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Boomer Esiason calls into D&C for his weekly chat

Dec 3, 2012|

Boomer shares his thoughts on the Patriots win over the Dolphins and the performance of quarterback Tom Brady. He also gives a national perspective on the situation in Kansas City and the Jets quarterback carousel.

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Welcome back to a patriot Monday wakeup -- -- a bowler Boomer Esiason brought to you by the surprisingly delicious. Our house -- golf it's just 99 -- any size and only at Cumberland -- good morning Boomer Esiason now -- good morning thank you battery company got a -- -- -- -- to hammered out how important they do we don't always we we won't even -- talk about style points right now but I elect a specific question for you as a former quarterback is Tom Brady or any quarterback in the National Football League. Is there some sort of perverse satisfaction some sort of relieved to satisfaction when you when your offense have and does nicely and an even day. And you watch your defense and finally at the end of the game you're running game at the end bail you out. Well I you I would say that a power fan of the patriot. I would be happy about my defense getting some headlines especially not even like -- there. There's another -- I'm gonna put up points and but the result once games yesterday especially against division -- -- a stretcher register and -- com. The winning team in this case but the ball out the other team you would think that by virtue of their records and what they've been playing up to this point. That you know that he's he's wouldn't be so close but. -- Bill Belichick will play units and coach for that matter will tell you need to Rex Ryan was that this morning I don't care how we want and I don't care what it looks like. Just give you one more point than the other team just like him at least read a little bit he's your what I -- up this morning. Is there a football reason that you could explain to last -- offense in particular a running game like the patriots racks up eleven yards on seven carries in the first half. And then when a critical drive time arises they go 77 yards sixteen plays twelve runs and -- seven minutes seventeen seconds off the clock. You know it's really just the human element in all these games there's some predictable and you argued that the dolphins a lot of clarity that they played a cup came last week you know Seattle a lot of people including myself what they would probably lose that game but somehow figure out a way to win. And Albert suddenly come into this game knowing that their plan against one of the best teams in football they have the raise their level applied at the rate they're focused. Door in the week to get ready to go against Tom Brady to great challenge for that defense. I believe you made all week long down there in Miami all we keep hearing about how great Tom Brady is how great this offense is. And it's a great challenge that you have -- up or shut it down and then. -- for the most part I thought that the dolphins -- back to square themselves very well yesterday but. All ultimately what's gonna happen is that the best team is gonna come out and they're gonna win 99 times out of ten and when you put these two franchises on the field. That -- he was always going to be going on and the reason it's going to be that way is because. Quarterback that's why encounter took them so are they that much different when you look at the rosters and all the other stuff. Probably you know maybe at wide receiver the patriots are a little bit better maybe. You know. On defense that they could be a little bit better maybe there. Had better in the secondary but. I just so we stayed on the a -- and can't do that all just every every week it's same thing. That he'd be called for an quarterback is going to be that different qualities. -- boomer I'll ask you this every week we go into the every week but it's it's more interesting this week we got three. Nine and three teams the patriots now your second seed. I'm I realize -- a lot of games to -- played. -- like it may have -- -- its -- look at Houston I mean they struggled a little bit in Tennessee do you look at Houston as the best team are the -- is the best team -- the Broncos the best team in the AFC right now. Well I've bought about three weeks ago that it would be the Broncos and protections that would be heading out to be eight C championship game now not so sure you know -- simply because. Interest Arctic cold in the text blogs to linebackers into their most important players and and outlook negative change those guys but you know in in the quarterback errors and match I was not as good as what's going on and and Denver and certainly. With the patriots -- you look at the ravens yesterday to realize that. You know Joseph Flacco while a very good quarterback is not in the class of Brady and and and I'm Manny of course in the news in all of sudden you say -- yourself if Pittsburgh can get Ben Roethlisberger back. And that defense can play like it has played the last three weeks. I'm now all of a sudden you've gotta you gotta put them in the next so in my estimation. How I would rank them right now would probably be. A patriot Texans and Broncos Steelers. It can now order and I think the ravens are a little bit outside of that to put that in their defense is probably the worst before. I'd been rank your wild card weekend teams. The Steelers angles colts -- what was the most dangerous obviously. Roethlisberger. Almost they won without Roethlisberger. We saw -- hand -- -- -- -- the or you know if they I didn't particularly when -- probably. The ravens would win and therefore give the inside track to beat the Bengals. 1223 right debt paid down that the date that these viewers and the does that bring those will be plan in my estimation about from our guys that mission and felt today is that. The winner of that game will determine the final. While corn seed and I think it's probably. At this point that the that -- -- -- here helping Ben Roethlisberger back I don't know I did go against them given the fact that. They won the big -- -- -- without -- but the call. And locked it yesterday there an amazing story you know one of the best about Bieber story. Of the NFL -- -- Going back and forth like tennis match you know. Andrew what comes out that's what he does yesterday's event tonight it's RG three's get you know it has turned serve it up and he would he can do against the giants felt. I think for the most part we're looking at the AFC the way it's gonna lay out I think maybe to pitchers have a chance. Maybe a chance to catch the -- to compete the connections. Along the when the rest of their games. And the text and somehow slip up against the call that play them twice in the last three weeks heavily. Now that you have a tied record by virtue of the fact that the patriots beat the Texans on Monday night next week. They can be the number one -- which is really amazing when you think about all the stuff that we've been through the sport to this point. They -- -- a huge come from behind win like Andrew Luck engineered yesterday do for that team psychologically. From the intangibles in the abstract if you will. Well he he did it against Green Bay and home. And that was I -- is that you're the first game at home after the whole truck Darnell -- diagnosed leukemia so everybody thought well you know what a nice story. You know maybe it was meant to be one of those kind of things -- -- pick Andrew Luck continues to do this. A minute there -- clearly did you know at the end when he got the ball. I'm I was I wanted to see it it was like must see TV you had to see whether or not. He can do it against as the parents in that building. And that has become methodically move the ball downfield and he ran down five and ran away from -- -- concert in my estimation should have been on the field I think like. But that I was sort sort of today he he just moved it down like you know 888 hall of fame quarterback to be you can do that I can say that. This is gonna continue forever but -- all I know is that it was really really impressive and for a guy who really struggled in his rookie year and had no clue what I was doing on -- The watchword -- did yesterday and what Ryan and he -- able to do and of course brand and we wanna game yesterday a lot of these rookie quarterbacks just really amazing music. About it -- we have gotten in the end zone if he tucked and ran on last play. I I actually -- gonna have our -- to be used lead -- right you know what they're okay Gelbart but he's gonna point to one of the defensive back at paper blocked. It is one of those things like him in -- that this would have been Georgia vs Alabama and the quarterback Jordan would have dropped -- -- to be Alabama can I mean judge who was running back. Alabama what are -- probably stopped get about -- and John. But for summaries and in the NFL when you have to play like it's like four to 29 laps -- very rice. You know -- if you can get the guys but the defense guys sold forward among all but the part gets the football. And he can -- make a play -- it was really amazing it was amazing. And that payment and just. I don't know what kind of -- Billion dollars happiness. Because I loved -- kitten in Indianapolis what he's been on. And I love the fact that that are able to do this with Perez -- head coach battling leukemia. Boomer in my estimation had he run it I thought he would have made it based on a play that happened earlier in that drive a defensive -- hit him pretty hard and the defensive -- bounce off Lockett looked like you've gone. We sure what could go run over defensive back doesn't feel like this is sort of a synonymous to to the New Orleans Saints kind of latching on and and and being a feel good story after Katrina with the Indianapolis Colts on the chuck strong story. -- I would doubt that -- -- could see where this Carlo but I'm more amazed at what you just and you just kind of matter of factly said that. You know the defense of -- bounced off and who -- I mean what 1%. Salt I mean it's available so electorate can -- -- a different -- 150 pounds. I mean this kid is amazing I do what's most amazing to me about what he is going to not. Is ability to come back in the fourth quarter of the way he did is build on the tremendous job related are all really amazed at how good of an aptly be. Now that he has when he runs football. And how composed he is as the -- that last drive I mean they think it it got cameras like in his eyes and you never see hand. Of panic and and he's a rookie I can't imagine. How cool is going to be monies in the league 810 years he is in my mind he's going to be Brady's going to be paid Manning. Wallace 32 teams penalty in all wish they could have a guy. Where it. Exactly just that the poise and demeanor that enjoy -- -- on our. Robert -- a third out didn't quite frankly camino and we can all have a you know law may not be ample display for those guys because they're not. You know in a better situation and Andrew is. But the fact is that he is where it is because the quarterback -- so far. In front of any bell curve that any of us could applaud you would have and so. You know like when you don't have the jets in the cardinals yesterday you -- those -- that absolutely have no quarterback to speak up right now. Are you could see how far away they are really being a good achievement. They can contend for Super -- Are quite easy week in New York with the with the jets quarterback situation naive isn't going to be it was like -- Football's version of euthanasia yesterday. -- -- result -- field because. I acknowledge it was Mark Sanchez did it looked to me like he was relieved. It was like the 65000. People at -- gains were all relieved forehand and whip. And you know I'm Greg McIlroy camp and I'm a considered very very little property -- five of seven or something but you know we showed a pretty good arms strength showed some good poisoned. As one of my coworkers you're going to be apparent that this morning. He actually looked better hand the ball marks that I'll bet it's gotten to see the starter going forward. You know they played Jacksonville this week. And had a year -- of those removing some of the TARP and opera and that their stated that can keep those coming to town so. I don't know if instructions and you know give him -- starters. Spot. People home game I think he probably would but it's -- road -- -- -- you've got to take into account. All the things that come along with that. I would say play the -- -- -- got them because you obviously know right now where mark Sanchez's head of that and it's probably not where you can. Well I'm just looking at the box. Arizona 51 downs over for fifteen on third down to get a quarterback -- Just as bad a deal that took part of the game was. Up to those two teams are Rex Ryan as a defensive coach would tell you. You have my all my defense was all the -- certainly -- -- -- give -- -- -- 116 blowing or something like. They -- all due respect to -- the colts accomplished yesterday for my money the most astounding thing yesterday it was the ability of Casey and in particular their head coach Romeo Cornell -- to to focus on that game and actually get it done for their second win. I don't know how they -- it I don't get it on prime -- -- -- Serbia the top of the show. You know I don't know so -- like -- went to. The stadium and played beautiful bar understood why they play -- I know that there are. Forces out there that didn't think that the -- should have been played because. Of what it trance part today before but. You know just in the football plants it was it was an amazing performance and then after the game listening to some of the guys talk. With even more amazing to me -- corporate equation and I was very eloquent in his can't press conference and his remarks at and they touched the right. Our level of you know emotion and it's one of those things where no matter what you say you'll have to remember first and foremost that there is it that the -- Found that there Kamal was murdered and she lost. -- -- in front of her own mother and then there is today and orphaned child and nothing is worse than doing those things combined and they're really are no words to actual act unilaterally I can't describe. You know what went on there and on other than that it was such a tragic. Did you think I'm a woman did you think the game should have been played as scheduled and how did you feel. -- this is sort of uncomfortable for you about the way your show and -- felt they handled the -- took a lot of heat on the Twitter verse for not opening the show with the Kansas City. And I haven't seen it's reversed and I don't know about that I thought that we all touched. The strategy in our own ways about that we possibly -- it's you know wasn't something that happened that morning either you know it's something that has already been in the 24 hour news cycle ESPN has covered it. You know quite extensively and certainly he builds muscle -- your New York and no Javon -- because he's from what spot on Mars and back in 2005. He played a mile high school all star game. It's been covered. You know nonstop here 24/7 and rightly so it should be. You know everybody is gonna have their point of view is everybody's gonna. Feel that you know they have an agenda to cover and you know they don't like you're there don't like something that you article you said something then you're gonna try to make initial round that may in ought to tell you is that. You know -- football show we try to cover the BD human aspects. Around that football show the best we can none of us cycle purpose you know -- football alerts and -- coaches. We're human being like everybody else were touched by this tragedy and ought to tell -- is that I think that. You know we talk about you know victims' rights and we're talking about that domestic violence like -- touched on yesterday -- that we touched a record. The football little bit what the Saint Louis beating San Francisco mean in the big picture you Ballmer. -- what I think it means -- best fiscal quarter article where that there was contact American realize that not every game is going to be a perfect game. And that there's a learning process that goes along for all young quarterbacks. -- needed some amazing thing yesterday get a touchdown pass dropped a little -- game for them. So I I would I watched that game especially those another division game that. Obviously the rams understand the 49ers you know better than most I mean mania took them to the wire in the previous game in which they tied. So I try not to get overwhelmed or over I'd try not to overreact to. Division losses in that case so in -- sense that they're still going to be one of the best teams -- not the best in the camps they. Do you remember Belcher did you meet him did you talk to. Had an idea guy you know he was so and then obviously covered their man and against -- -- -- though. Electorate said he urine of course in New York you know his family and friends -- spawned by the events they have no answers for any of us. His mother is crushed music about the victims of this case first and foremost has dropped from just under that their daughter. Arkansas and his mother who's probably. Saw and witnessed this. And then of course you don't down maligned and you realize that -- equivalents got you we saw someone take their life and on down. And and the players. I mean now understand they have to go play football game on -- Under this in the Javon mom who lost church on. And an aspect it somehow come to grips with the fact that person on -- has dropped and I mean. So they're they're victims all throughout this thing and other really are no answers and only time. Hopefully will give us your answers before anybody speculate as to what the hell happened here. Pretty good Monday night game tonight I assume you're going to Washington watch the giants Redskins. You are more important this one and watching Robert -- up close and personal I would wanna be the defense coordinator for this one -- can -- that. Our ballclub that it should be able to move the ball up and down the field. -- the last time these two teams met in the quarterback as the ball last chooses the quarterback it's gonna have an opportunity to win the football game. And I think it's going to be and fantastic atmosphere. Down there at FedEx Field and you talk about a team that's trending upward and out of the Washington wrote in that one tomorrow now tremendous young running back Albert -- who really doesn't get. A lot of play because of Doug -- down Tampa Bay because event to lock him because of RG three of course but he's just as important to what's gonna happen tonight. As RG three is not of course you have -- Eli Manning -- now with a healthy group wide receivers healthy running back help you off on the line. But he can't reveal little bit suspect tonight because there's a good chance Jason Pierre Paul does not play and it doesn't look like Kenny Phillips play. So there's there -- that that your -- and people aren't you gonna have to do in order to slow down RG three may be without two of its best. And tonight's game marks the seven days away from the real Monday night game I wanna see the patriots in Houston appearance who were coming up for that as well. All speculate that leaders don't get to back to back great Monday night games and games that obviously gonna have a major impact on the playoffs movement forward and you know a lot of great players a lot of great story lines and this is what December football's all about great matchups with playoffs on the line. I found it notable final question when JB asked the panel yesterday if you guys won the 580 million dollar powerball would you come to work the power was the only liar and said he would. And you may -- laugh out loud we usable but you want to come to work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- AT&T -- LTE.

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