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Mustard and Johnson Get Some Reaction to the Popovich Power Play

Dec 1, 2012|

The guys take calls on the Spurs issue and get reaction from fans.

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Various celebrities on the stage and me -- PA system here. -- of the weekend -- a little bit later rob will be talking to. Larry Lucchino president of the Red Sox who already checked in with the vice president of marketing and publicity doctor Charles Steinberg. Then sharing -- idea what he's going to do over the winter meetings this week and our first. Chance to meet and -- and discuss all things. As far as the managerial responsibilities of Red Sox -- John Carroll. Little bit later rob even while Craig -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have Menino you've been sick for a while it was the only animal hospitals and big big Red Sox manager's amendment a world friends and rooting for him there to recover it's funny you should mention that because we're in the do we design created. Royal recruiters -- to commemorate. All those great Red Sox fans a hundred years ago in one of the royal rulers. Was Honey Fitz being there -- loss of that time and of course grandfather. Of John F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy. So there is say political and it's works intersection here well. -- clubs so. We continue. You hope that's. Tom Menino could -- lessons and is back. It governments that are very very soon and of course it would come to Fenway Park. The 2013. Season even though we're at a baseball venue I've been talking a lot of NBA a couple of block controversial. I'll bet this week the Rondo suspension after the pushing and shoving melee that ensued and 26 seconds left in the first half of reporting on Wednesday. Then of course anything bottom melee in Miami the next night is very little conflict as far as what was going on -- report. We know Duncan -- you know we know Parker know Danny Green for whispers in last night case you haven't heard yet. -- through the FDA commissioner has levied a 250. Thousand. Dollar fine on whispers -- its decision to send those guys home so let's we're talking about it he hit it it's a difficult. He issued to debris. -- you don't want -- commission. Interfering. With how encroach. Should run whose teams are you backing off you know I'm not because I'm going to be the flip side but on the other side. You don't have consumers. Via television consumer or. People sit -- going to the games eventually and it doesn't matter who you have out there you cannot forget the customer. Right in it it would make for great radio we run on different sides of this argument. And I'm listening to Ali in the -- yesterday they agreed with each other -- that are merely absent myself coming in here. I think our world gonna come down on me because I just have a different point you wouldn't open. First thing I thought. The old Simon and Garfunkel song keep the customer satisfied. What Gregg Popovich did certainly not a conscious level of the things -- think about commerce at the time eBay's decision. What you use its consumer fraud. If I how is this -- -- ridiculous yes OK playing that many games and that many nights yes and I understand that he's got to look at the long range. But that's a separate issue what his what did Joe Schmo have to do with the NBA scheduling if he's -- 300 parts that gets him into the game. Absolutely. All right we're gonna work give back to the phone 617779. Seven and 937 it's -- balls coming terrific read off the time I think about maybe another six months now actually remember now but actually. And and Dudley brings up a great point if you know he's been. With the Celtics for the in the similar situations where they had to take. When they -- -- and DJ stayed in Boston. But the last game of the season and the -- that they're only seventeen games into the season so hot. This is say I'm sure I don't have the schedule in front of me. But this was one of those teams that was an appointment viewing gain right -- Miami the defending champions against him and Tony. And it's hard for me to believe that Gregg Popovich actually believe that Bob -- this game I don't understand is it's in your conference. It to a division Memphis is in the same division Santonio correct okay. So I understand but. You wanna see. One of the perennial powers of the Western Conference one of the all time greatest players. Tim Duncan against the best player in the NBA right now. The reigning. NBA champions this is one of the few games you know a mile high and regular season teams in the NHL and not to worry about it up -- Kitna wasn't an -- in this seventeen games and -- and the power and it. I don't. And then rhythm there's always a division -- -- is on the line on all but even -- writing his notes and everything. Doug I wanted to know about the people who -- when he rows behind it right -- -- and wait a minute let me I've changed my entire perspective Doug -- give me your information. That the grizzlies have a two game lead I can now I understand why it's obvious that what he did. Six blood cells and that happens at midnight. Seven -- 37. It is farcical on all levels in paint listen we agree David spears made mistakes but he has been. One of the great composers of all time we all agreed it was self defined. That particular job in the NFL. And reigned over the the football we have an iron hand and also balanced and fair he also realize that asked how was going to be and how TV -- and I'm glad you mentioned that because. Don't want understood. Better that television was going to be the driving force from here on out. Up until 1963 when he made his -- networks. Used to watch the giants on channel five points I think he did network when Chris shank with the big gains back here you. That in 1963. He understood he was out there. Words are words we could make the NFL. Very profitable. And very popular that's what's right right he is. It is struggling and going through some never had a national that you don't have a natural they have it but it certainly while not the same now. And it was TNT is spending a lot of money. And that is going into NBA coffers it's going into -- offers and it's going -- to coaches and players you know just sit there watching the game I'd like to be an appetizer. Two minutes into the game to find out Darlington -- into Mobley then -- -- in the field. Think right Hollywood -- how -- went -- and wants lifetime yeah and you know and I don't in my introduction I. It was by -- I saw what happened I thought well me. We wish you were gone from cooking channel let's get to the phones check out what other people have to say about this let's head over to. Dorchester Massachusetts where Thomas next on Sports Radio WVU good morning I'm. Good morning it's slightly different they thought that the I think it would equate not actually be put it well point. It looked up -- blow up a break on this truly -- that he thought he'd want her I would have a all -- bit. If if you bought it it became. The plane the -- lakers opened a solid game but -- -- though. Got it there ought -- I don't think -- at all. It would be up all without would not right likely to. Don't know where -- madness tournament. Which you have a problem however you view it had purchased tickets from 400 dollars and -- kids all the game. Larry I I don't want to appear here but are we tend to be home so I know who I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought it ought to have a way you know -- -- well hurt and they also receive -- fools thought they'd. That I think for -- right well I believe it is all right before he hated it it's my wife came. Off. The awful -- they'll pop up I would hope wondered if you don't write a ball on the spotlight and I know what you can put the practices act. I hear what the deal that all of it. I think it is -- eight now I look back you know what they're not help it that people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Albert -- that you know what we're back with that I think are probably here he's eating and lack of off I'm perfect and I will adapt as the quote all of which would be. Do you agree that. -- -- goal that we all think it's a travesty. But that when you -- to -- with a fourth season ticket -- facilities exhibition games but when you bowed to an exhibition game. You realize they have a time in my I don't BC Brady for one -- or something in the pocket yeah. -- -- free to expedite I get that. But it at this -- I think what. Well here if you -- this thing ought to west so it was they thought it is law firm. And what he walked. It's gotta -- you got on your act order. The way it always feet. When my annual world while it all that report that comes out and put him in the -- here. If people -- -- -- -- you -- -- -- -- thought it would always wow you bought your hopefully. Well it would help on. Not every Ryan you might think -- that we'll -- it it would dilute the book and -- life experiment but the. He has impeccable taste while you have such as soon beam with what was Floyd's got you have the fact that when you thought -- into a parking people -- You know this guy started off very -- it's really intelligent things to say you really fell apart there at the end of that conference on the -- -- -- now when he says of dark rivers is playing on the left -- against the clippers and he decides to send Garnett. -- company homer. We have again. We are accused of being too provincial and accused of being homers all the time this is an -- homework situation it is not -- with us we're talking about. The overall attitude. That a business has to have with his consumers there's nothing to do with. Whether it's odd team Howard's nineteen. And. Certainly. In his NBA season particularly in the first couple months this is a lot of so we say indifference. To some of these regular season itself is -- want everybody circled on the calendar. They wanted to see Miami in whispers to the great teams in the NBA. Past present and future and Gregg Popovich. -- the fans in the arena and millions around the country I've seen that match I. I realize the only place sixteen games it was to make a comparison but can you imagine if Monday night football -- -- three. We're gonna give him a little rest and don't get ready for the playoffs possibly would give a little rats -- out -- who cares if it's the giants the giants -- push overs anyway.

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