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Mustard and Johnson Live from the 10th Annual "Christmas at Fenway"

Dec 1, 2012|

The Experience comes to you live today from "Christmas at Fenway". The boys set the scene on Yawkey Way for the day and get into the Rajon Rondo/Kris Humphries incident from the other night. They debate whether Rondo's reaction was the right thing to do and where the C's go from here.

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Well if it's the first Saturday. In -- December it must be Christmas at fan way in how apropos the weather cooperating snow gently. Dropping down on yawkey way and it's Austin Johnson. For yet another I think it's like the 55 annual seems like at Christmas it that way. We've done this a lot of years and actually officially it is the tenth. Anniversaries or nice round number. Ten years -- Christmas it that way we've been here for. Most of those delighted to be here again due January. The old royal -- club. Behind the center field bleachers at Fenway Park lots of Red Sox fans streaming in. The royal -- like rode over her. Are you. -- -- think that that might be symbolic I hope not look at well 2012. As you know. Was not a great -- for your Boston Red Sox not exactly what they had in mind for the hundredth anniversary. The good news is wary of course there's only thirty days -- have to get into your battles have been well if things to staff they get better. For 2004 where the other thing is very apparent that these guys that -- back down here in NV said it numerous times. There's a hole there are two different factions. One that calls or radio station ticked off every week and angry about things. In the other group of people that come down here if -- memorial. I don't think. Pink passages lawyer civilians and they believe in what they gonna do it the places -- -- is a huge room and it's it's pretty much filled to capacity. And room and I've never seen before going to Fenway Park cents a long time ago since the 1960s. And the royal recruiters for you Red Sox history buffs was a group of very intense Red Sox fans from the early part. Of the twentieth century back from the Red Sox were -- dominated team. In Major League Baseball circuit. 1903. Thank you sheriff you work with at the sheriff was here you that you don't know the victims of yeah I am and -- thought about it probably the it was not a little bit later rom on today's program. Live from Fenway Park Christmas that way the yes the tenth annual Christmas -- Larry Lucchino president the Red Sox joins us in the 10 o'clock hour. Bench -- did after 11 o'clock and we'll get a chance to talk. We run for the first time. -- manager of the Boston Red Sox John -- little bit later Ron dale will be here we have rob Bradford and Alex here. And Andrew Bailey we -- -- -- contract but the Red Sox yesterday will be joining him along with. Jerrold Saltalamacchia also -- deals so all of that happening at Fenway Park but. Even the -- here is as Jared you're working around which is suitcases packed. Apparently enough to think of the back -- -- the new catcher Ross so that'll be interesting at Brian anyway -- -- sold -- The last night the Celtics game I was. Concern biting my nails. I didn't see any way possible that they could win that game. I believe you're using hyperbole I hope that pits and went on a thug -- glum. Rondo being suspended two games I didn't think there was any way possible. Because she hurt the team so bad I didn't think there was any way possible. For them to pull out a win against Portland even important laws for the wizards. I'm amazed you know you don't want. Usually it's food tripping out here about this time it's sarcasm and irony. Are you making any comment. Some observers. I and if I -- I far. Find myself it's very interesting to talk about round peg square hole because -- two incidents that happened within the last few days right involving the NBA and I find myself on the on the other side of the table against the majority of opinion that have come forth. So let's start with Rondo. Obviously has had a history of losing control and doing some things and throwing the ball at the rap -- -- few other skirmishes and throwing something at that he'd be so he's AG. He's young he's got an attitude about things and -- -- their sometimes when his that if he needs to be tempered a bit. However I think the other night against Humphries and if you watched the play as we all have watched it. Humphrey knocked on it out of bounds OK that's fine that's enough. But didn't -- to live -- the shoved him to finish our sponsors to finish off the play. If that play had just been left as it was. And -- -- then had the -- himself up off the floor by himself what his stick a fork in the south -- that would have been the end of them for the year. A -- talk about energy you talk about attitude was that in hindsight was it was a what did something you wish she hadn't done. Yes but I think we keep comparing our everyday lives and not everyday behavior is not only want to monetarily. But athletically. In these competitive events where people are a wired at a very high eight. Voice sounds good to re act to certain things when they happen at the moment I'm sorry but I don't like. Is that the best player on your team has to be the enforcer I don't like that. And in I think it. But here's the question when -- brought to you and all the basketball pundits out it will all piling on Rondo we're Rondo comes back to the team Monday. I'm talking about the team now believe the more respected or less respect. Well maybe inside the self that. Locker room you'll be respected but I can tell you that Danny Ainge. Would not be pleased by what he saw he talked about yesterday. With Clinton backs on this very radio station over he did. Say is an aside I thought it was interesting -- that. -- would have been -- graduating Rondo because as we know -- was a a feisty. Sometimes very belligerent coach and. Yet there is a member. Hanging. One of the banners hanging in the rafters in the eight -- and I can assure you it's not obvious because that he won many scoring titles. Read on the stood to gain in the understood that you had to have a player enters their westerners I know the culture. Here's the difference here is the difference in -- its -- was the ninth guy off of very deep. Celtics team that perennially. One championships as a matter of fact last time I checked eleven and a thirteen year span between 5669. Saturday -- -- there he was a bit player he was a contributor he was a role player. You just referred. To Rajon Rondo as the best player -- -- -- -- -- how you possibly comparing. Jim wants you know off appoint a hatchet man I talked to one of the best players are you being here Jim bad news -- there you go yeah yeah if Garrett go again how about you know exactly -- come here hello guys Toronto. Now what what a shame that that -- the -- 641 point -- god. Has to take on somebody eighty pounds -- in about eight inches taller than you because everybody else is standing -- ground. And you know what you're doing you're basically. Translating what doc said after the game. He said I don't care about that stuff when he went when he said stuff he's talking about the melee which point six seconds left in the first half of that game on Wednesday night. What he really was saying he said that he used the more this off. They were there -- soft. I agree with and this is where I will keep her we view it should not be left up to a point guard to be doing these forced NASA right now -- I'm dark after the game and then Rondo -- Got to develop some self control we cannot -- what they have suspended from these games this way you have not the enforcer. And I turned to rested team and say. But somebody in here batted well I'm sure I'm not talking about might be we have the Steelers I'll just change we got this thing in the penalty the right. There's the other part that kills -- that would people who we had that horrible basketball history. I can remember when I I just a cheap shot obviously a lot and throw cheap shots at Celtic players went about. Jim mustard dropped chased them around the arena of another time in six -- foresee him Jones. Picked up a chair against Wilt Chamberlain how about when Kevin asked how about when Rambus was close ally in the 84 play -- series. Government by McCain now in it changed the whole series around. Again I don't forget -- and -- wanna I wanna see the end we don't want for our youngest it clearly -- understand that all of the. I'm saying only a problem says -- to the heart disease and suspended you want some good fighting -- -- no time to listen to. The things that have been -- about this guy over the last couple days. When he was not he was the effect not the car right now what I don't understand right companies -- -- extended -- did you deliberately. -- he pushed him Larry you can't have it both -- well you're you're asking the Celtics. To be a tougher team to show little grit resilience -- -- That's what Humphrey did is the kind of thing you will all I wanna have a guy like him. I'd love to have him exactly yeah so you can't blame Humphries for four knowing exactly what it's blaming him. What he did come blaming the fact that we don't have anybody else to do that right that's sort of yeah I don't kills me at this -- what kills flea markets well. Don't like that's definitely that when they show the Celtics -- late stage show how when did they show courage. I being on the floor amassing a face against apartheid diving for a loose ball in and some of the things that one. You need the it you know what. Jeff Greene had a great game last night nineteen points what's the saga Jeff great somebody -- -- double pump right OK they need some things is if -- that weren't part. They need a few players that got a little punk you know -- I'm not talking about fighting. But I'm talking about a little bit of an edge. Where the apparent in -- in the paint you're waiting for a rebound whenever you're not afraid we have some people on the big baby for all his shortcomings and faults. He was the type a guy who would they were few people out now and Nate Robinson is now was he was. He had that edge to him unfortunately Rondo as a. But you can't afford to have done it. The other problem Larry we're talking about a team they played now sixteen games they're nine and it's happened. This year they're playing 82 games -- is sixteen more games they played the regular season last year this Celtics team. That two years ago was what 4727. And managed to go to the game seven of the NBA finals couple years ago last year of course they struggled early on there was some talk about treating Rondo break up the team. At the trade deadline well they were eight minutes away from going back to the NBA finals losing to Miami and -- seven. This team that is a veteran team Larry look at the average age of the stars like 3536. Years old could bring in a free agent Jason Terry. They're not exactly getting younger we're bringing Terri and these guys and Paul won championships every couple years ago which Dallas. Pearson. In Garnett Rondo -- away with the -- they understand this is a very long. Season so they're a little soft right now they're a little lethargic at their kind of lumbering in -- their way through. Are you really that concerned -- -- I don't know if I you can teach toughness I think it's one of like Mankins and you haven't. But you don't have and I think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you can't have it both ways but wait a minute. The other day -- -- complaints about Rondo put these two self centered and focus going for that assists directed that's probably the as a that is the countries have got to -- -- it in in doc leaves them in the game that picked up the other two it says now on the avenue and he puts his teammates before himself. Goes out that it -- is whether it was foolish -- -- but the point I'm making is. That he deserved it mean partly in the labeling because it was -- -- -- that sort of comes down. That's right I'm trying to you know we have had this discussion before. Goes back to. Really fifteen years ago when a certain leader. The Boston Celtics he wore number eight and he was referred to by the esteemed Bob Ryan of Boston Globe. -- since retired Bob Ryan as a punk and I remember you were less than we take exception. To the key word being. I don't like that worried -- -- to me right that was the beginning stuff about that right but you just get out of -- was rightly so that's me right but I don't like and they were people at our radio station. We use that -- you're right. And so I can imagine you're I don't like it I think kids say it again and if you're saying he's immature. He's. These two. An emotional and it does things without thinking that -- -- but again credit got to remember you're talking about somebody who was going to the defense. Eight team mate -- with that foolish in the in hindsight yes. Could they afford to have him doing that he could pick up her knowledge of course they can't I understand all of that but let's remember argument of the competitive sport. Very intense but none of us ever -- faced with situations like that we go after people. While these both -- about to open the -- so that's my point on that I was disappointed. Nobody -- that -- is that -- and let me just finish up with -- us. I understand why people would be offended by the word upon Pakistan people's concern I think a lot of the anger. A lot of the outrage. In the immediate aftermath was we didn't know how long. The suspect it was a good -- so two games let's face it in hindsight point when he says. Well you don't want. He was standing up for teammate maybe this will galvanize the team -- over the Internet they are in if they win the game tonight you'll be blogging here all -- exactly. And you know what happens it's only two games. The calorie just looked over to December this is going to be a distant memory no one is it even got to bring this up. If the Celtics do what a lot of people expect at least make some noise in the eastern. I also about it. Right at the general manager Danny Ainge was there any more of it instigated scrap her fight it would tree Rollins -- -- like if there was ever anything going on -- it was in the middle of it. That's right you listen to the end of deal. Any can't come out and just control it. But he's laughing about and some pizza or read up back -- real upset about it is that -- -- kidding now. Is there is there. How long term ramifications of this is this a pattern that in the seventh year. An MBA career should not be still out there being demonstrated. Infrequent basis even though it's infrequent it's still disturbing. He's. Rondo ever gonna change or is that pretty much I didn't you know I. I think he has to change but at the same time if I'm a -- it. In this guy shows up it for practice on Monday but he gets a hero's welcome from me. Internally. He gets respect. For me right now -- that Thomas right now but again but you can say well what about the rest Italy are talking about internally. The team itself. The best player on the team is not -- -- no more so you wind him -- you're doing foolish things that you want radio did -- -- things. But the fact is you want a guy who obstacles -- up for his teammate. I just pundits wondered if the the suspension might only have a short lived. Affects and last night they played. Mediocre and ultimately excellent or very bad team in fact what we -- that other thought that it holds the records probably below him home you might have. Could -- you have a might have a different city. And off a Rondo suspension. If you're around 1130 tonight after they can as a. Their point if they lost last night out Ben -- taking a different angle on it I'm just. There's -- in hindsight he was wrong in hindsight. It's a differently today in the in the sanctions put upon any of player ramifications for doing such things. -- woeful and you don't want that in you don't wanna break in a break and making him throwing a punch right we all understand that. But I think some of the things said about him were unfair if. Wonder what that what odious or do music is doing behind us we're here at Fenway Park royal rumors club to be exact. Yes it's that time once again the tenth annual Christmas -- bad way I'm a little resentful. He's going I'm dreaming of a white Christmas but what about the rest about man that I'll tell you that -- apartment I was a kid growing up -- didn't leave the -- -- that we don't like I was the monotony in the middle of the night. -- -- -- that the Larry Lucchino bench -- -- fare a little bit later rather this program particular telephone calls to its excellent seven. 7797. -- -- 37 busted Johnson alive it that way it's Christmas a better way of Sports Radio that we.

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