and has neither parent right now so. You know my heart my prayers do go out to lump. I really don't want to know what Romeo saw don't want to hear about it you know I mean I just couldn't imagine. Avenue witness something like that. Close range like that in -- and trying to tell us some money out of -- said. Bodily harm to themselves I just couldn't imagine being in his situation. And then have -- attitude Patricia team you know minutes later. And decide on where the the play a football game. The very next day and go are doing coach and be focused on what I'm supposed to focus on because I would have images of that right. The entire day on Saturday the entire day on Sunday -- -- and the rest of your life do I mean that it it was. I have to take my hand out the Romeo because he gave it to his football team. And read those young men decide on what would help them cope. With the tragedy you know of not just a teammate -- -- amount of gas close friend you know and that was something that. No he had to you have to deal with not thank you did very good job -- doing that handled himself very well. In the interviews considering the circumstances that went down and said. Peter King did a great job he would talk to somebody a source close out there. And based what he said was you'll you'll only arise the complex at 8 AM and she's Belcher who just arrived was out of his car. You'll get out of his cardinals to build two was an agitated state court that the source of these ball -- saw Belcher had a gun. Belcher was clearly unstable the source appeal didn't feel threatened because Belgian of appoint to go to him. There were lower in the parking lot a few. A few yards apart for several minutes. Recorded that Peter is the source not -- appealing to at that point what Belcher had done but it was clear that Belcher had shot someone. I'm wolf when you say that means immediate blood -- right and he's got a gun in his hand. I had a one point two mineral loan Belcher at the pioli I came here to tell you thank you -- from my chance and I love you drop. Also all dressed really -- talked to Romeo and Gary being Gary -- Gibbs rather position coach now. Yeah Scott Pioli gaining points out to two ticks on the cellphone calls canal. He also points I imagine you're Scott Pioli and parking lot. You got a player -- team it looks unstable that probably has blood on his shirt or something right that he knew that he shot somebody has a gun in his hand. And he's -- Scott to basically bring two more individuals into this situation nine era felt threatened but you don't know what to deal with. Right -- actually calls Romeo. And and and Gary Gibbs to bring them out to the parking lot. I think about that what is gold through Scott's mind should I be doing this -- I guess they had tried to sell they're busier -- it all the -- Let's mean you just try to talk this thing up before you bring somebody else in a situation. That. And again notices my job I hate doing this but I'd speculate not the stuff I does have to thank the people it was thank you look. At this point I don't feel threatened and I try to save the system man I'm just honestly -- about whatever I can do right now to save these young man's life. Right now is what I'm gonna do over. -- comes out Gary gives comes out they talked to one -- he says and I wasn't able to reach the young man. Belcher says state Q I love you guys takes a few steps away pulls the trigger. Would -- certain things like this happening you know you'd try to imagine put yourself. In the situation -- OP can't. No you know I don't know if you camp Skopje Oly. Seem to be spent the most time with this young man. What he is going through right now Romeo what he saw what Gary Gibbs saw. I can't imagine that now the players. I imagine being a teammate. In hearing at walking into the -- situation. It's confusion is probably the only thing that you did I would think as as it as a teammate because those guys this morning and I know there on the once idea he's an evil murderer. -- and shot girlfriend nine times. -- and did that front of these coaches but as a teammate. -- not an Arafat Brady Quinn was outstanding after the game and talk about relationships and and saying you know he'd love a guy Ares say what's up you really mean it or not but. It's can the confusion is that this your teammate and this is your brother we are a lot of places same day. You spend more time when these people you do with your family and it's -- trying to sit there and say this is not the guy that I -- that would ever be capable of doing something like this. You don't we don't know we don't know people do when they go when they're behind closed those when they go home you know with these people twenty force have you don't know what's going all. It's way too early to speculate I have no information. And nobody else has any information and to start slinging mud and doing whatever is going on in public is just ridiculous I mean. You weren't there. All you have the going as what you've heard so forward you've seen on television. And what not so you hold a judgment for whatever day that is an. You know what I I'm never gonna pass judgment on any pain has to do with day it's just a tragic situation. And as a dead zone what one month old baby RE a three month old baby out there that doesn't has no parents right now the CI know I. And that's the best the biggest pitcher for me right now I don't really. Care about -- I do care about it -- do whatever it is because you know domestic -- obviously he's a huge issue and Anna and wherever and it's a problem and needs to be solid fix it worked out but we just don't know. What really really what what really went down did. So it in this Gosling and Martin doing all these different things you don't know what was going to be young man's man a young woman's man. What they were going through. But I would tell you this is what I tell my key is a lot when -- type of things happen and they have questions until of them has not been in this world. The ticket ever go through this to gate for you ever come to talk to me if you -- thinking about doing harm to yourself. You know anybody else for any other reason you know it is just not worth this and it is not an ever. I'm here for you if you've got dead those kinds of -- look on the -- going on police think about me. Burst and nodes you can always come talk to me before you do you know -- almost it would -- hoping just brutal. Because I don't ever see myself in a situation that's. Too big for me that it to do that to myself or anybody else that I love you know and so. And domesticity talking right now again I just don't know what was going through. What what he was dealing with the whatever it is even like Junior -- what he was going to when he was dealing with. You know -- know those bills are still a mystery to me and probably will always be mystery to me but it. I try to priest at Mikey is one of these types of things happen is that there's business nothing in his world the due to mental every song. All involved. And so. It's it's tough when circumstance happened you can under long. And so you have to rely on each other relies on your family friends and rely on your faith and that's -- can try to do. Today and were able to to do that. -- I get where you guys to come from a terms of passing judgment but to me and always speaking for myself. There's no scenario where what he did to the mother of his child. Is something that I'm going that I wanna see glorify I feel like in the immediate aftermath of what happened before anybody knew. What had happened and they heard you know Javon Belcher player committed suicide in that -- facility. It's a lot of people on social media and and sports media try to jump to the front line to make sure they were the first ones to make come without knowing anything wrong thing to -- on now that we know. I'm sorry for me for nfl.com to have the life and times -- Javon Belcher on the website today. Opt for chiefs fans. To be hat wearing the -- Belcher Jersey and saying rest in peace. He is a murderer and I feel sympathy for everyone and all year and the families involved here I don't have a lot of sympathy for him. As someone who put nine bullets into the mother -- this child -- I -- -- asset I don't know what is it wasn't the only young man -- tan. What he was troubled whatever I'm not -- -- is that your it's a tragedy trust me I feel for this young lady and her family. And all those things a feel for this young man his family that whatever it was a troubled him that -- to draft him. -- it to do these types of things to. The mother of his child and to himself and reduced to his child you know leave impaired or analyst at child you know at three -- I'm not gonna -- as there is little inning -- because I don't know and I don't know if you know southern I don't know but it. I don't know what happened I don't know what the deal was but all I know what is that tragic event and there is a three month old baby -- it. That doesn't have his -- in their pants or whatever reason it is I don't know. I'm never going to -- doesn't know anybody for anything they do wrong to do whatever. We all have our own demons we all have on whatever it is we deal with -- every every single day. Yes Anderson and and I don't wanna by the passengers on me. And on that -- -- and you for anything -- nfl.com should take that down and innovative but the -- Jersey and right because a lot of issues -- run in the can't -- -- because he's chief did not know -- there's not only ceremony before the Gator Nation -- put on him in -- -- there to direct file as a -- domestic -- which was the right thing to do that dynamic -- do they didn't really know what happened even you know also. Innocent benign -- as a murderer and a tower okay -- and would be the effected people's lives in what he did was selfish. You know but the -- the guys this morning and it was like. Goes almost the guys murder evil and nobody should ever nobody should -- disguise losses and and I agree if you don't know the -- look what he did you said you know. You're pissed in your angry about it. But I guarantee that there's somebody out there right -- knew this man and this was not that guy to matching a friend to yours you just wake up in the morning you find out he did this. Again confusion of this is not the man that I know somebody out there is grieving this guy because that's what the acted he did on Saturday. Was not what they knew of him till he did an inordinately -- almost I mean most people on the -- didn't know him I don't know him. I'd I don't grief for the -- I don't know him at all but I guarantee somebody's close enough to -- This was not the Javon Belcher. That I knew and I lost a friend regardless of what he did and it's anger it's confusion and feelings you know what the hell happened there. But somebody's grieving the sky and the mother. Javon Belcher she'll be affected the rest of her life you'll have that memory etched in her mind the rest of her life. But Stiller son of a somewhat different point and I here's some of the Sunday she knew and a business. I just I just can't. Going before this and I can't pass judgment on either one of these people on anybody involved in this in in this tragedy. Because I don't know what happened I don't know what was going on inside the man's home -- -- what was going on who went with the young Leo -- him what was -- -- that is period. At that what happened that night where you're being what do you do if he console meaning that whatever it was. I don't know because I'm not going to pass judgment. On anybody even even he committed murder is wrong. I'm not -- calling. Whatever his name is -- artery whatever it is pickets at Wright was a murderer -- in this what is this what is but I'm not I'm not demand. It's an and -- could come a Christian I believe in Jesus -- -- incident a policy and whatever it is and that's the bottom line we all have them. And I'm not put once integrated than another. And he's got -- this is something that. His family's -- of the deal with for the rest of the last just south got to deal with best of thing madame. More concerned with is that you know this incident -- -- itself or from the land his pants to territories. 61777979837. As the phone number 61777979. To resettle get to your phone calls coming up and if you miss what Brady Quinn had to say. I think you'd mentioned -- -- Brady Quinn had to sell a dual texting -- what to Brady Quinn say you'll hear. Brady Quinn's commentary as a teammate -- Belcher and really at their commentary on the state to society is here that ninety seconds. -- that is not over today still go wrong. Tomorrow the next day in the next very. But -- -- -- born as well and we have to work through it and so that's where we're going try to do. As Romeo Crennel talking about what his team went through yesterday point seven WE yeah I Troy Brown this year. I'm Bob Brady Quinn. And that much about Brady qualities of quarterback at -- here at Notre Dame. Played for Charlie Weis now as a back up there and in Kansas City and really had been a much pain all mindless. But up Brady Quinn so it's -- most poignant things in the aftermath of this. Horrific murder and an eventual suicide Javon Belcher ball with a over the weekend. You know no one knows sit in my thinking look I've been different. You know yes and how they're doing do you really mean it when you -- some back carried on a really really telling the truth. You know we live in a society of social networks. Twitter pages and FaceBook and that's that's -- stuff for it. You know we have contacted us -- work associates our family our friends and this is I have a -- -- more preoccupied with a phone and other things onset of actual issues we have in front of us. And hopefully people can learn from this and try to actually figure out -- that or something. In a deeper on the inside than what they need are doing our databases. I think that was very well play for Brady Quinn in this this day and age that we live where. You know you guys have seen it in you go to a game now prides itself looking couple weeks ago. People cared about two things what was on their phone and beat up on the Jumbotron. It was that they're sitting with people at a game people that within the game without even really. Acknowledging there there aren't operating -- point about you know it's society in -- locker earning else. You don't know when you guys are right about that. And the way that Quinn put an honorable way that he put it for me caught me assert when I had I had not thought about the I'd not thought about that before he put it that way about side. But that was pretty good you know Romeo -- pretty well. We surprised when anything in terms of the way he handled this and he -- Not sure coach could handle that better than only Romeo had a lot thrown in at. That's -- note while it was personality is disposition has always been. You know Wednesday Beck he's not a billion dollars not a screamer. You know -- are -- very good job of keeping his emotions in check. You know when he was trying to address the media and and his would not do it before they even started because I know some I was asking what DC. You know and it is going to put that -- only wanna talk about that going to describe it because. Something a policy that podium and a podium at the situation pretty well being the leader of this football team. -- you know and had taken it to his team and and then down. This that is as a whole while we culpable in the off the gore at the template that game I don't know how they did that it bishop I don't know. That's -- -- course that when I first heard -- -- -- like there's -- don't play that game today. And offers -- -- that play Monday night Monday afternoon I don't lawyer plays and they give away even a day or two with something you know play the game. Different day or something but he ticket to his team and you have the give the league a little bit of credit to move for -- and Romeo and the only channels Gaza -- -- Kansas City. Under the situation the way they did and and and and they they method to the players in and you know I'm I'm so their fans different fans do sort of considered capital of this football team whatever it is there was its resident Evan. Is gas felt comfortable enough to go out -- perform under the circumstances. Van. That's who they were able to go out there and and so. -- the -- of the play of the game a man is not right or wrong you know at first I didn't think so but. You know those guys they made the decision to do it in -- in August that was the right season is my decision to -- because they they went out there and performed. As good as they could the second. Still we are picking off talking about the memory head of a Belcher says 2010 school roster you'll. -- -- -- -- Belcher was exactly got to play one of those team or a person of character played hard and to be trusted off the field. -- you -- image -- have of of Belcher on Sunday colonel Tillman love having him around because Jennifer -- meetings always been attention. -- first line drills very strong willed individual. The -- report to him but Javon -- gonna with the university in Maine. But he he graduated. Okay. With a degree in child development and family relations. You've always have very good student. After graduating in a winning an academic -- the -- award for the national consortium of academics and sports scholar a program. There's got to graduating college with a degree in child development and family relations. And everything the story of -- come -- of University of Maine and making the team and draft in every. Now and that's why I say the confusion. Right because. I can guarantee you that these guys is not a guy that's been you know had had history. This is the players look at that this is not the guy that I know so there's what went. At what point do you put the the grieving in the confusion aside and then realized what this guy did this poor little girl left the three month old. Childs with no parent. It's that there's and -- them there's really no point because you don't know. What was going on with -- and I know you know on the -- he set up here you know is that limo. If he's out of his mind do I I can't tell you what it. Somebody feels like women lose an amount when they're going crazy I don't know what was going -- -- I don't know what it was you know. But doesn't matter as it does does it matter regardless I think that's why it's -- degree I -- for the family I agree for the -- -- -- -- I don't think we don't know I don't either but I tell you don't know you don't know yet you don't know I don't -- this guy you don't lest you don't know what was -- -- his -- if he was just out that he was he was -- don't know what he was. What do you in the what he was the what was in his period I mean this is like you don't know agrees people feel. Like I I still think about like genius -- know what was the music because of the -- and I know that new. You know that's not the happy go lucky easily. I was but it does he uses acoustic guitar you know having -- every day in the locker room and -- -- Best not to doing it and I know you know. And this guy I'm so this wasn't a guy and everybody else knew either but -- Knowles and in and it views in my in the does -- as judgment. Doing givers and before you you can't steal final ballot on missile situation and we went down because. My guess is that you don't know and you probably would never know everything that was only his man what was going it was -- but you know if this it. No there there is no excuse. You know for me because say. I commit to take somebody's life like bed and America but I I'm and a sound mind right now. And I can never take my own life by any reason whatsoever my -- asbestos in my opinion on myself to -- right now I can think clearly. And I don't have any issues that asbestos me. My judgment is this that we should not be glorifying or memorializing. His life right now okay nfl.com. You civil icelanders. John judgmental I guess -- can't immediately and the aftermath -- you -- CBS since about it CBS and acknowledge it really early on their show yesterday other shows. Putting up this had shot -- of people passed away. You put up a head shot it's as you know the years they were born India born and then and died. There were networks that did that for -- Belcher but -- But not for the woman that he killed and to me that is all we are missing the point here if you wanna sit here and talk about his past in his career and what he did. I don't give a crap about any of that I'm sorry. What I think it's big knowledge here is that domestic violence what the chief -- yesterday and acknowledging that yes it's a tragic event for those involved. He also killed someone murdered somebody in the process and glorify that on a website or on TV on sports talk radio that that's what. That's -- -- go okay that why are we doing this. Talk about her and her down I have. You agree with the feeling that you know they the you did -- to victims in his. You know live in this dog about -- victims and and and capable victims investigation I do agree with you on on that part but though just cast non judgment -- Who's right who's wrong whatever it is you know and in the days. There's two people days. You know and then -- itself looked out. My parents that's that's not doing on a situation right now and I again I'm never -- -- there's been only you know and I think anybody this garlic as judgment on it. Everybody -- just when you're done don't glorify one person over the other don't put up this and then you know I mean you got to expect his France to be. There wasn't so our whatever -- and remember and you know. Bill Archer they knew him whatever and her friends feel is in sorrow and a private thing and in one minute. Do stuff for her but that's his best they're close and we don't know anything about we know nothing about either one of these people not the not the. I don't you know I don't know do you do and honestly nothing dot I don't ever -- look at how we're never on this situation wouldn't glorify him -- -- senate wouldn't put into life and in the career of Javon. Belcher on a website. But I agree with Detroit in that you know we don't know. You know what this young man you can't justify what he did he murdered. This great shot -- nine DM times. All I'm saying is if you don't know the man of course you don't greed is a murderer selfish you know. But if you don't know the young men. Then into say that there will -- agreement because of what -- -- -- -- real -- -- measure how well -- well how well they've been self I don't know there's. How I was say this and is this is Howard. Do you have to be. Out you man. -- do that to somebody that you of course. And and dead is one thing I will say about the issue you do that. May be wrong but. You would at the B. -- completely. Out of this world. The deal to do that man -- a semi it's you know -- that's when I was in about it of the met Al MacInnis and judgment on any payment is not enough information about. Anything up there right now you know the bottom line is everybody's should be. -- -- even put his little child right now and two people -- last the last you know. One person didn't I don't -- we know she lost it at the hands of the of the got to commit assumes that you know agree form reform. Pray for their family right now because they don't need a lot of help to get through this one because you know is just a lot of stuff this. You know that's not going to be -- for any of them -- Sony. Appreciate you being patient will mix in some your phone calls coming up we're 6177797937. It's patriots Monday Troy Brown is here. Sports Radio WE young.

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