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Heath Evans, NFL Network, on Week 13, PEDs and embarassing moments on the field

Nov 30, 2012|

John and Gerry talk with former Patriots fullback Heath Evans on a free form Friday. They discuss exactly how similar Nick Saban and Bill Belichick are personality-wise, the fact that he properly filled out the paperwork for Adderall when he was a player, the prevalence of PEDs in football and his most embarrassing moment on the football field.

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Heath Evans joins us on the AT&T -- AT&T four G forgy LTE go according to -- Yeah good beer at the San Antonio story about Popovich told setting a starts up before they played Miami. Absolutely out of love that I was only the Vatican after the game delightful laughter. We're supposed to come -- and all that they have the high paid guys could rest. What would happen -- prior to let's say out of a big game commend San Francisco 49ers the patriots and bill for whatever crazy reason said that Tom look at us. Well you that I won't just go home and be with -- will be a fight on his hands belt object. We that would Brady absolutely he probably fight it tooth and -- -- you know bill would win of course but that would be pretty. But it's two different worlds you know me and obviously early in the basketball season lately NFL season and that means. What those guys play 82 games yet they're dark sixty's so. It's not apples to apples like I'm still locked into bad but I can also understand what problem that should probably do the best thing for football team. Which are for his battlefield which let's be honest build pretty much always does this say big for his horrible thing. Hey I'm wondering how I look at yours Seattle Miami New England New Orleans who coaches in the other three to -- Hoosier coach in Seattle. Mike -- a Holmgren would yeah and then you know Nick Saban in Miami bureau and did you like Nick Saban -- Did you like Nick Saban was a lot of laughs. No not -- -- -- my -- you know a couple more ocean not the pro level but the college level obviously it's. You know there's probably not a better. Was it more likely or this or or unlike Bill Belichick Saban. Very unlike I think that's probably the common misconception is that these two guys -- buddies and you know they're both cut from the same mold in the disciplines out of things and what is expected of you mentally on -- day together like split personality wise. How they run the programs -- -- it's it's that it's completely different -- today what sets it apart. Our I think consistently and effective bill just naturally. Knows how to handle every situation now think he. You ever really second guesses himself he's. Where with my in my brief time -- -- He pretty much would always circle back around -- handle the situation right but it just wasn't handled right from the job. And and I think it's obviously it's a different world when you're dealing with professional athletes verses. College athletes because college kids they don't know what they either available right wrong -- different walks when. You've been around the block for a decade the NFL. You've got a guy that comes at a dozen different you know the great leaders -- give you some time and gotta give you your ability to work things out but you know what you. Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor to the world. You know what sort of you know give -- credit that we walked into a tough job. Well. We're talking about every day about different coaches going one way or the other I'm wondering how that translates for instance Chip Kelly. To the NFL say Chip Kelly to Philadelphia at the same time Jon Gruden to the University of Tennessee. Do you think both both guys are both great coaches will -- both succeed when they make that shift to the different different level. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. If you're you know ten quarterback community toward that you have the rest who probably offered to. While these applied -- -- almost -- hundred yourself forward -- gonna want his pick of quarterbacks when he's gonna want. His guys to run -- and it's that there were going to be -- things that they jump failed the college level would be only these two things she's an absolute genius. His motivational style he could recruit like nobody else. Believe -- be a dime piece of that level other than quarterback issue and then. He is so physically and verbally demanding of this players. And I'm just not quite sure of this day and age of its moral high school athlete that you basically have to on recruit when you give him one on campus. I'm not sure -- -- -- even though -- young -- you know they know that probably have a chance to win a national championship every year would subject themselves to. He's probably demanding style. Could you just emotionally with the Marines you probably not going to be able and the and -- -- the pro game your grown Manson -- -- -- move on. The John the major coach of -- although -- into home the Chip Kelly I mean if you want to revamp. But his fault them to do something totally different. I don't know how he is in the disciplinarian and structure of how we game planned them. I -- don't know enough about I know that ordered away and we saw what stamper 834 base defense. And burst upon their home turf with Lester out within in the NFL team could ever give himself the proved to reporting that stuff not gonna work the next level -- You know obviously troops are good coaching good recruit get it done and a lot of ways. Who can save your alma mater he. You know if I'm you know someone else those who don't know Auburn and it's act to the downtime. I you know what the only person I would recommend for that job would be sure all out of central. You know I know he's gonna recruit the right way it is gonna -- Smart -- Kid. And -- flat out get it -- -- pro style offense which would allow us to. Probably recruit the true. Drop back pro style quarterback that we've always been missing. He runs with 342 -- -- -- prepare our kids year round play Nick Saban and Alabama on. That is is because of coordinated their relations the follows the head coach should already be the first time I'd make most likely. You know they've got a lot of great things don't former coaching staff and people need to wake up pay attention because it's great football being played out there. -- -- to add a role in the so didn't help. Well I I have the paperwork Meyer after my sophomore year high school walking out of school loans and pay your kids' stuff more you get in just foursome -- disability at all. I passed all the tests with flying colors gave grades changed immediately my whole world changed but every year in the NFL had to provide all the paperwork. Like illegally take those thinks he'll ever done much of the drug debt limit so iPad I tested positive. From our Ritalin. But I had the paperwork so glad to take itself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it is what it is if -- -- focus and make you locked in in the second thing about it is that curb your appetite so guys that are maybe constantly on the bubble of of laying a little bit more than they want. You know anyone that's ever taken. -- You know pharmaceutical drugs. It's just see it does -- -- -- -- really suppresses -- that you could lose manager control your waist and you know it's helped a lot of -- development well. I -- -- a guy who used at a -- legitimate for a legitimate medical reasons does that -- you to hear these guys kind of hiding behind the human -- -- -- -- may be -- tested positive for something else it just doesn't sound as bad when your -- -- all of this it was -- -- -- Absolutely that is where I think the league I think the league should expose people. You know I am not quite sure why we don't. It's like in the baseball world will we know hey this guy got popular steroid magnolia park force something that somebody they can -- to bottle. And you know that's why he's doing what he's doing. We're at all -- an issue. I took it when I left New England. And went to New Orleans I digested all our -- playbook in the world and about a week and a half from them I never took it again. In New England when I got there in the middle firearm ever taken it -- I tried to. -- down that huge playbook you know in the middle of season. An and I don't ever remember take it anymore after that I took it to college -- the cramped for a final that was their big news. I was always trying to gain weight I was always trying to keep my appetite and you know until I'm never one of those things in my system so. It's not a performance enhancing drug that might make you focus a little bit more on Sundays. I never had a hard time focusing on football field and more like that science lab that I couldn't quite focus groups so. You know it is what it is. -- and you don't know this for sure but how many guys do you think on PED's in the NFL right now Aaron Hernandez estimated that 40%. That sound right or high to you. -- Could inspiration or not I really don't know if my two years I never I never saw or heard of anyone admit to it or optional from the Obama. Upon speculation Nowak in a lot of speculated to pay I don't know how I worked out and hopefully I -- the I know -- I rested my body. And I know how to massage and all the money XP you're around them vitamins and minerals and diet big investment cook organic Foreman or else. And that I felt other guys out drinking everybody you know smoking and party and and and not think you do an option but yet. Come December there are performing as well -- you know. So those things never added up my mind now you guys know wasn't the greatest athlete in the world alone most physically gifted. So I can I just don't know how to weigh those things I would I hope I mean. Listen to easily get 40% that means I could have taken from that -- played in other years but I -- I. I have a hard time swallowing the number 40%. Yeah really -- -- in this become aware of the gulf of video anytime you can make you know Josh McDaniels and topping one dimensional you've got a chance you know. And that awarding the Miami have been decent at all you're stopping the run so. If in -- sub packages you know those who want their base defense sit on the field and you've got the other two linebackers and nor your DB's they can still managed to stop the shot then run them. And stop the balance. Of of what -- -- or New England. You do you have a chance you know Ryan Cleary hill. Is gifted enough not to give games away and he's Smart enough -- ahead of the curve just enough. Probably to be okay reverses this stuff you can see on the back in the New England defense as well as handle there the pressure up front so. Yet the depth we got a chance to me they're there. They're much more -- functional. Disciplined football team than the jets and if you're going to be on disappointed. On the play the patriots that the result you're gonna do it and you know dolphins are far better football -- the reason the New York Jets -- A -- lecture you if you're aware this but it's Bo Jackson's fiftieth birthday is that like a legal holiday down and Auburn. I'm sure there it is you can go on our road who can search committee so what do you think of the day off you know. I don't know -- -- guy. You know what you see is one of the -- -- all ballroom I'm bloodied on the committee but you have mandate he. I'm surprised he didn't have a statue out there somewhere. -- Mark Sanchez will for ever be linked to that play on Thanksgiving. One most embarrassing things several what's the most embarrassing thing anybody caught on film tape with you beat. I don't know probably get knocked out what some linebacker you know -- the best -- until I got the bill -- you -- -- but hey this is that a what you try to blow people up to a lot. You know three years revolver played mostly tailback or give the NFL trying to learn how to block my rookie year was Levon Kirkland and Chad Brown Alistair and that's the world. Although it is probably gonna go over so well -- -- is -- brought to the bears in film for me I'm still look back and the character -- attribute that that was the the good lord is good to may have bit off they get around. Let's -- gonna plug in for the Heath Evans foundation please. You know what he had to say about. They have six or seven months ago with her whole bunch of reasons funding amongst other things. You know we've we had to shut the doors that fan and I privately are still trying to raise money I was actually write a letter last night for a some local community effort there in the door and various. To continue to -- out of sexual abuse my occurred -- his. People losing to find a way to get involved of these stats and numbers for these poor kids they're being sexually abused our country are not changing. No one draw extending to reform the broken hearts have to shut the doors of orchard that. There's still a lot of good things out they're going -- people need to get involved find -- way to -- the epidemic of child sexual abuse. He's Heath Evans NFL. Network thanks the talk all the talk of the public TD -- down the road. Our -- Heath Evans with -- tell element AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT I. I ask you this question of the day and Inca forget it was if Peter minute and I said. Yes or no does. Mean. And -- into the Red Sox do something big. Or not and I said no you said not said -- I said yes. I -- who was in Manhattan was well they -- would you they said -- as well. I'm I don't know I still don't know but. This is from MLB network oh big names and MLB network yet. Ripken and and lighter via this from a friend Jeremy Miller he was watching these watches -- the -- work in -- news fanatic. He says that -- I'm not sure which guy they were talking about this. They agreed that the Sox will get Josh Hamilton get an animal Roche. And make a trade Jon Lester for Troy Tulowitzki. -- -- -- That would qualify as they splash that would be nuclear that would be apocalyptic that would be beyond big and it would be disciplined I wouldn't be splashed it would be a tsunami like the one that wiped out Japan. You're talking about Josh Hamilton in left. Bomb animal -- first which is minor compared to those other two and toward Tulowitzki each or act or any. -- do you think that would -- set things -- fire around their little bit. I I think the tickets were trying to sell will sell the self -- -- to get the -- for Christmas at Fenway and they would not agree more tollbooth giveaways. You put digital book is just -- Good to dip. That he's so good for us would it not but does that does that speak -- the discipline that we're talking about. Well double what the paper but you know Campbell the problem is. That weird you know where baseball fans talk radio guys. We we want him to be disciplined and be Smart but we would get sucked in by that so fat every one immediately I'm -- -- out. Everyone is preaching discipline would immediately the Tennessee. I kept secret sister you have to ask Josh Hamilton and and Troy Tulowitzki Red Sox uniform that would be awesome and you'd have to. I'd be like three days for a stop to think -- it made -- cents. Now that's we have the great the economy. We could say you want to team to be disciplined and totally you know. Do -- -- big banana Tulowitzki is not a -- injury that he be it for a penetrator and thus the Jon Lester -- all over Africa. Africa which says that all your pitching accurate lackeys basket out of Austin nitpick I started out ample nationalities basket and now you know what this other pitchers is probably freeagent pitchers I'm not -- aces. There you know as I don't think -- -- -- part of this and I don't. -- the pitcher is that you could make another deal -- three or four you know more calls lackeys do bronze. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's sold they -- and we think about it some I'm extrapolating this -- on the road. If they get. Josh Hamilton here. All those ancillary people they had to hire for Daisuke. The colts in the massage therapist in the draw capture -- -- -- version of that duke it out psychologists the babysitters that it's not true that's harsh. He's got one baby -- and Texas rising just one -- Redman. About. Somebody. That somebody has some. An assistant coach typed up and down and he's again only fall off the wagon in the policies. I mean I know he keeps his wife is the issue hasn't let him drive the car and all that. But -- he'd been in Texas obvious he would be dip any or not. We stop to this stuff play it -- don't chew on that than I do I want to but yeah I mean I'll babysit -- -- adept at it might take five years of the end of his life. But he won't be with the Red Sox then anyway. -- -- say unequivocally yesterday what they were gonna be disciplined in. Where they were not gonna get involved in long term contracts he did you know probably spend money on people. But he indicated that they were getting get involved in five and 67 year deals scrutiny -- with us today as the sole leader of this couple deal that he just taking a four year deal. Just say you know. Longest such harsh term that long term or one contiguous -- long five sets 78. Tulowitzki who only has nine years left on his deal to kick the habit the as nine when you guys he makes a ton. Ten next year than 162020202014. And that -- team option. For fifth fifteen or four million dollar buyout so you do the math on what that. And that is a huge no contract runs through 2000. Eight team just holed 221. When he won 2001 and how -- -- -- -- It just turned 28 and you know he's a stud but he was hurt. Former all star. Top five MVP got two years in a row gold glove. A shortstop with thirty homers drove -- -- hundred. Two years ago analyst Larry is fit being honest and -- -- that's not happen but what you to -- what would Larry give for this to be part of a Christmas at Fenway and and by the way when you have a hundred million. So they get to spend to get up in the night and called nine. OK 990. Is that such a big deal of Japan twenty million to shortstop with thirty home runs. A lighter think they know this information do we assume that Larry knows this information that would be yes and so Larry knows this information and -- it is true and I don't think it is. Why would come on the radio station yesterday it is now they want they were not only to get involved in our long term contracts at the August down for five and 67 you know what -- -- -- country. What -- that it and that's restart at seven Larry would have no -- would've been brought this to John Henry and on and we said. You know ticket sales lag and lose in the assignments we need to make a splash not use that word that's loaded word. But let's do Josh Hamilton -- for years and hundreds. If we -- a hundred. My -- before but they're not sign up for Tulowitzki for you know -- 20011. At that writes why not because Larry said that luckily it caught the latter he said. Larry said that you want it changes -- best deal is in the works why would east why would he say that an -- -- to work embarrassing himself. Don't worry about those things he lives in the moment. Buzzer -- next.

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