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Mustard and Johnson on the Popovich vs Stern Controversy and a Visit from Dr. Charles

Dec 1, 2012|

Craig and Larry go over the huge controversy surrounding the San Antonio Spurs and Gregg Popovich sending 4 starters home early from their roadtrip therefore playing shorthanded vs the Miami Heat on Thursday night. The guys understand that Pop wanted to rest some players but they think 4 guys is ridiculous and understand the fans, David Stern and sponsors all being upset! Then they get a visit from the loved Dr. Charles Steinberg who discusses what goes into putting Sox events together, including "Christmas at Fenway".

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I think is is that you know it's it's a different world now -- it's different area and you if you can't do that I don't think red would have been that excited of Larry would -- -- fight missed five games. For doing some stupid but. I think that Rondo and I'm. I believe that he is learning I believe that Rondo was maturing all the time it doesn't mean that he's not gonna have. Or two or three of these staying -- hopefully not this type thing it again this year but. I love -- as a motion. He's got to learn and I think that I think that he is learning. Well I hope after seven years in the NBA this is his seventh year earlier about that may -- is -- maturity on display maybe not. Why did evidence on Wednesday night. I would eventually want to buy out of my mind works. Bit off the racquet trust me there -- south -- that -- over the at tapping him on the back it's a way to go off the racquet but you don't want you don't want. -- -- -- dark -- since -- down on the floor yet these prestigious seats down there. He's saying no well you're not -- I bet -- his teammates. Let's put this again I don't condone it I think in hindsight you are tutoring. No I'm not I don't like what you what he's being called because he came to defense of the teammate that's what I don't microwave how are you not -- again when you said -- -- -- yeah. -- in the heat I do believe that I -- -- or condone I do believe his teammates will will give him a big time respect for that. You'd just. What. Rondo in the same sentence would give lost atop the all time greatest so no catch it and what I'm saying is -- back understood the game that there was some dirty players are there warning it that you. You need to have a right fear element that entrances that way. Tonight we always already established that you don't want your best player erupted doing that I established that are ready. But for somebody to go to somebody's defenses that it. -- that -- with -- Red Sox when they had a brawl that broke out on the -- -- wait -- -- -- -- a -- -- not -- not to -- Varitek -- which by the -- -- was down. That's the -- he doesn't want shown but everybody remembers it. Remember the fight that was out on the field at Everett in the red flags play that shot is out of that the out of the dugout in the defense of his teammates. And he looks behind them if everybody else is sitting at the dugout. Is that what you want. Now apps we've -- I think they. Got off lightly with the suspension -- -- easy team they play last week that it has no experience had other things on his mind sort -- oh you are the master of the Segway. And David Stern obviously yesterday coming down rather harshly on the San Antonio Spurs. 250000. Dollar fine. Greg Popovich electing as you note to send his best players home instead of playing Miami. In that game we're OK I don't pay me or -- We all know about that Miami. Fans they're probably not pleased TNT certainly. Less than excited about that and commissioner stern immediately. When he saw. Those top four players San Antonio -- there. Issuing a warning in that he follow through that morning yesterday was 250000. Dollar fine and I'll tell you right now. I think that. The pastor was absolutely. Horrible -- well she's happy the night and Heatley -- at me like rats like credibility without I don't listen first of all if you. I do agree with Stephen A Smith it's it's an area where you can take both sides I think the scheduling. The schedule are who scheduled San Antonio's game they played like. Four games in five nights is something about -- that it if you it's ridiculous. What they scheduled them to do in that period of I don't disagree but let's also had no effective only played seventeen games so -- you've got to Miami. You can probably pandering to the fans if you want. If you buy a a sell the tickets from your brother -- 300 dollars and you take your son to a game defeat Miami and you're -- Jackson problem. You spent 300 dollars and to find out LeBron. Wade and Allen asked over Miami they sent him home. Because they were tired from the schedule how would you feel about it. That's the pot to people -- missing -- I -- missing in the scheduling I understand it's a long season but I'm gonna tell you something if you're running a business. Can you stop not wearing about the consumer you won't be your your business very long. And if you're spending and I know a lot of people by the way a lot of people who have these opinions a lot of these pundits. And columnists and the like. They're sitting in the press table this sitting in the press parts they don't have to dole out money to go to these games you know when you take your -- for the -- of stuff how much it cost you to go. Now it's first and foremost -- lest anybody forget we all understand that particularly in the 21 century. This is a business. This is an entertainment business. You go to Miami to watch that game that is in appointment game may be only the fifteenth through sixteenth game of the year may be only late November. In -- season doesn't have probably from Miami until middle of June late June. But that's a good game to -- early -- that's a that's a game you're gonna circled on your calendar you wanna see. A former champion -- perennial western. Conference powerhouse in the -- why is it. We nonsense and you're currently master was just -- I don't disagree with him and -- -- told -- yesterday on this but I guess but I -- believe. -- it was that he Western Conference match up. With Memphis. The next company that old. -- that's a big one I don't -- who cares about it Eastern Conference showed me the best you can always. Somebody I know a lot of people out there making a lot of money but somebody just explain to me how somebody. Who's. Taking a hotter and money and spending Rio 400 -- to go to our game with -- -- And then get down -- in the people that you're paying to see but decided to fly home because it's -- it they have a game the next night I agree. That the schedule makers are read I'm sorry to protect kind of schedule out of San Antonio if you follow the scheduling that they have that's why I'm saying. I like about the state of propagated in the other side. But the bottom line in the game is people are being. Money these guys are giving me 101220. Million dollars a year to go and play game. Right and again we don't wanna related to the real world but it is always a real world it's paying for right guys that's evident and -- -- where the intersection occurs tonight. Wholeheartedly. Agree. Was the schedule brutal was it on fair was it not fought out certainly Gregg Popovich. Has every reason to complain but some -- you're disapproval in your displeasure to the NBA officially. If you don't like the schedule. All the office instead of making. Some stealth pool might not even announcing it into the actual game happens. And TNT which wars a lot of money obviously into the NBA along with ESPN. There's a lot of dollars there those networks are paying along with the customers that are paying. -- -- -- -- It's obvious apple cares about TV yeah that's right that's it's that thing you migrate to -- Rapid growth that's why hockey players don't get paid in -- much Gregg Popovich they love the game he may do it for the love of the game and everything else but he is a very wealthy man a very successful man because of TNT and he has -- -- other -- -- -- out of -- office of the -- has -- a lot of -- -- not my favorite person. If this thing and although he did take the NBA financially to a whole different level I'll take him over Gary Bettman any day of the week. Let's say the commission does nothing. Does nothing about this that you are operating in the lead. Wayne you take -- chance every time you go to -- because you never know when the coach has got to decide to rest the -- is an -- the Celtics that that last year to amnesty and. Like you can't do it. You know wholesale fashion. The way Popovich did you can rest a player here in the -- you can. At the end of the season we saw that with the Celtics Celtics. Not saying he wanted players seventeen games are by correcting your resting -- we're strategically. And may be a little bit more. Equally down the stretch where you really do need to rest. Remember Reverend Wright yet I take all the big celebrity theater they -- trials that the entity we heard you over the appoint a white Christmas early. We heard you over the plain white Christmas early on the organ that was Daniel. Looking great. Register yet doctor Charles Steinberg who is the publicity who rule over here at Fenway Park nice to have you back counter a little hiatus on the West Coast a couple of years ago right out of report here or is that -- -- -- for four years and the team goes to pot they need to have it back when they got the last time the Red Sox won a playoff game -- But we'll have to -- what the 2007. World Series -- said that look with the Dodgers have existed. And you know we're all set here we've won two World Series we think that -- apartment so that every game. You know is that time targeted -- have been doing that -- that you know you'll be fine and they happen they asked me to come back but I -- anniversary you know those -- would raise her coffee table is to a banquet room -- the -- that the fact that you have the ability. To bring someone in a much at saint Pete you have the ability to bring so much collapsed in what it in the event that you do and I know you don't do it by itself. Well I I appreciate this the kind words with them. It took -- all of us who. Have had the privilege to work in baseball have as at war that we're. Really. Intense devoted passionate baseball. And win here based on -- you know with a baseball that would like. Want a good team on the field you want to be treated substantively you want your players to -- have active in the unit that it's. It's the same thing we want it there eight years old. -- an interest -- variation is your doctor Charles. You would use of oil whose club and some of the outside arcade space behind center field bleachers. In the past growth albeit -- aside. In the the box area. What made you decide to come back here to remove the word that. There was a lot of discussion about where it -- -- people because space is actually been abruptly you know. For -- that way. Their only so many people you really hospitable welcome. On hold. Day as we -- So this was just established in the in April. That's just created in April. And it is the home of the nation's archives its main course will lose club from. But when I -- years ago. And so we thought let's give the tribe. We'll see how that's where we're pretty good so far GAAP and and it gives them. It it has everybody. Got together the sentiment but if you wanna go outside the big time horses right there. -- we view that got them though following that was spot that ran that I was flattered and I think I got like that was -- to have alcohol yes I was right when I came in the air right now and it went one of those things I think I -- -- -- -- -- well what you quote the Red Sox clubhouse you walked out all. Walking outside instantly gets very warm McMahon and go to the clubhouse -- -- -- very cool notices a great variation of these and lots more room indoors and outdoors and I love this rumors lots of great history inside here. Commemorating those are great -- from the early twentieth century. All the blacks and everything else about another. Bang up job -- and I must say you will ever be my hero when you're with the Dodgers and you stiff right it was golf no doubt Padres get -- trying to get tickets from. I remember that got Craig wrote some -- -- is trying to detected that I was so glad you didn't get the -- is Barack. -- that was the case has -- tickets for -- an -- -- -- -- -- thanks a lot I that would be content -- -- doctor Charles Steinberg -- theory of course is the guys behind all of the great publicity events -- all the the festivities. Over the years he's back -- better than ever. Good news. -- hundredth anniversary will be over thirty I don't talk afterward about throughout. Well I'll tell you that was one of the great -- that I've received to get to participate in that. There were a lot of people who work by my friend and colleague there and I. Letting children for years but when you have the chance to bring back more than 200 alumni at 8 o'clock out. You know that way and Johnny that's about two -- are going to be your -- Note that this may very well be the last game -- watched together term and it turned out to be that and this because I know early on I came home one day I saw all the land and all the things that they were planning for the prestigious year. Did you have to cut back things at all because of the way this season was going. You'd cut back because of the way the -- -- -- -- cut back on -- faith that you indeed you do. But they have no sympathy but plant that I know that there was that. Criticism of yet seemingly arbitrary. Eight year anniversary. -- That that wasn't the design back in February program that -- have the greatest. Of Barry's ears. Be here doing the one that I have ever seen it. I thought we have the 1967. We did that. And there it achieved a lot of the guys out -- And instantly as you know remember that well. They were. Eager to come back but I meant when you sought yeah Bobby Valentine thing going on in the Turkey India Pakistan going down did you kind of they made it's not a good idea to keep piling on. -- I I think that you may have heard about -- volume. But we also anticipate that do we do let's -- -- that long celebration. You're gonna start off big. It's going to when he. You're -- boat people are going to be tired of anything that seemed. By July of -- right if they were winning gold in. Plaistow and -- the -- don't want. The -- that I should be on it you let it weigh in July you that it it bury the and then on this at that you created. It's it's them. That there's a pattern it. So but you -- -- down the volume because the everybody -- horrified -- -- -- on the argument that dream of them last place what you -- -- -- quiet about the anniversary in July and if that. Figuring that import them. The fact that I've. I think they're very touching of the things that people have written. Yet -- -- he told us what they have. Purchase those as memorial to deceased loved ones that come here that way and they will go visit. Is that what it's all -- it's all these symbols of inaction right it can generate -- which is one of the great attribute that that is a great -- love it tenth annual Christmas apparently doctor Charles congratulations on a another great event like 10 o'clock thank you -- that the WEEI.

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