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Trevor Scott, Patriots DE, on the Patriots 23-16 win in Miami

Dec 3, 2012|

Trevor Scott joins Mut, Lou, and guest host Troy Brown to discuss the Patriots hat-and-shirt day win in Miami on Sunday. He explains how the defense prepared for Tannehill and the Dolphins offense, and says that he has become a smarter football player since playing under Belichick. Scott tells the boys how the defense is planning on handling the upcoming game against AFC powerhouse Houston.

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Second and about five through June 3 fund for the first down instantly -- field for ten. If you wait long played second quarter fourteenth street patriots and -- Taking his time it's just -- looking looking looking good -- hit the backside walking now and they say wait. Now looking at 6 o'clock. A lot of arm was -- for travelers got -- up. Look backside good Nate Carter got beat pretty bad right tackle that time this big good enough for the walk this wheel or Ohio with the recovery. Yeah our host the -- you know excited you know for the opportunity it and try to make the most of it -- we humans are going to. As patriots defensive end Trevor Scott part of a big day yesterday a couple of sacks patriots win. Win the division lock of a playoff spots but Lou toward brown 93 point seven. WEEI patriots Monday speaking up Trevor Scott he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G. It's AT&T rethink possible H -- Michael -- Troy Dario. Appreciate taken a few minutes -- what yesterday -- like yesterday had to teach your game is Tedy Bruschi to call win the division. Was that any part of your offseason you're talking about where you want to end up was -- -- BA playoff team after a couple of years without playoff football Oakland part of what you were looking for in the free agent market. Yeah I mean I think it definitely -- song. Coming into the pictures you know does the winning franchise and our -- of -- later. And I you know -- -- -- came here as you know all of the community and the just the fact that. I was wondering if he's actually say it's encouraged that the -- wanna go live in the same talent and a blank went oh. Great challenge this week -- -- against Houston so. You're down irregular. Term that next man up mentality here in New England you bide your time here this week -- impact that game how difficult is that kind of stay focused to be ready when you name -- call. I mean that that. -- -- Sunday you know -- got to take it upon yourself are you never know you never know what when your name is going to be called political -- expect that the daughter performed in our governor our. And you know you just. I just one about it as I do every week just being mentally physically prepared. And until we talk about the next man up. I know a lot everybody can always get the the Belmont are real they wanna didn't practice what kind of things that -- those bill are. The coach just had you guys doing in practice to get everybody up to -- Com. One or that we really emphasizes you know heartfelt story. -- the no no multiple positions because you never know where -- going to be any given time and and we going to every week so great practice mentality we know that the the games are -- -- during the week you know preparing. And then -- and we -- to the game goes unnoticed. In terms of the what you saw yesterday Trevor going in to the game the quarterback -- ten LA rookie was or something on tape that you guys saw that. Maybe does on the ball a little bit about the coverage -- guys good opportunities what you see from Danielle going in what you see in the field yesterday. Our home. We knew that we we know exactly. You know what what he was going to do -- here in the sense. You know we -- a lot of so tomorrow he'd like to get the ball down field. And they you know he did like old Albany you know try to make a play and not our coverage. You know how to model locked down -- you know I was on the hospital because of trying to get to aren't factual. -- go up against a Miami team a guy like Reggie Bush. Where it's probably very import nothing to protect -- with him get out there in space is that some of the guys try to focus on with him. Yeah we definitely that you -- ago on electric down outside you know he said you don't tremendous speed. And you know we -- that they -- -- -- -- to -- make -- The -- gadget you know sort of set the you know -- -- -- -- that these -- I had to have you noticed. Saying its sister says the halfway point. And no way you guys are posting game you think you -- -- BN. And a much more aggressive enough Patricia is calling them much more aggressive game. System begins the season. Yeah I think so I think that we may wish a lot of work and no you're wrong but -- -- -- or competent turnout. And you know he we we sort of are so the defense. To put a great turnovers and get the ball actually offer. That's assuming there's -- in this DeWitt with a means of things that's all. The last two or three weeks as things that we on the here on the so. We're talking about we just didn't see if on the patriot defense they are not being aggressive enough enough bonus and an outcome of the guys. I just saw a much more creative defense are big yesterday saying guys. Look like they knew what they were doing and -- much faster. At a discount -- I was trying to get do you notice that amongst the guys. Yeah I'm not simply do. You know what whatever defense you know that they feel -- You know we need -- to quarterback you know and you know an -- to -- -- organize organize all that way to get there are we just. Pretty much it's gonna play the best -- -- you know no matter whatever he spoke. We're talking did Trevor Scott joining -- syrup patriots Monday and -- last year that sticks out to me a couple of free agents came in and that. The first couple months they said boy it's so different the level of preparation based on of where I've been in the past. Would your group that Trevor McKee compare your your years in Oakland vs what you CNET and this coaching staff and and so far this year. I'm not I really -- they're but I will say that. We're definitely mentally it's prepared for every game com. We're definitely. Very -- arena situation pulled off a -- or become a much smarter football player you know also on -- being here. There we don't know what's going happen with Jim Jones looks like the chance he could play on Monday but. -- -- said you sure you be ready to gold medal what you playing eighteen in Houston and extremely balanced though they have guys that Gary fought government with rematch job Andre Johnson just a very balanced offense and a big challenge of thank. Yet simply going to be a big challenge on. We have now watched among them. Yet I mean aside from you know all watch and there are -- bunkers. But -- seven and the -- -- trust or the governor and. Yeah the 1 o'clock game yesterday and after that you've got to AFC teams he would Denver's plane in the afternoon in the 4 o'clock slot -- hundred Pittsburgh and Baltimore. These are all teams that you're battling with for potentially 885 week in the first round of the playoffs. How much you pay attention that Trevor -- -- on -- day a day of game like that knowing that other games. After you play could affect where you guys on the playoffs down the road. I mean. We definitely pay attention to it but sent out one thing you know you have no control over there now. Who's delusional and her you know where we're gonna -- it -- -- play out so we just you know try to control or we can't control that's what we do it on your -- Do you like the idea of the Monday night game -- a little more pep in the step on a primetime spot against Houston this week. Yeah I mean I mean personally I don't I don't care what day it is actually. You know every every time we played the primetime game. But but if that money and are not going to be special for us. To Obama be honest with the other as a former player and -- was not my favorite thing to do. Because this that are Ronald Sunday you watch everybody else playing the east and Iran -- and you watch young and her as this and not soon there. -- -- -- And and really. Drove me crazy their weight and 9 o'clock -- -- magnanimity -- clocked a player on Monday Night Football game. Alamo let's do what I really didn't care from a best thing about that was the primetime game over the net I hated it. Yeah that's. I'm -- you are now on. Therefore. Sitting around all day -- so many emotions you know Goldberg for leading up to game time. An effort just the faster all day long -- the game. It started -- not arming or what would ever be ready to go and open -- up or you know here which -- saying and. And beyond as -- -- -- man you do you was general hospitals are. You are you busted you with something like to be honest you know. A lot in Ottawa citizen must assume. Now mark showed you break and a -- dead in her. That that -- come on I didn't come -- known -- had you know did our best and that's what it is like Sunday night you know. It now I don't want you should. We gotta we gotta get Troy involvement of the -- DVR and on demand Trevor until we get that figured out Trevor Scott joining us. I congratulations on the big game yesterday at the division for the patriots and the -- Monday against Houston. Trevor Scott joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE. With speed that the ten times faster than three -- AT&T rethink possible that he -- -- Rob Ninkovich or Dustin Pedroia. I heard -- in that conversation for a second I that we that we -- talk and a laser show here is baseball offseason let's hop on the radio. Other guy's been in Oakland last four years -- ACL injury after seven -- sex season. In year two and bounced back with a huge game yesterday off for that patriot defense. -- Carlos is in grant -- he joins us Sierra patriots Monday with the Carlos. Any guy that all the good. I just wanted to talk to you guys about the black driver thinking where would you know Brady. Dropped to crown and everyone thought that he was. He fumbled the ball analysis and I loved one and actually actually did that in -- Think it's something like that it is sort of like that's a lot has happened to drive like -- what I -- opportunity handed the ball to Ridley. How that in the end of -- cut -- that seem to meet that he wanted to set that up to probably give it. Kicker got out eagle -- to further performances down into the heated. And not that -- that -- that Belichick really actually think like gather that was just. I'm I don't know if you think in that time did that like that that type situation when -- within about four. And then on to get a chance to do feel though that make it or for them team. Could come back and win a football game what about for over seven and bureaucratic -- -- org -- myself tonight at deuce court game nobody in government go about sin. In this situation so I don't you know really know if you wanna dog and take chances. Of run something crazy and didn't fins on that way but I really visited the goods obligate the ball down there and -- put them into enemies -- the going to make -- feel -- let me let me make -- a valid question but I was don't think they will play around. I think there's a certain fearlessness that we talked about it was a -- -- Oh or the testicles out of division. On the -- around -- stuff. 6177797937. Your phone number 61777979837. -- from Trevor Scott for brown this year it's a patriots Monday 93 point seven WE yeah.

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