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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com, on the Patriots first meeting with the Dolphins this season

Nov 30, 2012|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Lou to preview the Patriots upcoming game against Miami, the first meeting between the two AFC East rivals this season. Reiss explains how Brady and a sans-Gronk offense will fair against the Dolphin’s 3rd down and red zone defense. He also assesses the Patriots defense given Cunningham and Jones’s absence.

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Butler and ID three point seven WEEI every Friday at this time we take your phone calls from Mike -- patriots beat writer. For ESP a boston.com -- conversation -- Mike -- brought to you by K and the official Franken sausage. Other England patriots we talked to Mike on his way home from. New York New Jersey last week and it's on to Miami this week and we'll start with this question because I see. Tedy Bruschi wants to take credit for hat and T shirt game Mike. Do the patriots still -- and that is the idea of this being a divisional game hat and T -- beaten daycare business is still resonate without Tedy Bruschi and -- locker room. Our minds you know I'm from the one thing that they have bigger goals but this is the first goal I think that's sort of how I would sum it up but. We need that sort of downplayed a distant Kabul to the point of ignore that I observed in a few guys that says he had to be great to get. Think it speaks to where art and raised here in New England you know I growing -- and what they actually east title but -- to be a good deal. -- it's sort of say they do it all the time was nine of the last eleven. So I think it's sort of the expectations have been raised a little bit higher. Possibly have a track team within your division. Our our group opened the owner group and are likely to look the schedule -- cut it from that. Let -- -- it's cool that they don't really have names under Belichick because of the way they approached it and I don't think you can look at any team blue and -- like that it could be that if we don't play arguments to look at my -- like Pete which will be thinking what are. Code here but what does Miami do well their third in the league in the red zone defense. Haven't in the league and third down on defense so okay if they stop in the red zone and and the two -- and durable and that you can't extend drives them. Are you might find yourself panicking here on the road and you're no stranger than that have been we've all seen it before. -- agent -- initially but I think that in respect from the fact that -- they don't the other team has constraints that could be. We're talking patriots and dolphins Mike -- -- PM Boston your phone calls throughout Justin. In New Hampshire joins us 6177797937. Go -- just. But stronger or it's up there is a much a real quick question and Utley on -- -- simple and that duke. The next or game the patriots where guys that are the backed up to you -- be. And so -- -- record any indication at them out picked on so streamline. It shot on all the way I was just curious no we're not recruiting game and. Mike can you look at the next form project what that means the playoffs. App will absolutely look I think I actually think they're gonna run the -- like seven at the bye week and distinct that the way they're playing. I like them and LA they're better than the dolphins station in the Balkans and and you come home. You play Houston ineptitude continue that certainly respect from the Beijing and from very good -- the -- going to be there. Straight road game on Monday night. It's the patriots at home -- you get the short turnaround against the 49 apoplectic that we're not from brutally tough game but again the pot hole. Fiscal coming across the country he missed you conditions are like the patriots there and and I think. It's sort of sweep it up at the end against Jacksonville or Miami so look at that number on the table and -- -- -- -- and it's important. Will be the -- third straight year they've run the table here in the second half of the year in the -- disagree with you guys that and the caller maybe Mike that. It's an indicator of the playoffs if you tell with eagle three and two. And you lose a couple of close games in Houston San Fran but everybody's healthy. Are you really feel -- out about the patriots you don't -- five and oh and one other key players go down whether it's radio Welker a big -- -- -- -- again. I feel differently forget the record is -- about health. I think helped with a huge part of that not I don't even I'm not even sure like you need to buy anymore you know -- I think you want it and in what. What we've seen from the giants it's your point you just want to sort of get the health what is. Are playing well even first round of the playoffs for a minute -- Matter where you know you want to play your best but thanks in recent giant -- -- in what in the asking the that your -- They sneak into the playoffs and then they make a run and a lot of it is about the -- When you're playing in the playoffs and out of their strengths. Sort of match up against your weaknesses so. Looking -- will help or you're right button to help would be huge part of it I think about the diet and you know one reason you want it is that factors like gronkowski. If it's getting them back you know right before the playoffs are an extra week would help a little bit but there in front of you had in -- -- -- For me being -- the -- -- you if you are you know if we are planning. You're gonna get that the wins you know you don't get the buy -- don't want the week. Well -- -- have a good point too because exceed all of this year when he came off of that by week and everybody thought the dog you know latest. League great London again they're gonna come on here in the gonna absolutely role against the Buffalo Bills. And they don't look so sharp about -- -- civil maybe it's. You know what to expect from this young football team it's a young team coming off -- -- by and you wonder. Is this because -- teams may be so young if you wanna buy -- want to keep playing. Want and I like the whip some up Lou and I sort of feel like it went a long way -- -- maybe it made it sound like that contradicted myself that look. If you can get them by it's probably preferred because -- the whole health factor and give the team the choice all almost both LTQ. Is it now is it mandatory to get where you need to I don't think it is indeed that's where it might own a little bit -- yes respect. Public where we help wires coming into the weekend and a tailor Jones again. Not out there it seems Mankins not out there how serious is this tailor Jones injured. Not my sense is not that cheered as -- and it -- talked about the last four weeks. It not I think Belichick's sort of course that whole short term vs one term if like this with the playoffs. Right now with chipped -- and -- the -- might again. Would be yes but it's not the playoffs you're thinking bigger picture here so. You probably think about for -- for -- I don't think it's inventing or we won't see them again. Before you know rested regulars then. People you've seen around here around the facility like he's on crutches or things like that so. I don't think it's anything major and -- that you're surprised that we don't know about in terms of I'll make in Denver coach yet but we're still a few weeks away on both those guys that would seem different there. -- elect lot depict there with this game like -- of ESPN Boston. Is joining us where it's a quick break we'll get like -- a better -- spot and get the more your phone calls at 61777979837. Is the phone number your calls and Mike recent 617. 77979837. Including the question out those AFC teams we talked about during the playoff -- with the patriots as of right now five weeks ago. Who's the biggest opponent but the patriots on the way to a Super Bowl potential Super Bowl that with Mike -- next. I'm serious for every player on our roster. Practice per prepare -- and period ago. Well when. Oudin played more and more last week it's a jets and so did some good things. Who men's play. Kind of his role fairly. Consistently. You know through a few games now. You know Shankland. It was the spotted in little bit last couple weeks. Bill Belichick talking about. Injuries and gronkowski and tight end over their Gillette today but -- 937. Doesn't always give you a lot to work with Mike. Over there. Got really hot how do you party do you you're you're reading people's minds I mean you're trying to read between lies the psychic that's never says a damn thing. They can't make it easy. Lou it's sad news -- -- -- to what you were just talking about that's slightly bowed out because. You -- what the titans right and so all week last week we're seeing how the doughnut I just without gronkowski in the all of our series. And what do they do. It just put the -- -- open there and just said hey you do what gronkowski did and no one would think twice about it but that was the player that was healthy scratch. The week before -- and some neat. That's what's fascinating about it take away the fact that built market to keep it that much to work with. What other team in the league has a healthy scratch one week and so far right you're the guy to replace our approach to the next is just. -- reflective of -- actually be a little bit of the way they configure it. That full team approach it's like one week we're gonna rely on the skies the next week it's this guy and it's sort of makes for all 53 man roster ever went through in part. And with that in mind you know because now with with Cunningham serving a four game suspension Chandler Jones not out there. You would think that they were altered maybe give more beat 34 look for the most part which have done recently anyways but. They probably won't right and just beat France is maybe it's -- Beckett I don't know active who -- Yeah but -- thought would be Trevor Scott would be the next guy and that if your guy that unless option and from the Oakland Raiders and I go back to the first they can't lose that first hit training camp and when you look at but first you get this until then it was. Trevor Scott on the left side and Rob Ninkovich on the right and then we forget what happened with Ninkovich. Had a slight injury that put about for a couple days the -- -- -- Jones since. And the next thing you know that's true and don't spot he's never given it up from them Yanukovich came back. You -- -- -- -- this is a guy Trevor Scott when they started training camp they had a pencil editor top guys I think he would be the one. I'd look to to possibly got replaced the Jones coming forward here. I your calls them like Greece would be ESPN Boston 61777979837. As the number -- in Walpole joins the conversation I Russ. Hi guys I don't I don't like. Here -- to -- your. Could you talk to you haven't -- -- -- I have a question you about the offensive line and dot. What are your thoughts on how markets can and so they last week. -- I thought he -- Get a great job the fact that we haven't you know we didn't really hear from them at all and you remember what a topic of discussion that was because. You really look like he's struggled in the pre season I think in -- forward to this week. Cameron Wake against markets candidate if that happens we know Ballmer was back at practice limited. On Thursday but if -- it -- Annenberg wake up and that's going to be a key matchup. To watch some. -- -- -- -- Yeah but one that I wanted out like you guys were talking about earlier. About that. The difference between having a body and and being healthy all the way it broke. To be honest with you I know that that's not crazy but I would rather -- the body. And have an injury or two because I think. I think it's too I think it's too difficult to -- we get another job done that a couple -- but for -- I'd rather have the -- I understand the rest of that sort I feel the same way it into the betrayed them and -- that -- but I guess. I thought isn't it it was a slam dunk five years ago I think now you could almost make a case. For both sides and have a pretty strong. Well the 49ers committed a couple weeks what guy scares you more is a Capra knickers and Alex Smith depending on who's the quarterback. My actually asked her not only it's only just because about upside there I -- -- -- and from the start of the year instead. As good as the 49ers played defense. -- -- -- -- -- and you know to keep up with the patriots with Alex Smith at quarterback I -- can't predict who admittedly I haven't seen a lot of my flight I can't really say this. Back convincingly. That spotted there's a reason he was as you know. He would get no because that is upside there so I think they have a better chance to keep up with the patriots and quarterback. Yeah I mean I I grew heated discussion before and I I don't like the move. I don't think it was necessary. I think it's a risk and it's it's ought to asking young quarterback to -- open it up not just -- the football and I -- -- as well it not electable because public he said it's leveled against Michael Vick. Right it's always there like -- blow up game is always there the trouble is always there but a look at Alex Smith at 7% completion rate. If he's in open downfield and not make mistakes keep -- the arguable point. Yes you could -- and I. You know -- -- -- raised from you know the application or when you build the team and and you get these like. Defining moments at the leaders you know the coach -- you make a decision -- -- wants to go with heparin at some point and here's the opening and he says you know what. I'm gonna go at it now instead of waiting until training camp next year may be when it's still lingering around. So I think that's yeah that's what fascinates you most about that situation with them this. And they -- decision right now like you you obviously. You know what it that closely and thought about it. Of all the ramifications because it's not just the short term decision it's a long term decision that. You're never going back Alex Smith now and that's not just this year -- next year as well so certainly. The most compelling story to me over the last week Indians themselves. I'll mikes and the like with a question about defensive back with Mike. They don't ignore it might start won a challenge and I'm not that that's who thought to have an iron play and about a lot couple weeks. Actually there and a little better and coordinate all we underestimated. So reached retribution Caribbean bringing a little bit swagger. Are put up with a -- building and the people are all. -- The liquid relax we are -- plan are even more upbeat -- that it's a continual who are you think Atlantic market trapped. Yeah it might be -- -- rubble trapped and I don't. I I understand that that Gupta to -- in coming up next I just don't really think this team you know has trapped in the way they approached and been. And transferred to leave. I think the biggest thing I'm not social maturity of about swagger that is what it allows you do with McCord you know on the court to keep them at safety now because you have. An incident your console which. At that left cornerback -- you sort of solidified its spot with a presence I think initially he was obviously getting his legs under a minute spurt scheme against the colts. Didn't play the whole game -- game against the jets he had been for every play but once I think that's a good sign going forward. -- -- I liked him when you look at too is it too -- -- listen I like affected Houston Sanford coming attempts at thought last year in the second half. They played well they played -- back -- quarterbacks maybe some bad teams and have a nice little test here. Born out of that game on Thursday -- so I was probably the most aggressive. Defense I've seen you know deep backs in coverage hard hitting how much do you put on on to lead maybe to bring you will but that's swagger and solidifying. Yeah well I -- -- I think he definitely helped I think he's probably their best cover guy who -- and that's that's helped get something you know that they went to the outside you bring your guy and then. Immediately competent you're number one quarterbacks so I definitely think he's a good addition I get from me. I wanna -- a little bit more only in the sense -- You know last week it was Mark Sanchez and and you know it's going to be a different story against some of the better teams and quarterbacks. I Gary's in Upton with a question about wide receiver go head -- And like -- Annan. Entered the market. Quick question Brandon Lloyd. You know indictment very are really connecting all that much. And just wondering if you think -- break it up -- gear it -- to able to get the ball. But it on the entire right well and you know you can like overthrow it sometimes -- not -- -- And we talked about this a couple weeks ago and that's the idea that maybe you know it it hasn't always knew between gradient -- sometimes it's almost like grinding years. But I actually think it's it's been unsuccessful -- -- our expectations. Were a little too high when he talked about it outside receiver that stretched the field and they're not connecting. On the long -- -- leads the way the patriots play offense what more does help them do is -- sort of a balance out the field he he's not a presence. On the outside part in the field that the defense is. Have to respect that that's a little bit up and down I think at first jet skiing and probably the low points but he certainly to -- on. Enough good things based on the salary that China or so warm that China I'm not so much success. You know it's it's to -- -- in the debris in the low inning think projections right at me probably a pace for seven catches a hundred yards -- that you know it's probably got a what you thought maybe I'd have more than three touchdowns and pace for maybe five but. Kind of in that same areas and. Yeah it should I tell -- it's about what we are in and media comes back against those expectations that trickle down effect to it. You know let's look at the playtime numbers -- he's played more than any any other receivers so it's helped to bring Welker numbers sound a little bit to preserve him. So again I think you talk to a different type receivers if you look at Welker and adult and they are probably more similar. -- -- Lloyd gives you a presence that you need to sort of round out your receipt. -- get John that you asked the question on ESP a boston.com this week who's the toughest opponent for the patriots and AFC I'll change around a little bit. If I could pick one team the patriots don't have to face and route to a suitable for BAC to Denver Broncos Peyton Manning. Von Miller they scare the crap out of me you could pick one team the patriots would avoid their best success what's that may have CTB wanna avoid. I'm with you but I'm I'm taking the Broncos gonna cut the Peyton Manning and I'll I'll say it like this I mean I'm any other team in the AFC the team I'm picking as the patriot so let's argue that context. But it's -- the -- and then after he's the one guy that I think. Can control looking at that position. And can really change the dynamics of the struggle with the Broncos as well. Mike as always appreciate the time enjoy Miami this week and we'll talk you next week. My Mike -- joining us here on the program -- every single Friday. At 1230. Not fair tire presents on a roll how about the -- with defense and special teams the last two games the defense has forced nine turnovers. About the special teams they've scored five touchdowns on -- -- is brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody does like town fair tire. Nobody. Let's clear the lines here for those who waiting on hold talked to Mike Reese we appreciate it but it's time to talk Tennessee. The Memphis question when Michael savvy I will -- a fantasy question they can stay on hold because -- -- -- joins us and -- -- dot com. And the NFL network every single week at -- time 1 o'clock and he takes your phone call 6177797937. 61777979837. Roster question playoff time right suddenly except laughter -- -- league with -- of only the playoffs right now. Week thirteen we got to start we gonna sit what are you gonna do Michael Abby I'll enters your fantasy questions your phone calls next.

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