Dec 3, 2012|

hear this caller to D&C say that the woman probably got what was coming to her.

Transcript - will not be 100% accurate

Steve opening Stephen Hansen tomorrow it's going to mention he's a man who thinks you've owned soldier's girlfriend who was partly at fault for what happened. In our society then operate differently than women and consequently. We respond differently each do what we considered to be unfair treatment. And you think this. -- might have done something to set off to -- Belcher. There there is something that a woman can do. That will shut and me not to do something that he will regret later. Football players are just misunderstood. Mentality of these guys that they're willing to do things that we are not willing to do that we don't understand. Like shooting your daughter's mom nine times Gerry -- -- asking for a. Well she's got a response before -- -- -- doing something. That provoked -- You're currently listening to the craziest colored Dennis and Callahan never ever had. Regulating them that he is somehow. Totally 100% at fault for this and you don't know look at. Yes just speculating are telling you he's totally 100% you are real you think she may share the blame here and acting angry -- -- I told she was late to come and and the night before Steve we've established that she started him and that's why and that's why even do. Let's get back to reality.

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