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NFL Sunday Talks NCAA Football for a Bit -- Alabama vs Georgia was a Classic

Dec 2, 2012|

The boys get into the Bama/Georgia game last night that was an extremely competitive, entertaining game. They talk specifically about the ending and the bad clock management by Georgia and their coaches. So it's Alabama and Notre Dame in the Nat'l Championship game!

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Start the NFL football portion of the proceedings with a college football question. I'm ready to -- at a stop watch and Mark Richt last night. Obama and -- watching Georgia -- have the opportunity as as a friend of mine who's who does sports talk radio in Atlanta Georgia tweeted. Had they scored a touchdown there it would it and this these are his words would have been the biggest moment in sports in Georgia history. I -- and it it it it was that big a deal. So committed Georgia -- sports history no disrespect to good people at Georgia that it may have been the greatest moment and what is and what you had now when I first saw the play. I'll blame and the kid I'm blaming the quarterback he can't throw the football there then you blame the wide receiver you can't catch the football there. And that ultimately I realize that the blame belongs on Mark Richt you guys talked about situation for -- talk to Syria how are you go to bringing him -- that happened about 34 plays before. That play even happened how do you not spike the football with thirteen fourteen seconds left. Calm down take your time decide which you're gonna do you got first and goal no timeouts. If you're Mark Richt. Do you not spike the past I tell you. I always wondered. Why hasn't. A clear plan for -- but it while we always practice certain situations in the football game. And I mean. The situation is almost like a game type situation he puts his name. In a similar situation it like that and again at the end of a game and we have to go to that probably every day. During training camp just to prepare for a game situation and why am saying this is because. Once the game comes in this situation comes up. You're not nervous you're not scrambling around because you are ready practice that so many different aren't before at a situation comes that when it happens is that. Is -- we gotta do this could do and you know to play because it's. A variety of a handful depleted to going to go to in certain situations so you will prepare for so I understood that. -- later on as a player while we kept practicing situation for. I remember doing a story a couple of years to ago you remember talking to you about situational football game. The idea the you guys practice free kicks or even into the cafeteria. Don't know what he know what ultimately does but it's not it's not common -- -- with the with with a lot of other teams. When it comes down to situational football you have to be prepared for absolutely everything and -- and everything the history of football for coach Belichick is one of his. Most important things he knows something's in the when that situation comes up he's ready for it is so fresh in his mind. It's not something that all I have to do. It's just like that snapped -- finger or we will how to handle real -- I got to ask you Kevin could you would be. And no disrespect you weren't normally pass catcher hero guy didn't happen. But you were a guy who caught passes a lot of passes in the course of card -- where you going with the I mean it's easy to sit here and say dedicated caught the pass. Just drop. Just incomplete Sunday can't catch the ball there but boy instinct is you got to catch right. In the forum and this you know the situation. You noted time could you seen it used you notice that -- you going to -- that you -- -- a little bit at term Monica and you know you'll rowdy short. Push it up a couple of more yards into the end -- Well I think it was the end zone with the pass I'll say that as I looked at it on replay I think he was -- for the back shoulder throw. Right corner of the ensemble when the past got deflected to the short man you can object you can he had I mean that the EC play easy means you got dropped the ball. Make getting completely give yourself another chance you'll can't catch it there. Oh boy howdy do that in real time you can candidate that best issued -- -- catch the ball right -- to catch the ball you don't know what's coming up next. The bowl last year they were that we that we Jacobs where its leader your instinct as a defense of player in -- talked about this after beating her instinct has deepened the players to make the tackle but they -- political or do you have to literally if it's almost more the process to sit and think. All right you -- -- have to let this guy scores so it's it's difficult it's a tough situation -- be you know it does apply to the defensive side of the ball -- we see all the time. Is those situations where you want the defensive back on the hail Mary to just knock it now dog and don't try to intercept it just knock it down. And their instinct is always I want the interception for a -- -- -- Was a game last year the Jackson and it was later team -- via IT wasn't there. Was there -- down play out yet it's tough he would -- of the year this one you don't look at stats in sacks or is kind of fun because amendment calls but someone miles and perception mean you get the one -- to look at the new year and do my contract light at the warmth. But yet it's it's a situation it's hard to sort of drew a lot of someone that you missed that right now -- and most -- now I will say this when when Nick Saban. Now has been playing in big games let's say LSU. -- -- Nick Saban has a distinct coaching advantage over less miles no disrespect meant to my LSU friend over here but. Nick Saban has the coaching advantage over less miles and and if you tag you notice -- -- -- has most definitely have to agree with you and Nick Saban has a decided coaching advantage over Mark Richt. And it's just for this great Nick Saban has this article is new -- over the coaches in countering does in this national championship. One bank has actually think this is a little closer. Coaching match up and I'll say another thing. He's gonna play a real defense. God they run the ball well and I just pictured John -- smiling from here -- here watch that game last night. But they're going up against the defense and national championship game on January 7 and actually plays defense in fact plays defense as well as anybody in the country. Kelly is a little closer to Nick Saban in the coaching matchup than either miles or -- have yet -- -- redeem match. I don't know if notre Dame's offense can match up with what was what Alabama to the table. I just added I don't wanna get off fundamental events that have not yet but -- I don't I don't I think -- got too many -- -- -- -- give to me options. I just mean. -- pregnant -- wrong guys guys I just like Alabama over and over Notre Dame and acumen and all I'm definitely on your side -- I'm. I'm just honestly a figure our where dearly as did you know that this. None Notre Dame information from and how well they're going to put it it's in how good and -- about it. Say all -- it was Brian Kelly's a lot closer coaching match up with Nick's statement that either less miles or Mark Richt. I'll give you yet. I don't tell it to be a much better coach miles -- wrecked this he may not have the horses get is done but there will not -- the coaching mismatch that I think Saban has had. In the last two SEC championship game. True about the only -- probably you know our last line. Titans dolphins. And -- elf with much for your home so that I I don't have a lot that this -- after the football industry and -- -- fifteen year old video wanted to have an idea Israel again -- and development and we will talk about Tom Brady. And targeting specific players. Inning guy who may have put himself in the cross hairs this morning for the Miami Dolphins.

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