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Larry Lucchino, Red Sox CEO, Sits Down with Mustard and Johnson Live From "Christmas at Fenway"

Dec 1, 2012|

Larry Lucchino joins Craig and Larry to help move forward and officially turn the page on last season. He talks about the moves they've made so far and what they will look to do going forward. He discusses Bobby V and John Farrell and the general philosophy the team has heading into 2013.

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Welcome back to Christmas at Fenway it is it is a tenth annual. Tradition of the Christmas at Fenway event. Red Sox ticket holder inside gallery once again as they always have this time. For those wondering age different palm beyond stuff for years we've been over the EMC club. Which overlooks off home plate what the backstop and this year Larry Lucchino had been challenged and it John Farrell and all the other Red Sox luminaries along with fans and other. Employees the Red Sox have moved that all the way over to the other end of the ball market. Larry Lucchino is here to tell us about that of other things first the ball. I love the royal rumors about this fantastic space. Barea is a great spot just opened. Last year for the first time at the base for our season ticket holders to come to before half. Say it's also the Red Sox are guys you can follow. Fenway Park in the construction in the history of the franchise like going to counter clockwise around the. -- room and it's proven to be very much. It's a great spot for this today and it is. I knew we felt like it's great -- and seemed to be enjoying themselves here. In the game each yards -- I thought I was impatient and being in seasons before today. As of today he and we just the -- do his thing. There you go Larry I don't have to say this. I had to use the line the good news is there's only thirty days left. 1012 I betcha can't wait for a New Year's 2000 already very. -- twelve year. I definitely that for -- -- still considered a new ownership group -- attacks but just like we'll hear from the first eight years. On the Yankees and it's. You wouldn't -- on our face. -- Particularly hard hit in the next day. So we are eager to. On the field to issue our fans do you are -- Yourselves pieces. Can you reflect long and she's here. Why you know it's funny because she did mention me a thousand games and unfortunately 69 it was a number of obviously did not sit well with anybody. The organization you talk about how bad it was. He's like a stage of reap what -- -- lost -- like. Denial that -- anger in his acceptance and a different place now that's that you were Garrett called it election exhibited. How we can talk Larry and I can talk about family and I appreciate every kind of game I never had a post I. Okay pep talk about Larry is sitting to the right of me I went off accidentally hit. I usually return as far right is no that's -- -- -- sat on his ever present -- six. Let me know if there was an idea period is of anger of frustration and disappointment. He went on for quite -- quite awhile but at the end of the season. The ground running. He change of bringing John John Farrell we changed our coaching staff we secured David Ortiz intentionally. Their picks signed -- -- that's in front office did a number of things very quickly. I think helped. Put -- 2012 and our rear -- Mir again. -- thinking -- day in day out I'm. His. The the motivation is there -- -- -- -- capacity. It's a question of of -- good judgment. You know if you want -- going to question everyone acknowledges the only problem. The boom PA voice recovery time for many years but most people don't know in my opinion his presence was felt even more. If these events over the years your right fielder I loved it and you would hope you patrol whole facility with a microphone in I just wanted to again. I'm glad you did because. In many ways Caribbean is irreplaceable. Seems like he had that job forever when he really did. And it seems like it's very hard to find someone to replace him. We had lots of people audition for the role but you're right had a certain. And knowledge of. Passion for fans. Both reverence of Fenway. Everything. Person. Representing your organization. Serving that people. So. Right up and I nominated replacement I job of relative plenty of time. This upcoming 2013. Seasonal I don't know he's here early in his career and such -- he has time to -- -- now. -- -- -- -- -- -- from laugh at myself and I from a glass come on you know pleased now. Let me ask you this they say that if you don't learn from history that you're doing to -- he -- this. What have you learned not only would he put the last month of September with Francona about last year and everything that went on. Where did you learn from now. Oh boy we we set down -- right after the end of the season sit down and John here. -- -- -- This is the last its first day of the season. We had done from myself mention anybody. We directed the discussion -- that exactly. What lessons that we learn here this year. Yeah we know wanted to start. In the future with retrospective analysis work that list. Well so like that got a couple of pages -- able. Some of the things. -- -- iron woman number one that you had enough. You know -- phrase it that we have he's he really do well. They're on this season. You don't have enough he did. Maybe any year you can always have more than you think you need redundancy decisions. And we learned that health agency critical component we we all knew that is that going in places. Me even more vivid epidemic of injuries to key players. That we made major changes. -- structure and personnel on medical support. As well. He. We learned that there tested me. Smooth comfortable relationship. Between -- front office manager for the Cubs. We -- too many distractions and do many off field. Issues that developed. -- just that some of the things. Q do you know why that's the way you guys were talking not about the blame -- But power and it's not about a personal attack on him but -- look at one time thing could turn out to be -- to benefit in the open -- but. Yeah there's -- those are your words I think just the adverse circumstances that he ran into. We definitely have enormous amount of respect and affection for. Bobby Valentine and how hard he works and how much he -- contributed to success in this organization. So. You'll find the but I would say that the we did feel that it changed -- He made the team is in the bottom line and where you got to win and there are a lot of factors. Contributed to our early demise last year. So we're not gonna scapegoat in. It was abundantly clear to us to make change it is. We went four or. You're not easy to extract. From the country it is indoors. But. John Farrell about that -- was. Opera familiar face to the issue of this period French easy. Whoever someone who has pitching background -- -- -- is so yeah. We we think we've we've taken steps in the right direction and they stopped. And sort of learn and at some point I'll sit down and shoes and -- -- -- I don't know like to -- him but the other question is I'm sure there were times last year. When you were very unhappy. With the media coverage. And how you felt. Things were perceived things were recorded even things on my show. How would you have preferred if you're the media how -- to a 120. Grotto I think it was a predisposition easy going with respect to the manager and I thought were. Or were unfair. Listen I'm not you sit here in the criticize the media much -- I enjoy doing. Number I think it's important opening. It's a place you know of doing your homework and. In offering reasons. Informed. Opinions at once I moved to -- -- field -- it was not known facts and I think that. There -- some media folks who didn't. You. Valentine's Day. Think their chances in. Exaggerated. Some of the early problems to put that -- that was last year looking forward to. In most years and I you know I don't know yeah. I think that they wanted to tell you what you're shows Joseph -- -- -- talk about well enough that I'll go with what -- now and I went and I don't know but I do think when you come on the constant heroic stature and I don't you want a person behind. But I do think it's important Embree giving it to your form. But you can say look you know what if most of it was it was unfair and but I'm trying to think about -- team and development the disappointment with the payroll but yet had that to finish the match. What would you want people who have said. Is that fair and it's it's it's it's a fair question you can ask -- I just I just refused to -- back. I want multiple witnesses start of the 2013. Season really -- it than -- tickets on sale. We have -- players you today. Everyone's looking forward you want me to turn around look at my review here and makes. Both criticism and media. I say not today -- will be out tomorrow. I guess I'm kind of going to be asking us we'll look through the windshield so evidently your view here. John. Clearly said he had better communication we know we have a relationship we've been he's been in the organization. He knows people up front -- will be here. -- what about John Ferrell in the dugout in the clubhouse always keep going to be an improvement. Well I don't know. We'll see it the fact he cited in this moved off from work for me -- considerations. And Jon Dalton and a couple of years of experience in Toronto -- reason that reason that Major League. -- American League east experience. Easy easy pitching. Person so he has -- In that regard. Well we'll see I think -- -- -- stability. -- -- And assertion you know. Leadership and presence. And they can afford comforting familiarity. Players now whether he's gonna run a lot or finalize. That you're not you know we'll see. We'll see I think he's when I do see an image of certain flexibility. Approach I don't think you can find him. Waded -- a single. Approach your ideology. I think he'll he will be flexible. Do what he thinks. That. He replies given the personnel and we ask you a little bit about couple of signing yesterday. In the evil empire you have. So affectionately in terms of New York Yankees are surprised it was over come back for you can't really know -- -- out. It's what you put three years older that you want to complete his career there and they. By the way ten days the most significant number of relief pitcher. And so I am not surprised that the Yankees and -- guy -- committed to that organization. As he is a little bit of upside possibility here. Good -- know I don't I don't think so. -- this thing you know as a and then do that and -- -- injuries. At age 43. With the French that you wanna be with a wouldn't let me ask you this somebody asked earlier why did the Red Sox make a play at my response was exactly you can set. Here is the -- middle school guy he's one of these guys that reads pinstripes. Will be put this around -- Ortiz have ever considered going. I think only if he had been. By by our conduct and invites and things here I think it is very very strong presumption in our favor as it sounds we needed. He loves Boston the fan base here he recognizes the legacy people have here so we would have taken us doing something terribly unfair or offensive identity to drive him to a team. And we are counting on that frankly. Any concerns about his recovering from the injury gets well all the medical information we're getting now is it is imperative. -- Working with them be themselves it medical -- -- close not that. He was up here much of the month. Guys so. -- were allowed -- as a baseball man I. Pat Hughes. Healthy in spring training. The cards interest -- you shouldn't Peru David Ortiz has an incumbent. I was kind of what you wait this year this. Thank you yes my game a little -- -- if you look down or an iron over her Rich Hill where there's still 2006. I am going to have gotten out of the problems we area -- -- less -- I heard it right and we weren't. Yeah I stationary ago I heard it was arms going out for a pitch to left that she hasn't been invited to do so that is an interesting idea. That I offices. Little -- it sure doesn't have a tentative has -- has boo poor read -- -- in from England playing. You bridge you know great great great great great -- really have a great round grades government if I don't mean the -- game. Thought the locker you know exactly yet no it has been. But we and I. Look at the. What -- -- but we are building 1415. We have one -- on the present. Another very strong focus on on on the future. And that's the way. He needs to be here are very effective drop it and and obviously great event -- success. Think -- -- Red Sox Larry Lucchino the CEO of the Boston Red Sox this Sports Radio WEB yeah.

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