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Paul Pierce Postgame Press Conference

Nov 30, 2012|

Paul Pierce spoke to the media after the Celtics beat the Trailblazers at the Garden, 96-78

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That you haven't been doing as much lately. What did. You guys get that. It will make things easier on offense when we come around in the way we do we -- turnovers. We don't wanna know there was lived without transition no argument. Keep the ball here that's an easy opportunities got some people. Line and it's just -- you know and I easier from the zone we -- -- set the tone defensively like we did tonight us time but saying that we your nest itself is I don't know. Douglas talked a little bit about the movement -- -- how. We've got to focus not knowing that one that was an industry where you admire -- come from -- -- you know so. You know without one of us to be aggressive but it wasn't there when asked to move the ball making extra passes and -- get a good job and a half hour. Most of the night you know could tone down our turnovers and on corporate but I think we'll be better. No tomorrow you know it's tough -- he's planning -- -- next lot of our plays slow. Lower will get better and better you know in the we've got to be had to be sharper with the ball. In. Almost as true leader he should just be motivated to go home plate regardless shouldn't you shouldn't doesn't get competitive -- and leave anybody else on here. And motivate you you know maybe some guys took it as motivation. You know bomb -- motivated and opportunity come on and compete night in night out. You know nerves -- you guys going hopefully you know they can build on that -- that's we've we've -- putting woes and they continue to do throughout season. We -- they're very. How Cornish who you know he really ran the floor where defensively he he played a good job on his man. And he he's a playmaker and he's -- in -- publicist tonight. These are -- for -- as -- he's capable Jeff did a good job of women break in the give these opportunities for himself. You know -- -- -- volatile in the half court on always tell them off to get on camera. -- as easy opportunities as one of the fastest guys out there and time stamps important that we use athletic ability. So we did a good job of and and stand aggressive throughout the night.

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