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Courtney Lee post-win with Grande & Max

Nov 30, 2012|

Celtics starter Courtney Lee spoke with Grande & Max live from the locker room after the Celtics beat the Trailblazers in Boston tonight

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All right John thank you very easy win for the Celtics that eighteen what -- 9678. Over the blazers grant you -- you have to guard reportedly joining us. For the first time this year from -- government. You know you know wasn't necessarily pretty what's the biggest difference. This team offensively when all of a sudden whoever of the ship. And Russia Rondo is not here. A methane everybody else and as far as the and doesn't that they've got. Configured the polluted as far as the play making because you know Rondo one of the play makers -- The felt which others who put the ball appears fans know he's really great score and we'll draw a lot of interest to move the ball around it and -- download -- that they could vote. We just wanted to you -- situation where we've put it through to clear the one person ballroom. What that you released so I think with the aggressive posture Jeff Green. Jeff seems to be or if the load that he and I think what the -- said the budget green is it. He -- think so easily -- they expect a pop or a different. You ominous look -- -- when -- in this specific game and they they don't want players on their speed to perform at a high level. As players we know that's not going to debate night in night -- so there's always going to be one person moment seemed to go have it going in the game. We thought -- -- those those people in. Today pathetic -- so that diplomacy in the fall upon them but that he like. What you see Jeff Green with nobody out likely -- though it I just watched the bids in the pitch stance is that -- about -- he -- -- really special. Do you know what that if that were around when he spoke Biden seat list in the film about half opt out on the topic -- I'm. If that is up there -- Definitely an MBA -- four -- But it -- This and so the only much lately that it on. So I can tell a joke about that big lift things that they buy it -- many of them about the equipment that much -- knows about it at -- -- won't happen. -- my goodness look at what I would witness saw an accord and my question. -- moment I don't know are because I've been playing well well I certainly wouldn't you. That of the times tradition because obviously that they could struggle for a team that were so when I hope. A lot of them because you work here at this defense team but so that the last couple years would be better are you feeling more comfortable as he. With the transition defense over the past. On the -- mean on the. A lot of new than different -- so we're all rely on the -- of that's definitely. And you gotta make sure those officials don't call Florida your manual of the whistle -- you you. You for I don't want Meredith comprehended that to a lot of people of like what we'll run right over her music. My -- of what you went through the other people. People sometimes you know Twitter isn't as sophisticated -- got to -- that's. Dumbed down with supporters not to but I hope went to people who just wanted to voice their opinions of people that don't really hear everybody talk and complete list of all that's double we're doing now. Her ordeal a great job that I think.

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