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NFL Sunday Breaking it Down -- The Pats Offense vs the Dolphins Defense

Dec 2, 2012|

Dale, Price, Chatham and Faulk start getting into the nuts and bolts of today's game and start by addressing how the Pats offense matches up with the Dolphins defense. Miami starts with aiming to stop the run with some big bodies in the middle and aren't afraid to mix things up with their front seven. Faulk and co. wonder if we could see a return to the no-huddle this week for the Pats to help contain some of the change-ups for Miami's D. They talk Welker and how he has returned to a very prominent role in the offense. And of course, more TE talk!

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Our number two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI our normal crew has gathered on a Sunday morning. Former patriots running back Kevin -- former patriots linebacker Matt Chatham is priced from WEEI dot com and yours truly dale Arnold and Matthew Loper. Produces this whole thing and the other side of the last and occasionally. Plays musical requests from Chatham has bumper music to Matt Adams doing today or no actually it's Kevin's turn today. DeVon will come up with some -- -- with -- -- -- three -- something which doesn't require heavy dose of editing if you know what I'm -- While FCC license lied to I have to be the one that's been created the music racist. And I did the same lastly remember I should -- Eric down before they start again we've got instrumental I don't let us talk that's -- you come up with a instrumental math you'll find four. Let's stick as we do every week at this point let's talk about the new England Patriots offense. Against the Miami Dolphins defense 1 o'clock kick off today down in Miami patriots and dolphins. We start as we always do with the offensive line and again Logan Mankins is out. The way the patriots performed last well and days ago in Thanksgiving night against the jets with. I was like it's -- I don't mess with 40% of their offensive line missing was pretty impressive but the dolphins are maybe better defense than the jets artillery targeted they got a. Beef up front in it its interest in bill talked a little bit about this week that it. The dolphins run a system on defense that's very similar to -- Cincinnati ran for a long time to have employer was defense of court in Cincinnati. And he brought a lot of those same elements that the Bengals and really the ravens -- back to the Marvin Lewis stays in Baltimore. Board with him to Miami in what Miami does really well better than most teams in the league is -- -- -- -- up stopper Ron -- -- -- -- -- -- thank god he -- that he sees it -- -- if you prospectus and any time as I was hoping you'd say okay he's he's -- he's one of those guys he's a great job coming up the middle. -- he's he's a lot like vents and a lot of respect where he he commands a lot of double teams and frees up things for those linebackers to run downhill. The problems we talked about this before the problems that they'd be really don't do great jobs well known. Opposing opposing passing to -- -- give it 66300. Yard passers lot of big plays but they're great when it comes to stop the -- I'm glad you made the of the sort of the the reference to events I actually thought that same thing myself was also watching -- says let's begin that the so again I'm not trying to say he spent she's not because what's special about Vince is they can -- -- -- -- third downs -- this guy is as a big first second down rundown guy he's not a defective want to -- the past investments doesn't altered that's what makes him special different. What this guy does do is he often if he's on an edge because they put forth Reese who's often of one shooters -- three which means he's. She you know least offset a little bit from -- -- from a center or in the gap between gore but you'll. You hit that gap or at the shoulder one of those -- -- -- you're off to CO three quarter in the backfield and screwing up the handoff four or something like that or. With a double team just takes up so much you know so much effort just took control -- user reviews of peace in the middle his name we should know his name I still can't say about it. He's a very good player needs somebody to jump -- me without knowing we was. What's different though I can't make the Cincinnati analogy but it it sounds plausible what's different here though if you understand what 43 defense -- and maybe just look at other patron to constructed. You have Jermaine Cunningham a while she's an up this week. You have Yanukovich is a smaller -- guy I want and in Chandler who's a mid size to 65 the very athletic more JP Peabody or whatever. That's one way to run for three you know put athletic fast guys in the edge that can move. This is different because you were you know Cameron Wake usury injury and a one sided has that sort of with body. But the other side is a guy or great -- -- over rhetoric about direct excuse me yes he's a 300 pound guy that's -- Seymour body type playing defense event. More how the patriots looked but towards you know -- when there haven't deedrick be -- other right so if it's it's a big 43 as opposed to a small athletic for three. What that Mexico have to do was on the go to passed down -- a lot of personnel change. So it it's a different feel as sports a 43 goes in election play under which I'm at a tricks -- of the year -- just. Basically think of for three years as the 43 on the -- guys it's over won all three linebacker stand off the ball about five -- behind a warrant. Tunnel under when they slide one of those linebackers up over the tight inspection mix for five and one day they often run -- five -- -- -- really big bodies so it's the ideas Richard domain and -- -- difficult -- here's the quote from bill this week through that point man there's a 34 element to -- talking about the Miami defense there's a report element to it with something over in some wondered if you will. Like the Bengals played the three -- line but it's a form in line to run a lot of pressure due to a lot of different blitz zones will be in Atlanta. One and so there is some mixing and matching up. -- -- -- Who would that the visits he's been a pretty good Rust -- for a couple of years now for the gulf within. But they -- keeping food -- is. In their mind they have to stop the run because that's one of the surprising things that the pre two has been doing. This year's amenable to allow more than in the previous years but at the same time you noted the pitches would be -- going to attack they got big guys in there right now. -- trying to stop the run. No -- gore and therein. Run no huddle and you see how fast those big guys to begin at any Miami knows they're playing down there we talked about the you know. The with the way they're being not a factor would be -- being a little bit but Destin I'm gonna stop me from run in the a lot of try to give these out these guys tired. Coming on later LeRoy and game and a full -- we'll see what type book run stopping their -- We talked about the -- being a difference maker in the run game I think probably the big difference makers for talking about pass defense this week come off the -- you we tend to get a little bit caught up in in sacks and pressures -- -- stuff. Measuring how go to guys by the number sexiest but he does now and how -- -- children a consistent ability to get after opposing pass rusher opposing passers in every key -- this ball movement today he's right now he has mideast -- he's he made the trip -- say that you usually that means you -- big they don't take -- burial because the weaknesses -- the left defense -- -- Yes the only Muslim yes that can be a key matchup to form -- does not prudent US food recall last year lemonade sold -- was still right tackle Matt Light was left they had a couple really good match of -- played pretty well first game will reference the second I'll put up a right but. -- a day Cameron's a big a big matchup some -- pars islanders will Karlos Dansby is still one of the solidly. At this -- measurable yes -- makes the right move. He's a good coverage on America doesn't mean he's a good man to man -- -- -- Roman -- well he's no longer a big guy who actually can you mix poisons on covers little bit of that. I think it's really important noted to Kevin's point I think the way you run these big guys. In this is this is why do you -- changed me so much because sort of that percent of regular percent of sub argument. If they're able to put the right personnel groups on the field they put ten or they put eleven which is one bat -- -- one back one tight in the rest cigar as wide receivers. Ten is no wide receivers but that's just not counting -- and this is a -- as the -- and but if you put those kind of personnel groups argue really generally can't get away without four big guy group. So forces them to either -- smaller. Or to try to make tackles on Steven -- in zone plays in space which is really hard to do and I think that's with the struggle with -- -- -- -- decision -- if they're going to go smaller -- -- when that happens and I think that's. What's Conan drugs and doing an office to make a decision on what -- they're going to run into this state bigger available on the wonderful town -- -- -- ball I don't forefront of the favorites that -- them have been repeating this wherever whenever it got which answers through eleven games this year. Wes Welker has the exact same amount of targets via cluster. 150 target -- that stuff going on. Earlier these teasing out the theory about cigar by a 115 target was -- targeted less at the beginning of the season and he has -- game. What it was it was the first couple games in people forget this in their bring it up again. He talked about it he didn't get enough reps in the pre season he said he wasn't yeah actually talked about this is while this isn't just something. Go ahead glare at the media -- you want to -- we didn't just make this up EP talk about -- each other station you talk to my Lou instead look I'd there was a death in the family I missed a week a pre season at -- missed in two weeks back in the day because training camp longer. I wasn't ready to start the regular -- the -- and that's why he was where he was the first -- I also think it's sort of like the wheel of fortune -- thank you -- you may have dropped on a particular game -- particular -- -- -- going to -- executives -- -- oh he's the eating its target of your statistic and Kevin say and we. The dark side my friend Annan to a certain extent yeah. I'm going to go where I want ago I think there is that mediate needed they -- -- team in dolphins but at the same time there's there's so many different things. But it don't think people took into account when you looked at west over the first month of the season when you look to defect again. He said he wasn't ready -- there were using the that the titans more. You know -- -- -- we're looking to incorporate Hernandez -- goes down -- numbers go up I don't think it was a coincidence. But it just all all of it figures it all comes -- -- in India at the Clinton talked. -- they -- less likely put a new toy go you'd got especially when you know you've got a safety valve toward. That probably like you say it probably didn't practice I didn't feel a trust me. The team knew that he wasn't comfortable before -- before he would have and he wasn't content so that's why OK we -- test -- new -- we get right here we got enough level we got enough -- try to. Going to get more with writing group we -- we can do as an office there that don't work we got out safe to go operated. I always thought that that's what people didn't understand it like it if you look back at the year prior Reeve and his actual. -- time percentage average is back to normal which which Chris mentioned and I always assumed that you know. Over the sport of course sixteen week it would migrate to that anyway no matter what was going on. -- -- when I don't think that the -- that spike was last year last year the -- -- percentages were high eighties closer to ninetieth thing which is much problem. And I think that's the presented the presumption was that there was sometime -- and by Nike and now hi I mean I think the move wasn't we hate him he's been you know franchise this is now changing he's out the door no it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I also think to be the probable 71 more times through eleven games this year than it did last that is there's only so many offensive options to go round at the key point right there -- the ball not more than what. If used in rentable on the book for. Now we don't know the inactives yet but I think I'm kind of expecting as you said Ballmer made the trip I expect he's gonna play cattlemen made the trip. I expect he's gonna play right we we we joke but -- -- -- -- doesn't usually take -- Taurus with them and if you make the trip it's pretty good indication that -- gonna see these guys play Welker. Has been questionable Brandon Lloyd has been questionable they're all gonna play in my opinion. And I think through the areas where Tom Brady all jokes about Johnson at the side that's where Tom Brady's gonna make is hated him. Well it including the backs I think you with the bad. Backs doesn't have to mean running game and we've made this reference before were sometimes short screens and look passes are essentially runs. I think this is a game where -- it's important get the backs and -- to just may not be direct runs right up the gut it might be more of this sort of screen game coming into play. They are bigger linebacker group September and animate him right now right in the name. Carl stands beat these are good physical run game guys but the knock guys that are gonna wanna see. He would -- -- -- put up they're now -- this is going to be a big Danny wood had game. Perfect there's going to be a lot more spread I think there's going to be a little more screen game I think there's going to be some draw in some -- six -- boxes I think that's the stuff the look for. The -- you're really looking each team look at what the strength is. The attack and certain segments that your gonna go -- weaknesses are one of the things don't wanna get out get out here before before we have to go to break and we kind of flip it over to -- did the opposite side of the ball the patriots offensive line has allowed sects of the third order of the November 11 went over the bills that stretch of nine plus quarters. A total 146 minutes and eighteen seconds with election and the accommodation. And -- -- it's not a great point that everybody out a lot to do -- comedy but that's would have sales under the that was ludicrous parents for us early don't concern early in the season pre season you know we don't know what we have there. And that's been wanted to stay. I'm not -- -- steady as guys claim but that's been a very steady port for this office and add to that sense the Seattle lost Tom Brady's thrown fourteen touchdowns and zero interceptions. What else. Had exactly right and.

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