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Mike Lombardi, NFL Network, breaks down Thursday Night Football and week 13 in the NFL

Nov 30, 2012|

D&C ask Mike about the demise of the Saints, whether or not the Falcons are for real as a Super Bowl contenders and the preview the rest of Week 13. They also discuss the lead's head coaching carousel and which guys are on the hot seat this year.

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Welcome back. Patriot Friday. Eight what that means one thing and one thing alone Michael party at a film network joins us on the AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE. Our conversation what Mike is sponsored by town fair tire and buy HS 8 insurance good morning mr. Lombardi. Good morning how are you does that signal the death knell for the New Orleans Saints last night is that it all done. I would suspect already about that this morning I think what we've learned from the saints this year is is a couple things that that you can't. Operate your football team with coach is in charge of the assistance that there's a huge difference between being a manager. Which is managers do things right leader to the right thing -- leader. Who would do the right thing and without Sean -- they don't have the leadership or they just have managers and I think what you're seeing -- You know we often -- consider this and write about this that fear that the work of reason and when you lose the head coach you moved here to the players. The players no longer fearful. And you can't reason with them and then all of a sudden mistakes that you don't typically make creep up and you could say well it's no big deal. But I can tell you where the mistakes coming from because there's no -- in the bill. Will he be lord talk about Sean Payton by Dallas. I attempt dumbest statement. I certainly attempted damage you love Dallas palaces at home we try to hire when I was in Oakland. In 2004. When he was just a coach is that Dallas that he loved policy that he turned on the job -- Oakland so. You know I know we looked out but I also know he has his heart in the war Owens. Any extra reason won't I think those two are are pair. That they know they can be successful together. And I think the challenge of the -- and getting this back would be too great -- you know that look they've agreed on money not sure -- gonna go back reestablished. More money but I I think the wonders where he needs to be as close enough to doubt that he can do whatever he needs to do. Well speaking of and that the game last night down the Atlanta team we saw last night do you look at them -- say they're figured it out that -- you know I know many Ryan hasn't won a playoff Kaman they've they've got killed at home like Green Bay in the post season and they scored two points last year in New York. Is it a different planet team do you think that worked out all out and they will win this year in the post season. You know I don't think so but all the evidence tells me I should thanks so I mean they've won eleven games staple on the road things I was critical of not being able to win on the road. They've won close games they've showed mental toughness. But for whatever reason every time I watch him play I'm thinking if they're playing San Francisco or they're playing Green Bay or they're playing the giants. I don't know they're good enough I don't -- of their defense is good enough and last night. You know they got away with less than their -- game to beat the saints I don't think the saints were our our board are immensely talented by any means in terms of their. Of where they are injuries their defense is really suspect so. You know and they got away with their B game last night and they were able to win but I just for some reason in the eleven wins should change my mind but it does and I just think they're a team that. When they go against the better competition. The green -- that the New York Giants I think -- struggle. So in your mind who is the -- -- just I know we ask -- this all the time but it changes all the time best team and NFC best team in the AFC. Why I think that this is the best human Nancy and is now I think the Colin -- predict. Putting him at quarterback is clearly about how we gonna be the New York guy. Mean the foreign national while the giants twice. In the last twelve months. So they know that the competition to get this report goes through New York they can be Green -- they went back to Lambeau Field be Green Bay I think they feel like Alex Smith can be Green Day. But I give our ball way too Smart to just come out there and say all bill that's a week to week basis he's doing this for the long term planning he's thinking about. What he needs to be in New York Giants and I think he believes he needs Colin -- predicts arm. You need to Blake and he needs his ability to strike quickly. And so I think that's why he's doing it and I think they're the best team when you watch tape for the 49ers there are impressive people bounce off of they're physically strong profits of one looks like fire power forward to basketball. This is an imposing team and their ability to control the game with their defense especially up front. Is pretty good so I think they're they're by far now the giants. Are funny team because you think you can get some things on a giant but you know just when you think you're gonna make a play on the giants they they get near the quarterback -- -- -- put pressure on you turn the ball over. And then when he liked playing well which she did last week they're -- sort of those the two teams and had an AFC. I think it's going to be new England and Denver an example I think Houston's problems defensively will creep up. All of them and I think Denver. And edit and New England that the two better teams because of the quarterback and the team that I would be worried about and I know it's gone now completely completely ridiculous. -- -- -- I know that at all that although they had a great week of practice that's right that. OK the team -- Pittsburgh when Roethlisberger comes back. And if he's healthy and he can come back and they get it whether their fire ever succeed. Their defense is playing well enough that they're gonna cause some trouble for some people. Miami is pretty good they say they're pretty good at stopping the run is that something you really wanted to against the patriots and put the ball on Brady's hands 55 times. You know people say that all they could stop the run but what you study that he. And that -- -- nickel formation they average they allow five yards per carry and so the reality of the situation is if you wanna be into back and you -- show how tough you are. And you wanna try to prove a point. And you wanna prove that they can stop Carolina but to back to run the ball action they want you won't have any success. So you have to solve the problem you have to be divergent thinking so what teams have done this spread about. Get a nickel and see if they can support the running nickel which -- the patriots perfectly because. Miami sitting down there saying how we wanna play this game that we believe are based defense on the field. That I have a suspicion that Josh McDaniels and offered to step for the patriots. Wolf will go -- -- huddle and block that defense lockdown offense defense on the field so they get the matchups they want just like when they saw Bart Scott. All the feel less government failed -- giving -- gonna attack sparked up right away there and that's what they would that's what they do so well. Sort of think Kevin -- it did the opposite defense coordinator of angled his choices if I lineup in nickel I've got to be able holed up in the running game. Because I really haven't been all season have allowed five yards to carry here but people say I have a great run defense -- -- closer. I asked Rob Ninkovich this earlier what is the the the little. Mitigating or or factor that takes Tom Brady maybe a notch above anybody who's beneath him what's that Drew Brees is an example what does Brady do better than Brees does. Well you know I think -- Brady is able to do is is. Make the right decisions almost all the time I mean you know you since the Seattle game when he threw the ball would be a branch and he should probably try to pick from Kouchner and some across and dropped. You rarely see -- take a chance that that's not there I mean sometimes you get upset that he doesn't at least try to pull up the field or. But -- always is doing what's best for the offense and I think. Brees has done that in the past but I think when you get behind in games -- you're you're desperate you're -- you take more chances. I think Tom -- -- patient game and I think that really helps when you play teams like. San Francisco -- when you got to play Miami patience is a virtue you gotta be able to continue on up the field. And not always kind of try to be desperate and I think he does a great job of that. You see the best quarterback in the NFL. I can have a great because I think it's kind of swept under the carpet because of the running game of the patriots. But he has really as this year has gone on I mean this summer wasn't good as they were changing the identity of the offense. As they were in the month of September they were more -- -- team and they were moving in certain directions but I think now you know he's thrown in the deep ball better than he has. Pretty much the last three or four years. He's throwing it up the field I think he obviously gets into the right play all the time and make it a lot of decisions and for Tom. You know he's under center there are more than he's ever been. And the reality is yes and had a full team there. I mean other than the Tennessee game that the patriots haven't had a four offensive team whether it's been offered sublime weather that's been Gradkowski with a -- Hernandez. Whether it's been anyone they haven't had a full team Meredith scored over 400 points. Ryan -- hill looks good looks is a good look and young quarterback his numbers stink though is. Is -- good quarterback in your opinion. I think he's a talented player and I think with the paid huge challenges a little bit like the singled rams game here they've got to get ahead. And it went with what teams have done to Miami and Miami has either one close games lost close games but when teams extend the game more. And make having a -- patrol more than thirty times they're not built that way. They're not conducive to be successful in -- Falwell -- game they've got to be able to have balance with their game. You know over thirty -- think he's won a game this season when he had to pass over thirty times so -- he's got to be a guy with a defense plays well in early when they were doing well. The defense can get the ball back form they were playing well but this teams involved offensively against their defense and figure it out. Note to back runs let's go to nickel once let's try to spread about make a bit of the -- of the field defensively. And the length of the field. We can win these match ups. But I think that had a he'll have all the more pressure on him because the defense hasn't been able to control the game -- they did earlier this. But that's clearly what would have happened I think you have to be able to. Force -- a hill to throw the football more than he wants to and get some football football on Sunday are going to be key component. Like this might be a record offseason for coaching vacancies head coaching vacancies in the National Football League at the answer to -- -- -- Who's going to be the new hot thing the new big thing. What I Chip Kelly that the that the New Hampshire product isn't going to be the hot thing I think Chip Kelly it's going to be really hot and in terms of people are gonna wanna try to. Hire him and bring him and there's no question. And and certainly there's a lot of teams -- -- happens when you have a collective bargaining agreement. And you have the and you have stability within the system so owners know exactly what they're you know budgets are what they can afford what they can't and I think you're gonna see some changes because. What happens in Indianapolis when the team that doesn't win very many games that would one game and -- they would sever already. Teams are looking at -- -- my turn around happening quicker for the Bruins and they get a sense of desperation. And it's Springsteen once said you know there is a difference between desperation encouraging you got to figure out what you are. And I think that some teams don't understand that they've they've become desperate and when they probably should stick with the coach. Or they are courageous and stick with the -- perhaps maybe they should you know sometimes even after one here you go down the right road right. Or or maybe I should make a change you know I think that's the question. In Oakland you're gonna -- they're gonna ask themselves this offseason are we doing the right thing here in Oakland is Dennis -- ready to be head coach two we just need to be more patient. Or is probably too much form I think I'm not there's like a nobody goes to the kind of situations -- refer to. Our coaches with with fairly substantial resume is such as Andy Reid Norv Turner and maybe you Rex Ryan -- going to be able to go straight from one team to another's head coach to all three of those have to go to. Coordinators come then come back up the latter. Well I think Andy -- to the exception there you know I think any readers you know going through the personal tragedy that he had to go through this season. I think just step back maybe the best thing for Andy I don't know if you want this the realized separatist. You know from being in the Philadelphia area here you know I don't know how you could even possibly deal with the loss of of a child. So -- and installed function as a football coach. That's why I think that's open -- when he without they have public enemy would not be a coordinator I think he would be their head coach not work -- for -- running north and appoint his career where he's got to make a decision about. Where he wants to go in terms of comfort. If he decides to go back in there and Rex. Is the interest -- one conduct thought about -- a lot of -- is no longer head coach. Do you wanna bring in the sideshow is he gonna go the press conference you gonna have to deal with and deal with the media's become a big bowl predictions like his brother did on Thanksgiving Day got a ballot. I don't know that's really helping for a lot of organizations nor would they wanna pick at all but as a coach certainly but I don't know about the sideshow. Do you think and you mentioned Chip Kelly and he's been rumored for every opening already and did did what. She -- is done and camper and I guess to a lesser extent would -- bars Don and what Pete Carroll is done -- -- open doors for college guys as. And I we've talked to you about talked about this would you before but it seemed for years the Jimmie Johnson was the only gather what he called to the pro everyone else. This you just can't do it would do you think he can do it now that these guys have done. Yeah I really think I think -- head coaching college understands how to run a program he's a head coach and I think what we've gotten to in the NFL. It's a bunch and this is the problem in the wall is you can't to. System you've got to have a head coach you gotta have a coach who could walk in the room and they discover how to play the game on Sunday. He's gonna talk to the team he's gonna coach the entire team not just call plays and try to manage the game as a part time basis I think that's a -- start the NFL. And I think we're getting back to I think when you watched Tampa -- he's he's you know he's involved in every aspect of that -- He understands everything that's going all of -- Pete Carroll's Seattle understand everything what's going on with this team and he manages every part of the game. I had acute need -- and I think when you go to college coach he understands player development in terms of program. He understands how to manage the game from head coaching chair and just not called the game now. They're gonna need some help in terms of like Chip Kelly he'll need to have somebody come in and helpful with the pro passing game understanding a pretty Smart guy. And it's going to be a learning curve but he's gonna figure it out they don't ever say he's not because he's too Smart I mean this is in my brain surgery. So he can figure out what it's gonna take some the right step but it got a -- that he brought some guys and within about experience to help him get caught up for the comedy -- -- I do think it's a good option for NFL because you need to have a head coach in today's game. -- Mike in your estimation does this recent rash of positive PED tests indicate the NFL drug policy is working or is not working a lot of guys get -- I think we're I think we're a product of society as a matter all these federal testing you know a lot of kids no college campuses are using had a role. I don't know the reason for using out or on terms of players maybe it's doubled focus and beating. Or you know or a lot of it a lot of guys with it you know with attention deficit disorder are taking it for prescription so there's a fine line and I think it's got to get more clarification but. Again you know I don't ten you know everybody's knowledge should get tested for a positive it is it's not a role because that kind of makes you except right. I don't look at all is lateral because we're not supposed to know anything but I do think we need to examine. All the medication that's available people and make sure that it is in the same -- classification as. Something else that is it really -- impacting the game I think that's something that the league is looking into. All right as we always and we end this way again if you only watch it one this weekend I'm guessing it wouldn't be Carolina and Kansas City Norwood will be Oakland and Cleveland what's your game choice. Well if I'm actually looking forward to to watch -- available at Baltimore Pittsburgh on Sunday night that's going to be affected. I mean Sunday afternoon that's going to be a fascinating game because. Here's the problem with the Pittsburgh you're not gonna catch Baltimore in the -- I mean realistically you're not so you played better this week. And risk -- getting further injure -- can perhaps losing them for the season or you give them another ten days off to give them more time off. And just take your medicine which rallied back to realize you know that wasn't -- Smart have a college that is our third string quarterback. And then try to make sure you're in position to win the wild -- get your team ready for the stretch run because like the Packers -- like the giants we've seen teams come from behind. And get the Super Bowl so I think that decision you've got to make of Pittsburgh Baltimore how that's going to be handled and how you play that and I think if they. Choose the latter and get that healthy they're a dangerous team but they could be saved themselves you know what since that is gonna catch us if we don't keep trying to win games and that might be a sense of desperation. As always Mike good stuff and it was good to hear from double this morning all the more broadly. A Twitter account she made of -- you want to be known all the time it's apparent that it's the only solution bark let's hilarious that's great. Oh yeah of course when she's -- now. Excellent -- talking next week about Mike Lombardi with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Our conversation with Mike is sponsored by town fair tire and buy HS eight. Insurance.

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