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The guys examine the Patriots victory over the Miami Dolphins

Dec 3, 2012|

John and Gerry look at how the Patriots beat the Dolphins down in Miami. The Patriots had a strong defensive outing and the running game stepped up to seal the win on Sunday.

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I'm not gonna suggest -- for even a second. But the patriots holding up 49 points vs the jets and the patriots racking up 59 points vs the colts weren't one of patriots victories this year but I do economic strong case yesterday's 2316. Win over the dolphins in Miami might have been more useful. More helpful. More character and team building consider. The litmus test we witnessed yesterday this was offense led by Tom Brady that was. Shall we say and even yesterday can we say on the use tiger defense from time to time and finally your running game at the very -- -- the offense out and win a game that they -- Easily but possibly lost I think that's a parent and a building I think it's a valuable I think it's a useful win by the -- I would agree about. Possibly lost. Ryan Tenet was in the lead his team in the game winning drive at any point well we've seen that we saw a lot of bad quarterbacks lead their teams down the pitcher to the -- not lately -- not lately not only enemy it's their time it is from -- does that make Patrick would make him when he and oh. In December and 220 and in the second half. It is that time ever politics says to them. After Thanksgiving. Works you know whatever he says how every handles and -- Wanna Belichick buddies you know lower Chip Kelly come in the NFL next year. I study that because it makes all the difference to our beat number two seed today which is unbelievable as we just off the European. This -- team that lost two and a result well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is not crazy unpredictable this is impressive and predictable in its December. The patriots take care of business in -- league guys for next man hauled away whatever we know. Miami's an accomplice to play -- many times than not that tough opponent lately. Right now. You know we could talk all day you know this Miami game or about you know the whatever the jets in the bills all at the top -- that. You know the impressive performances by bad quarterback but nothing really matters. Till we get through these next two weeks very correct. I mean granted San Cisco scandal not as important as Houston Houston's really -- important at Baltimore -- to put them. It's not like Atlanta scenario what doesn't matter the next couple games for Matty ice from the falcons what matters is what league in the playoffs if they can pass the litmus test -- this is what I'm talking about. I as you know I'm a little system for marking and grating as -- take notes on the game. I put red dots holds up to the nest camera right there a red dots in the left hand margin next to bad. Patriot place. There were a lot of bad things on you missed -- double play work just. Good good do you rail another team might not be as tough minded you know Tampa I mean Tom Brady mrs. Fernandez off the fingertips Hernandez dropped one -- gals keep missiles -- forty -- -- feel Google. Centered on the road where. It Gostkowski missed it costs the patriots a win at some point in the regular season mean on and on it goes the interception -- Brady sex. Brady -- budget Welker drops Brady's bullet in the end zone to be pass interference on heartland all of that sort of stuff. 101214. Different really bad occurrences in that football game is still 12360. Well what if you were. Government dolphins. How many red marks probably just a member -- a more. For the punter in the first -- putt just look at the third down conversion that's all you do is they're well they're three for thirteen. I think they were yet and it's that's why do you look at that stat to know that predict when a game three and thirteen what the Arizona Cardinals have. Given for that they -- old couple 52 in the hole for fifteen against the jets. And Tom Brady and Tom Brady laughs when people ask an ugly win the lab for the group's first question -- -- it -- ugly win -- it was an ugly. Well when he says you're like on the jets who will say if you were out. Is -- that the ugly is when you could possibly have when you beat the cardinals seven to six. In an extra innings to -- I mean that it would Greg McIlroy taken over for our time is about time about time -- McIlroy era as adamant guys which is good you know for the jets but I think it's a shame it's too bad. That the division is sell for a week and maybe someday panel and -- will present a challenge. But it's almost like you look at the bills jets and dolphins -- -- he would challenge until Brady's too old to do this anymore but it. It really doesn't matter gives those division games based on how superior the patriots are how long their head coach and how long their quarterback have been in place how this system works certainly in November and into December but -- really doesn't matter because all that matters with -- because they've set the bar so high. Is what they do and get to the playoffs right now as to stand this morning. They are the second seat when you look at you say but I city before in on the net that don't suitable yeah you know it's. -- that it's lining up that way the stars are lining up their you know it's December they're winning. The you know that the them that the ravens are a loose and at a home to Charlie Batch. Other teams are springing leaks you know that the the huge huge Houston's obviously damaged driver seat but their and defense it's hard to believe it used to be like the best defense in the AFC like. Long time ago right like three weeks ago which and now there are flawed and we'll see them soon enough. But torture -- have faith that the patriots. Are where they wanna be -- to see it in their -- ways in their body language that they know that things are. Falling in the place it is December you know their their their winning their role and they've won six in a row and -- and they got. Houston but they got them at home and and then they get Sampras sisco who is you know spring in some -- of its own. The two bye weeks against Miami Jackson in your bones -- In your bones doesn't feel like the patriots are going in the Portland does and they just give you -- you talked about the December record experts predict -- brief 4215 now and December I mean that was forced when by the way Miami December his career when three believer -- not before that. And in December Miami was over three but. You just look at you look at what they've done the depth on both the offense and defense of life look what they did yes -- what's god and there Trevor -- a third string defense event. He results -- -- you an outstanding game yesterday was what was he has. Was he so good that he should have that kind of celebration after a one yard loss a sack they'll play worry. That eventually get the -- element also active that that was gassed and yet it was theirs alone atop it but -- and you know what I think they reached the breaking point the offensive line which is fine. It's gonna happen that so many injuries. And I give credit to Miami get through bench a little bit of sure that have kept him in Miami's cuts and it's got a good defense. Mean that Cameron Wake coming off the -- he's very good I show up eventually he's gonna get to the quarterback yesterday it would that we reached that point when they -- -- that to a four times. And you know what happens into the BA game where they put us. Early on before the got to him that they were going to get -- yes that's true analysts say this the Patriots defense December efficiency leads me to a conclusion would make a prediction here. The thing that the thing that is obvious that goes right for the patriots in December is going to lead over the -- personal life. The baby is arriving a week from Wednesday. Get it a week from Wednesday let me guess what time can I guess what time the -- Just afternoon like I'm not like quarter past twelve past yes yes. 121212 will be the date the -- debate Brady baby you'll -- a little bit after all. -- twelve well it's not enough. Twelve will have a baby on 121212. And 1212. And it'll be a girl win twelve -- album is -- -- on how to -- a and and like George to stands of the main advocate twelfth when it -- a seven yet he understands and obviously that is at the one name is maybe sevens that. The that a seven and Amer how well -- notably girl two degrees or to get too bullish Rondo gets things that he gets -- -- Either -- shall have lovely hair you know it's. But you're right when is that a week from Wednesday we forgot when -- so it's mid -- the post I mean the -- planned Monday night don't play again until Sunday today so be like that either they are. I think -- on the. All figured out 61777. -- 7937. That we generally tell you the Brady's gonna join us around 7 o'clock sometimes he gets up early fueled parties rightly. Calls to 6:30. At 7 o'clock for now besides that we can count on him for 805. Fault lines open we'll talk -- ninety seconds from now.

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