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Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Red Sox catcher, celebrates “Christmas at Fenway” with Dale Arnold, Rob Bradford and Alex Speier

Dec 1, 2012|

Saltalamacchia reacts to the Red Sox offseason including the decision to acquire David Ross in free agency. Jarrod also explains his relationship with the pitching staff and his development as a hitter in Boston.

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We will interrupt the phone calls for just few minutes and welcoming another one of our guests to. Is joining gets here it's table citizen. Greets everybody here including robbed Alex and -- Eight -- Dale Arnold nice to -- welcome. Boston Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia has completed the grilling from the youngsters behind us here now you get the grilling from these youngsters out here nice to see I don't. A year ago now we go knows what's up with questions you get. Korea and management program and missed half of the beneficiary here and I got up at it and left and -- -- his wife says that. At that that's pledged. There's a lot of it was known as the about the clubhouse -- into those different manager types. That's question you don't hear too much of that is a -- don't tell me the difference between the clubhouse you know that I guess that means it was a -- it was almost father friend that you values in the clubhouse early every -- play card games you know. -- kids bringing him in the clubhouse sort of in the air wrestling you know you would see him do it. You know when you relate to that -- as it. Players you know you wanna see you know young -- acting manager and you know not to say anything about it it was wrong you know by the came in in he was so that's -- you ask anyone who's -- themselves. And you know he uses them -- or school type manager you know and he came in and -- that is. It's just you know just past two years has that been what we wanted to be. So in other words one of the biggest and most underrated loss -- the Red Sox the Red Sox these last couple years has been Victor Martinez's side. It sets into we needed a little bit of that in Atlanta for us that's for sure -- when we were talking about that about the the dynamic of going back it was a year ago that Bobby was tired. And then you go through the offseason in everyone's hoping for the best quite understood that you -- different. Type -- guy that you get to spring training and for your perspective what was the players. Kind of feeling of where they just kind of feeling him out. There and then seeing which way it was gonna go because there were some people who were very very loyal to veto it. And if he was gonna it felt I was gonna have to do a lot right to kind of turn that -- right away would that be accurate. You know I think. Honestly I think by the came in a situation is I mean we just came off the September is the worst thing in history so. You know I think a lot of expectations were I think for the players. You know he did a great job he reached out to me a couple times he came to my house -- -- I think there are a lot of players I think coming to spring training guys are just trying to get to know that you should feel about seeing who is. Creatures little different than we're used to but you know -- we're trying to do something different trying to get to the World Series where. You know. Had a terrible September so. Ultimately doesn't seem wanna wait until we wanna do is go out -- clip -- win. You know and that's what we kind of took from -- in the beginning. While much was you -- of of either getting out to a good start marketing got a good start this. He didn't want to get didn't get out to a good start so it was still kind of that well maybe this is the right it. I don't think there's any panic in the start off like we did the year before just because he did stuff like. And it was just kind of took off from there. But you always wanna start off. You know -- you wanna get some wins in the -- wanna feel confident going into the you know. Full season let you know once things started on so little bit. We've still felt pretty good like you're gonna pull this out you know -- guys got hurt. And obviously you know we we had betrayed him and at one point after the trade to cancel each other's habits let's win this without you know. All the big names the big money list of let's go out there and do this and you know trying to prove people wrong. So two questions for the first what is kind of retrospective looking back to 2012 season. If you've handled you had a bigger workload did you -- asked if you're behind the plate you're performing. Basically right at the cusp of an all star level in the first half last year. It then you know and then the second half you weren't able to replicate that performance -- certainly. How would you take what what your takeaways and a personal basis of the 2012 season. You know personally think you know first after the season obviously went well. Second half I think it is you know a lot of got a little bit. -- worn down there and I was doing a lot of strand you know do the job with three different people and not just -- that's the reason. You know it could be anything you know. Little more disciplined him. You guys you experience the big league level for new years but I feel like you know what I would do differently from last year to this year. Is. You know trying to put too much pressure on my shoulders with everything you know we've had great pitches we feel great coaches that this year that we could really lean on rely on. You know it was my first -- without. You know attack to go to kind of talk this out. That's the place that's it was a good experience for me I feel like only get stronger from that. That the second question relates to the fact that abide by the Red Sox are you know at a very usual situation. With their catchers that deeper organizations that's really happy. Since you got your habit that most other teams in baseball at. You can't write the part where were working together down the stretch last year so -- we are both views on the roster but you guys got outside to David Ross. What's -- that's the role what's your sense that the likelihood. That you know what have you might get traded sometime before between now and sort of next year. You know it what works to a school. Offensive. That. But it's read it yet. You know they. -- our own ability. Sleep through with -- yet has -- -- listed here -- years. -- too much into that tree before. Never -- it -- It's gonna happen it's they're it's. Hopefully the ridiculous and don't let it that is known -- my coach. That -- -- that your and that's who did the rough not a surprise you. It surprised me. He's -- -- you talk and go in the organization. But it's either third career. Let's run side that. -- rates. No -- he's reared me is if it's perfect if it forward perform here. You know it's nice you know. That your catcher. That are on the game alone. That. It was. That he leads other never really. -- surprised. Both NCA organized and -- so it is we've talked to you at all the yeah. The there'll. Instantly. -- It's lifted its united against lefties. It is that. -- Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia as our guest here. Talking Andrew Bailey few minutes ago when he basically said you know my off season took place during the season that he was hurt. He -- I'm gonna start throwing next week my vacations -- over you're like the opposite end of that spectrum. You played a lot last year I would guess that rest is is probably foremost and then you start picking up after that that. Yeah arrest was that. You know at normal time off but -- a month off this year. You know which was which was good -- my body. But you know since November that I get back in the jam him you know start -- slowed him in there. But -- to -- the same routine you know it's just something that's helped my body it's worked the past years of always the same thing and it is kind of prepare revised propose these. What do you think you -- the most on last year as you pointed out. This is a different dynamic affects not around you're the guy every year review running the you know a lot of the pitcher's meetings and everything. What do you think you prove the. The most. I think I learned. The most about you know is -- the -- -- the on the games we. The grind of a full season on that side of it. You know sometimes which you on the field that you try to improve on some humans -- you know. So you know was meeting sitting down with guys you know -- and sometimes getting a little hard headed with some of the guys and get on them. You know everybody goes through something different so it's always nice -- when I was with -- -- years ago. There's you shaking a little bit today you know -- -- is that vendors you know and so sometimes you do that the pitchers to you know for -- that it would do that too much and when it. That put those going to be you know life. You know ultimately it's about winning. You know I think that's what everyone realizes and were inaugurated do. Does that play against your nature. Having -- like Houston gravel with somebody -- shaken a little bit. That's -- must I think it's a different league drive in the eyes got everybody you know -- that I want to win. That's when I'm here for your. In my career with a bunch of friends one of these you know fairly wanna hear about them help -- do. But I think they understand too -- the way that we wanted to do all of them. Do you find it veteran guys accept that guys who've been in the game longer than you have maybe some guys weren't even here anymore where they accepting of that from you. Yeah I think so I mean. You did differently at different first throughout the local. It's got some. Don't -- -- I think just that it was a you know that there weren't you know regardless of what's going he was so great that that's what I love about him Gooden. He could turn -- switch off and switches that game that he was in their games no lights out. Regardless of what was going. You know that's just another -- he's a guy's gonna groundout that. Is negated it and even as the they're like that before he -- -- there that he's gonna run you know that's emanating out. Like -- -- where he's a Bulldog he's gonna you've got it should be it's up to this do it and he's the first you. Like you let those guys places so. So talented that you know you go out there and you know. It's like out there and then -- that anything can probably give up one run. You know so it's nice to have those different person do. Given those descriptions of -- of those guys makeup wise in the have the talent level not. Looking back how surprised are you by the struggles the rotation had this past year. Vs it's surprising. Over him. It happens and you know there's a lot of variables abilities that each of the ballpark with the talent that's you know that's. It's a lot of that stuff those guys worked -- some upsets me that makes you feel like I didn't do my part you know when they didn't let their of their left. With these guys have done so much in their careers -- the -- young age. You know they can help it you know. Trying you'd better get better. Here when you go to there's little thrown no hitter and win the World Series you know. Your expectations are pretty sort of a guy does that give them two runs and lose two ways of settlement in that. What you do you know -- -- it runs that was they get upset if they wanna win. -- that's what you -- What. What would you say the plate yeah I don't know anything about it. It works. Little room that -- years down the road. But what do you think this team needs about every new kids kids that say you know we've -- you have talent obviously. Well if you say we need this to be competitive and that's what would it. The biggest thing I think from from lasted I think we're gonna a lot of those issues -- preparation I think preparation for every game. Knowing where to play certain hitters knowing how to pitch to certain hitters -- You know. -- their pitchers I think that's the biggest thing we've been missing. It is it's it's frustrating you know -- mean that they hold the running game is another thing we got to do better as a staff. You know we gotta we gotta try to limit guys get those places that the nation had. It throughout the middle person forget about it usually get you out he's still second the guy at the bloop hit that never scores. Some stuff like that we have to limit you know council -- great we've got a great group of guys like each other love each other. You know we hang out you talk Yeltsin's it's not about him. You know I think we got to have a good -- it's in good offense and then Bill Clinton in the right. This -- between the lines you know you've gone through a lot of pitching coach last few years. -- all the work qualified guys but it sounds like I don't wanna figured okay you want to find the right way I guess barrel -- start to because. We had a lot of success -- doing things a certain way I would imagine that that's what you're talking about little. It's preparation everywhere and it's not just with the pitchers it's you know -- -- where their position you know without there's some things. As a ball player you have so many things -- opposes any -- -- bigger offensive ready defense really as catchers pitchers ready. In the U gotta go out there and now you got to remember this guy we have thrown balls he -- we got to play a slight -- Clam up there's a lot that goes into it and you know nobody else really sees this you know preparation helps them know so it's not just with the pitchers it's a lot to do with the defense. Often. Last year for a while you had to pitching coach. I'm not asking you comment on whether that was success or failure. This you're gonna have two hitting coaches are you concerned about mixed messages one guy telling you -- think another guy telling you know there's something different. Think. You know I'd have to believe -- you're gonna have a team coach. For hitters -- pitchers are going to be in the same thing -- you know. I think it -- means that on where you know. The players that's you know that's sentences him. You know I think last through the team that's and they were there on the same page it is and there's so many scouting reports going it's almost half with them. It's so much is involved so much. You know that was. And so. It's almost like football. We're down the road Sunday you can have a starting pitching coach in a relief pitching coach sort of thing. Yeah do you we have we have three really at three pitching coaches in the league. Obviously there to visit go to them. You know I think to have the consistency every day you know -- you know whatever that is trying to get you know Rafa that's all the runners whether today. This team -- big fastball hitting teams have to slow them thrown off and it's in about what. There's so much of this 200. And your perspective as coach and -- former teammate if you. Created throughout the market who at least in theory -- Red Sox beat would be you know obviously -- Regis Josh Hamilton out of -- There great great players you know obviously and ultimately written a good friend with and he's just so talented it's ridiculous to -- it's just. You never I mean think about the last seven seasons in the big slump you know it's like. You know what he brings that lineup regardless if he's doing -- that are it's just I mean you scared he has of getting on base about -- north -- Pittsburgh he -- home. And it doesn't matter of -- sports -- in -- -- anywhere. The roads and he's such a pure hitter in I've seen that got -- first base and I've never seen that in mind as far as the defensive side of it that they have an agent. He's got that touches the debt holders if you play well here. You know those two guys -- obviously any team. We we wish as I said Andrew -- for Christmas we wish you good health and and everybody on this team in. I have a feeling there's a lot of guys can -- get this thing going quickly as possible it would take the taste of last year out of Germany now. Yeah I think that's they wrote. You know it's accidentally -- it. There. That talking about it -- appreciate your time thanks they could see it Jarrod Saltalamacchia joining us here on Sports Radio WE yeah.

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