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NFL Sunday Takes you "Around the NFL" for Week 13

Dec 2, 2012|

The NFL Sunday crew discuss all of the games set to kickoff for week 13 in the NFL.

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Third and final hour of NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEE I 1 o'clock today patriots. And the Miami Dolphins in Miami and we've been talking about all morning long we will. Later on this hour -- patriots on the -- -- with this esteemed panel thinks they have to do to win the game today against the Miami Dolphins. Weird schedule I mean. And played the dolphins all season long and suddenly gonna play them twice in the final five games is just strange the senate this year both. Weird that she gets you ten days to prepare for. His vision rival. Come -- offered a team that just literally tough par four winning in Seattle this is similar situation we're did to me was blasted it should division game the jets on four days for a you know. Cultural fast both teams are we -- together last week yet. And now in the situation the other division rival. Has the call for shorter but you get ten days butcher of the traveler so maybe in a Phil's mind that's -- outline just somehow lost it but it's its interest in a weeklong trip to Miami. For credit alive under point I think I don't think and honest I'll go away again and that's South Florida I stick around the National Football League and look at all of the games. On that have been played and are being played here in week thirteen course it all started on Thursday. The New Orleans Saints. Went to the Georgia Dome India Atlanta Falcons beat New Orleans 23 to thirteen Atlanta now eleven -- the world falls to five and seven. Turn our attention now to 1 o'clock games today. We'll start with Jacksonville at buffalo Ralph Wilson Stadium buffalo for a seven Jacksonville Jaguars two and nine. Mike -- not surprised with the way his team is rally there around quarterback -- and -- You know when things of China was his leadership but I thought I saw on tape I told. This evening workout because he was thrown to manually. -- as you can see you know guys -- And you know solve. It takes smarter than him. A quarterback after the powerful argument and I played. Does the plain awful. -- Italy it's also home of Jason -- -- -- an interest -- -- -- he got a lot of talk early in the week and you landed in another place that's not doing well but hasn't -- and that's how that worked out well -- -- apparently dogged it in Philadelphia and shot his way out of -- OK -- -- in Jacksonville which was. Where the way I think -- -- for the yeah if things are apparently it was -- ago Florida. Seattle at six and five travels to Soldier Field in Chicago to take on the 83 Chicago Bears bears coach Lovie Smith. It's his team cannot simply sit back and watch Seattle win another game against them at Soldier Field. Seahawks won in 2010. And 2011 in Chicago during the regular season. Seattle has been thus. Two out of three times on home field. This can't let it and continue. Simple -- that. They're good football team both of us of course by. Playoff positions there should be replicated. Quick question. Taylor Chris whatever came with the the PB challenge moved to defense and having their appeals -- this week. Able to play today so there aren't -- appeal they are playing today. Appeal will be heard this week and with the Chicago bear -- There is that the king without the cut at -- this look what would -- be looked fully and truthfully if you would be same -- and I actually did that that all that that offensive line yes. -- -- Cutler Andre Iran from other cowboys brought in today he's an event that offensively. -- Indianapolis Colts seven and so far this year travel to Detroit to take on the four and seven Detroit Lions -- elect says the colts are young team. -- have really come together and created a winning environment. We've all bonded very often everybody in the locker room who has it was a lot of new faces -- and you know from for the past years and fidelity you know the guys -- -- bigger -- and everybody with open arms you know. -- has worked hard got along spokesman -- photographed him. I I don't make arguments nor -- I think rookies should be MVPs. I could see an argument filmmaker Andrew Luck he's gonna get votes from two -- -- get votes initiative -- Clinton around exactly the -- turnaround he has to face the printers we talked before -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- gonna get the votes still we've looked at the colts as a possible playoffs they had a route because they've got a pretty soft down the road schedules force one's losses river that's worth what. Detroit to -- -- super competitive on Thanksgiving now maybe it's just sort of Thanksgiving anomaly but that team looked awfully competitive against a team were calling the best team in the AFC. That's not a that's not an easy one for the course of that -- -- the crossroads moment that that the team could go so fast if if it did they get another -- -- another bad situation. They have a young un disciplined and they feel betrayed and you're right decisions. When the game was -- the need to get the need to get a lot more mature in the offices. Six and five Minnesota Vikings are at Lambeau fielding Green -- to take on seven and four Green Bay Packers believe fanatic like fifty degrees in Green Bay today. Jared Allen vikings defensive -- says this game is huge because they're gone up against a divisional rival. And there are wild card implications as well. As far as where we wanna give us he's in this this game is coming. It's his his pretty -- and you can't fall fall to the rose bush and mentioned so. You know for fraud to personal wildcard hunt for everything we've got to we have in this game. You know let's -- their -- -- still -- The Packers have underperformed so far this are you just took the words -- out of -- they have. Offers a library for him to not in the best of things where -- that's a -- team. There I don't know I don't know how to get it -- to get a handle on them well imagine them sort of held against the giants because we've seen the giants' ugly and come back and still figured out on the stretch we haven't seen the Packers do that when it's gone south to just there's the southeast forcing the jars are prepared they'll have a frets. They presented one Houston Texans are an LP field in national take on the foreign seven Tennessee Titans. Matt -- Texans quarterback says his team was faced some adversity the last couple weeks. Some which -- manufactured himself but they're still finding a variety of ways to win game. You know the past two weeks or past two games it's you know been tough force we've had to come from behind -- had to make plays in the fourth quarter and overtime and as a team we're just finding a way to do that and whether it's on defense screens stops -- -- the ball back -- offensively. You know convert opportunities and points. Back to back over to him. Sure we can we two overtime games and five day focus if you wanna have is this a trap came conversation. The patriots going to division rival Romania. The Texans play in the heightens who were little little wore off I would maybe see if they tripped up. Looking ahead to travel and the patriots might be -- little more goes to a time gains and game -- who's gonna show you. What type -- team. On their there they're getting there they're being they're very mature and his team would go through them. San Francisco 49ers 82 and wonder at the Edward Jones dome in Saint Louis take on the 46 and one rams Alex Smith. Says it's very frustrating efficacy now after what he considers a successful season so far the only thing he did wrong was get hurt. Think most is because -- was there's an especially on -- you sacrifice and invest so much time. Democrats. And anything besides -- contention that it really kind of you know -- to facilitate this and and America. Find it before. -- -- you miserable there in 2001 of their certain earmarks so what's going on to just go and what happened in -- to -- Men out I learned from that as a player and it's an individual that. You can be a starter. And your thought injury doesn't figure position but you can forget about that thing. If you're by the go to team is doing well right now with Fulton guy why you -- forget what I think is interesting about this is just did it it it surrounds a head injury. And if you're the NFL -- I'm wondering what their feelings are on this watch -- a guy that was the starting quarterback that was one of the leaders in league in passing efficiency -- team was doing great he was playing great. He got a concussion who lost his job what message does that send you out there you're another player. And the millions of millions of dollars this is inevitably going to be needed to dismissed because you know he would have been likely for a new contract deficit had not happened. What does -- tell you he's not you know report it now because you might actually lose your job. It sends a mixed messages question you don't feel like it's dramatic case. Beef. Four and seven Arizona Cardinals are at MetLife stadium in the meadowlands take on the foreign seven New York Jets. Mark what tackle Sanchez. Says the jets are thrilled they're still mathematically in the playoff time. Guys are excited just knowing that you know these next -- user is crucial to our success and there's. -- in the postseason. And I think you know we have the right mindset and you know just take it one at a time. Really focus on ourselves and you know -- beating ourselves -- I treated this earlier this week but it's still -- -- to call -- justice or if he's been doing a disservice to -- -- -- I'd just that that team for me is just it's just an absolute. All of us expect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think Rex gets one more year under yeah I think -- -- Yeah I think Rex I think Rex decode I guess theory is -- wouldn't you wanna bring your own guy and yeah but if you if you get a GM did it. You there ways you can do it if you if your Rex if you're in a that in reference gonna happen saying in this but it -- with Woody Johnson the look let's get a view of the world on the saint -- -- know before you. Don't -- to get -- I like Santa as a point of view on this country he's righted it not not relative to a playoff race I think they've got five weeks that to basically determine if the Alderman have chops mixture that. You to make the point that I'm still legitimate quarterback in this league and I need to be a part of what's going on for. Is you bring in a new GM in my view housecleaning go to there try to threw her arms were -- problems and so -- for -- economic too. -- -- -- And the eight and three New England Patriots closing up 1 o'clock games. Are at Sun Life Stadium pick on the five and six Miami Dolphins Reggie Bush says this is an important match up for the dolphins. But I have to keep that in perspective because -- W. Only give Miami to 500 but he. I think it could be. You know our -- and wanna make this a bigger. You know doing it is it is another football game in this chance for us to go to you know six and six. So on nonstop Super Bowl but not -- big game -- -- Not Land Shark Stadium anymore to be changed that. Relates to run. Changing entertainment -- without comment. Zain as they have litter the giant. Replay board so I should say there is 1 other 1 o'clock game noon central time it's in Kansas City and arrow head stadium. Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Carolina Panthers. You guys all know the story that this game we've spent the first part of the program today talking about it. I've I've seen footage they have footage earlier this morning on ESPN of Romeo walking into the stadium. Nobody as near as I can tell has spoken to Romeo Peter king's got a yeah. A piece on SI dot com this morning in which he talked -- Romeo eight. By the way it was also Javon filters and interestingly enough and he said he had not spoken to Romeo is yet. Romeo was obviously being yelled to -- Some people with the same words of encouragement because and it but it's into his heart and pointed to them. You know people trying to say you know something positive to him as he walked into the stadium but. As near as I can tell nobody has spoken Romeo other than when he spoke to the team. The interesting fact that Romeo and go to the same way. So that's kind of -- you noted there is a kind of connection between two and that's. That's one of the things why he accidentally to defeat him for him think I'm pretty sure -- A lot they had a relationship we have to. -- five today the six and five Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in Denver to take on the 83 Denver Broncos. Dallas Clark says despite playing with Peyton Manning for years. There's no sense in trying to give the bucks any patent code language because chances -- -- just bog them down and things probably changed anyway. It's. It's not worth trying to you have give on this matter. You know over two million besides. He's and then her now and who knows what they're run and and then and code words all that Sophie -- and India feel a little bit. Feel different but you know I don't know what what what they're doing in Denver. And that's an economic this usual but it keeps looking for reasons for quite often put in the keep winning and keep playing well. I am with -- on there I think they look like a team with a lot of moxie and fight and I like what -- they're going on down there but you know the team it's up to the top of the pile of Atlanta and I don't think. Stricken boy and a point that we so I think there's reasons that feel that way. Reid's wife or because he's very coat factory. -- of talent you know he thought you guys in that position me. You know go he's -- a few guys in Tampa just and that they're motivated is Marshall and ignorant the way I need to writing the Graco. Port 25 games the three and eight Cleveland Browns are in Oakland to take on the three and -- Oakland Raiders you know what who care. I mean -- the yes it's a big game via the windows and organizations. You just have to throw the records out the window when you're talking about the browns and we're trying to win a game -- six and five Cincinnati Bengals are in San Diego to face the foreign -- you know what who cares changes -- I may look incidentally is sincere to me is if you're gonna make the bucks point on the other side of -- to make as a three point needle into in the interview talking about since the video blade on the heels the Steelers the Steelers cannot afford to have been Roethlisberger and in the sideline for one of my optics and the -- That the I -- -- -- last week we ask me ask my pal over here for his his. Top five power rankings -- sixteenths. I asked if that was LSU math I don't know you know I did and I did it the next night trying to answer yours and you get -- -- -- there used to try to fill me to pick. Five. -- teams that are really playing well beside the Ford that we -- -- the -- hollering he's the -- for BCS at the college guys yet not system in my opinion is whatever your record is that tell you knew -- would also boarded -- I don't want. Six -- for its top five. 65 Pittsburgh Steelers are in Baltimore to take on the ninth hole ravens at M&T bank stadium to Ralph -- as everyone better be ready for another slugfest. Between these two bitter rivals. You know anybody that's expecting something different you know. Being -- they're kidding themselves because. He knows the the level of dislike this -- area in the you know with the mutual a mutual respect is also stood and so on. We still won't be a very competitive currency. Love these games. -- -- feud between Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Just being tough physical nasty meant to whatever their game against what 25 or 25 to vocal I won't be and it's to everybody third that commitment. For a Sunday Night Football. The Philadelphia Eagles at three and -- travel to Dallas take on the five and six Dallas Cowboys at. Cowboys Stadium I was when McAuliffe the Jerry Jones Muslim but it is Cowboys Stadium. Practical Eagles defensive end says he's not worried about his job being a maligned just gonna give it is all given all he's got. Like some 21 or. And suits him down here talking human job. And work about it and actually Monday come Monday comes in realization. Mondays -- -- when you're in this is that it is I was on this. Me personally I have a realization almost don't play so. -- -- I will say this there's an interesting article in any future to pay for this morning written by mark tackle I'm quoting. According to an extremely reliable source who was close to -- three. A long time Eagles head coach could be the head coach of the archrival cowboys next year. Course that's based on -- being fired by the Eagles which is kind of expected. And Jason Garrett being let go but the cowboys which isn't quite -- sure but certainly could happen if Dallas doesn't make the playoffs this source says quote. I know a lot of people think Andy's going to San Diego next year and I can see that happening but I keep hearing Dallas I think he can end up with the cowboys as a matter of fact. I think he will end up with a -- -- if Jason is fired Jerry Jones the source which could benefit is -- horse disciplinary isn't exactly the sort of -- -- Gerri what would love. Exactly with a I still think I know we talked about -- -- it was last week I think we can take bureau I'd I'd do anything this. I think he's a widow and vision for an older mentally and we'll return to me he's been in that job he freed and loved it he predates Belichick. He's the only coach in the league who within his job before Bill Belichick and he only has one of those coaches that through -- news breaks and you know if he needs anything all he needs some advice you call him and he -- power while these guys is along -- does. And Monday night football -- seven and four New York Giants are at FedEx Field and our nation's capital take on the five and six Washington Redskins. Hakeem Nicks says the giants got their swagger back in their hoping to build on some momentum. You know Eli works through our would've put without authorities who I was he was tied in this in in the -- as well so. In there was no doubt that we would ever get back on the same page. You know we've got a confidence bacon and certain things in certain areas and which you gotta keep going keep going from there. Also it is the first time these two teams met the giants had some difficulties with our -- race. I'll be curious to see how it plays at home against them. -- in the Monday night -- going to be good gains and he did and I think the first camera on the giants really struggle against. In plain and Holman -- -- be different story but it could be really competitive. It's fair read through athletic quarterback it's fair eager for a service. Could be found. Real will be -- NFL Sunday is presented by cam natural casing franks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots look to the camp blue box. At your favorite -- KM. Celebrate something.

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