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Was Gregg Popovich wrong to sit 4 starters on a National TV game?

Nov 30, 2012|

The controversy du jour was Gregg Popovich sticking it to the NBA by sending how 4 starters and not playing them in a Nationally Televised game against the Miami Heat. We discuss all sides of it... the NBA, The Spurs, and THE FANS.

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Michael I got a real problem I needed help me out and yours and your big fan of the commissioner of the national basketball associate home. So I got an issue -- manage -- well yeah he's he's a little bit of a wallflower is going to be tough to get him out of shelves so I don't know -- -- -- actually thought you gimme -- have a recommendation on how I can handle this because. I know he's extremely concerned right now. About the the actors the performers. Who actually show you know so when you when your advertising. That. You know a certain individuals playing Macbeth you expected that star is going to be playing Macbeth when you walk into theaters right now and you don't want the other study. Okay so I got a problem. -- please let your kid you know simply to join his eagle right values. Limit taming of the -- or what is either what are your kids is involved in the play right now are you actually weren't as you're going to see that this week watching -- -- before I mean I like a girl's part or am I -- -- all that the cars look a lot auction and it is my issue. Mike issue is I've tickets for tonight's. Celtics. And I wanna petitioned the the commissioner to file some type of sanction against the -- because my purchase those tickets I was expecting -- run. To be one of the performance. I was expecting him to be the performer at the point guard. And tonight I'm probably the -- are so -- -- but this is that rip off affair. Or how about this -- money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I expected one thing in this -- something different. It pissed me off all the time because in the commissioner's. You know little officials there the little group of the of the of officials we'll hatchet men. When they don't throw people lot of gains and -- call it a game. And a -- -- tossed out the first quartet pisses me even if it's on the other. Some people might love it if LeBron James never. -- -- -- -- I had a deal would trucks -- dry up. I've probably got to my -- up three minutes into the first corner I I -- you brought it a couple of minutes later he's gone David Stern is. Arrogant and so on don't know he's not you don't use. David Stern has proven to you right now with his commentary and Gregg Popovich situation. He's the man of the people -- -- here on the consumers. He's fighting for you the fan. What about why ultimately got an issue that's why he's standing up to Greg proper all of I didn't I didn't who. Well all of them like I thought about that Michael I have an issue tonight. Because he's taking a player out of the game suspending. It does making a lot of money why did you just take money away from John -- As they -- hurting the individual player. And yet you're not hurting the consumer. That he's trying to -- -- I all right I know -- your tongues firmly planted in your -- on somebody just that on your stupid you -- you know I'll get it and it is being sarcastic. But your point is very well taken he would supply just retire already did. Retire already don't wait until 2014. No it right now you can do what everybody. Running up. Yes everybody and no jobs. Everybody knows says he picked the perfect replacement. It's not that a little yes -- it's very capable number two guy who could become number one in. 2014. But in the meantime. David Stern all you have to do is talk they'll show you why it's time for him ago. Now in the case of Gregg Popovich last night on the surface David Stern has a very good case. The big case. You are a big fan of the Miami Heat you see stars every night anyway he went timed the year. But if you really wanna take it up to the next level yet you you might go to C San Antonio deceit Tim Duncan before he retires and see -- all all the fuss about Ginobili. And -- about -- Wanna go to that arena and harassed them to search SharePoint paid for ticket you expect to see the best players available. But this is David Stern is so out of touch why such a bully. And why he abuses his power he's been doing this for the last decade what are we have to come out and say there'll be serious sanctions -- he's. No I don't I'm asking. You you know I don't know I don't know I don't know why I do I don't know ideal and I tell you about is gonna say and you can tell me why didn't affect. All he had to do is say we are aware of we'll look into it. We're gonna handle these things on a case by case basis because in some cases. I'd actually be legitimate. And and Gregg Popovich -- on -- -- -- -- agendas stern has an agenda and we're all we're all ponds in this game that has probably been going on between the commissioner Popovic. For five years. But that that's neither here and there. David Stern as commissioner can just say outlook intuit. And will investigate the situation and if if we need to take action to take actions -- have come -- grandstand all the time. Here's the problem that yes he he did it already. And he did nothing about it Greg -- Popovich did the exact same thing back last spring in which he not only do these players like. -- -- Didn't coach in the game he flew home he thought that he needed rest. This was a condensed season and what do the NBA do about it they looked into what they found no fault with it. What's difference between that game. And this because if you get on the surface. San Antonio. Is on a -- -- they're playing six games in nine games they're playing four games in five days they played eleven games out of the -- Go look at a map right now if you're not. You know versatile when it comes to geography. -- tell me it's practically in Mexico. For Boston. Teams within your division are fairly easy to get for San Antonio. Now not so western and these are Eastern Conference trips that are taking. For San Antonio. So how is that any different. Once. You don't think -- commissioner got a phone call. From GMD's and a bench wedeman we have been -- part of earning up here right should broke off all pro also -- -- Duncan. -- -- -- I'm not sure did agree it was a problem on the other three guys were -- which was the problem is he was there. That's as their last night are not Charles Barkley gives you that. -- it but he only gets you actually got -- question no Barbara I LOK and we'll get to that because I'm short term I know you wanna do other things out of but it probably cut that can't stop. Doctor -- Brackett is the real rate here you're useless as -- are being -- -- Jack I'm sorry I love you Charles I love you the best. Richard not the best that would you do last night -- questions asked and the only you only had one question and you needed to. The cats. Get questions. Asked questions asked but that's what the commission the commission and got. 88. Our network. That they're they're paying -- paying a fortune to the MBA from the scheme called the commissioners -- Can't sell this crap our sponsors are going to be furious at odds. In that you're sending out an exhibition all right up here. When this is one of our big showcase match -- Antonio spurs Miami Heat and this is the simplest. That's what commissioners upset it's all about goodness because in the spring. No TNT game he said not he he basically that would handle it right. Move on why should present at that Michael why didn't say at that time from now that you got your players must be there at the game. What they do that he didn't. Yeah and that would OK in it he says that people aren't satisfied and Popovich has done that before too. He sat down he sat down Tim Duncan Tim Duncan has been on the bench in uniform. Hasn't played here's the classic line on the stat sheet. He had Tim Duncan did not play -- old. That's the reason so do you blame Greg Popovich list. I don't. I don't I don't I don't I don't blame for. He's great coach and there's a reason why it like -- you know how -- outrage here is he I don't blame import but I don't think he's doing that he has. Legitimate reasons to do actually I don't think he's doing it for those reasons I think he's protesting. Because of all I don't I think yesterday's protest of the schedule. Scheduled to just point out too stupid schedule -- read it they never no team no team should ever had to deal with that. Four games of five days has just done double which rotates not adjusting the schedule is now ya know I think what he's doing is he's against those guys home. It took them home a couple of it -- launched. And have to be civil. Well he yes he did because they have game on Saturday night in the game on Saturday and at -- home game. Against maybe one of the best teams in the league right on Memphis took what other ways of employment and what you eat and they only want more how to get the San Antonio pony express. They -- last night. Thursday and Friday he had to send them home on Thursday to prepare for months. Itself what. A lot of them could have more than one aspect of that. Second manager in charge of the first marriage for. Listen I I think I don't think he's trying to make a protest I don't think this is about protest. I think he's looking at the sketch. He's looking at with best first said he made this decision back in July here's the only thing I would say he's been disingenuous. Is that he's saying. It didn't matter -- team wants it turned out it was Miami but it was based on the end of this long trip these guys need to get rest because we've got some important games. Coming up right after including Memphis on Saturday night. It has to be because he's looking at -- thing was. My last game was Saturday night pick up on Saturday was their last no game Sunday no game Monday no game Tuesday no game Wednesday. In the meantime sit -- Dario in five. In an instant 45 days. They're playing six in nine days they're traveling three hour for our trips in -- airplay plus all the time that you go from the airport in your hotel out to the the well well well -- this doesn't eliminate that part because you at this point MBA travel MBA travels not like. Travel were always telling commercial benefit decent guys back and commercial -- actually going the the deal for. -- orders at 927. 27 -- Tim Duncan and them and then get a middle seat I don't picks up. At the point is if you know it's a good point. That is just an unfair to schedule into the ballot -- -- -- -- McCain and you've got Miami and he almost did it. But he got Miami's -- wait for you -- tired team at the end of the road trip. Beneath the rest I think he could have he could have accomplished that by not than in those guys I think it clearly what you want some attention I think one protest it. I'll give you that he could've had him sitting on the bench but if you wanna give them real rest. And noticed that on the whole with the exception of Denny Green they were veteran players and greens played more minutes than anybody else on the team so he was looking at him being worn down. An animal agrees that we situation but the other guys have family situation and we sent -- home. Figuring maybe Peyton -- get a little bit of rest as we need to win that game. Saturday against Memphis and all our chances we beat Washington we beat Orlando most of the beat Atlanta maybe. -- went to Miami. When they're sick effort ever sixth shot at winning that game and you're right it pulled -- and lost by by five and took a yeah right grass prairie. To what -- -- I don't blame pop which -- here's what the commission has got to figure out. Is the idea to have all of the performers. Show up in costume. Okay on the set night of the performance. Or is the goal of each one of these coaches and each one of these organizations. To win a championship. For their fan base. -- really you know what is it what what his answer while we don't want them to win they can still win by -- goes. Michael his players whether it's always in input David Stern it's always it's always very simple as all commissioners. Are like this in sports -- you're dealing with that millions of doubt billions of dollars actually you know and so. It's really. It's not about the game anymore for them for the commissioners. As they say it's about the game they say they love it. And they probably did at one point. Once you start making all these deals Europe businessman and you gotta be a good businessman and a BA commissioner. And -- hope that you can be a good commissioner. -- -- you can't be a good commissioner good businessman and think about -- -- what's best for the game. Something's gotta give and in most cases -- Roger Goodell and David Stern. Gary Bettman and I'm not talking about him. And about Buick in most cases they have given up. They've sold their souls to business. And the games have benefited benefited from it because of the payroll but number one for them. Is making money and satisfying corporate sponsors we all know soccer profits is number one that's not it's not Doc Rivers over one that in our Greg pearl. Apple may choose Ben who's the best coach in the NBA right now he is a reason -- there's a reason because he got to Duncan well that's part of it. But that energy and nobody that OK and mark OK but there all the teams ultimately that -- good players as well. This guy puts team first and winning first and that's all matters and he looks at small picture looks at big picture I was in the commission has got to. Probably do something I'm not -- would've made a difference. Whether they were they are in Miami in street clothes. Where you don't if you paid admission to get it to to watch. Tim Duncan in in street clothes not the best Dresser I don't know if you noticed them lately. So what's the big deal there as opposed to him sit back in San Antonio. Resting for the next game. I we'll follow my next what you Jerod Mayo will join us shortly after 3 o'clock or -- I'm eat current breakdown that's. And the yet dolphins an interesting piece this past week about this whole collateral issue would get into that with him. And we'll talk with them more urban -- sports and for ESPN. Little bit later normal model we get into the lateral issue would get the whole issue. Out in San Francisco were Alex Smith has finally spoken he doesn't understand. Why he's not -- -- us an -- honest I don't keep me kind of state your case with a player like -- done that. Interest thing. Players kind of shy away right down to report concussions to there for -- gonna lose their jobs we'll get into all of that. We got the false the next at 61777979837. Happy would to play snowboarding game a new guys coming -- the -- -- played pretty well in transition and -- -- -- some shots and were ahead so. That's -- good do like that made that a game. We have to have a good pace that we play half court their defense is too good our only shot to keep the pace going. Also want a guy -- after former president. Process. We're aware that the commission is already issued a statement saying that this was gonna -- sanctions. Now the Nolan told you you actually. I would never react to something I don't even know Boehner -- -- or food. Nine days out the road six different cities to different countries 5500. Miles rocks and that's who would be a trip was Miami sitting around South Beach. -- -- We haven't up on our FaceBook page and the unbelievable. Unbelievable goes to show you what happens to these professional athletes. Can't pick him or you can't do certain things that's why. Be a little worried about big pop in here who came on last night I don't look like that he can't. I don't know what it looks like he came up last night the guys who says he's still not ready. Still not ready -- I ask you to follow November we'll talk about this are Charles Barkley. If you gonna interview Gregg Popovich and -- are certain rules -- like any -- the is walking violations this army violations you read the -- They tell you we get to questions. Ask the third expect a guy like Popovich -- like somebody like Doc Rivers party -- staff who might be willing to answer that question for you. Popovich knows the rules. With the one guy -- after former president. Programme could include begins at two ends though I took locals regular Politico hi Dave. But I actors are or bring it. The question who warned it would like they are on the bench and recall we know we're. That's a question -- their record her record but you don't want if you're Popovich they did this before they -- this last spring sent players home including the coach and didn't get penalized for. So why wouldn't do it why didn't the commissioner at that point. Establish a new rule that you couldn't send a healthy players back home. Now suddenly he's embarrassed because TNT is pissed off and an -- -- Miami has. They graduated. Ticket price. That's how they do their ticket prices so if you're gonna go to -- Miami Heat San Antonio Spurs game that's a top tier ticket they charge more for the then they would for let's say in Orlando Magic ticket price each game differently. So people paid more for that game because of the opponent so he's probably pissed about that -- why didn't set precedent. Back in the spring when San Antonio did this and say okay this is the new rule going forward. An electric -- no -- that Miami and what. To expect there. There wasn't a big factor but I don't think. If you're and I I understand I'd I'd definitely understand if you're in that situation may be Miami's got a good example because. They're spoiled on a nightly basis may get a chance to see. The best player in the NBA. And -- Along with Dwyane Wade and in Chris Bosh for every home game and throw -- Ray Allen too but -- and if you are in Sacramento. If he pulls this is Sacramento. If he pulls this and Washington. But you're then you're really you're really really have a case because they're the -- there's a chance that you would have gone to the game at all. And in Miami Heat fans they're gonna go to the game because they got a good team championship contender. In Sacramento. -- lucky to have a team at all. And if you're going you're gonna go out there that arena in the middle of nowhere. You gonna have to have a really good reason I can't imagine buying a ticket to Sacramento Sacramento game. You go out there you expect to -- Tim Duncan and manager notably in Tony Parker and -- don't seem to fans have to give fans have. Defensive griped that have a gripe but they -- they have a -- to -- -- not a case to Celtic fans over Greg appear to -- but not a typical. You know even when you clinch -- -- aren't used to it sitting at -- -- -- -- per ticket holder you don't gain in November that you eighteen questions. I. Our final over this in November there's no way you expect in November early season game and that's. I can be part of your strategy of buying tickets I don't know how much competition areas were Miami Heat tickets. Where you're you're weighing a game in November. December verses of the game and April you -- April. Well I don't know Dwyane Wade gets heard every you're going to be playing an April war is game and I am Saturday may he may play play 27 minutes that party's game -- play 3842. Minutes. Somebody punching up no banned for Steelers this week oak okay first of all he got hooked. OK and that happens injuries happen but in the case of the San Antonio players hurt. The coach is simply resting them because it's really totally wet and -- they woke up or down wrote that's what -- Stuart frost Rajon Rondo is suspended. For tonight's game against Portland so if you're Celtic thing you bought the ticket you expected their best player Rondo to be -- not going to be there now. That's why I wonder. Whether suspensions -- necessarily the the right way to go if you were. Because you're set up as a business your setup as an entertainment vehicle. And you're actually taking away from the plane there are ways that you can. Heavily fine both the team and the player. And make him pay without affecting the thing. Okay now negatives aside parts this whole thing. And. It really comes down to ego the sidebar is David Stern and in Gregg Popovich. David Stern wasn't always like this and that's -- that's why jump on so much because I remember him I remember him win. David I remember you win when you were cool when you were reasonable when you were rational. When your -- didn't get the best of -- was always a confident guy but the success of the league. Got to his head and that's why he's in this position now where he's abusing his power doors -- -- abuses by you know you remember when general. I do but I think there's been out of a dramatic change. In the personalities of the owners of the team because let's face -- the commissioner is not the commissioner of the whole game. He really is a representative of the ownership right and years ago that would that period you're talking about -- 100% correct. He was extremely flexible logical because he had ownership that would just go along with what he wanted to do because they felt comfortable with. What you get right now especially with social media and everything else you -- a Mark Cuban who is how to use it better than anybody else was using it against the commission. So the commission is gonna slap him with a 250000 dollar fine he's go to get his money to. He's a little embarrassed commissioner he's gonna cause him a lot of pain and agony and maybe even a few dollars in the process okay. Now that's that's one side. Also remember Gregg Popovich to win -- go way back. Gregg Popovich was an assistant coach for the warriors to do you know well respected guy good basketball guy. He. Really stumbled onto some really. It's great fortune he get this a lot of the Lotto but everybody's about Massachusetts want it. We -- a person elite personnel guy Richard and that's LeBron and he wanted a long time ago and then he decided to move on from Bob Hill was coaching the spurs. They were terrible. Spurs at that time had. About this Dominique Wilkins and Vernon Maxwell. They -- bad. Were it not as bad as the Celtics. And that 9697 season but still I think he went 20/20 one games it took over down the stretch Dave Robinson had a back injury he was out that's why that that part of the reason they were bad. We got Tim Duncan. So if you don't have if you don't have Tim Duncan and -- about -- when the commission should have investigated everything that's what we should of Adler as. Right it did yeah and a flat out it was a flat object for the ocean club the Celtics were going bankrupt so both these guys. Just caught up are just consumed. With their -- there in their arrogance and ego. I will agree with you like I've dealt with Popovich a little bit and he does have that sense of of arrogance but it's it's -- for him I think. It's very much control issue. And it works it's one of the reasons I believe he is extremely successful. He commands. Great respect. But he also is the type of guy that. If you're not going along with a program. He's gonna hit you with a with a with a ton of bricks a guarantee you when Craig Sager asked them that question he knew exactly anyway is going on right but the with the commissioner had done. He just was not gonna give the commission of the satisfaction. That I know I'm -- answer questions like that I have and I don't know about that that's what he was don't. But I think it's quite obvious success but you'll support those players. And those players I'll guarantee you app shall we love the fact that he said do it to four guys get a point poll. Spent some time of the family relax some sleep. Rest I know it's been tough already this battle ridiculous strip you guys have gone well beyond what I ever expect -- go to the strip. I love you guys go home and when -- -- Memphis asked on Saturday night. There's a part of news disappointed. I'm sure a lot of people were disappointed -- not tonight not being able to watch. Two best teams in the league play. You know I'm always. Always competitive. Really care about with load -- -- -- I LeBron looks a little bit differently. As I'm sure a lot of players -- that matters is -- Gregg Popovich really cares about his own team. And the question is out of his four players that percent -- feel about it my guess is they feel pretty damn good about it. I just think you grow and you got a handle it on a case by case basis as a commissioner. It is your job to make sure that the consumers are enjoying themselves you can make sure that. And the games are competitive there on the open up nothing strange is going on and if you if he had looked into. The case of San Antonio if you looked into the reasons Gregg Popovich and these guys home I think you would that okay that's reasonable. What I think will be John that's not what he -- shouted at -- but both guys both guys are beyond that it and the true story is this has been going on his record their detention at the back and forth between these guys have been going on. A lot longer than when this -- like yesterday it's been that's been happening for awhile I text -- what would bill do bill would do what is best for his team had a brilliant guys just have bad. It is still got support of -- really tough to you you you couldn't do it in football in the equivalent of what's happened right now there's no equivalent. Are out of equivalent football so the beginning of the year. This is the first what are we in the first. 1516 games of the season. So game to. He decides no Tom Brady. No no Logan Mankins. No Vince Wilfork. And throw in Stephen Gregory. You know you get -- second game of the year because the schedule is just a little too crazy and well these guys need to rest and we're gonna come back we had a tough home game amended criminal equivalent when you're playing sixteen games vs 82 just wouldn't. I can't I can't see him doing it. There in the first part of season. NFL it happened at the end of the year when teams have Clint something. Warning case of Philadelphia they have nothing else to play for fees are higher RIR. -- players in releasing players like Batman. What -- good teams in the NFL he never gonna use and several articles currently only have sixteen games -- isn't it there's no comparison right Gregg Popovich knows. He's going to make -- He knows he's guaranteed a playoff position right now almost 345 -- -- guys go down with the injuries and if that's the case knuckle foreign playoffs to begin. I -- we go again here's John Maine hello John. I don't get that done. During resorts where you my friend I love. He's brilliant is that guy which which government trading grammys air force academy graduate correct its specialty there -- psychological operations. Think that -- important strength not only -- key. And so he reserves the players that may ultimately lead to arguably the top export immediately to play right now the championship. You know and chipped in the end. The hornets -- Probably you are worried that your connector -- era where -- -- -- You know -- used -- think it was against Miami and installed -- -- and -- -- with my back out. He give you -- money. Out of their heads. Tickets start he really didn't absolute genius I agree with how people were as quarterbacks -- Smart -- that we. A lot better -- No I agree with it is very difficult to deal with by the way for lot of media members they have similar issues do what what people have complained about with Bill Belichick. But it's a matter Popovich only cares. About that team. And what it takes to win a championship with those guys that's all he cares about he's extremely consistent. As is Belichick runs at the same way always got -- back those guys. And I think those guys level I'm guilty of those four guys were absolutely. Love the fact that he sent them home they're worn out there are older artists and artist for guys. Probably the entirety can kind of get predatory -- and it's just said they they played well on the team last night. Opportunity for me to show coach something like I can show him something because he's giving me meaningful moment. Now I never thought I would see this today and noble will play the sound later. As watching ESPN earlier in the winter. A man Stephen A Smith. And asked him his opinion on this and I never thought I'd see the day. Stephen basement. Is not only borrowing. The orderly France he took from -- he took it he owns it now you don't have anymore. It is the Stephen A Smith. -- Because so both sides on eight and temples -- -- -- -- to create they don't want -- don't. Thought the commissioner. Well that's tantamount in his eyes to somebody being in a repeat offender from something he obviously finds offense of -- spoke to the commissioner just a couple of minutes ago -- -- expected that is all he would say that the statements speak for himself and clearly got what he's Dolan has been the air got -- right. -- overdid -- sort of you understand the commissioner's position I was understandably mr. Gregg Popovich in a while not about the question we -- -- just got medically as one of the best coaches in the game. A lot of national. Gotta love got to have all got to -- lives in defense got to have Davis turned down durable so that stripped of it does he began only really quit now he's fit. I'm TVs in the if they. I don't think it's a suspension should happen even I don't think you should be suspended. But at the commissioner decides to fine. Spurs' Gregg Popovich. And his team. Where he's come for a although not gonna question Gregg Popovich knows his players. The that I got a local somebody important like -- they dismissed that. They're. So -- have to really play both sides in this case though David Stern David Stern was wrong he jumped he was he. Reacted to quickly put a -- overreact because. Because I think it does and it does deserve some investigation. When one of the top teams in the league. It's holding out. Three of the top players in the -- When everybody in a nationally televised I think that absolutely deserve some investigation. But he just spoke about these sanctions. And that it's gonna be substantial. Without even looking at a tournament but even better Christine just talked about a repeat offender. But correctly from my -- it up again and I remember when it. But he send players home and he went home as well what are -- talking about. And it can should look -- -- I think I believe Adam silver was handed that in assignment. Looked into it and they came to the conclusion. That you shouldn't kill it but there's nothing they can really do. -- to sanction the the San Antonio Spurs right nothing naked at that point the commissioner had a golden opportunity to say okay. This is a practice now that I'll guarantee you gonna see more and more of around the NBA and I wanna put it into right now. San Antonio is sending players home they are taking totally healthy players. And not putting them in game so that they can rest them for other games we can't have that. That's gonna hurt our product nationally we still have to play as you sit in the Sacramento is in Washington as we put on a good show there so therefore from now want. If any team does that they will be fine they will be analyzed it -- which is budget. He had an opportunity mostly to shut the Roland both teams and think about doing and I listen to this -- -- -- talking about the punishment. But what that might entail is suspension on a -- a bug Greg Popovich. Obviously the commission might try to do something like that or an extremely FT five. We don't know what direction it's going and I'm leaning towards suspension as the polls for the five because obviously was Gregg Popovich is decision number one and number two if you find the San Antonio Spurs organization. Did -- for finding the ownership -- Hulk who -- -- -- obviously is one of the individuals David Stern answers too because the commissioner is answerable to the owners it's not the other way around. You know working while the -- does not -- abuse the trust me you're much better. When you go off the deep man not too deep now be careful -- -- it's now. -- but when you go off the deep -- a little bit you much but of the plane -- -- that just doesn't work. Here's what Gregg Popovich -- -- -- action in the Bill Belichick does. Screw you. -- injury report. Okay Britain's got a shoulder you know he's questionable -- Like what -- -- -- doing is he knows now he won't be able to send those players back all. But I'll get out of that you -- him Dawkins my back hurts me and organized around for a long time but a lot of minutes. I mean you got got a record of get this kid's -- -- for a long time now and everybody will know it'll roll the phone. About a bright. Not reduce MIA I love what I am right now that's going to be okay. I don't wanna hear about a statement like I.

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