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Red Sox closer Andrew Bailey joins Dale, Rob and Alex during “Christmas at Fenway”

Dec 1, 2012|

Bailey sits down with Dale Arnold, Rob Bradford and Alex Speier to talk about how he is preparing for the upcoming season. Andrew also talks about his injury that kept him sidelined for the majority of the season.

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I don't know what you guys but nothing says baseball like a snowy Saturday in December. That's what we've got here at Fenway Park it is Christmas it that -- and joining us in our broadcast location here the Royals looters -- its reds actually Adrian -- -- it's good to see guys I sent me on nights that out on a snowy Saturday as -- period mean what a way to celebrate Christmas finally Lewis now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He likes. Yeah I don't my -- group on the East -- Connecticut so. For me as a baseball player if you know the obvious is good Arizona or Florida. I like those winter months get up early on this. We'll we'll still let little walker direction it for a present still lobby for his head that yeah maybe got an option that got -- it and now I hear you I just you know. Like being around family I grew up in this kind of area. You know not too far from home and it's not that bad I mean you know couple times a year you. You know yet we're. There that it's it's great I love of the the mile mile winners. Leftovers. And curious well people was up on stage a little while ago and he's adjusting to me for two reasons what he was holding his stump. But -- having a little bit did you end up being given any -- in ovals while you were sitting above the stage you didn't know when I -- keep in the clubhouse is talking about some exotic animals at the wrong showcase -- I had nothing about it episode but fortunately maybe I'm gonna see who's got next that I don't know where where that number is on the tour but -- -- -- -- the united. I don't know about water bugs on the floor and at the holes don't it's it's not a hazing ritual of my Red Sox those -- we come over vote goodness. No I guess not you know I don't know I mean. You know -- sums up a lot of the ask yourself. You know myself included so will remember we're gonna move on from that it. You bring up an interesting point we were talking about this earlier I don't fans don't like to hear quote unquote excuses sometimes their facts yet and the -- our -- was not something this team and a lot of this past season including yourself. Yeah no end and when I was healthy. I didn't do much opted to what I don't capable of him. At the end of the day I you know. When I don't do my job I'm faced with the questions in and I can do my job better so this off season really focused on. On next year no vacation just kind of I had medication during the season. You know and that that's that's that's the bottom line and you know I think -- as a whole organization it's tough. If if everybody was -- their seasons of not doing their greatest. I think we got a by the way in and this year can we can really take off and and I think I mean. You know and I give respect to the organization in the front office for realizing that. There were some issues with Helton and you know different things and they wanted to get ahead of that curve and not have to do with -- totally in the offseason. And they were over the make that big trade are happy to free up some songs for. This offseason or whatever the however they wanted to assure you that but. I really give the organization credit because a lot of teams may not have been able to pull that off -- it reset all the right things starting your poll experiment last January about. Prepared to play -- I'm ready to be the -- the Red Sox. Replacing Jonathan Papelbon were to -- another big deal that it even though you get a whole season of being closer Boston. Looking back now at it now what's it any thing. About the fire made about the job itself that really surprised. Yet besides a losing aspect of yeah I think I think when you meet you myself I mean I had personal expectations -- the team met expectations and we didn't meet those and and it Boston's obviously great city and I can only imagine how good it is when we do win. But -- you know with -- with those expectations and and the greatness of of what it's like when you win we don't answer those that bell and you don't with the winds on the board yet to answer the question so. You know I I was you know so for me it was. It was it was it was eye opening in that fact that. You know that the fans are are awesome and they deserve a championship and I -- I feel the same way from that team doesn't perform and and you know we're professional athletes we have to do our job and at the end of the day. If I can only imagine what it's like to win and I can't wait for that -- Oh you weren't blown away and if you have a couple blown saves and you're gonna float away whereas you have blown save in Oakland. You know there was three people -- -- where you know I remember a couple of instances at Fenway to your credit you stood periods of the question yeah but that wasn't that that was something like OK I understand Spartan field. And he's going to be fifty people here waiting for me you know I mean that I mean I was saying when Oakland you know I think go I wasn't. You know. 75 or hunter for a hundred in Oakland -- loses and Oakland do it comes with that with the territory just limiting that and and realizing that. Sometimes they give up base runners can't be perfect every single time but you gotta find define and find a way out of that. Last year I wasn't able to win and I really have to. Refocused myself and and getting out of the situations in and you know doing things differently and for me. The fans and organizations well most importantly the fans at that pay money to come see us play. I didn't do my job have to faces questions and they deserve to know how I felt about that. You know and also. It's funny I don't talk to you guys when I -- what would it save a couple of road seems like only bad times but. I'm really looking for that we're today interview on the field after World Series -- -- and we have -- my favorite stories of the year which was the puppets tonight don't yeah a lot I have been a publicize it anyway. All you can tell you could tell it anyway that you discovered something about the way that you hold the ball with the when they were analyzing your thumb injury which I found fascinating. You know just working with our trainers and you know we are just kind of -- regrets. I kind of group of the fastball a little differently than boasts. You know pitchers. You know and they because I Griffith so hard with a much stress which may or may not create some extra stress that. Weakened ligament or whatever so therefore you you know like doctor brand -- out. Cleveland you know you could have -- it doing you know. People people do that all the time on the words -- hope you don't -- pocket when they're running or something silly like that. You know and mine was running to a base runners and just the way grip the baseball may or may not help that not saying that's that's the reason but. You know for me. You know it's not pocket change and why I wasn't pouring out that that was the reason why you don't -- I inflicted. You hold what you crippled baseball if you look. You hope that your thump underneath the baseball every single night which you didn't even know that you were doing it soak in until I heard my thumb in. I really I really get that some under there put the pressure here so put that tension on a little ligament and you know some most guys kind of hold an outsider you know underneath and they had to squeeze it that way and mine goes down it's a slow readers should believe you know you're doing him. I did you know. I don't know maybe it's I just picked up the ball and l.'s little sort thrown a little kids are doing it throughout ointment that life wanna if you want to work on some. -- in the fifth for a city that's not enough to battle now having added that he did just a natural gut it out there -- -- Maybe that's the reason would you talk about the disappointment of last year does it where you came back did you feel like you're a 100% healthy -- you feel like you had. Your stuff as it's always as it always created it was merely a matter -- expected that or were you seeing a difference in. Let's hear putter not be as devastating hits have been in the past that now I think health wise I was ready to come back I would have came -- Without that you gotta have that confidence to step step on that mound in the big leagues now -- got to have. Know the back your head you're okay me. You know it's such a delicate position where one little thing could screw up something else so for me out a 100% healthy. It was just a matter of execution on me. Just looking back at last year. I just remember. If things that keep me going this offseason and things that look back at last year which you know fall behind guys and not attacked mr. Erickson and those are things that I've known for those as example we've -- my career even in the minor leagues as a as a reliever was attacked the strike and strike one you're headed count. And I and I got away from that for some reason. Could have an execution in. And all that stuff but you know next week myself throwing those are things I focus on in. You know get back to what I do. If I could ask you potentially awkward question so. Afraid of us have as we've talked about a little bit earlier this show and a lot was made of the way in which he reacted to your initial -- -- came in. You know shut down but it shut the door at that four out save a great feeling for you right but he reacted. You know the tour -- threw in the bullpen. It was it was kind of a big deal to win -- it was. It was he -- that you look for teammate yeah as as his teammate as a as a -- member of the bullpen. You know how do you view and act like that how would you describe that and make it that has brought to the bullpen just in her personally yeah I mean. First for instance is awesome down there -- keeps elated at the you know. In the clubhouse you know around the guys look different but he he has is his -- senator it's really funny and you know he's got some great stuff it's unbelievable his talent and -- -- guy I mean I can imagine where -- -- was when when that happens then. You know being closer for that that length of time in you come back and it just kind of you know here it is your time time filler I can understand that that frustration. You know it's a little disappointing the way handle it yeah I mean you know you would that that's a two out go about it. You know but. It's just. There's there's got to be a lot of frustration with and I don't I don't blame them for being -- about it you know as a teammate. You know as a friend on the talk to him about the way you and I think that that was the issue. Talking with Red Sox reliever Andrew Bailey my guess is your personal experience with John Farrell is fairly limited. But I know you had an opportunity at this point talk with teammates who -- -- John -- who have worked with him. What are they telling. Yeah I got this all along at the guys I've talked to. Are ecstatic about it and know talking with with -- -- -- our bullpen coach he's excited about it. And and -- -- -- alerted that relationship with the core group of guys that feel is. So imperative so our success I think that. They already know his beliefs and and his thoughts of baseball you know Pedroia Lester Buchholz Jacoby all these guys. That's been around. Understand where he's coming from from a baseball sense that they don't in the spring training that transition of guys like myself and you know. You know salty and and you know middle Brooks all these guys to be that much easier come together as a team because -- he had that foundation of -- core group of guys. With the manager. And and his system and and think success instantly things like that so I think they're excited about it I'm excited about it I've never played for a guy that has pitching experience which. I'm really looking forward to because I know that the bullpen will be run smoothly and you know it's it that's got that's the hardest part of the game by far -- in game management of the bullpen. You know a lot of times you know -- starters for the lineup out there and you know got his day off Rory or this guy needs to get in the game. -- bullpen guys their up every single days is about how I use so I think that management. Will will benefit from from the hired Farrell it. You know the overall pitching staff -- well I yeah I kind of have joked. Before when I say you're going to be on -- and I guess our first question is he going to be on the team at the beginning of spring training that fits your name comes up as happens you've been in the Major League long enough to know your name that will hear from time to time the life of reliever right -- you -- and that's -- that doesn't body anymore -- I really doesn't mean even from my rookie year in Oakland. The trading deadline came around I remember him -- I mean it didn't bother me then but you're like oh man did you hear what they said in and now it's like. You know you can prepare the season yet this year the way you prepare for the season the same way no matter what organization and I can only hope to be here I don't listen that stuff I like I said I guess it previously I wanna win here I think I think this city. I mean the only two hours away so. It's like family means so you know if we win I'm gonna Philly fans do so. -- You know I want that so badly because not only -- deserve it but the way they celebrate up votes and all that stuff. Our experience adding it's awesome -- from my first trip to Boston as a as an open player might. Thought the time my fiance and I. We did a duck boat torso. -- the capital underrated -- -- it is they fail by one of my couple times that the Boston has. As you know it. You know. Under the radar so to speak in what not you know normal tour but they let you through the driver's seat to go out of my -- and I was at first you know it was her idea I just kind of wanted to sit back a little bit and gals on the Oakland -- is you know right. The maybe you said I think you know previous radio interview that. Who won the -- this year was hold John Farrell compensation. Which he said if I don't cook for you probably why yesterday's later as she said something about it. This is an Odyssey on Twitter some. Like -- -- and actually. They got that happens that'll -- about it you know. You know it's it's which -- fight Toronto's. -- we have sabathia in Toronto her sister was affairs so. You know I had my guess that I'm I'm happy to be -- wanna be here I want to win here. You know and I'm really looking forward to. Next season because I know that the ownership group we have and the front office we have. But guess that they recognize that problem last year got ahead of that curve and they're gonna put a winning team competitive team on the field with expectations the only difference is last year. We didn't fulfill those expectations we fell short drastically and this year. We have to come you have to we have to do our jobs -- that you are talking want units -- you pitching coach at you about him already pretty. Yeah he's -- the song on the way back to locker as well and you know the way he went about just our short conversation on the film history I think. You know I we talked a little bit about our strong programs. You know he says well come up with a full -- program for the offseason kind of an outline schedule. And we'll sit sit and talk about it next week on the phone and and I think that's great because he understands everyone's. An individual there isn't a set program -- me my throwing programs to be different than Buchholz or Lester or. Resolute and Lance observed whoever's and I thought that was really. Really great that pat and I think if that's my first impression ahead of him the way he's gonna work within the season's been the same ways kind of individual basis rather than the group. So insofar as you think about things from a fan perspective this -- with that. Passion for the game I feel like. How much are you following the rumors surrounding not true but what other moves the Red Sox might take this off season but I mean it. You gotta be a fan of the game as a player right so I think it's I think it's instinct you know the whole. The whole hot stove free agent market mean you know my house has MLB TV on timing you know. For baseball fans baseball player you know it's. It's it's my job to know what's going on you know kind of you know and I think it's a semi I don't follow it to the point where I'm studying it. But. I think. I'm excited the way this organization's that it with the hiring so far in. I think you know -- -- they pick up for us and Jonny Gomes. You know I think. Just talking with my former teammates in Oakland. He was big reason for the success last year and I think you know having him on our side. It's only going to be good things effort from number of people -- is his impact he had on that young team that organization so I'm really looking forward to get to know him. You know and and obviously you know. Andrew Bailey Red Sox reliever for the holidays I wish you good health thank you very nicely nicely and dad dad definitely you've be both right good and I he's happy holidays to you. Andrew Bailey joining us here -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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