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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Nov 30, 2012|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics beat the Trailblazers at the Garden, 96-78

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-- -- -- -- I was trying to -- -- Global terror alert Marquette student -- Dayton guy would have something else -- -- It was German announces one game and then that was great or. Our defense was fantastic you know we did a couple things different track and you know was great. And the ball movement was terrific as well in the first half I thought in the second half -- you know go to score but overall just like -- Our focus and our approach today. Corner is great you know he's just he's you can see Courtney is getting better and better what. We're asking him to do you know he's bought in completely. Which you can see that. Conceptual fault you know after like Jim would you realize -- or. Can tell you guys -- could shoot nude as looking like martian. And -- -- major -- and Courtney has proven to. He didn't wide open and eventually they'll fall. -- that you read and saw that it. You know many pieces tsk I just think corn and playing better the last 45 days. Here. Yeah and and you know we just basically a pleasure to be weeks ago. We took all the pressure of the guards on him -- bring it up mentor to Kevin and Joseph -- -- until -- and then move that way there's no. German playing ball I mean it was easier for them that -- That's what I meant before -- -- when I set out to everybody's going to be deployed -- based on the -- and our digital point guards that. We got a lot of stuff students determine their. -- twenty whatever percent so you really should have a lot of transition buckets and we -- to advance the task. Which is what we're looking for. Yeah. Phil duel we always is gonna keep doing it you know game one game room. It was great okay in. Who were trying -- legitimacy is when he's at the three he's a power player when he's four he's a speed player. And you know that's so -- to look at himself and so when you are and our president -- job getting on the -- as well. It. Mean. If you. -- -- Malone -- and -- thing. I mean we. We went pretty hard just a little short -- we actually hard to do it for sure. Because we -- -- to our culture right in that way. And you know we've got a long way to go but we're doing better you can see it sure. No we we we traps. Pick and rolls which we've got we don't do much anymore and we're bringing it back because I think it's coming back. And so we did that in our guys stayed with the -- you re showing get out we just decided. -- -- -- -- but he's a rookie and you know and probably hadn't seen a lot of traps that state with the ball. And they -- that's what we do. Yeah he -- best to me the most trusted -- -- came from me is that and accordingly was able to guard. Then -- in platoon Indian -- guys though from me he did three different things in one game defensively. That's hard to do and didn't. -- Yeah. And that's what we need him to do. There are sort of just terrorists. -- like chairman in a lot of ways and I think. There are reticent coach you want. You know really uses -- this is George and -- always she's just part I mean he's he plays hard and he honestly and I told this attention -- -- defender but far. And yet when you watch the film each word you were crucial sought. -- some bad defense because you sold our competitive. And it was a great lesson for some of our younger. -- yeah. You know I think is important I don't subscribe to it that there are honestly think you do the same warm up. You do the same game preparation. So it is usually what it's no matter what if you play. But it is -- -- so let's sort of downward -- clearly did wanna go back there. You know he just he made that very clear to me twice let's talk to -- going more possession. And so though that was good good for me to rest tomorrow we're plan those jets. You know we're -- you know and you would get. Back to back the book here. -- -- -- Well of victories morale for sure and the major wire work right -- is better morale so that was good come. It's -- mean that we knew would went out in your guys you're gonna have a lot of games when our guys. It's always -- win games ago I think those games are important for the rest of the teen. Should -- their importance and so I think it was good. Think your room for a I was I was worried that. To go back yeah.

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