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NFL Sunday Flips it -- The Pats Defense vs the Dolphins Offense

Dec 2, 2012|

The boys look at how the Pats D will match up with the Dolphins offense. It all starts with RB Reggie Bush for Miami as well as rookie QB Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill has made great strides this season so far. The guys discuss the improved Pats rush and how Aquib Talib has helped the Patriots defense.

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Acura we're sitting here have our own talk show. That's OK Matthew we're we're doing our own thing we don't usually Wear too much off the air here -- -- -- back on NFL -- Alexander. President I started out bears they're better I think it ranks the official Franken sauces to the New England Patriots look for the camp blue box that your favorite grocer. -- celebrate something let's flip it around look at the Miami Dolphins defense against the New England Patriots up in public in general statement to start by -- their offense against patriots -- apologize -- make a general statement to start. And unfortunately for Ryan -- -- He's -- tough year to be a rookie quarterback in the NFL because he suffers by comparison with the two guys the top of the draft. Or playing really well and reluctant Robert Griffin the third ride -- having a good. Rookie quarterback season in the NFL which means he makes mistakes. He's gonna do things rookies do but for the most part it's been pretty positive. I really hope as a football fan that. The don't do something stupid out of Miami over the next year plus because I think they're headed in the right direction I just I just worried that did did the ownership is gonna get panicky if they don't you know when the Super Bowl when you're too because it and it Philbin. -- -- Bush that idiot they have a lot of really good players on both sides the ball really good young players and their building in the right direction and pain it was one of those guys did and you can't you. It's tough this is obviously transition year for them and they didn't invest their first -- quarterback timber investors second round pick in the right tackle a majority had almost the first the first overall -- from the left tackle position via your Reggie Bush is an impact player. -- Brian -- -- who's had our career resurrection but I don't think anyone fixes you know for guidance on forecasts Obama's is a really nice player but again I don't think any NFL teams gonna surrounded by just that one guy so. They need some talent infusion that receiver position they've got a couple -- pieces butchered your mr. Warner to to be really overall dangers in if you wanna invest -- and number one quarterback. You -- even more quarterback a lot of different places to go the ball just think it doesn't mean you're a good players but I think -- we've seen over the course this year using the pictures an example. Haven't six and seven legitimate places to go to ball as opposed to 12 or three you just make seizure to game plan against I think when you watch film on this dolphins' offense. To me it's sort of -- four point joint there's there's two backs in the backfield a lot of times the tight and often stays in the blocks as a lot of times the seven man protection which -- all the tough talk about on the shore yet this year and that the fans out -- seven man protection -- you have five Gaza line. The center of the two guards and tackles that's five. And a tight in -- six. And then two backs one of which we'll stay in one of which goes out off to a tight and stays and so. We've been talking about pressures and blitz packages stuff like that usually bullets means you bring more than what they've got to bring more than seven you have to bring -- so. This is a different this is like what football to me look like in 200220032004. It's pro style you CO you don't think to a fullback -- seed to fall back in the flat EC. Austin to man routes are out in the past pattern out five and six. So it's it's a different kind of week in and and I wrote on this earlier in the week where two really important this team because it's sort of has a grinder type offense. To go positive on first down this is team and if they gamble on first and try to take a shot. They sought from second and they're not scored from third and nine so I think we're gonna look at you know how efficient or effective -- of this game will be. If you start looking up there in the second quarter and every time -- second and on second and second and twelve because of the negative play. Miami's going to be intro. The dolphins their offense is one of those offenses like user -- They want animals who office they wanna align it with two bags and everything they. When they've been successful initiative ran the ball real well Reggie Bush is -- it's a real good games play action Paris. In people off balance and everything we've gotten in trouble is where. -- team shuts down their running game. And ten here has to be. Bill opposing defense by itself and -- that you just described exactly what I would expect Bill Belichick is going into today's game doing almost that we take you trash out load up to try and stop -- yes and of the bill of previous couple weeks before last week. Before last week's victory against Seattle happened. He hasn't been able to do that a retaining him is bring his team back to victory. But the game I referenced earlier the Tennessean is a perfect example words you can see how this -- team and playing well really well last week against Seattle player kinda game plan that works for them. But this is a team that you know imagine that sort of nightmare it's not gonna go down as comically as last week but the scenario that they have last week -- judge well if we capital of the jets. Where you get a pocket of tour three scores -- short amount of time that that kind of fuel -- was against Tennessee with the Miami couple picks. Early. And this team down fourteen it puts him in to spread quarterback Mota naturally not with a -- to do so I think the idea of starting fast -- taken away what they do best. This is a team that needs to be there every down and distance little ball control ball possession to make -- competitive. He has to be and so art -- but ES BO very. And on foot -- to be effective yet to be very Smart quarterback like he was last week against Seattle. At the end of the game whenever they were back that would mean it to six in the game where he made a couple of decisions rated defense well. -- one on one coverages found his man in the guys in the cast is now some of the things coverage is that Seattle losing at in game plan off. They gave it to him what he found open guy and he hit the guy. Got to me frugal -- they won a game in Dallas one of positive you want to see from him as being the number three quarterback pick overall -- mr. It's true every week and we talk about it every week when you discuss the patriots you have -- of the Patriots defense -- to talk about it -- between two plus 24 -- statistic whereas I mean it's going to be big this week because he's second in the NFL like plus thirteen yes their their their their -- the best team -- -- -- when it comes -- their equipment -- you wrote about -- this -- today just when you're talking about the patriots and the dolphins this year you have to talk -- -- Miami kind of a young and a little bit overly aggressive offense they're minus ten when it comes to takeaways. Really the big thing for me and we wrote about it this week went in hope doesn't turn the ball over the sister with -- -- quarterback but the special truth and help. When he doesn't turn the ball over the dolphins win only one of his twelve picks on the year has come at a loss drug facility if if you could force him into bad throws a young quarterback you could force him into bad throat. You can make -- he would consider it to sit down and distances were you have to press three out of your sort of modus operandi of a plan on senate today but. If you prefer if you get into situations where -- second along and you have to force -- the ball on the field if you not a situation as it happens when actually wrote about -- you know turnover differential is going to be a talking point I think it's a -- well obviously there -- crushed in the league in that respect. But I think when we talk about turner a different differential were often sort of lured into talking about that the take away part of the differential the book deal with the reason -- like turnover differential I think I've made it clear hopefully by the throw of course the season and I hate stats and football I don't think -- -- worked for well. But turnover differential is one of the few metrics it's actually team metric it shows something's torn on both sides of the field. So it's the take away component in the giveaway and I think we often talked Herbert deferential we've we focus a little too much on the take away part of and the -- about giveaways -- whether or not to turn the ball over yourself. It's just -- it's just you know lob logical logical fact that you can't you can't lose the turnover differential in the game if you don't turn it over if you cannot win but you can never lose and I think. The reason the patron to -- for out front in that regard of course they've had some loss -- turn -- -- they added some that you may not be able replicate realistically ever record for. But if you don't turn it over yourself like three interceptions for the entire -- exactly if you keep on that side of the equation. Not the other part matters and I think naturally with the -- this team has banned. It would be really tough as many turnovers they've gotten if Thomas you know -- had is eight to 1012 -- -- which stole her years in the NFL. But not that kind if you -- ball security has been such a sort of a focused opened on the roster. That makes both of course the turnover credential that much more impact short sample size two games in five games in a five day span but what have you guys seen from Aqib Talib since he joined as Patriots defense I think the his presence back there allows them to take a few more chances on waited. Really -- article that -- and when it comes to be able to it's a dollar a few glitches here and there I know waited to -- Plame thing and I don't wanna look. Too deep into communal went. -- like you said -- again it's habits have a very small sample size to this point but I think what we've seen from him. To deuce points beat me believe that there's a little bit more confidence in the second I love the way he's working with the court. I'd -- blocking. Those two games watching the two of them were dealers seems like every natural fit. Well I guess. I'm you know odds should be further -- I don't know yet and you write small sample size I think. What we saw in the first game against the colts was. To torched quite frankly get a really great interception brought -- -- Yet all the other problems if you report another name tag in the back of a -- people would have been -- -- -- I tucked into the currently considers a typical Aqib Talib did he get a lot of bad mistakes. But he -- -- great play and people people will look at agree sold in you know for that. Just kind of put that -- in May be given credit that you know he hadn't played much football awhile are -- to back up to speed NC -- So the last week it wasn't competitive early -- get tested much are really don't know also I think we're at the point here -- -- two weeks it's on its and so I mean we've mobile figure out here in the next month where it goes. And I actually kind of disagreed I think he's actually it is Beth at best an extended place. When you watch him in Tampa some of the big in particular to games I watched was the Dallas game and the giants game where he had a little rough go against as Brian and hicks. He actually gave up most of his completions against pressures and temple's team the pressure all the time and usually it's completions. Came when they pressured. I think he's actually better when you don't pressure in the plays extended any gets to steal routes. And you'll get a steal when it's pressure you want to pressure you guessed that -- -- -- ball's coming out so I actually would go the ops away I think -- from film. He's better -- the place extended he's locked his guard down moral last week the quarterbacks had looked other parts of the progression and -- can leave his man and take a ball off the top. I think that's section worries at his best I think that the ability to pressure has more to do with which protection to the court team has and I don't I'm sure this is the week. Because they protect six and seven man regardless of you think -- quarter is. May not to be a week receives much of them although they do like mugging spikes over the center and you got a real good matchup -- weaken that Richard mentioned that penalty is a really good senator. That moves around does a lot of good stuff for them a protection since -- mugging spikes has been a big part of it that I'm curious about happens but extensive blitz packages were received. To leave but I don't I'm I'm a period bill talked about county this week a couple of times in said that he's he's a guy who really stands out on film that's going to be one of your matchup that I'm really good Republican or -- is prequel -- -- before you felt you do bring up. Spikes in I think spikes is an interesting guy where. That matchup today spikes against bush game because spikes has done a lot -- at least from the outside. He's a guy who's the -- good penetration but I haven't seen a lot of him going -- decided it's going to be interesting today because you were the -- -- -- exactly what we're gonna see a guy this week in just by accident one run -- receipt of this we -- about a it's a majority -- -- -- -- in my opinion I think it's going to be -- for my my guess is -- -- for the 43 -- shown -- last -- Think about three -- four people when you've been through for you put five guys on the line when it's 43 and over generally it's 43 off the ball. The -- the most important part this week. And they're gonna tell us the edge I think having to stand up athletes in the outset a little hole -- of course are gonna mix both. But I think the game will come down to whether or not they can hold a great -- that's that's more -- question of doctor hightower which might be playing outside linebacker today realistically or Trevor Scott and some of the rotational stuff. And Rob Ninkovich edge edge edge this week I think you'll see big gains on those guys.

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