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Caller lays some of the blame on Jovan Belcher’s girlfriend

Dec 3, 2012|

Steve from Maine called D&C to defend Jovan Belcher’s actions Saturday morning in Kansas City. Steve believes that Belcher was driven to commit murder by Kasandra Perkins, the mother of Belcher’s child. John and Gerry attempt to talk some sense into this caller.

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The Steve up and made Stephen FDNC good morning. Good morning in a statement that. Eight I'm surprised you know I first -- -- applaud you guys are bringing stuff like this the attention of the public. Stuff like sandusky like this it's just that we should talk about. However the problem I've got is. You are condemning you on Belichick -- don't know all the tracks infected don't know any of the. We don't while we're all those things we just read you those are facts. Those -- facts the the confrontation or BD. The communication between pioli and Belcher but you don't have any facts regarding the shooting itself. He had infection machine tools. What kind of backs would change my mind if I only knew he shot eight times 79 or three times instead of nine. Would it changed me. The argument yes maybe this woman was taking her son away from -- Daughter get the facts get some facts -- her daughter Zoe and no it wouldn't. And if it would make a difference if she was trying to do something to him he he was trying to protect his family. And the like the mother of the girlfriend was trying to take him away. Steve you seriously just trying to stir us up a little -- series if you think you think a fact relevant fact not the facts like John just Reggie about exactly time and place when all this happened in the 911 calls in the in the nine shots none of them not post facts that you wanna ignore you wanna talk about whether or not she was taking. His baby away from him. What I'm trying to let's assume she wants. Let's assume she wants. Why does that matter. Because that site that society warts and all sports are. Maybe a mirror of what goes on and our society -- surprised because of this incident but this kind of incident happens all the time all over the country. Fine and how does that make him any less well I don't wanna know if she were taken the baby and -- goodness a -- and she was gonna move to. Wherever who mongol Austin Tex right what does that matter. It now just because. This guy has a right to an assist on. Or something else you guys are in denial about is that I assume both -- -- went to college. I assume both -- football teams on -- -- you went to college and these call these football athletes have. They mindset that that we don't we don't understand. I its state to state that with all due respect we've been doing this like fifteen years you single. Craziest caller we've ever had I played I went to the same school he went -- and played on the same team. I went to the -- school he went to directly and honestly tell you what. What fraternity he went to I know these football players I know the mentality of the. I was one of the home state does that have to do whatever they ask you so so. And bust out the rest of the sentence and so what does this mean to you that you mentality of football players maybe she was trying to take the baby away and soul. Get your conclusion now Steve I know it's going to be good. The minute the mentality of these guys is that they are willing to do things that we are not want to do that we don't understand. And and they protect it on a college campus so that they know that from that experience there I think that they can get away with that they couldn't get away -- in real life. So. So we're supposed to cut him some slack because he's got this athletic culture and some slack and came -- saying we should try to understand what. What causes these kind of things to happen these people closet solutions. It's mentally -- And is something that debt. Professional athlete all of professional athlete you surprised when. When something like this happens what -- not surprised when these guys will -- chemicals into their bodies to make them want bigger and stronger and faster. And do better things with -- in and become better athletes. But that mentality that allows them that convinces them. But it's okay upon chemicals into their bodies is the same mentality that the contributing to the mental illness but carting incidentally. But I want to get back to your thick and she might have some responsibility she might have done something. Where does that come from Steve did you get burned by -- ex wife for something. -- -- and had been burned by women and he has spent. But you can -- society but in our society. Men -- raised differently than women. And consequently. We respond differently to. What we consider to be unfair treatment. And so he's thinking that somehow he was not being treated. What did the woman studio Steve the woman who burned you would she do things that women multiple. I mean like literally burned you what did she do. We're not talking about how we -- we we I find you fascinating -- completely insane but fascinating what -- the woman duty ST tell us the truth don't make me. Tell me it was Turkey involved. No money was -- house. What -- Did you did you want a killer did you know it's just want to kill. No no did you -- there. But you think there's something a woman could do to make -- one killer. All. And you think this element might have done something to set off to -- Belcher your fellow human black -- There there is something that a woman can do. That will shut and me not to do something that he will regret later all. Like shooter nine times. What's the address of your way Steve. What is the address as a paid rubber walls. Still say you'll you'll you'll react there's only two days this. Two women don't have any. Culpability in this world and not miss two people have reasons to get angry men women women man. And men women don't. Not all men and women know and know how to handle that and that's what they had anger management class. Yeah but when you heard the story you thought was hey. You may -- hampers their football players and DC court Cassandra Perkins may have threatened to take the baby and and move. No I didn't even knowing which -- to it that was India show. So and we comes from -- has nothing to do it. But it football athlete what I'm seeing news. They have a different way the way that you and I don't understand they have a different way of proceeding challenges and conflicts and and threatening behavior. And perhaps -- on drug out of office on drugs or not but but. To say that she is not she is that he just woke up this morning and saying I'm going to shoot my wife or -- my girlfriend. And place all the blame on him without knowing all the facts. -- -- she may have some she was she came in late tonight before Steve she went to a concert without him didn't get home the 1 AM. -- Fax viewer wants to what what do you want for -- look at a state -- I -- advice would you discuss this. Going down the road I would I would Alter my discussion. Make this idea. He suffered some head injuries in the Cincinnati game was having a memory loss there were some discussions involved or may -- there's deceit is TV PTE brain thing. Unfortunately since he shot himself in the head we won't know because the brain can't be examined but I go with the fact that he had brain. Injury that made him lose his mind and go I'm opposed to -- deserved it you think. We don't know all the facts not sure what you're talking mostly when it comes to what fact we might put mitigating fact Mike derby she thought until. I with the mitigating factor being we don't all the -- not speculating that that he is somehow. Totally 100% at fault for this and you don't know the fact. Yes if you are they speculating are telling -- he's totally 100% of -- real Steve are you for -- you think that she may share the blame here. -- -- Response. We want to totally wrong I'm not saying I'm horrible just we we found some middle ground. But but. But capital option that provocation. Resulted in him doing something. That same person wouldn't do -- she was asking for it and weathered well I don't issues at influencing a lot of responsible for a big issue doing something that provoked. I told her she was late to come and and the night before Steve what we've established that cheeks she started. And that's why and that's why he'd seen in this side. Because she was like -- in -- Say the percentage might be threaten -- take is maybe. And you thought that was you know just. Know the facts on the case. I said what if this were the case. I don't know that a state look -- given them or let you go Steve I'll give him that how about we just fill in the blanks. She was sick of him he was of them bad boyfriend bad father drinker she drink -- drugs she sent -- soon as his concert -- the -- costs from the get the baby -- a move back to Texas she did that. What do you think now Steve. Yeah I just read that here adjustment that will what do you think now. I still think that. If she taken her son or her child away from her daughter away from him then yes he says he's been provoked. His response to that. Little little overboard. Little little little bit objects will be pumped. I mean I Wii -- -- a single group or another dimension right is a parallel universe today there's an AB switch somewhere right I mean. What I think the hell out what was your -- calling all my goodness we -- less room for a vote. Well you know she must advance Tom the shot -- nine -- -- is being pompous know the way our it is going to be a cameras Anderson Dennis rob -- it's ever bright and -- on the bike will be right back.

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