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Pats win AFC East for tenth time in 12 years

Dec 3, 2012|

Mut, Lou, and Troy Brown react to the Patriots win in Miami and another division title for Bill Belichick and company.

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Yes that was. But that's what we needed to do and that's you know that's part of counselor football that's part of but it what we're trying to accomplish every -- so. I think that there's there's definitely count for their situation of football that particular situation is important to eat up the clock and and ultimately to get down there and kicked a field goal which. You know pretty much sealed today so that was the you know the great way to end the game. I'm ready earlier today with Dennis and Callahan but -- 93 point seven WEEI to summon up. Terms of what patriot fans feel about this thing we got these text within 34 seconds of each other. Talking about this last drive best drive of the year a seven minute plus strive to essentially and the game. Verses this one are really get excited about a driving it's the sub 500 team. Fielded a bit -- lady does a huge drive Troy Brown join a. I was humongous drive -- mean they don't make the schedule and you can't pick who they play. But I will say -- that Miami defense came to play yesterday. And I thought they had a pretty solid game against Tom -- was a little bit off. But I thought they played pretty solid against the the patriots just they just didn't have an answer for Wes Welker and and and and -- yesterday but. For the most part. Very. Probably played him. Little bit tougher and anybody else has played him all year. And indeed you have to put some of that too on on on just when you -- that unbalanced in the first half where -- 27 against eight. And the first definitely rushing yards and presented ten rushing yards lead to you to be one off that you for the Tom Brady. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK so it's a community -- the first -- -- -- -- my point more by say ten elevenths announced it has never been in the meetings and they would like a -- in a -- back -- to -- of the -- -- -- No I don't like you see you guys doing that was about the but there are -- -- that in the mountains killing tiller averages just take the snapping them down but don't detect estimate Scarnecchia event. Now detective says I get excited about this Miami team would have thought sub 500. -- that's up five Americas that Russian defense immediate talking about that's the strength of this team they had good run defense. And that's what you did that final drive you wanna. Yeah well ROO you didn't you you you did something that. That that I've been Corson all year and almost thousand a football defensively and offensively and found only. Though though often stepped up and they took a drive oh but the seven minute sixteen play. And do what they had to do with and when the clock -- basically in the game I mean no shot. The win that football game and that's what you at the bill to be a championship team that thought about this every single year. And I'm a wide receiver. How important. Popping their running game is to be inseparable champion. And and and this is what do you have do you have to establish himself. As as a physical football team in a way to do -- is not somebody in the mile and get -- two yards you need to get when you need to get. I agree with you but then there's someone out there that might hear that -- already meager win was last on the team Rand -- themselves the suitable to pass easily beat you do. It is it passes league. Until it got to run the ball -- into the playoffs Kabul -- and exactly I mean there's certain situations where late in games you're not going to be able to run that play that you want on to west or run to Aaron Hernandez -- -- help you Rob Gronkowski. And it's going to require a lineup with a two tight end date and if it is not -- run the football. -- and the other team knows you did do that the Tennessee game in week one. Is the last time I think we talked about this -- Tennessee late new they're trying to run the football -- to run that clock on the still ran right down their throats it's been. Three months since that game that's about it so important it yet. A Hazmat thing on hold to get the ball below Wes is a great wide receiver -- mr. dependable but this football team gets you what you need all the time. But there is a margin of error with everything you do and obviously. On a football important and it is more than a -- lot more than handing the ball often and some of urged. You know -- got to run the risk of interception pick six ought to step drop as you know all those things come into play and then you'd teams that I go to ball twenty yards less. There's even a larger more than air there. You know just not successful place and you global -- followed on the field. So you pound you you you wanna be a physical football team you wanna send a message that Al kill your own got a big -- you think you are. You would not stop me. The one in this clock out. You would not stop me from it needs to yours -- -- you know you need to get in his defends his game up and asked to kind of mentality yet they have going forward going into the playoffs. Expressly going into the playoffs when defense is a lot better. You know teams are a lot better everybody's emotions are a lot lot higher and everybody's playing above their -- When the playoff when playoff time comes around so everything is going to be a lot of -- So you wanna you wanna be in my opinion you wanna be a suitable champion. You at the -- devastated dominance in the run game and then when you do -- you can do whatever you wanna do go to ball play action whatever. And you determine how to game's going to be pleased about it. And I think the other party yesterday obviously is that there was a chance that. To do something pretty special that was winning another AFC. AFC east title and -- the division is down this year -- I could not -- immoral about buffalo would give your shot this year -- the jets Miami. I thought it would be a competitor or did they insist they don't. Yes I can't get at it like I got a chance -- but don't don't don't be hard it's up to buffalo can still finish second if -- that's all you sad. I ought to be competitive -- I thought I competitive second worst here and still there oh there robotic there's hundreds ask NBA and you go to the -- where the the jets on its economic McIlroy. They'll run and -- -- an honest go only to buyers today and they won the game that Tim Tebow expiration but his name's Mary -- a game winning -- now do we take that for granted though we're sick emitted by the kuwaitis do we take. The patriots success here in the division -- -- Detroit that they when he another division title on the Tom Brady yeah we do the first quarterback in in football we do to win ten divisional play and do the same. We take for granted because we're used through. This team had a success in and it ended division championship is not enough especially watching what we've seen -- AFC -- the past three years. What is it to me as a huge accomplishment regardless because -- a professional football and his best very hard to do -- any sports. The dominate the way they have and the in this division. And and an AFC. This is still no matter who wins a Super Bowl every year this is still the team and you have the -- allowed them to -- the team. They're gonna get everybody's best shot no matter who their plan. Because they ought to measuring stick to everybody else and unifil. Well recused that we can play the patriots close when we lost but the reports that pages then he started to feel good about themselves. Because they noticed going to be aware prepare a team. There's going to be a team that has some pretty good football players on. And I can make plays so they want imagine themselves how welcome we put him just depends -- well you see some of the games they lost -- year. He's seen -- did you see the cardinals. I mean I know was a last minute thing and honest -- would you see that one and around -- field. When they won it like it was comparable ilk are best what is like every time the patriots lose to somebody. You know we went to Pittsburgh and in an asterisk. Panel for. And you thought they won the -- -- today you know. That's just how was being put a New England Patriots so he had to people take this today because this is not the Clinton people. There's not -- because. They -- is so used to being. You know in New Orleans in he stand in Jacksonville. Come February late January that's just what they're accustomed to anything -- and as a disappointment to. It is there's no question. We as fans take for granted there's -- good because we don't listen we're at. People get all the time they win football games and we criticizes teeny year. They want to relax well it's wedding is not winning football games. On Sunday is not enough for the -- 'cause we just expect him to we expect them to win the AFC east because everybody else is just such a mess. So we blocked it and it's more about and how Clark and going to post season can this team win a super ball. It's just a given that they gonna win the AFC east -- a ten years. The one you they didn't win at the exit -- that opens with the best record but they lost in a hybrid gasoline. -- -- -- eleven if I only gas a year ago and then I'm going to out of the top ten and six in what. Soon -- -- -- And open it went in six. We've won Atlanta last ten you know one of them yet so they had the best record -- they've had a bit limited never had not had the best record correct them so it's a different yeah. Committee might crop up here and there but it is no. I don't think any of these teams got to have that base that foundation to be a threat down a wrote. And I believe I even more so now the -- -- to if you look at the way Alice looks at the bank you had to say a buffalo was making a -- because there's been a lot of money. On the defense because of Tom Brady Wes Welker and gronkowski it's been at 77 million dollars on the defense this year. This year. You know alone. Does it just on -- defense. Need to play against the Tom Brady and and an offense and they failed miserably across the board. You know there the there on outside looking in right now trying to get into play elsewhere. You know bit nowhere near as. Competitive enough to deal with a team like New England Patriots and has been a public might expand again it's -- 77 million just on defense and again what -- and allotted to. 89 points in two games it's going to patriots I mean you're you're right and they put their defense together. So like every front for cut almost try to do what the giants directed his team have a front for the kids after Tom Brady puts pressure on Tom Brady. Tell that they're secondary kind of looked better than maybe they all are because that put pressure on this guy you know optical did try to stop that over the patriots they give up 89 points in -- -- almost. One guy -- And they went and -- from Houston Mario Williams -- him yeah we've got by him yeah yeah. I don't listening was brings us that the new leader. You just tell -- in the -- -- to pick a player. Now I mean to Houston to one payment kind of not -- running and Maria Elena -- -- and they still have very good defense but doesn't it is on the defense but. Mean they were they were still probably better without him you know it and buffalo them and they -- end. I don't really blame buffalo. They needed some help and then lead to some open as the in this division league to deal with the players the patrons -- -- office and they went Rodney tried to do that. You know I don't really agree with the -- and he -- that those guys and you know he's never really been that successful year for its patent office Patrick you're up -- -- -- -- -- domain is is. -- they are a lot of issues they had a bit at the deal with the and in football team and Noah and some of his deeper than just who you put in a defense can they all played together do they feel immune system. The big play your style of football and and those always easier to do with -- and and as -- don't think they have the coaching staff right now do you even begin to compete with the -- mean. All the patriots have the same coaching staff and the same quarterback consistent they have when this thing start in 200220012000. -- had a hell was that you say except the seventeenth quarterback played in is that it's very I hated -- mess ahead twenty. When he well when he quarterbacks it's -- Don -- would have been really you know big event -- head coach's -- and all those used to -- one. They won two playoff game since he left. -- Colombian and 2000. Messed -- Prius was 2001 minute one and 2008. Open after a political -- they lost that game obviously. So they really struggle with some consistency across the border that is so dominant pitchers haven't event three coaches one -- is that. Because you couldn't suffer all the groceries. You know you had -- zone and that's how -- a -- at the coaches in his organization. And I thank you souls swimming when it comes to consistency across the board mean Justine has been pretty stated since 2000. One -- it up just enough big decisions they admit that my Amazon does this is straight west welcome let Wes Welker get away exactly had passed on Drew Brees for Daunte Culpepper. Exactly hit and bounce back from that issue. We can't we have a deal to let the decisions you can't do it as hard as hard to do. When you miss -- big decisions like that you know and and even even you can even go as far as the San Diego charges. Trading Drew Brees away. For. -- rivers who they tried to make the dominion was a million -- and tried to make immigrant quarterback -- notimex too many mistakes lets you build -- to Rodney Harrison and junior say I'll let them get out of this and him coming here. -- read a book coming here -- they couldn't get on the field in Pittsburgh. Those types of decisions to myself. You know don't get me back here when they came here. You know was a savior for me because I was about to sign my life the way in. Kansas Indian and none of the argument tragedy enough how about -- like the way Kansas City. You know when and they weren't regular football team autos is that I could have been out there isn't a and so precede the million -- -- But Troy Brown is in the house and patriots won -- seat Tom and Bob and all your fault call 6177797937. The phone number. 6177797937. You can text us. On the ATP text -- 379837. Or get your thoughts and a patriots win another division title gets those phones next.

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