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Michael Fabiano, NFL Network, Week 13 in Fantasy Football

Nov 30, 2012|

Michael Fabiano joins Mut and Lou to answer callers’ Fantasy Football questions, who to start and who to sit. Players of interest include Miles Austin, Colin Kaepernick, and Chad Henne.

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1 o'clock on a Friday that means Michael's abbey auto. Joins the program to get you set for week thirteen fantasy football league catcher Michael NFL fantasy live weekdays at two and at midnight. On the NFL network also nfl.com slash fantasy live on Twitter. You can harass him or contact him at Michael underscore for -- -- congratulations 64 year old Andy -- Back with the Celtics Michael the and the Yankees -- -- Yankee. -- Celtics TrailBlazer and today they are all Michael forum if they it's. -- you guys enjoyed -- we're here beside him he's gonna hit it but to explain the post season. Right well you guys don't have to get. Said -- right now -- but mostly numbers. Michael let's -- let's get the reality is that I need help but I'm gonna start up at all you might be asking the same question. But -- I have the entire Oakland raider backfield. And Marcel -- has been better than a Knick fans been all year long we last three weeks. Some good news and telling McFadden and goods and bolt that setbacks in recent still the guy please. Well there's a little bit -- -- news. Doesn't sound is actually saying that. The reason is going to be the primary ball carrier and they're gonna -- McFadden back into the offense so. That doesn't mean spells. Mix that in limited and it's supposed to be raining cats and dogs -- -- and they got a huge storm coming through the northern California area on Sunday so. There's going to be a lot of running of the football in that contest assuming that is exactly what happened to the meteorologists are right. So you're going to be a lot of potentially Marceau reached -- Nader raiders don't even bring McFadden back because the conditions are bad that's just me speculating I don't know but. Right now -- is a better fit to play. But it's gonna be a little sloppy there at -- -- thank you very much appreciate it's nice you put yourself ahead everybody else I'll ask question that has nothing to do with Meeks there that's selfish like Lou is that. And -- site to waited it out Ben Roethlisberger has been ruled out this weekend. Are any other steal -- offensive players start a bull in a ten team and just the regular ten team league Michael given that Charlie Batch is gonna be a quarterback for the Steelers. I would say that guided -- to have the most confidence in. No I don't have a lot of confidence in him and his. Probably got -- liar because Mendenhall didn't move down the third on the depth chart he is -- wire that is and the rated defense and nothing good against the run this year but I think he's more and more let Amir flex start. Because you never know what's gonna happen in the backfield. Mike Wallace I think you have to vengeance -- a rapist murders out. He has been demoted to quote a -- starter alongside Emanuel Sanders. And it put a -- back this week but. Charlie Batch is the quarterback that ruins basically every option that passing game -- Miller. Has really seen his numbers drop over the last three or four weeks she's been. After block a little bit more in the line of scrimmage that's a little bit banged up and they just lost my catalytic captured I was to the comeback so. I would just any weddings and a low scoring game. The Steelers defense it is clearly still very good. On the field on sanity but this game is basically re right. The -- and defense. And I and that maybe Torrey Smith -- his third wide receiver although I don't like the matchup against I nearly here there's not a lot of late in the contest overall not just Steelers. Let's get some your phone calls Michael's abbey out of NFL -- come NFL network 6177797937. Adams in new Hampshire at a what's going on. Gloria good idea what you're going to -- to actually I have a choice screen like course or it is you feel from colts. -- I would encouragement here I don't like -- magical thing would you like -- he's been real good -- the last couple weeks but. Overall he's been a bit inconsistent. Alliance or not that bad at home defensively -- and that doesn't count down. And I'll concede -- -- -- and agree with it in the current. I just I don't -- Hilton. As much as as I do -- at bat matchup. I would doesn't want and you can play in this week black and obliterated he had -- -- once -- he pointed to forty plus receiving yards and -- want so. That was with Roethlisberger play this week that can't -- Mike Wallace. By text or what that says urgent needs to do with the playoffs needs to make it and apparently. Who as you start Romo does its job hours -- Carson Palmer. It's global and heroic -- good matchup this week. The Eagles had -- -- -- birdie -- that -- put each of the last two quarterbacks they faced Cantu and grab ordered the search in their -- and make gains quarterbacks have all scored over sixteen fantasy points. That would definitely Romo. The Eagles defense besides last week against the Panthers not very good that sort of a team in disarray right now and I like -- a lot of those guys again Palmer. It's got a good match up but it is raining cats and dogs there I don't wanna play Carson Palmer in that game. I Scots in Portland Scott air of Michael's -- on. Eight at a particular culture. I got a question what do Saudia. I get -- C a yeah layup spot. Bill -- Michael her in then. Very disappointing throughout the entire season. You also have any witness on the bench and Michael Bush on the bench. Iraq with Michael Turner street layouts or do -- find some -- -- for. You know I actually don't think -- been that bad in -- he last night he was without scoring player and I game leader not -- which was an unbelievably. Ridiculous game Drew -- despite -- extent it was ugly profanity orders and for the stock into the think especially the plane to. But to her have been that bad I mean he always seems to find the end zone in fact. We had thirteen points last night at nine a week before he had under eleven really before the game against the war on earlier this year he was terrible week before that. Get over sixteen against the cowboys he's no longer -- -- number 1 February backed. But at least he's still two maybe alone and we still to enter -- what Jack has Rogers is doing now offense turner still seeing more touches overall. We're below in loans you were in new England and ethnic -- is being imposed because he is -- he wants an open starts. Join an entitlement over Decker almost Stephen -- before today. No on both accounts but it is just a -- interviewed Steven earlier this week vertical -- like what a great guy he was he was really engaging. He knows about him and football people come up don't -- at a model like -- to -- fans became so. He's pretty cool guy. No no on both accounts of Eric Decker. Is put in the Buccaneers this week and if there's ever elixir for a wide receiver who are struggling either on the field or gently into the Buccaneers played Decker. I terms of running back spot Lou asked about -- earlier David -- on Twitter wanted to know Reese moraine -- DiMarco Marie. Leaning towards Marino he says would you like of that group. I mean it -- and it is it was a tough decision because it's Marino was playing against the Buccaneers to what they think he has surpassed what they've given up the -- was working arsenal right back all season long. DeMarco Murray into going to be limited. We don't even know all signs point to him playing this week they bring him back to full board and put him out prefer eighteen to 22 scary. I just don't know I honestly think out of those three guys read -- and -- just that unless you don't hear that McFadden is gonna start these situations are talked. We're not only me that anyone predict because. You -- Geico and I don't think because Greg Jennings guys -- -- Greg Jennings is one of the best writers here and fiscal following LP and act as we can you think it all I need automatically part of an in my line up. Well now you hear reports that he can be limited you know they want to just ease him back into the opposite so -- lake urgent I think thing. With McFadden or -- I think arena is a better place here but he can -- you can -- -- -- -- -- Telecom and all the major -- -- -- -- -- -- report. About what's going on with that game and it's a later game two which makes it even more difficult. -- bends and fair haven yet fantasy advice from Michael -- on a bad go that. He had -- gonna be right. Yes sir you do quick question I got three receivers aren't burst plates in my PP I'll be argued that not one of them have access. I Jeremy Maclin and Miles Austin I know what Miles Austin Maclin that's going to be in the game so I wondered what would be the best. You think you. FitzGerald then and that is brought it up -- -- right -- in some -- finally leaves -- -- Sox mainly socks. I mean he's terrible I actually think the jets' defense like three or four at least expect them to display any other way to get that lead. The thing with -- confident that in a little bit banged up right now remember he had hip last week and there's situation I know he's had a hamstring injury going on for a while. I think there would -- often because of its -- I do what happens if you suddenly inactive. And in your kind of -- -- in the back there. I I don't like FitzGerald I don't like having a -- I would start it over often just because of that situation. I don't let the magic from Akron either he's played against the Eagles he's going to be covered by -- car they don't have DeSean Jackson. Did you any kind of defense of coverage -- it -- feel that was a big Riley Cooper's gonna do that RJ Davone. So I don't honestly love I need for any one of these three guys but I don't just I don't securabit ago Americans. Over often just because I don't -- -- 100%. Hey Michael early in year if you told me that there was some fantasy starters and Jackson but probably tell you crazies mr. Jones-Drew went down but. You play every Chad Henne with shorts and black men there that can play in buffalo this week. But these guys -- gonna find a way lineups. Like they want to right now simply -- short that a guy would start over a lot of the big name guys including -- FitzGerald including Mike -- including or a Torrey Smith. I didn't believe that their first -- earlier this year -- -- got one big game or call one pound tree yards and touchdown coming and not -- -- -- short and. They wouldn't it but not lately he -- WP -- -- and five out of six games and social work -- -- look at any of all people. It made the jaguars pass attack. There that you viable I mean. I didn't get -- I don't believe it is now it's such content you've got Justin Blackmon was playing well also now those guys will suffered injuries to begin practice but durable back to practice today so. Barring any sort of on -- step back they should be fun to play. But I hope I'm starting to get heady especially with one week left until fantasy playoffs. I have to be pretty desperate putt in QQB league absolutely it's amazing you're right that Georgia was out you -- Jack doesn't appear that you wasteland. Certainly because of cat city of all people they have. Value -- how wide receiving corps and even Marcedes Lewis has been a little better lately. -- Amazon Norwood with the money back question Leno had. Buried irritation out. I want to ask who started well this leader at the outlook or in the and you are also leading -- -- short but I dirty little boy that was -- It will really short but want to -- healthy he could return to practice yesterday and delivered an ankle injury. And if you -- ago that I think he needs to be a go order hadn't -- The colts have been just awful against the run as these communities are not very good overall that. What short span of one of the top five running -- and then people won't last for weeks he scored touchdowns. It was the first quarterback to -- for a touchdown against the Texans back on Thanksgiving Day again provided there's a -- -- it would shore. -- -- a Connecticut with sneak him what Michael's abbey on Doug Conant. I -- at 8 o'clock out of a wide receiver questions that -- Dwayne Bowe or Malcolm Floyd. I kind of got my number 18 Brandon Marshall on the the first number two I don't know -- I don't know much about it. Yeah I don't trust well look at those numbers he's been he's been pretty bad. Lately I mean he's been better to -- -- our league but. It wouldn't break -- -- in the pocket and let let me let me say that again just -- prove my point Brady Quinn is playing on the front. -- not a status Lindley in Arizona's got no way and I hate like you might panic brittle at least. When you look at those numbers would quit as a quarterback they're nonexistent they're not good at all Putin concluded -- capital but at least he was right in the end zone. I don't trust well I don't trust any to keep up by the Jamaal Charles this weekend. And it never -- that is not bad at all so. I would avoid. I would avoid that situation would bow. And I would go to your alternative there. Michael last month from me Paula cap knicks not the starter. Where do you put him because he is that that the other quarterback thing give you 567 -- run in the football. You're right I talked about a last week man last year 2011 I had to demand -- encouragement and Tebow and now it's on to athletic to a particular guy. Who -- an arm and can run the football be he scored a touchdown last week on the ground he's scored over a ticket to -- -- to start this season. And play in the rain and they're giving up an average of -- and he pointed to -- -- -- the quarterback on their home field. I think an athletic department quarterback I don't have a -- in my top ten ahead of Eli Manning had a match job. -- some other pretty big names to Joseph Flacco. So I have they took him I think you should take it back in February championship. Down restrictive long as Jim Harbaugh doesn't get crazy and put out it back in the game it's important right now to -- that. The music is playing but I have a -- question for you okay at somebody brought to me. That they have a league where someone's out of the playoffs they drop gronkowski somebody several waiver claim is in the playoffs picked them up and they were. They want to know -- should should there be a rule that once the play out what you're out of the playoffs. You can't make roster moves that affect the rest of the league you allowed trades with teams are sort of out of it when you get towards the end of the season. I do unless it's just ridiculous thing I always -- -- and when someone is trying to trade kicker Aaron Rodgers for them right don't I mean -- much -- -- of course but. I typically just let people go and they trade. Unless again there's like collusion involving the team has won and you know -- demand and they are treating a real solid player who attended one team for a couple of so so players. That are presented out to a league voted commissioner and get the directly involved -- it. I've been gronkowski dropped -- a lot of these because people it is going to be out several weeks he could be back in time for the postseason but. I think it's Smart the other group picked -- county opt out you wonder vacuuming not even get a chance to use him but he did -- -- housekeeping note. I don't have any problem yet and the issue the issue was the guy who dropped and has no playoff chances not a keeper league so why affect the rest of the league by dropping a player you know on in the play -- It unfortunate that some of the things have happened intangible brought again if there's if there's a lot of noise going on in -- because of it. China to a league vote that's always the best media. You -- Michael underscore -- on I'll get his advice on that NFL fantasy live weekdays at two and midnight nfl.com. Slash fantasy -- Michael is always a pleasure enjoy the week we'll talk connect product. Democrats Michael -- -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT -- With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible Patrick Chung. Scheduled -- at 130 over wonders for Friday's scheduled in ninety seconds.

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