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NFL Sunday: Making the Case for Brady for MVP

Dec 2, 2012|

Dale brings up how in his opinion, Tom Brady is the MVP of the league once again this year. The guys discuss their feelings on who could be MVP and what the award means in the long run.

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He has presented by cam natural casing -- the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. Look for the Campbell box that your favorite -- KM celebrate something. You hear it's via via this when yards yes I bought a culture maps you can do anything over there. Yeah you know -- they'll get a deep dark secret about -- I don't know. He's a giants fan. Really map is -- Jensen illustrator of friends -- them. -- -- No change all the things are -- my -- execute -- good seem to be your friend ethnic conflict if that's true and it's funny you mention the giants it brings some open and in my mind I was -- at some point today. It's a -- a little slump Munich at the bye week at the right time and did last week on wheels back on the wagon -- Myself Super Bowl champions you play deeper and anybody else it's that time you're gonna. Now that you're gonna hit that wall. Had and it's the save Tom Coughlin time now right. I think he's the third -- -- -- and that's very good job because right now it's time. Everybody expected -- to go for. We we noted a rarity in the time we know it in December is the time where your player to prepare the team if we want to go far we have to -- -- If I had a vote and I'd probably for good reason but if I had a vote. Tom Brady would be my MVP in the national football right now I think there are certainly very valid arguments to be made for Peyton Manning for instance. Maybe Drew Brees given where they'd be without him but the you know that the overall play of the team would probably. Prohibit me from making about a ballot in that direction you guys have seen Brady -- entire career as we have. Is this is good as you've ever seen them play here's what I say. I think. There are times that a player's career word you. China after the individual -- you know if you haven't been given before you've never been to a Pro Bowl. -- wanted to you know you've never won -- is that you're kind of liked that you know be recognized in Munich ever won -- deep down wants to be loved that whole thing. Well I think in an honest quiet moment if you were passed on. He could care less about him. Not idol but what my point is I think it would what what makes this team better way helps drive him is that stuff. Isn't gonna make his top 100 things he thinks about even if he does inevitably did it. And I think that helps a player because I think you're really actually driven by the things that matter and I think you know he's. In a situation now were bird Kevin mentioned it all year long word the the running game has really picked off and naturally helps sort of diversify and they aren't. I don't think he's in a situation where you -- feels that he's got through 52 touchdowns for them to win. I think he's he's playing -- I think he's young he's growing into this ultimately year kind of guys so. You know where he falls and an MVP ranking and it has little bearing on who ways the government in Islamabad so you're making -- case. Had -- all of a the only case I'm making is this is as good as I've ever seen him play and we've seen him play great -- Did he get 26 touchdowns and three intercept that's the one thing in the ball security we talked about this before -- did really stands out for me because this time last year yeah I think you have ten picks in and it's one of those things where. We're gonna win the MVP but I think when you put together a list of seven neat guys I think you can look at Brady. You can make you -- repeat meaning you can bake cookies for for Reggie Wayne. I honestly believe in Indianapolis I don't think there were gonna give -- to wide receiver but -- especially now. Drew Brees having JJ watts and gets them some votes -- used to but I think this is one of those years where there's no single consensus guy who is risen above this. Not as flashy as it has been. It's because of the running game is now one of those things where you see him throwing the ball 56 time 78 games this year. Because he's had the running game that has been very good that's what 71% 30%. Office pretty much that has been very productive so it's one of those things where he does it have to be as flashy -- -- and have to make those game winning drives. I think in our particular game -- if if we were we're having this conversation baseball and you are right -- -- port and Roman requiring given a piece of paper and pencil. And he had to write down the last 3M VPs and the last three teams that won I think baseball people could come up with a number a little quicker I think in basketball. Maybe a little bit quicker. I think in football you tell me the last 3M VPs in the last three teams and tell me which of the three get down Britain down first I think it's going to be team component because I think the MVP in the scheme as. It's hard to heart anything -- sort of a book -- Canada. Is -- enjoyment what's really the definition MVP and he relative to your team -- to -- you mean how do you even come to an answer here. I think the MVP Arab League is not something to -- -- a contract negotiation but I don't know. It doesn't stick it doesn't seem to have sort of the way it of course you know it it's a nice honor to have ice fence I spends a good twenty minutes arguing and -- know sports fans out there will agree with me on this seat. -- -- Hours and hours days argument the American League MV PMR Miguel Cabrera micro you know easy is it numbers as it went one way or another and you look at it for me to different. I don't think that we're gonna have the same kind of debate over this year's team game it's a -- adjusted to different game every point.

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