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Friday, November 30th Whiner Line

Nov 30, 2012|


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Abuse excuse -- pressed and pressed the white -- these cars like ET TE Chris Cox. This is discretionary -- -- And now goes warning airlines. That's 546 argument where Brandon lovely studios. And after my animals. For fifteen minutes and now bear -- This beer argues that chamber of their harsh not -- Various phone that WEEI. -- near line -- -- handy wipes there are papers there are doing all there are scrambles. There are growing doubts dial 6177793535. -- might just when you show those hours and OK I'm going home now beltway goes whiner line. I'm serious judgment I want -- open -- office. And that our first long commercial break. I'm gonna take this pile of stuff that took be fifteen minutes to collect the clean up so Gerry wouldn't commit your rant rave like I am right now -- and a little -- -- I saw this ad. Pacman Jones. Make your complete and rain and now what is that. Used methods -- used tissues look at that yeah. I. -- -- House. It's. And Mikey. He -- -- studio. Cleaned up like the idea that that did. Never gets -- -- -- -- you -- Stevenson Mikey has. It's don't know what that happened -- W we're all I was here I I felt the wrath I'm not arrest and the our show is older you know. And -- who. This morning was pitching the fact dead. It's that much. Even though he showed up at 538. The -- three hours right right. You work more pavement so. Our -- and how -- was -- And Methodists that he was -- I was in the other room and he was asking me if I -- him as if I would expect tomorrow. And walked out of them and when he was -- we get a call from acts like he's talking. With quantities like apparently thought they were his but he doesn't have a car. Yeah he's he's that is today. Clark keys to wells I think the best scenario I mean imagine if this happened if Max had lost the keys after taking my identity Rondo Humphries -- -- would like you act -- -- all those NBA thought you know this field and soundness. He leaves his keys over here all the time I mean he -- so I don't -- it was -- his cellphone -- cigarettes and -- that was his cellphone routinely. You know when he when he leaves -- -- to come back fifteen minutes later looking for something. We hear from about Robin -- who -- a year after he said the funnies thing was watching my keys and walked by the window -- -- -- -- screaming his head exploded and it could hear. The -- they were on there and he was blasted into the studio. Scouring the please propose a problem with content. -- -- -- -- it. Right after you decide the AT&T wanted to record out a couple of mr. Watson last week. And you are one of the week -- -- by texting your vote two threes and a 9373793. Salmon is comedy hit. -- -- -- -- -- OK you people are crawling out I don't know that yet. A lot of the work. And the whole league and you don't is gonna win this -- -- I'm not gonna win the purple ball a bit about I think you know. Not forget the debt that our ball I agree but has now I'm foaming at the captains. -- you look at. People back OK it's not going to be in this football and it said that -- that I didn't like at eleven hit out at Tom Brady got. -- -- Got it back on fat blocking out the articles on probably was but enough about that and said Tom Brady is. Got. -- -- -- Drug arrests. And let's. Cat food do you think she could -- for a hundred dollar American Express gift that's called unintentional come up. -- the second nominee nominee would be. How little they know what Michael Oliver ball a mile bike but that is definitely. Believe you are mobile network Bert -- -- -- WEEI. About golf -- -- -- wanted to check out the code we've got -- -- that side that would not obviate GPS but. Now let's go back at the idea about why they are all but but I have ended up working out well -- -- -- -- -- quite -- -- Good 500 people who. They're a lot but I think that he'd probably do what it all right it will. -- crap did you perhaps that's available now goes back a bit too. But this horrible bike but I have got to get will probably be -- port deal that -- But more about why they at WTI dot now it grab a -- up -- And that event to Mikey a above for record yankees unintentional comedy text -- a 2037937. To vote for motor mouth GPS fix the letter -- -- thirty -- 37937. -- have until the end of today. Why don't want to text your vote at 37937. Choose -- -- big winter receives a 100 dollar. American Express gift card also eligible for the winery the year grand prize that's -- new iPad one year. Of AT&T service include why the wake up powered by AT&T -- -- with speeds up. And -- faster than three. AT&T. Rethink plus I didn't feel. All of us -- But I yeah. -- -- -- could I ask well the funny thing is that -- is Eric what. Says. All of believable and I don't think. Quote walk. Little man on the -- you -- right. Andy. It's. Enough to east. How ironic is that. -- marine who want peace. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Remind him do problems rear ended. -- and it -- -- and. Did you go black cat won't be tight but a quick -- Got an antibody -- I would get when he bought I -- hang -- Well I what was going on last time really just it was anniversary anniversary of one. -- I'll. That there. Hawaiian Airlines got four hours to. In the morning and I don't black. Yeah. -- What why did little good. And what was their take on it today the apartments to the idea that your. Do we -- their take -- and take obviously according to this guy was he's got to play our guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We get pissed off other teams on the ball when it. Don't global -- bet on -- partner. Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan -- -- out I was their career backup by have lived abroad yeah. The little bit in this upcoming season I don't know I had a violent. And would send them back at southwest. About themselves -- this has put that. The difference siren I'm sure I think it's pick your own seat isn't. And mount saint -- Tim -- -- They don't talk about it and bit by bit and started profit for the first quarter of the apps have you. Go -- -- admitted that we track are well yeah I expect everything good that's my point. Not a habit that's -- -- You know our ballot -- All right perfect I mean you're buying tickets high sticking herself and what was it was. But it was very early sporting some errors that yeah like 56 minutes into the -- -- you go to the game. And -- you're going to see -- Guarantee that ex players to be honest on. But tonight I mean people probably had advance tickets and legacy run. As -- I don't have a problem with a there's no rule. Gary Bettman and the big moment. -- visit there again attract quite god I don't product I would I don't. How to. -- Better. I. And message. That feels about this now. Stern is actually leaving and he was at one time and it could -- it is here that while while we're all fortunate. That is what happened that it was. -- annual ritual. They glanced up every commissioner -- for power play -- pure helping America have acquitted or ironic is that. It. It is. Any warning is by design. I've had a commissioner who was like who we want to steal property tall as an analyst defined. Players coaches. Who were great players. Talk about that awhile ago. -- -- commissioner in equity it was a place at all there always will be good. It was a guy who was told Roger -- ticket sales don't want to work for the jets and the greens are all played college football at some small cost in the erotic Roger -- I think stopped the world war and if you listen if you read that -- from -- yes. Is -- I think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- exaggerations. That the whole -- -- -- Roger -- -- The first draft. I don't get any competing for shoving. Chris Kardashian -- -- -- Pension I would -- thing you know that's good game. And Derek Fisher. Intentionally and maliciously. And elbow -- would go with state and only got one game. Glad you're still honestly think that -- -- doesn't -- and I felt a bit and really. And what I heard from me or why -- was that NBA players don't like Louis school. That's what it sounds like that would Heinemann Barea you don't want to Rondo had had a track record here he would go one game suspension. Two games because he track written. Them Adidas and I was the track record -- and -- doing anything -- all I do like they are going to -- A through ball and official going to newscast that's I think going to San Diego -- -- stands almost guaranteed games. Might well there have been -- I'm not going to take my iPad but I've given up all right. I've -- out of commodore and then. -- I was our guys shenanigans and intro I was guys -- not as -- the guy -- -- is different than major right. Yeah it's a different state that in your guy's funny. And it's a big deal probably did Bob -- -- it. And it's not at all I think -- the -- -- -- -- because it actually know public doesn't buy it but concentration speed and that and that it didn't did not give up and they. But he said it all about after college some. Apart and drug at a a little I didn't have that look at -- of the -- but a good opportunity to attack attack attack. It's gonna talk turned to join us on the line. -- don't the most pregnant athlete. Of the -- are going to be. NFL -- sick about it. Their quarterback when he took Viagra coming up behind you want to -- bad holes I don't -- -- Then it wrong. And the message. Had her own Viagra. So you know buffalo invited the same family of animal pull both the -- however. But we're basically in Africa Asia and by accident basically north and South America socialist -- he wouldn't. There's very different animal. But because of their resemblance to buffalo -- resemblance to buffalo. That the original pioneers they called the buffalo because that's what they've been. Historically. If you have a -- -- truly think that buffalo bison steak. I would suggest you get a new butchered because god only knows what kind of stuff you perceive yourself but then again them symptomatic politicize it. Again I'm. This is exact eulogy -- -- yeah you -- have a problem. Yet it's exactly the conversation that was happening in the stock of the bad guys lose some ground and they were talking about it in the offense and good for unit -- connectedness that particular candidates. I. And they. Suspicion. That this might him then. That all done by the patriots and patriots may be telling the players. On the you know. Giving them stupid arguments yeah it all -- Wells on -- the patriots are telling Jerod Mayo asked about bison is. Maybe that's what they maybe they aren't I getting -- subject could edit movies object. As yet Patrick John I -- office object and its favorite Jack off favorite tattoos for John and off this -- how does he make grilled cheese sandwiches. Look at so Belichick's. -- Which he -- so what's Belichick Damascus on Monday. But he's got to come up with a fine. They levees collapse book. The big government a scumbag got did you didn't crap players David rod. Give me a break. 120 flat out of the box these -- -- And before -- even have a hot argument that the way after he could have an account but have batting. They prepared to step up to be done. And that was Jonny -- announcement that tomorrow test -- prized possession the saucy and notice that says it actually think they have a real surprise tomorrow. Yes a real surprise of the day something big really Jonny Gomes bigger than David Ross. Bigger than. As the fastest and yes I had just let me let go and a a disaster. Well I'd hate heard -- won't -- a lot of things on the air and what they heard about the dumbest. Quite a bit about it would and it didn't get down. I would applaud but they're importing six. Friday. And that actually this is a problem a man you weren't listening and not going to South Shore plaza is a little plug here. For guys that out and Lord & Taylor for potential. Credential center not South Shore plaza it. Of course you can't get the -- you're the only way you get depressed exactly what this little -- or December 7 6 o'clock. -- -- I'd benefit that we could -- excitement got called up above I'd dot com I realize that I I'll have a good -- he had a lot about a bad thing but yeah. Because it could -- -- that I don't -- if you fit into the telemetry on Christmas Day I I mean bad development well Bob Microsoft Word and excel and the like because my baby access to. I'm really didn't like it calculator that can probably. And I don't believe that the property cable from I am tablet which at the du -- commutation just forget about it but yet felt the -- -- -- it and that's what's been really good last year but it police I didn't they didn't start to do what I do I work -- believe. And if Matt Burns calls the simple. -- -- -- -- -- Boy. Appeared a little -- put it back accidentally took paid to make a big -- about it. What can -- grow up -- that vote cannot be you've got to. And oh. Against Max left in this race that is it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And take them trooper's car a move forward as we expected to find those crumpled ball outside they weren't there so. He rolled them up in smoke them. I see. Guerrilla probable that. One cigarette. The group that also support. The damage and I don't know. The political and get in what. Has happened at that. -- And Matt Matt -- are -- justified chief however another hour hey I hope axes are right for the broadcast tonight is referring grandy. I didn't know it was one of the week a winner and a win for the -- yankees view. Motor mouth Wednesday and 70% the third person or one just anti car. Anti cranky Yankee ball which is trying to raise your kids this side. However she's a 100 American Express gift card from AT&T eligible for the one of the year grand prize. Claim your prize and an -- one of the -- WEE I don't count that you won one. Brought -- you by AT&T forgy LTE with speeds up to ten times faster three GAT and T rethink possible.

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