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Patrick Chung, Patriots Safety, on the Patriots upcoming game against the Dolphins

Nov 30, 2012|

Patrick Chung joins Mut and Lou to talk about the Pats upcoming matchup against Tannehill and the Dolphins’ offense in Miami. He talks about how new teammate Talib has molded into the Patriots defense and what it will be like playing in the hot south Florida weather this Sunday. Chung also answers some personal questions posed by listeners.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline Patrick jump out patriots Friday Patrick Dario. -- -- -- we're just dug Bo Bo Jackson do you think Bo Jackson is the greatest athlete you've ever seen. You'd be such say that apple is that they're beefed up there with their students who will yet these are stories you know. I mean -- -- elapsed between operating but he. Lazard to react and rank anybody is a dual sport I played football at a high level. He played baseball at a high level he was an all star use an MVP. Of the all star game you're you'll -- put him topping a list who's better. Are you up there he is definitely a beast in broke out not taken anything from either and and a locker took well all those sports and you're legit you hotel room. Well -- wrote that of course. -- I think it's his touch it -- Friday but I wanted to know you'd. The the aggressiveness that you guys showed they're on Thursday -- game was was aggressiveness you know I haven't really seen just like you got hit hard overall in the future performance. And I know you were in the air for the most part nickel plays nickel defense -- when you look at that performance that what you guys capable of. It -- that's the word. You know it can be very -- strategy can work Eric he's right there are keep finishing plays and that's always been taught to do in the little content. How helpful was it after a quick turnaround on a Thursday Patrick -- the weekend off come back. A policy freshman may be refreshed at this point a year and then have the extra couple days to prepare for the final five games of the season in Miami on Sunday. Yeah I mean it's resulting in a matter of perfect it's about our football we'll that you easily Turkey would -- whatever -- -- You know respectful bloggers here -- back in return was back on that target focus. Are we at some guys that most people here -- FaceBook and it's -- here and give us some questions and Robert -- wants to know what's your most memorable moment. Thus far any NFL in your career. More memorable moment. Quote say okay NCAA championship or that Miami. I think two years there -- two years ago that -- go out there in all you know. There is very exciting they're very happy guy right here. -- Mike wanted on FaceBook about the new addition to keep to leave. How much is helping out you in the secondary to adamant that group. All you've got sicker Americans -- or lack console note loyalty to play. Any particular markers that replica of this critical cool black Americans when it got so. He fits in perfectly here. Article guys and we Doug Stephen Gregory on Monday you know. Northeast kind of guy Brooklyn kid. It seems that you know we talked a lot about the experience you tuck the communication everything but just talking to him he seems like a perfect fit here especially in this market for the state. Very cool -- I actually have done little lyrical rarely and that's they're used to go to school -- access orderly sale what are your. He's just -- -- I -- wanna -- is a baseball and the you can admit he's the Yankee fan right scene where it's at Yankee year. I Stephen Gregory at the -- Outlook two words yeah except your insurer. I don't get that we don't we got another question for Paul -- he wants to know butcher tattoos now Avery meaning with any of these tattoos and specialty. All all of the country that -- had to that. One particular the favored. When it means. I got to. And the first. We worked out here in their life. It's a strong quote now gold from that question this one might be a little bit change of pace. Because to Sean Sharpton wanted to and focus you you you make grilled cheese in your daddy gotta make grilled -- for the kids you put the do you put the blotter in the pan. When you make grilled -- thirty go right on the bread. In the sense put it in the since cookie. There with a -- that you would about it. It's tough call log and admit now it the other way around not a lot -- Iran bread right. Moderate to -- yet tried out Patrick -- right out of -- right on the red man's on there believe it. I like what the blurb that and that little somebody or dislike Newton -- around the edges. Also. The -- and make it that's restaurant quality group she's -- Patrick Chung. Is -- -- get job on this obviously that's not warmer around here anymore it's now towards went too much you're going to Miami. Bill said you guys turned up the heat a little bit in practice -- like at this point in the year. It's -- December here to win the gold a place like Miami warm weather game this time a year. Yes Harvey out there together like you ever everywhere like being wore red. Warm winter so at least a few charitable taking. Are you any inside information your boy Chip Kelly come into the NFL it in this and he may wanna go confidential but what what do you think he could bring to a team new NFL. -- think Sunni. Partner. Just a great coach -- ain't our ticket or talk either you're coaching popular person. A look here is that what you want my one of my favorites and pretty whatever. Whatever parts would have bombed a good one then that's what it is -- that the cargo. Which coach you like better Chip Kelly or Bill Belichick. However there are tremendous tremendous -- out get out this because everyone's talking college football this week in the SEC champ two games can determine. Who plays Notre Dame Oregon had a great year we buster on org is that you're you're a duck but it there's got to be party you. That wishes that there were some sort of playoff system now because the way organ played all year there was a fourteen playoff system. They'd be involved right now does that show off a little bit they're not gonna get chance play for a national title. Yeah well let me you know I'm I'm gonna have a live like hostility well whereabouts and there are I think I noticed there primarily efficacy games in the US. Patrick best luck in Miami appreciate the time is always and thank you for the vice in the grilled cheese. Didn't know put the butter around the edges taught me a much -- technique in the war. You're given a bit -- Cohen thank you Patrick Patrick Chung joining us here or Patrick Chung joins us he's brought to you by quick claim tire. And auto center good cooking lesson on the grilled -- models for those people it's a hard hitting guys he's up -- If you listen to these ones before. I mean we get a detailed game plan and there and it wheels and so the FaceBook here today was -- gust up brought good question the first in -- -- -- we're doing it next week -- those were good you guys today nice. Some we did a nice job something you were adults -- wanna slap upside the head. Many US and good question where do it again next week if I have any say -- -- quick break come back to you what's on tap keep it take you down show up. I'll kick your ass I got no problem doing it.

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