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CSNNE's Tom E Curran: Amphetamine usage is way up in the NFL

Nov 30, 2012|

We check in with Tom E Curran on for his take on the adderall debate with the NFL, and the state of the Pats heading into a tough divisional game with Miami.

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I accurate accurate Beck show we'll get back to the phone calls it a couple of minutes -- for our but it each car and and Comcast sports net language in his life. He does each and every Friday brought to you by Tom -- Wes -- -- doctor doctor Robert want to call 18 under yet here mr. apparently today. Thought -- thought his just chilling get ready for the big Miami game this weekend big game huge game to army huge. Under this specific point that became bright people threats that -- all the product and get on my case in the -- -- the aura. But Google -- Sounds like you've taken all that -- -- this week that. Obama and I you -- you about that overall this week and it. They think is going on is this because we know that the National Football League doesn't reveal what a guy test positive for. Is a case where the agents -- basically telling the players which it will only get competence of the and it's a role because there's less of -- stigma. Applied to it if there's. It's no doubt. No doubt it -- there is. That -- I would be hesitant to declare all. Positive tests. To be testosterone or steroid related -- I think I better -- Because we're trying to bring the -- absolutely positive we did test positive. -- amphetamine. In 2010 and -- suspended. Any site that sort but he cited but no we we got word that's what it has -- He that Beatty he. -- take medication for it that it would get to work and you know I think the ball well -- -- bulk of the NFL 100 directors. And policy makers. He pointed out this week it yet. We are I think more amphetamine posited that collateral it doesn't say a guy has departed for lateral that fact that. Don't play at all it only says what they're heightened level. But if you need to -- a world because of AD DO whatever you can filed paperwork with with the -- right. No doubt so why why -- these guys not doing it and and getting it that they're doing it for different purposes Amanda. There is Avery Avery of people driver out without a license -- without their registration up Jeter looked at a clinic are you sure. To Europe -- right now believes the latest. It is okay. That's that was forty cumulative and it would -- that the immediate on the agents that -- Really. Culpable for some blame here and I've talked about that are all about talking and speculating as to who apply it would really take to Basra. But these are kids who might have been on the -- medication are allowed on. And they commit to the weekend. Beer can doesn't do the simple. I wanted to medication three feet deep could you not in the it would take much -- have an exemption. At Uga. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It wouldn't it will collectively put their money if they can't have these guys back something like that. We're here right now he's got a lot of activity going on in the background -- -- my and we will not go all you're not. Chip -- -- take -- people got to. Be careful guy that was David Ortiz he's the -- -- and that's that's right be careful your target award went out to be careful targeting kids. We saw -- driving my knees and drinking a cup you give -- my money. Talk of for you thought about this let's talk about this game. -- this game in this team the patriots the game on Sunday can win the AFC east if they knock off the dolphins but of the bigger picture is. Where this team is capable of going and have you seen anything from the defense in the past couple weeks that has made you say to yourself. OK they're ready. May maybe they just may be the best team in the AFC. I don't look at anything effective -- Michael from the defense to make peace love that liked the best in the AFC practical -- -- a look at it. The match ups and what other teams can and will do -- but at the table about the what they're not a patriot. Would do well get set Q well. The patriots thought that might be better than -- up at like eight. But they don't get to go into each other and I think the south and would be breakfast -- thirty against the patriots could the patriots with thirty ought to get the -- -- I don't know. The -- mix in the that they Kiki -- house with -- about. That and does not avert a lot -- I think the patriots could excel against that he. Baltimore I think it would have a difficult time with the other explosive. Jump cut at a running back whose personal -- right that's the kind of got let. Right now as we saw with Spiller and we meet you Reggie Bush. Predicted in the Pittsburgh. And I think they'll interview and I think the Houston inside a few more wary of Baltimore. Even with -- injury and I would -- any of the game but I think the patriots. Right now. What did he sent directly at our level. With the fact that the public -- would degenerate. Are not the byproduct of pocketing well that's what Q what they are people do. In part of that infected I think the backbeat to make game. Particularly all doubt he'll be extremely sick. Because of that -- actually got a definite and that publicly what write any ill will do that we get. -- will make you try and -- bought. In which he makes play after play and eventually they'll and it. -- Steve can't afford to against the patriots to run the football offline they they really can't you know because they. You're you're getting into a aid and a matching racing with Tom Brady. And that's what it comes down to -- so that you write it depends on the matchups but you look at these teams right now town. And it's don't you find it very difficult to try to spot one team and say well. That's the favorite couple years ago and equipment to Green Bay this year at times you can look at -- And see they look just better than everybody else put all of these teams seemed to have problems. Yeah and that's Beatrice -- -- -- out perhaps -- you'll look great date. Was was pretty much far away accident -- went undefeated served for -- -- but. Yeah I think that the AFC has become what it could become a -- -- the last few years certainly since. The patriots eloped. The pop and I think Pittsburgh is started apple -- all religion after they won their last Super Bowl. That every team at the debt and if you look at Pittsburgh it's always been. You know it has to be at a C atop the lineup throughout that the audit that the patriots -- -- vehicle of a crap out of Chicago. Or. For today at this point I think the boot it would be. Puck in deep trouble -- -- like the patriots because they are so sketchy. But I think if you look at. Every team planet I think that the by product of parity in and the draft and just the evolution a lot at this. Whatever you do well. Whatever you're scheme is. Eventually somebody's gonna find up underbelly at some outspoken. Tom I don't know if I told you this before but if I didn't I should have. And that is. I think that -- the patriots from a media perspective I think the New England Patriots are the most difficult team to cover. A professional sports all professional sports. So. When you can get some information you really have have earned her paycheck so I say that the say this. Do you have any information on two guys that I'm a little concerned about injury wise one Gradkowski -- have -- curtain things with the blowout. Over the out over the jets that kind of went away I'll score 49 point no problem. And the guy is Logan Mankins because Tom Brady continues to be protected and and it's not an issue we've kind of forgot about low commit Logan Mankins -- -- -- win. The Super Bowl without either of those guys what's the story on. Don't expect to -- Broncos got its little -- up. Really know if the playoffs started. In mid December. Yeah I think you can expect to see him. But I think it. Description being the better part of our you don't need him back in Jacksonville. And Miami. Down the stretch so I would say you know. Put your money on and on him being back after. And in the first on the play out there are people so that we -- seventh there with a week after. -- make it -- still act out that it that it takes some time it's it's an injury that is going to take not really as related to be -- And it didn't take care of when he entered a few weeks that -- -- -- -- in Indianapolis it's it's that -- -- -- a problem. Policy and law but CA CL. That please work. Candidates think last year he played through an ACL. And it's this -- right now that's causing him problems were even when he's been out there. You concede that he's struggling. Is still productive and so are the clear problem will admit that's because these pages. Better than most guys at that position in the talent and I agree to what you go up against these really good defensive teams which you're gonna see some of those in the in the policies of and you need to. I think it exactly right you're gonna have to deal will be about Patrick but you took back in the -- talked about earlier groups. Was without its credit yet. You have a guy -- one of the most underrated assistant coaches and football we've heard today I would buy it virtual Google Russ grim return. You know that how does not call him Dick LeBeau nobody ever -- that we've got -- got back here and all the guys these. Provided not that supplied the most efficient quarterback turned pro football and help -- -- that supplied with. 21 round pick right -- over the course yet figured to stop pixel art and it. Which were a bit -- would that first appeared to make it was and anyone that you the first topic. Coming out because the put extra pick it up with guys with free agent pick ups for other teams like the bottle -- Packers. It's early earlier this about it -- Alibaba about the accomplishment this year when you look at it atomic as we just talked about Megan's being hurt but sold to looked awful. To start the season we study and said how the hell they ever gonna replace Matt Light. -- -- is -- -- injuries no waters everybody thought waters was going to be the guy at right guard the use four different senators -- -- are you worried about that position. And yet every week Brady comes out of those games -- is committed. -- it an interesting thing it will take another -- mark and I thought he was borderline. You redeemable miscues and watched it lately just last week. Been really pretty good you know absolutely -- up a couple of guys. And that can -- that's pretty remarkable. To keep these guys think that about the movement over the course of a couple parts when they're really not -- in the campaign. IP -- -- -- giving you real they really are -- they remember you're computer. -- in the middle of the interview one day we heard you've got mail. And now they wanna know that you go on the Mass -- why. Why is that you don't have -- -- easy as well -- GM that's on me to bring that -- to -- about where he occasionally tense yet that's that's a law. You're covering is is that. Michael pointed out the most difficult even in the all sports to -- make it easy Nazarbayev departed the easy part to get a permit and commute. You guys talk about efficiency. In those kind of think maybe that would be. More efficient but I -- so odd about what we have more work -- -- somebody call my editor write books and even now. I'd be like technological it the people talk about it. Didn't go to Doug do you Scarnecchia asking -- you get the -- back into this -- look at. Our audio -- probably authority and our -- -- Tommy aren't right you republic.

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