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Ben Cherington, Red Sox GM, Joins Mustard and Johnson Live at "Christmas at Fenway"

Dec 1, 2012|

The boys talk with Ben and get his take on moving on from the Bobby V era and 2012. He discusses their desire to make "big" moves going forward and where he feels they need some help in 2013. Ben also gets into his relationship with John Farrell, looks back on the huge trade with the Dodgers and his feelings on the Sox hiring 2 hitting coaches recently.

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Welcome back to Christmas that -- way it is the tenth annual Christmas at -- first -- we got it over the royal -- club commemorating those are passionate fans from a hundred years ago but. As Larry Lucchino said earlier we're now looking backwards we're looking forward and I'm sure one of those people would certainly concur ribat. Very relieved there's only thirty days left in 2012. General manager. The Boston Red Sox bench area to and then happy holidays -- Another great event. Yeah thanks revenues greater than its reminder that there's a lot to look forward to not just later this month that. Next here and no that's. What's the I don't know quite how it did it it's not a question of picking up old bones. We're at the same time to do what you do effectively. You'll have to revisit. The past year and and that September. Two issues that become better discipline and what you mean by that. Well you know you don't learn from past mistakes obviously when the season goes as morally is 2012 and it means that. Wasn't just a bunch of bad breaks surely that's about race but. A lot of things that led to that you have to go back and examine -- decisions. On several years back to -- figure out how it ended up there. And you know I guess the biggest lesson we learned is that. You know when we've -- did. Really did in the past we -- we've got a good mix of the right veterans right now players -- typically. Done better by. You know trying to stay discipline them and find me. I live right that's the main made as big headline. Put -- -- your team about it. So. I'm -- by disappoint you being that the Red Sox are not going to be. Mean a big spenders but they have been the last several years that was happening and. No I don't think so I think. You know I don't know where -- Maryland's we're and but a number right now Carol and significant. And I think I think. But there's there's different ways to get to this -- if their -- you know you can do it by. Accumulating a lot of good players. That fit into the team concept and that's what we're trying to do. You know. I don't know that this offseason is. Will be the one where that big big headlines and made maybe you will we'll see you know we'll see what comes this week in Nashville that. What we're focused on trying to find the right. People. Right town right people within this team for -- thirteen and building. You know -- great team over to ask you this that we just had winter meetings well the last month or so that was another quarterly session. GM meetings where I am in November okay how is that different than the one that happens -- Disney's little smaller system DA usually GMs and their assistants and there are some agents there and some media -- it's smaller gathering earlier in the offseason really more about this exchange of ideas and it's around. The winter meetings obviously bigger. Bigger group of people everyone from professional baseball league the media agencies is a much bigger group of people and you deeper into the offseason so. Things are percolating a little bit more it's more likely that deals happen and to -- happened. Most people successful businesses operate on a five year plan. I believe you probably do something similar to that we even -- you're sitting here today you know what -- you're gonna have to be somewhat over the next couple years. So when you leave the field with the Dodgers to unload some of the salary. Did you also know at that time that the coverage would be a little more beer than usual -- freeagent. The opportunities and trading people we we did look. -- to not just this last season but next offseason through -- class. When we made that field. We knew what what opportunities might exist what opportunities might not exist. And then of course -- -- chance to make grades. And did build a team that way. And until we knew limitations. What we felt despite the limitations lose the race. Moved to make its. Can't ever completely predict what opportunities that lie ahead you know for example. Marlins signed Jose Reyes a year ago and then a year later he is available in trade and then thrown out himself. It's hard -- predict what players might be available just by looking at creating classes. But it is something certainly looked that we've made it feel. Could Red Sox fan base. Really handled like I think just him I said that Larry as it is the bridge were being around here in the south Africans have now. -- fan's view of the fact that -- saying look. If we're gonna do the best -- can put a competitive team out here we're gonna try and find people. But we don't wanna be careless and we we out building I could I tell you when we will Meyer's name came up. And you don't want to get into specifics but I sense everybody started getting excited about. I think what our fans are looking towards that direction. -- they're looking for something they can grab onto and for some -- and grab -- to believe in and then. And I'm not gonna predict you know win total Tony thirteen. Confident there will be over at continue to improve the team. We're trying to build suns games. And something happens to. We're the rumors floating around this week. I surprised if you read taxpayers Jon Lester whose name. 42 were Kansas City paper perhaps a trade to the royals were prospect I think you specifically addressed -- but really heard that what was the what was your reaction to that. Mean I think Tucker umpires about the loss of last. A lot of Red Sox fans were spite of the -- here last year they might -- a little alarmed -- Yeah well you know a lot of rumors out there in the offseason and a lot of a lot of things -- ended about. Some of them have. Had some days is truth and others though. -- I can say is that number one. Looking at filled filled with team. That is not just competitive and when their team who really did him in and gets to be a great team over time. And you have to be open minded doing that. But I can't imagine. I can't imagine. We're not. -- we're we're we're focused we're not just focus on the future holds the next few tunes were ordered to do something good. Hurt us late next year we have to be you have to be so overwhelming. I feel that -- You have to set us up so well down over. There's a way to do both as a way to build. Good strong team next year and still. Protect. A lot of -- left. -- -- -- -- It's amazing if we've got this event for many. News and it was just two years ago. And everybody was thrilled with the big free agent acquisitions. The deal was to replace general manager. Everybody thought agencies Alison cart offers would be nothing but. Successful players in the Red Sox continue to be a big spending major markets. It's -- the conversation is different. Yeah he's like you guys really hit it in -- when you were hired. Were you catch a guy who has -- you came from the bottom on the it's different mentality seems now in this organization this start -- stamp Natalie station with that mentality. Well you know it's not just me it's is this an effort starts. Involves -- man here coaching staff and myself in the front office and you know we're trying to build. The strongest organization but then put the best team on the field. Over time look the reality is we lost 93 games so you have to be. Was sort of broaden our jobs as well enough. Open minded. As the as the ways to get better. You can't you can't just make little changes tonight. Think attendance obviously. Also. Like that so we have to actually have to deal for my that we can't be for the prisoners. -- In and a lot of lot of long nights this you're trying to figure out that out of this out of this if it is going to. But through that process and through a lot of conversations. You find some things out about yourself fluent -- -- seasonal flu but we'll put things in practice. What if from your research about the long term contracts and have you. Look at it differently now after revisiting history that you can kind of put a limit on depending on the guy gauge how -- you wanna go. Well there's there's this thing you've always believed and it is certainly keeping guys. That are still in their prime years and I -- -- -- There is generally as a principal isn't as good thing there are exceptions you know guys there's guys like David Ortiz and continue to perform and we're gonna -- here because -- intended for me so -- team. That a successful -- -- rule was generally you know you're one of those teams those guys that are mostly in their prime years. And and there are there are long term projects that have worn out worked out. For the Red Sox are also other teams. This is the matter being selective in. And giving -- confidence in the right people. People who you know you would you believe in him. The qualities that. -- work involves any help from the stereo and breadth of the young pitchers got from the garden you expect anything from them that you. We'll tell Rosie has been able to -- -- he's succeeded in the big leagues in the past we've done that and have enough time announcer you'll -- project will -- slowed them to known spring training. -- -- That your we believe he could help us and doing their team at some point. Webster. Hasn't. Yet in the AAA so we'll get a taste of that this year he's very talented young guys athletic and really good stuff. Still measles or development. -- Let me ask you about the rest of the division obviously the Red Sox are looking up an unusual perspective for a Red Sox team. Toronto making big splash in the offseason. Yankees obviously always are going to be up in tree and got the Orioles coming off their their best season in 1516 years. What have they done so far in the how are you all watching them. Are you. Responding to them or you just worried about the Red Sox in a vacuum. I think the food division is so competitive. That you can't chase anyone team -- have to focus on building. It is a much different division and was in the early part of the last decade -- Clearly had the Yankees. You know I -- to -- the Yankees trying to catch up. It's a much I think it's -- much flatter division now its. You know the Yankees and he did everything begins to loses it -- be -- -- get assistance. They're no Guinea's. And so we have to go to his team to compete competed that. But because he's so competitive and so flat or relative more flat things to be. You know we just got to focus on ourselves -- house. You've hired to -- -- fly and how about where. Well John feels and I agree that and job as evolved since this person. There's that you are thirteen position players and they owns the right amount of time every day. You know you have one guy he's got to prepare for a game break out of pitcher. No suspense out there are two different guys -- that it is that's -- that's definitely has to be the some things get missed and we don't wanna miss anything. To overlook any good a lot of teams teams that started this. We're gonna try it's it's incumbent upon the TP -- into the -- in the line so that we think. They straightforward victories are variables little will be aligned. We know both both guys we're sure. Hear nothing but about the players and helping the players they really can't and there are you know to. Most tireless workers that I have ever been around. So we're looking forward to the staff we put together we couldn't put together its staff not just victory but the entire staff. It was surprising -- Dennis and Callahan the other day you and so every you actually sit down with the agents and in in just the kind of break behind to get a feel for we'll put the player. This money doesn't even into the conversation for the first day a couple of hours. I would think that would be one of the first things that they could find out whether or not there even in the ballpark. Well I think -- you know this goes back to the with the fact that you know we're human beings and players will be. You first -- sit down and talk about whether. There's a job here that makes sense and it's like you would win your first conversation with your tuchman. -- my upper body might these. And like he was his world was I see myself working here and as soon -- -- work with these people. As is the town -- live and all those things. Money doesn't it it doesn't take -- -- to get the money doesn't have a conversation as they're pretty quick. But there are the things that matter in the play players especially players that are free agency. It's the first time I've ever really had a choice. You know guys Addison streets the first time we think about it signed as an amateur. They had there they are controlled by their team they signed them and then -- for six years -- basically career. Here that you you don't have a -- is going to be either in arbitration your -- -- -- a choice so. It's really appropriate since the first time -- -- choice that makes sense that a player would take advantage of that to find out about our that is really world for the next few years. I honestly don't we go to NASA. Wouldn't -- more responsibility when it -- -- four occasions and they don't really disagree -- you can just go there and because she thought if I could -- if I did that all right yeah I know he's. Definitely narrow. We -- funded because for a few days and then couple years you know reality is that -- let me ask you this I hear -- as a player on the Red Sox roster it's going to be a free agent at the end of next season. He has a pretty. Formidable. -- what your relationship what mr. For us. I think it's just you know workers got a lot of things in the past. And I think it's you know one thing that. Maybe people don't know -- is that east. He's such a Smart baseball guy he is that he was a baseball player. And he's been around the game so much. Really knows the game he -- evaluate. He knows what. Players need to do improvements that are. Once when you have a player in the organizations represented us out and try to get something done -- player. On the field or in conditioning. Season. He's he's very helpful in those areas is ultimately. He wants the same thing we do want players succeeds. Good for us -- who play different it's prevalent. You know it comes to contract negotiations. These uses Smart very Smart lawyer. And he's that he's a tough negotiator and he's got a job -- in Renton. What is your response and -- it's the other way if we don't talk about the other New York team very much. General manager responsible Mets. And -- right you know for years. Two. I think generally -- in you player of that caliber who's been in the organization like that and -- and the two sides can. Find that he'll make sense it's a good thing it's a good thing for baseball team thing and that's to think David Wright. I think baseball benefit from. Having star level players. Who have come up and -- Open your organization from the face of the franchise. That and find a way to keep those players can't do that Roland obviously it's it's not the nature of the game. But I think when he when it does Apple's -- Longoria. Earlier David Wright and other examples. It's a good thing for baseball. That possibility for Jacoby Ellsbury the question we'll see you know these guys that you know that he is. When he's healthy and on the field he's had some tough dramatic injuries. That you know he couldn't control the ball flying thing you know field. You know we're hopeful we'll have that conversation at the right to this offseason. One way or another rumor says it is. -- -- if you work at put a percentage trying to do you think more changes will be neat. I prayed for by free agent signing. I was asked that question earlier today I don't know I think I think that what it means that it's easy answer for that against. So much of it up the next week as -- stands -- dancing. -- -- -- You know out what's can take to get something done. And then things start to happen the dominoes Arkansas and then it becomes America's what's the cost of this will cost them this. And that sort of -- your direction you go more towards -- more towards period so I think will be an answer a question better in the next week does that make it more difficult so when you have. A shopping list like things that you. No you have to do. It's not a lot of luxury of having a full roster are ready and just kind of thinking we do it loving it just makes it makes our job. He makes in this -- people as many balls and you can. And that's what we're doing both in the industry and trade discussions. But it's fun you know you kind of put together a puzzle. Keeping keeping as many volunteers and fans there's going in opening their anyone's ball. And and that's were doing and they'll start the policies are the -- sometimes they receptacle before. Used to talk to Theo was Gerry have they talked I thought that you know people -- every team. You know and then with seasonal right now last year worked out of the -- are. Sure I think is more focused on the crowds but -- if they're good they're doing a great year 300 guys that there. How do you start any anybody's. Opinions -- part of this and there's about Boston's -- these are things. Two. Well as they -- only thirty days left in 2012. I know that you would Larry ever but it John. Tom and everybody else can't wait for 2013. Expand the brewers. Thanks -- -- them into a -- activity general manager of the Boston Red Sox joining us at Christmas -- -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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