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Dale Arnold, Rob Bradford and Alex Speier Talking Sox at "Christmas at Fenway"

Dec 1, 2012|

Dale, Rob and Alex take over the reins at "Christmas at Fenway" and discuss the official start for a new season for the Red Sox and the direction they are heading in. Exactly one year from the date of the Bobby V hiring, the team is looking to move on and improve.

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You know I don't know my two labs but. Nothing screams Christmas it that way quite like seeing people holding is gone. I don't even know where to start with welcome. I'm glad that I they're everywhere through -- Jack stand up for Red Sox players who -- now we are at Fenway Park him it is Christmas -- that played today and it's kind of up actually. A picture postcard kind of settings for. That that day and what that's all that. Behind us this -- stage one of the things that they've got Italy but the pants here especially with its. If they have. A guy showing animals and creatures. Rather large snake -- we're still trying to keep it buried my -- like that the moment again metaphors their -- that I know I felt and as we speak. He -- his standing -- the stage holding a -- I can't make this up. The only thing I can add to that if it's also -- department it that way today at odds with the bad news that Jumbotron. Right now. Don't say welcome to Christmas the federal way graduation. On Billy Martin's. That's what that -- by the way I I capital wandered through upstairs where it came here in the empty -- That two World Series trophies up and -- apartments but right now off -- -- at that point there's a reason for that he's -- that we believe the most beloved -- in America. That's what it's that right there all bottled as part of the attack Nevada that's part of the profits back. I know with the snow and that statement coming down -- -- quite feel like you know summertime in baseball but. It's sort of the unofficial start of the baseball season because the the winter meetings kick off this week down in Nashville Tennessee. The but tickets go on sale today and people start to think I will say desperate team that that. All the last fifteen months -- so that this organization is that. It's basic company people turnout here today. And how many people just wanna wander around and talk baseball -- -- flawless -- people holding its Duncan for so confident and funny they're adamant that its attitude killer body mature. My expertise I know I I agree I was there's a lot of people here it is again here really early right around 10 o'clock there was even more there is now but -- -- that classic as you said -- there's a question answer going on behind -- -- they've had Larry Lucchino mention John now. The highlight for me. With little care -- Arab 07 or eight years old saying that John Farrell what would you do different that Bobby Valentine there. But he said I hope blast whether you. But I thought about. I'll let it go way out Ronald Davis suggested that he will not break Bobby Valentine's right. That he will not only a year from today a year from today was when bodyguard. Labor in third is that you know thing occurs while some prefer it -- you know it's funny days it's -- -- -- me toward I was downstairs wandering around like you guys earlier and talking to some people here in the facility it. And we were talking about. How quickly that the Bobby Valentine rain veered off the tracks. Because really it almost happened from day one of spring training it it it it almost in a position where he was doomed before it ever started here. I would say before spring training I think that he had a shot but he had a shot answering it but there were just enough. Missteps. It occurred during spring training small balls notes the inability to -- -- -- players names right in the inability to get schedules right and then. You know obviously which was on the opposite of the earth and my Kabila's incidents. That -- protect the players had been brought into these these suspicious about -- they wanted to remain open minded about it but none of them have personal history with him. I'll somewhat disagree with I think for many players they weren't going to be open minded I think many people many players had their opinions form before he ever put on him. I I think that they think wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt their agents they act like agents. Have all have bad history with Bobby Valentine because he's thrown a grenade hit every agent player now and so as a result. They were they were told OK look. We have experience of Bobby Valentine. We have these reservations about it so that in turn meant that the first time something went wrong well and I think that's where the Mike reveals -- -- -- -- I think that. You're right we can argue about the perception of him leading in the spring training. But for the reasons that you said Dell today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well why it was a big deal was because this was the defining moment these guys could have gone one way or the other and this pushed him. Now the -- the the direction that there are -- going. Doubt be on the other hand I'll say this. Almost to a man -- the players I've talked to you guys talk more players tonight -- to a man they are all on board the John Ferrell right. Before he's ever done -- thing. Before he's running drill before each donating. But on it on a uniform and in this at the end saying he's been pitching coach here they are all on board with this and that's because he has he represents a 180 degree departure in that they all or they all either happens a familiar with -- where they know people who have personal familiarity with him. -- -- they know that there's something to the reputation. That there isn't the same grounds for suspicion there isn't the same uncertainty that means that other people and for their opinions. John Carroll's reputation when he was with the Red Sox with sterling and so from that standpoint they note that there's positive workplace experiences. With him even though it was sometimes characterized differently you know that every should. -- don't do that doesn't really mean a whole lot right now AV OK it's a good start. Violent means they haven't what a bad at the right rear admiral louder out of -- and if there's a -- Kabila situation. Down the road it's returning. John -- who get more of -- benefit of the doubt that Bobby Valentine it's not gonna be justified in moment we know this. But we also have to keep our eyes wide open in terms of some guys that didn't have barrel. Who who. But I had no history and our viewing him at a neutral place in Alfredo savage is a good example -- And job growth but asked a lot about assembly this offseason. And he said listen you know what we're gonna put rules though and it doesn't follow the rules that we can have prompted Pete does follow the rules you won't have problems. With this that sort of cases where we have to say hey you know what it's not going to be 45 guys who are gonna love John Farrell. But as long as it respect habits or you can put -- firmly in the camp. And I said this all along so -- be consistent when I say this I never thought Alfred it was a they should never be allowed to Wear Red Sox you. Why thought he should have been sent home and being beaten up and immediately as soon as it's an -- he went off the mountain by way of Brookline. Yeah he what he should have been gone well perhaps even before that when he got to do -- fight in the dugout they've Dustin Pedroia well I did a bush yeah and then kind of swatted away Bobby Valentine I thought the balance. That that was the moment -- like. I put ideological and they did I know that they were trying to see if they could get. Turn that I would him to get him on the right track. As he has some talent you know well in the end I think he'll still try to do that but my point is for that year when -- trying to build for the next year. It was desperate battle by keeping him around because. It was told not only -- it's as if we're talking about but you watch him in the last week of the season. You were showing up later and later and later. You go back I remember document on the last game of the year didn't go for stretching with the rest of the -- of a small thing you know what he thought it was gone to. Oh well I mean it's a very least you know you have to do you have to do little things every Alex I don't know if you -- now all we've talked about it. But that last week or two this is the guy ever would get on Bobby Valentine for showing up late -- rightfully so it's not respect. But the seven as we showed up at 5 o'clock. Later that because 5 o'clock you know but we remember back to the Pedro Jimmy Williams incident of I want to say what 99 when it figures showed up an hour 55 minutes before the game it was a two hour rule. In the case of the seventh it's now dark hit -- by just -- I think it's last call that's the -- that's a strobe lights at what fifty metaphor. Anyway yes it was it was weird his dynamic with weird it was. If there wasn't interaction with other players in what you are trying to your point to cultivated dynamic going forward. Especially when you have all of this September call -- guys were trying to figure out. This is what I do and -- to be a big leaguer that's really not exactly the template you want to start following. So as we look forward to -- 2013. Season and as we said today's kind of the unofficial beginning of that. They'll go to Nashville tomorrow. Meetings I think -- -- Monday Monday I remember right that they'll all arrive tomorrow. And I think fans if they are expecting a big move if they're expecting. I Josh Hamilton Zack Greinke that type of what they're gonna come out of this very disappointed that I. First I don't think you'll see that kind of thing happen what might think -- should see that kind of out. -- -- -- Greg DI agree you're an awkward to see the Red Sox going toe to toe with coach with the Southern California teams with Texas. -- because in part because -- that might have been into definitive ranking at the start of -- the start of the office said. You know what I really wanna -- pitching Boston to the place an idea that really interest me but given. Given the issues that he had in the past given that he has had social anxiety disorder. Dave what it is you know he kind of had to take this step that the initiative to show I mean to this market that didn't happen so you could probably -- drinking. I called him. It did pull it up -- three years but there's only a three year market for him then do you agree it's one that slavery yet. Life when -- got it doesn't even make it different. I mean I think I figured that's. We heard Larry Lucchino says we kind of got -- going along the offseason with this -- -- amount -- which is -- -- for the short term that's okay. And I don't have a probably just able to three years if you over battle whatever the numbers. But all it takes is one. We've seen this time and time again and I'll talk a lot about public -- in baseball we're so focused on the Red Sox. But there are teams out there who were not only willing to pay him but there will be volley give him years so I just don't see Alex -- an -- a five year TV contracts that are guarantee -- 280 billion dollars. The year. Then. Seven years no longer looks like -- -- commitment although let's look at it let's. Make your fans understand this -- you got a great example this week. With a New York Yankees decided seventeen million was too rich for their blood for Russell mark. They are at that roster that that salary reset -- that that that the Red Sox are. And they're gonna be very careful with their money yankees fans are gonna be mystified by some of the decisions they make. The Red Sox -- that same thing but explain to fans what we mean by why this year is so essential from a from a total salary point of view well it's -- It's when he -- it's the huge -- so preventive would have waited to hear it right that that that Mario are your regularly with the real issue with the Yankees. In 2014. Teams start getting revenue sharing money back if they're under the luxury tax. Let me get the luxury tax threshold is going to be a 189 million dollars in 2014 that's a lot of money. But still the Yankees because they have BA -- -- -- share of the -- Of the world on the books they're pushing up against those upper limits of the luxury tax if they really. Really are sick of giving small market team. All their revenue sharing money they want to get the rebate they might be able to get it there under that one 89 million dollar luxury tax -- Or -- -- that's why they want short term it means that -- the time what you're view edit. -- -- ribeiro right exactly goes off it perfectly that -- but then promptly fourteen. They're able to get them the luxury tax group get money back through revenue sharing. If we get back some luxury tax money it resets from 50% tax money over what tech virtual. I think 70% for the first go round which is a huge about it any business. -- -- -- for baseball any business would be insane not -- accepts. That I don't know if that's the case anymore because of myself my body there's so much money I mean is it really. Worth the Yankees jeopardizing their competitive success in 2013 because they won't sign multi -- deals. In 2014 because of let's say they're going to come out and sell 60000101000020. Million dollars. What is the playoffs because of that difference of five to twenty million dollars how much does that. Their brand element to that -- -- revenues though you know we're seeing what we're seeing with the Dodgers to a point where teams might have to start thing. All right we're gonna hotel business. I doubt the Dodgers have become. You know the ship today yet what the Yankees who what we perceive the Yankees to be. The Dodgers are that team there are probably gonna use caution in the wind hey you know what Everett case but to go back to you talk about dale wave. The winter meetings and what we might see -- big signing everything. I putted Sox fans are going to be under well well today's paper doesn't think at this we're focusing on free agency. But really did we hear Al Reyes did we hear about last of the intensity stuff. This stuff comes out of nowhere and there's a lot more than what we've already heard about so all of that to take one of these days. I almost guarantee what they did we're gonna hear something along those lines I don't know who's gonna come to fruition but something will happen that is not anywhere near radar. I heard John Carolina -- with mustard Johnson. And he wanted to stress. That it was Kansas City who approached the Red Sox about the Lester deal do you guys think that that's the way this thing came about. I think fit it depends which side you ask. -- -- It depends which side in other words you don't agree -- -- well you know you hear different things I think it depends which side yes it's an exercise of the Russian -- that stale yeah exactly. The fifth -- I don't think I can edit it and that's all I won't will take very quick break ninety seconds only. We're down here at Fenway Park it is like Christmas -- -- we are all so. Are taking your phone calls talking baseball with you with 617779793. 7937. Almost had it wrong very first time I tried to say today 6177797937. I got it right ones but. One -- but I went over there. Rocket itself but -- now he's been here with this stuff Larry for hours now and I bet -- he's just a completely gone around the men know what's happened here right now Christmas they'll talk baseball with you guys between now at 330.

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