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NFL Sunday: Dolphins CB Sean Smith Chooses to Start the War on Twitter, Probably Not a Smart Move

Dec 2, 2012|

Dale brings up Dolphins CB Sean Smith tweeting that the Pats must "have taken a wrong turn and ended up in Miami..." blah blah blah...now why do you have to go and poke the beast like that?!

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NFL Sunday as presented by cam natural casing franks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots. Looked for the Campbell box that your favorite -- KM. Celebrate something. We out we were laughing about this before the show and and and I couldn't remember the players and you guys to only it was Anthony Smith. It was the Pittsburgh Steelers few years ago and Anthony Smith was I think a rookie what is the young quarterback and as a rookie quarterback. Any -- some comments about Tom Brady and I'm paraphrasing now but basically that he wasn't all that. And and you could see if you watched the game afterwards the only in the ensuing game it was almost as if Brady was. Intentionally say I'm going right after him that guy right there. There were -- -- replace -- -- where they clearly and in into -- you could talk more about this but did they clearly went after that there was there was a pass play -- moss went over the top of them on one play and then there was up a reverse pass Brady. To. Moss and then back to Brady again in the hit Jabar Gaffney downfield at his expense. -- just one of those things whenever you have a young guy that. Does what he does what he did he -- it would it guarantee victory. You come you come off the you know as a player and as compared to if you want to actually showed him a pain. Kind of Derek a couple of things that Yemen and that was done because we knew usually used on a bite on a couple of run faith that we Andy and try to -- -- beating deepening have to. This morning Sean Smith number 24 in your program number one in your hearts starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. He actually tweeted out this morning and he's been hearing from patriots fans all morning quote LOL. So the patriots made a wrong turn and ended up in Miami -- They got to pay for that. Hash tag fins up. Sean don't Tug on Superman's cape. And I got I got a nice set -- notes heroes -- -- I've been through about how much I appreciated Johnson a scheme we've recovered standpoint Kevin make a point though that. Run -- them but beyond that I mean haven't watched -- hard knocks and I always was aware of the spot to Davis sort of Smith team and we've just sort of you know the things that people say one of the best in the league and through hard not to kinda deceiving -- little locals beyond just to conceal the coaches -- such a repressing his ball skills are great -- -- the guys. He's bigger and I thought I mean you sometimes -- -- in play against some like Kevin but I. I'd you know you just simplicity -- TV the difference of nature to doesn't always translate -- coach's film. What is a big guy he's long he's he's got to root ball -- stays tight to the guy. I was pretty impressed -- a scene in a couple games here part of this game and I was already talked about captain and then he goes and says something like this on my body. That was the dumbest movie economy because you know what year that's an inexperienced secondary to begin with I think that it's one of the issues they have -- -- that Davis was traded and is now in Indianapolis and was injured I think when when the pats play the colts. They've also had a couple of the guys go down they're using a relatively young secondary to begin with -- this team in the run game. So you know made is he being tactical. No because you'd actually like to encourage them to try to run the ball because that's what you do best the lasting wanna do is. Your medical and called Steven Ridley and -- and you don't or call up the run game but Doug don't -- -- -- -- -- I don't. What about two weeks or so before that he -- open last year wanted to instruments that might dolphins corners of the best so. That -- -- and and Brady in the season opener goes down -- for more than -- it were -- and by now I'm at this point registered member of the -- almost -- We sent out about Seattle's hit yeah this year -- but -- the policy this Seattle for all the talk that we've. Indeed stand right when it comes to the Seahawks -- -- -- talking afterward. The amount to a lot of time Imus and in the completely I'm not saying relevant to to the -- chatter I don't care about that part I'm just saying. Post game we talked about while look at those two quarters of hall of secondary people and a great they are gonna go back and look at the -- -- about the roots of the moment. They did before -- he's -- -- total offense the real difference in that game was the two turnovers in the red zone and they were one for six and -- efficiency that it. That's not the -- enjoy actually did at one point I was trying to make a McConnell -- If you -- that will -- optimum author and hosted patriots on and I think that's the kind of defense that people complain about a September and October ones that almost -- your office but just get timely -- -- dammit that's not what we want. -- -- Clinton is so great that. While a lot of contradictions. It's always an interesting thing to win and players decide it's time. Call out the superstar on any team and in this case -- talk about Brady. Well he didn't mention -- and I should make -- minister. What he's saying is the patriots have to pay firm. Going to Miami well maybe -- But prices is a lot of things that it makes the game interest -- it makes it more competitive players always know about this stuff right. Yes we always do it. It's there seems to kind of like this fall into our hands -- fall somehow you guys get a yeah I don't know how to and a Getty images falls in. But it does a lot of things to where you're trying to make the game a little more competitive or try to make -- flew more competitive in the course of the game but my opinions. If you are going to be competitive all the time. Why you gotta pick this game if you're not going to be a trash talk about the term why you -- -- -- -- -- -- people of the patriots haven't. You can have a target in and we did the team as as a whole. As a target and let the guys I guess that this is the Super Bowl for the Miami Dolphins this week I understand that but what I what I'm trying to get it is. -- You're trying to attack another guy and he gives -- -- name but. When you're attacking the passing game you pass your ticket -- and chuck Smith -- -- you're you're attacking temporary. Darius. Are always it is a cardinal rule where. Superstar who -- those -- -- -- for as you know bring it out there making the game more competitive. Right now you haven't done anything in the league. Rescue to -- -- -- -- Jason Taylor says right the client at number exactly and Miley universities like that's what I'm getting it that's what I'm beating America. It's okay for a guy of that caliber. Out that he would it. Future on Smith chances are you're best off just -- not been playing career ran off doing your best you can view and and if you win you get to do the Richard -- Bruton wolf after right. That's why do you actually created a great game to win the game and then you could talk afterward. She got a fired up about this game also open coming here and just dive into it because I wanted to make the case that. He didn't need to say these things because quite frankly I think this is a really important game. And -- old distort officially from a fan's standpoint even when you know -- take off the -- and -- -- I'm excited about the next two weeks of course you know -- Houston and Conceptus will be fun. But I also remember I believe was 07 when the patriots finished with the giants and it was the most talked about regular season game blah blah -- But then you obviously know it didn't matter insulator and I think the same thing is -- really about the Houston San Cisco were gonna really enjoy it we're gonna talk a lot about it. But this whole idea of you know taken a tape measure -- the team met and it really won't mean much guys and the reason I say that is because I don't want putting any less focus on this week's game because having the scheme is there's a big game as well. Because of exactly what you just described doesn't this almost qualify as one of those quote unquote trap games no because you. Because -- Wii game is not gonna mean anything if they don't win Dallas these -- the cliche speaking and I understand -- -- -- we know and we believe that I don't think I'm just yelling yeah it's hard for me to imagine if Europe player. That that you look at Miami the same way you look at us and -- -- we over there it was brought up last night on this in about. Tracked gains why are you afraid attract fans and I'm like no not when you've got Bill Belichick as you head coach because there is so we never fallen victim to trap. When you -- -- it but no -- no etc. attracting was one of those games where in announcing his -- -- wrote this week that this is not a tripped him giving you the street at least the definition from the outside that. You are playing what is quote and quote integrity sub standard team in in a week or two down the road war feasting. And only eighteen. In the -- in the thought his that you are overlooking these guys. At the expense of. Get injured up for a week two weeks through I can understand if you plan to support team that who have never played in a while a few years. Maybe 34 years. What you're playing division opponent who you have -- plate twice a year annual familiar where it would be doing if I may do what you do. That not -- track spread out is there anything today and we talked about this on the way -- during meaning to the idea that this is a new coaching staff a relatively new team that's undergone a lot of turnover on both sides the bulls since you've seen them last yes that there is -- you talked about it walking into ability. Trust me there is some turnover at his coach says that he's. Be familiar with in just the beginning of this year. They showed it unfold what would his coaching philosophy has been. And he's taken from somewhere and trust me billed as going back. In understood where he's been coaching and went to that philosophy and that's what he's going through to give his team to understand I got a bottle battle by needed. You were trapped in for several reasons not the least of which I don't being greedy is going to let him -- on South Beach considered when -- on the last 23 times down there I know early in the year earlier in his career. He was absolute all bleep. Down there is especially in 2001 but he's a different quarterback down there. I don't think that there is a concern about I think did that the concern about a but I don't think it's I think the word trap game gets brought up usually about half a dozen times in the sixteen game season I think you. In the event that you had a team that was -- one in sixteen and we were talking here -- we part of the year it's relevant -- have to 2004. -- a hug their candidate I'm not saying it doesn't exist as a as a legitimate topic occasionally is often -- -- gets -- on it I think the reason you know it's nice to have -- liners you kind of get the respect. I really don't think if I was on this team right now. How much more stock in Houston game in this one I really don't feel like. It because it doesn't really clinching it usually is nervous about -- -- -- -- oh this is a legitimate game guys say it's a hat and T shirt and around what it's real but the point is you actually don't -- much for one and next week either and that's the and that's the thing that I that's the diversity is the player -- -- perspective in the media perspective. Easier write the stories they're gonna make some sort of benchmark comparison -- You know you know are people gonna stop making reservations for what they're gonna go on a weakened in late January -- they don't look good against San Francisco I think they'll be a wise but I think that's the way it's been -- friend -- Nicosia.

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