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Peter King, SI, on Drew Brees’ streak-ending game against Atlanta

Nov 30, 2012|

Peter King takes Mut and Lou around the league, analyzing the current AFC and NFC playoff landscape. The boys discuss Harbaugh’s decision to place Kaepernick under center in San Francisco, Drew Brees’ interception riddled performance against Atlanta, and the Adderall scenario playing out in the NFL. He also talks about his experience covering Andrew Luck for his recent SI piece, including what surprised him about the rookie QB phenom.

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Lunchtime hour -- -- not a three point seven WEEI will talk to Mike greasy as PM Boston on the hour 1230. Check out. At a patriots she got to shape some of these guys in injury wise for pats and dolphins on Sunday. We start 12 o'clock hour on patriots Fridays -- Peter king of Sports Illustrated. Our conversation with Peter spot -- by town fair tire bike about a tractor corporation. And by drama hill for. Peter Michael how are you. They would all our guys Gloria we watched it Thursday football intently last night breezed five picks -- five and seven with the boxing cowboys and giants still the schedule is that it Peter for the saints playoff hopes. Well unless something really strange happened. You know I mean look I didn't. I've said this I think that the Washington Redskins. Have a good shot at this point two. To make the play out that that succeed. And theoretically. You know I viewed them as they're nine and seventeen -- best. That they'd have to go 41 down the stretch to be that so the saints still have a career. But I think your schedules are obviously they get the giants coming up. You know they get a -- schedule them -- so I think it. Gonna be next to impossible for them sixteen now battling for once aren't in the NFC. There -- the record for consecutive touchdowns and games now broken and is now ends rather withdrew statement. Tom Brady now leads that when you look at that kind of record. Is that sets up that that we even measure to go up into the even realize it happened until Drew Brees is actually approaching a game away. Well I'm not that big on this record I think especially in today's football when guys thrown at. You know 35. By it because -- gain. I think it's notable and I think it's good to me that the Ngo and hitting streak. It -- and I don't mean to demean and it's it's -- -- accomplishments. The accomplishments but. I don't put it up you're the all time great records in Tom Brady's world. I think it's a tremendous upset to go in Sunday in that great offense. Without throwing that touchdown pass so it is agreed upset if he doesn't earlier a app. Should we be surprised that every game for three years eat her -- I think it's I think it's a weird instance when you don't want to hear Tom Brady here -- our. Parker agreed and again I'm not trying to demeanor diminish the record dissing the city's football. I don't think it's what you're on united I mean John uniter not completed two passes and even on a touchdown that street. So it was a different game in those days and I think unite -- with 47. Is a lot more accomplishment. Then. Who what what Brees and Tom I have done. Peter your mind is -- about making the right decision go Culpepper a co wrote Smith. Well I can't answer that in two ways one I think no I think -- -- are solely on a year and the final player on the 49ers. I stay watcher back because it doesn't show much loyalty to a guy -- nineteen fight in the war on. In his twenty -- start in the regular season. But on the other hand. Jim Harbaugh and doing something that nobody. In the NFL is doing right now -- everybody always says. You know hey we need to back up we meet its second quarter Greg we need to get and I have another guy ready in case they need the best he's the most disastrous thing after. Which is one of the reasons why I think it's certain Bill Belichick -- be playing Tom Brady in -- not only for injury reasons but. You know you got your back up pretty apply and you know -- Ryan -- really ready to play a game right now I don't think there. And I'm not saying he couldn't necessarily -- -- a big game but completely game but. To be a lot more ready -- throwing the ball -- times then you know it Brady was in the game and Europe -- 24 quarter. But leaders in May one of the things that Djokovic you our market is doing is key is allowing. He is seen right now could be the only team in football in my opinion especially the only contending team in football. To have two good quarterbacks which you can win playoff games. I mean he has put on the bench. A guy who's got the best completion percentage in football he's -- a top our yards -- and number. And you know he he has hasn't had a two game losing streak all the time he's been there. Quarterback -- this team under our -- so. You know again it's not anything that decision I would let me. But the byproduct of that is you've got two good quarterbacks ought to be able to win big games were. -- Peter I know that the writers don't write the headlines but an aside this week the the this story on -- predict one of the headlines was Jim Kelly with legs I mean obviously. -- is seen as a quarterback is pretty damn good you call it it it's it's unfair to -- a football standpoint. Harbaugh quarterback in the league dealt with a quarterback controversy herself with -- act. Don't we have to trust him that he believes cap predict is the best quarterback for this 49ers team right now. Yet. I mean I'm not seen that at the horrible decision I'm saying -- -- seat in the tightening its. You know. Eight unaudited and asks me a -- coach. Yeah Lewis called risk I'm always under a service Lou keeps calling it a risky move unnecessary risky -- what do you think activities in a lot of football and go to. The younger quarterback in usually hits the ball they've managed to game don't make mistakes act like they're going younger quarterback to open it up -- just. -- don't think I'd ever heard of that exactly right I think. He changed. I wrote my column hurt they and it deduct now are Robert Byrd I can and -- the cover story on the colts and for a lot of buddy Andrew Luck. And you know the one thing that locked Griffin cap verdicts. Inning no really Russell -- they all have in common Indy skull. Cam Newton. They hit the ground running they didn't. They didn't. -- you know I remember Jake Burton telling me this eagle last year he goes you know it. It's the exact same thing that -- area and told me about. About. It's not him I'm worried about it the other guys getting used to a lot in the walker it's you know a lot of the younger players. They can't go as fast as the quarterback is go. So the and it is the thing it's immediate most amazing about what's going on right now is a bit. You know you you -- young quarterback. And you know like tempered it I act and I was amazed that this the other day I. And I said so I can count one of the things that I thought was gonna be very difficult in this game. Is. The amount of net of but silent snap count remember hearing the super -- This is -- being on top or five and five coming into the game. And their airplane career playoff lives and and all that stuff and that -- almost crazy. And I didn't -- so how often. He can't use the silent snap count today and he goes well there every play -- that you -- 56 soccer play. Everywhere and yet all 56 every once. So. That pretty darn impressive first guy to be able to go in an -- Environments. You know little it'd be like call up with guys from Pawtucket at age 21. Particular categories namely the each state. We're -- capable guy already -- do you might be able to do it. But wouldn't you rather have Lester pitched that game I mean but and so that's what -- is one of the real impressive thing. In all these young guys. Are -- in such a good job. You know basically digesting all of the plate I mean Robert -- -- I wrote about this touchdown pass. He heard -- Robinson at Dallas last week. That really you know a short circuit here I -- -- -- not in big way yet a look sweet what yet to see secondary all this stuff. But these guys here to the ground running like him no error of quarterbacks in NFL history. I would say this if you were on the air not Peter Peter King joins us every Friday that the -- -- cover piece this week and SI is tremendous. I'm curious because of a lot of detail about him as a person and as a player and the Donald stuff in there in the text messages. The tiny spat with -- Andrew Luck PD remind you of any better that's a very broad question but. Was or other quarterback the you've seen maybe early in his days and Andrew -- remind did you of when he got a chance to speak with them last week. The temptation to say he remind you paid meaning but he really because. Peyton Manning has the kind of misery. That if you -- -- gulf. You know I it EU want press conference the golfers sometimes I don't do a lot but sometimes. A guy will go over his ground. And he'll say something like like Phil Mickelson at this one. At a masters and I think that you know -- reminds me how I played vehicle for years ago in the second round. You don't -- so. You know I took a three wood out and I blob of -- and obscenely -- You -- member of the club you use for years ago and he eighth hole of the second day. A gust there. The money to remember this stuff -- and I can remember. Ever -- di tale. Our specific long buried snapped. From 2003. And I asking Andrew what about that any theory any egos aren't you think about that I am right in the middle of that right now I don't have a great memory that's. And I think he probably does have a great memory but he hate to talk so he gets really hate it. And I don't I'm not nothing wrong -- that. But he Andrew Luck didn't help me with this story very much what it is that. Can't call everything it -- all other people market anybody locked in and all that pretty. The thing I like the outlook. Is. Howell. He's got this sort of like greedy. This self deprecating. Thing where if he knows that it's going to be all about him. He shied away from wanting to talk. You know he wants it to be. -- running back did well today they're a you know they have Ballmer and salters. Who really blocked well we're whatever you know -- The way -- agree -- needed. And that's the thing about what he refused. To go at it wouldn't even though this is you know we're probably in -- right along story about it you refused. Take a picture for the magazine nothing he just didn't want any attention drawn. And I'm not bad but that is just. I respect her guy who respect and teammates like that and isn't going out and Haywood is being. Peter vehicle place here -- Cunningham that have been suspended now for the use in the and he -- -- all situation out in Seattle with. With Browner and chairman -- all. In your mind when you hear at a wrong because the -- ever right now it's not really. Telling us what exactly were fine with how much of it is -- a -- how much they give -- just hiding behind the excuse. Well that's. We were actually really really good question. Because. One of the things that's happening right now. Is that. The NFL. Does not announce when -- they performance enhancing drug. What the -- what the C they tested positive for years soul in other words. The player thirty agent or someone might say well at all. But we don't really know that what we're taking your work for when they say that. But I do believe that a lot of players are now using it. I talked to one player this week. Who basically -- means that in his locker room. An overall he'd used. A lot he thinks and it used. Recreational eighteen yet. A cocaine. -- high. A lot of -- off the field and then on the field. It could sharpen your Coke. And it you view. As -- this player told me saying it's like super -- seen. You know -- -- take the prescribes build it -- don't. Take too much. That it allows you focus a lot better. And so it seems like that has become a drug of choice right now among NFL players no question about it. It just a quick follow up there it Belichick seemed to respond this week like that was in needless suspension for these guys almost like at a role should be on that list to be talked to. Coaches or people higher up that don't think at a role should be on the banned list Peter. I definitely think it should be -- analysts. And I have not had anybody say to me it should be up. Because the reason that it is it's. Like accept it and it CN. It basically urban likening him that it like an upper like it greening. You know the old. It -- -- baseball. And that's really what happened right now this stuff is being used. As a stimulant by a lot of players and so. I think it should be an opinion it's not it's not needed to play football now they're the guys who. Have any -- neat because they have attention deficit disorder. Or because eighty. Are. -- you know they they have a difficult time focusing. You know on the task at hand and so they've been proscribed it over the years there if you -- either way it would explain immediately. If you're a rookie in the NFL and you've been taking at all. And you go to your trainer leniency because we knew going in the trainer at what prescription drug use. Any -- and then they apply to the -- get an exemption argued that matter all I'm told that. The -- always say it's okay that you use that Earl bought. Remember early in the year -- Peter remembered like I mean high alert that safety with a giant. What suspended for at a volume and he says hey. I have a script should look spirited back and taking it I meet particular attention to order and lead in the league that. Well we don't doubt your story and we see did you ever restricted. But you didn't 08 it was about before you entered the league. So you tested positive it was on the beat analyst substances. We get an -- powered policy -- so Europe according. Peter great stuff great column a lot this week in the the magazine appreciate the time is always look -- -- talk -- next week. Or pre -- Peter King Sports Illustrated every single Friday on the show is on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LTV. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible. Obligate to your phone calls Charlie and everybody 061777979837. Is the phone number 6177797937. Mike recently taking your phone calls as well bottom of the hour. The patriots and let down theory it's a dolphins on Sunday keep it here.

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