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Tim Kurkjian, ESPN, on Mike Napoli signing with the Red Sox

Dec 3, 2012|

Tim Kurkjian joins Mut and Lou to talk about the Red Sox recent signing of Mike Napoli for 3 years and $39 million. He thinks it’s a relatively good decision, and that Napoli will be a better hitter at 1B with the Sox. He explains what role he thinks Napoli will play with the Sox, and the chances management can get a hold of Shane Victorino off free agency. Also, Tim shares whether or not Nick Swisher is the “clubhouse” guy the Red Sox would want on their ball club.

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Final hour Butler got a three point seven WEE I've spent the first three hours picking through patriots and dolphins and NFL week thirteen we turn our attention as well every single day this week to the winter meetings in Nashville does not gonna be a better show. Keep you updated on all things Red Sox winner -- that right here and it starts today with the reports Mike Napoli three years and 39 million dollars. To the Red Sox their first big splash reagents signing joining us on the eighteenth the outline. The great Tim -- should have ESPN -- Michael Dario. Well -- you do it we're trying to wrap our heads around three years and 39 million dollars from Mike Napoli wanted to -- your thoughts out on that -- it is about what you expected. Mike Napoli might get here part of the a free agent class. Yeah its roughly what I body and again it's probably a little bit more than -- abuse and -- five year deal -- the reds are seeing here that -- Clearly in trouble clearly needed to add. At at first -- we all know his swing is perfect or certainly are we've all seen his numbers it's a great -- That course now a whole lot better man until he actually gets to a great partner and member of the Red Sox and the agency. But he continue but I think it was the right thing to do for them. Because they had at bat. He's a real pro on a couple of years ago he was as good a hitter as there was the -- late -- second season. Had a real drop off last year but I think he'll be better hitter. Playing first base most of the time because the obvious where chair of the body comes from being catcher also -- Yet -- I don't mind about the Monica that you of that Hispanic is he's expect in this short deals and overpay for guys. The issue I have with the addition of David Ross knows what things electable Mike Napoli was that he could catch -- and -- sidled to first base once a while but. If feature every day first baseman that you take a huge step backwards defensively. And I think that is a concern now they could come out of that with a -- Alex wish you could play there's well and deal -- catcher but if he's a primary first baseman for -- 150 games I'm not some appeal to profitable that. Well he's not a particularly good Pete and numbers space and I don't any penalty and England -- that Egypt. Watched it about four short period that. You'll see the difference between those two guys and it will be a stark difference here. But I think Utley has served a couple of purposes he can build on its plate here and there and even though they already have a couple country and -- Very to pack up you can play more than act plays. I think he'll be OK behind the plate and act better than okay I'm late. Which are right to -- first -- again they're gonna lose something there and you can't you bet and release tablet on the entrance that's really marriage. Arts -- Tim is it is it's so -- I've not watched a -- kind of for space but we talked about a guy that. It's a close game one run game and you're trying to do to win late eight might -- That is Red Sox fans which is expected Mike Napoli probably be replaced -- most games because he's that suspect defense public does -- get that bad do you think. No I don't think he's that bad by any stretch. I mean keep in mind and -- compares the different kind of guy. Horse but they never took him out -- the game because he would sit in the middle order. And from what I can tell Napoli and -- it in the middle of the order a lot also ice he had to due to work. Which are captured during a game pinch hit for some guys yet you're third catchers candidate -- You're not -- -- he came out early gains might get it to play first base. Most of the time and I would be I would be surprised that they took them out of a lot of games late and I don't think it's important to you. -- -- arrogance as far as a breakthrough undergoes would have a right field to complete center field occasionally with that said what is the market for a guy like Shane Victorino right now. And what it would take to get him. Well -- available certainly and there are bunch. Players out on the market to work kinda like you know their center fielders out into the PGA app and gone so Michael or to other people. I'm victory and I shall now that he played quarters as introductory -- -- filing percentage. Mean -- I don't yet I hear about a hundred points lower band is where normally had about a 142 points down. From where was. -- exceed 2011. So there's a danger there and he's no longer. The dynamic offensive player that he used to. And -- -- -- description perfectly he can play left field he can play right field. Mostly complaints are old and that's really nice hat. -- ailments and culture him I'm not sure that BJ Upton -- -- -- -- million. And it general manager told me that Michael orange and -- cost 8090. And a victory and I need to close the net. Certainly I'm gonna get money to the -- acting better be prepared. -- and they got a payment an everyday player could see not gonna go. Anywhere and -- Larry analog everyday player money so it's going to be relatively and. The great Jim Kirk in ESPN is joining us so I'll stand the outfield because -- deal. It seems like the Red Sox are are trying to put some sort of emphasis in at least on the character guys in the clubhouse David Ross of dollars great clubhouse guy. Is Nick Swisher another guided -- target will be about baseball but also about. The -- who told me that Nick Swisher is not a great about sky and I it's great to come on Matt and I think he brought a lot she's the Yankees. As far as just you know street spared little bit of an edge. And I think he would be good in Austin and I think would be good in the about. And I -- the Red Sox I would look long and hard at him because obviously I left and right field in which it. And it you guys didn't -- first -- all I think he's very much. On the radar and air the reds are and I think he should be I'm. And there again there's the debate how goody implementations from my he's very good in the room. And I think he can help a Red Sox -- several that way. A bench -- in walks in the Nashville basically with more money to spend and anyone in the game. And some highly regarded prospects of that and they can pretty much get whoever they want you know at this point whether if they're willing to give it up you expect. A big move or is -- maybe that nothing like Cody Ross Nick Swisher Barry the next big move they make a big trade. They might make a big train him into an outfit is out there and he's available there's a real question for me right now how good player Justin Upton is. And much gonna call and get the that would all I would think. As they move they're sure everyday right fielder and your Middleby order that you -- to revive. The other thing is and I'm not getting started here I just feel it happening is. Told me today and the Red Sox not make a run and Josh Hamilton if he can get him or. Or years. And it -- to make and they needed every day out there who can hit and man I talked to Red Sox source told me. A they would never cashed more than two years which means that -- it's not gonna happen. So I just can't believe the reds got that all their money aren't gonna -- about his big splash of some sort a -- they'll go at several. Mediums by Napoli swisher and somebody else -- -- all in. Well they're gonna do -- catcher right -- on the forty man roster right now they have five catchers which -- is no way. They go into a close to spring training with that many out of the guys beat suspect -- it treatable barn weight or Jarrod Saltalamacchia. What do you think has a better. Boatloads more valuable it in the trade market like what was the Red Sox gonna get if for either one of those guys who gets him a better return. Saltalamacchia gets -- -- better return and one of the writers bloated you know PO that is look at or what he PO I look at our catcher in. Chicago as well and the other you know really played well down the stretch of sergeant dale swinging the bat and yesterday that you love and kids. So I don't think he's going to Chicago but he certainly has more value could be -- much more proven player at this point. And I'm still not sure you're gonna get a load anything. Or Saltalamacchia he has more. Value -- the hard way to get on the longer but I don't think you're getting a significant amount -- Richard. Simon mentioned Gavin Floyd got a nice return he would PR lecturing -- got from the White Sox. But the white actually and the -- -- catcher -- my understanding technical Tyler flowers. And let AJ couldn't deal and if they do they're gonna need another cat should bear and a veteran catcher would be useful and that -- Saltalamacchia might be able -- The reported that the tigers have offered in Bell -- is four years 48 that's kind of the first figure we have as far as -- market for him. Could that be a possibility of how far -- they have to go to get in about Sanchez here in Boston. I think that sports are about and that's a lot of money for Anibal Sanchez no he pitched really well. Opt for the tiger down the stretch and actually did well in the oak street and also -- But they get that fifty million dollars did you guys know the danger is that -- Four years so it to a guy who might -- you know middle road trying to guys go to the guys really really hurt you. You can. Papers are in and get value out of a contract when -- I'm a star player those. Those other guys get a lot of money and a lot of years so -- can make a lot of money. He's one of the debt free agent pitchers out there in a weak market. I'd bank they would hesitate to give him or -- fifty million on the Red -- Felt little steep to me. -- -- the big story acumen when meeting today was the injury to Alex Rodriguez left hip but the right when they -- before but the left -- net. He got an MRI it was in the hospital during the playoffs. I I just. This day and age thing it's crazy that nobody heard that back then the -- what are they waiting for me surgeries going to be done in January and what does it mean for Alex Rodriguez -- for. Well it looks like he's going to be out now against the rumors are three to six months would choose particular -- not a -- about time that. You know I watched him in the post either last year and struggled so badly like I don't look at the myself treated I gotta be -- he -- More people at bat and yet you're like how in the world can this come up -- late KP was hurt. What a pre launch in just doesn't follow yet. PDQ one or if you want it how could they not had done the surgery. And admit that they got knocked out of -- -- -- -- -- into the -- many government. Now go and replacement a lot of hurt and what are they gonna get extra. Outlet to replace him. Along it's actually not so now the Yankees and something else to worry about it shortstop and third base and coming back from injury. Not to mention the other hold on match point they have a lot of work to do right now and as of today more than met yesterday. Tim will get shot on this you have a story ESPN the magazine coming out where you get a chance at doubtful RA Dickey and oral or -- -- -- -- RA Dickey talks about. A conversation with a -- it's it's a great back and forth but from that standpoint right -- have had. Angola for that franchise they re signed David Wright and now they get that the RA Dickey thing I'll say hanging up. All over the team are they gonna trade him and are they keep a long term hot does this play out after the year he just tap -- knuckleball for the Mets. Right I know may be common belief now -- certain trade are entity and frankly on the other side of the I don't understand how the Mets could trade him at this point I'm only -- win the Cy Young. And he's got an arm -- -- go forward several more years. Straw that pitch any such and feel good story just doesn't follow -- finally moving in the right we're actually did right and that you trade. I -- just on the side yeah I think you're signed him they're gonna spend it maybe two more years. 25 million dollars so maybe that's an overpaid maybe that's not -- -- are -- but it just doesn't seem -- policy met him to get excited highly -- of course franchise player. -- lock up. And their parents pitcher -- and -- say but it's true now. I don't see how all the words unless they can get. One back RA Dickey. I'm not sure that's gonna happen right now I think you're better off with him and I think it can at least I know one -- or not. Tim tremendous stuff while the coverage ESP against these baseball -- meeting should be fun with Napoli in the -- already start for the Red Sox appreciate the time has always. One of the best him Kirch and ESPN joining us on the AT&T hotline it's AT&T forgy LT he. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible the reports are three years and 39 million dollars Mike Napoli we get your response 6177797937. Is the phone number. 61777979837. We'll update you on the over under from Friday we'll get your reaction Mike Napoli in the Red Sox -- --

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