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Doc Rivers on Rondo's suspension and the Spurs getting fined by David Stern

Nov 30, 2012|

Doc spoke with Sean Grande just prior to tonight's Celtics/Trailblazers game at the Garden

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Deficit represented by Lexus -- -- -- for a TD garden itself which in the Portland trailblazers on Friday for staff are probably submit a conversation with -- -- -- is -- by Harvard the Harvard pilgrim. -- in. There was it seems an actual game here amidst all the fun actually there were -- there was one for the little melee and it was one afterwards and either team to go particularly well why. Well for him. Lot of reasons why afterwards to -- -- I think it's time you don't have run but before we -- in the army redeploy. I thought they came and attacked us throughout the day I thought we were not ready for that intensity which should have been we were not. And then when you try to turn an oil and you -- what's amazing about the day. They supported percent and Watergate we -- better. But didn't play well. It was more all of the 5050 ball office rebounds. The effort area. It only takes one word of the thousand you say after game two making headlines so soft go play the last 48 hours when you used it. We talking physically mentally or balls. I'll always used to argue that workers first -- the commitment. These. But I I definitely they're meant to. What's an example that will just not be ready for the day the intensity of the day. Meaning -- at least off me just you can't. Statements leading gates. -- best game as a group you know when you say that -- they look at a soft team that's more what I am sorry and that -- everybody but everybody on the team. If you go through lose to a three guys that penalty is there an element that you know the heat this team has. When you go to a city that you win by twenty and you move on -- this team has done a lot over the last two years. You tend to forget about it but they don't and the team to kind of lining up they still wanted to beat the Celtics even if it's not the same personal for. Last year where I don't think it is that honestly have whatever to network -- with it he anymore. I think it would beat the Celtics Euro. But out of the two of them. Three years ago two years ago -- like that most guys at different places I just did you plant a team that. You know people whatever pick -- where our and we got -- and they -- -- -- Kevin Garnett the Rajon Rondo. Paul Pierce they wanna be too. I think everyone has to use that intensity that well against. -- -- missed the game in Brooklyn view over the Andrew Barbosa to start the game what what is different tonight why Terry quickly well I just you know Barbosa played OK but I did it regret a lot of stuff but I think accordingly at the better grasp. Run but listen they're all gonna play and it's no. Starting point guard on the floor authority everybody's report card tonight. We all got to bring it up and moved involvement and funky. Forward as the blazers -- -- story an MBA it's if there's some connection and it last year there was a game in Charlotte granted it was a lockout season. He didn't bring Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce and keep you were kind of managing your veteran team through the season. David Stern yesterday issued a statement immediately went kind of the spurs were playing everybody in the national TV game. Is there there can't be away the league to legislate the scanner. Well no it's the support. Natural statement and to remove the supporting the at that the vote supporting. I mean our hope that commission was. Upset. Which could have gotten -- back the curtain in the category it would fine but I just think it's it's slippery slope. Backing your day in the eighties anyone could just walking as a rookie started point -- obviously was pretty simple. Back then but these days obviously with David voters done just statistically when you watch him play it's it's just things in that. It's such a pick general league and he seemed to be able to walk in and pick up everything right away and that's why he's got the minutes and that's why he's got to receive an impressive to you wanted -- The best by far. And don't listen to watch college that's what -- did and what I'm saying it's most colleges run they're. Systems if you go for better word that's what it is when you watch him in college they basically gave him a bar -- -- -- pick up the brick road that rented office. And so -- probably better prepared for the new the other college kids and they have these good I mean yes he does act like a rookie. Didn't get excited big buckets but I should -- world in his demeanor. Reminds me of Gary Payton as a player. I praise Celtics and blazers next on WEEI Celtics radio network.

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