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Rob Ninkovich talks Brady's greatness and steroids in football

Nov 30, 2012|

John and Gerry's talk with the Pats defensive end/linebacker is slightly livelier than normal as they get into whether a player Rob's size was ever tempted to do steroids. Not over the steroids, but the idea that D&C think he's undersized when he's rushing the passer. They also go into how well Brady is playing right now and how it is to watch an offense that operates so efficiently around him.

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Welcome back our friends it is a patriots Friday our conversation with Rob Ninkovich has brought you buy lunch dates and where's my bar make you Jewelers. Joins us on AT&T hotline AT&T four GLT eat good morning rob how are yet. Changed things up to do the usual kind of you know how's Miami house panic hill house plane and the people should like to discuss today what would float your boat -- you like to talk about. -- are pretty. I'll -- our outer -- -- there may too much felt asleep on the couch and had to rally to get up to watch you guys at night I wish you had the mid middle the day game. Problem. -- -- This is. One of your former teams correct we're here. Or or or will do you. And still have friends on the saints we root for the saints. You know I mean I I was in orbit in our fuel -- And you're a couple authorities still was. Note the way it started out he's an art or longer either turn around a little bit. Learn something in particular that lower earned. Do you think you think Brees is in Brady's class or as Brady. In a class of zone. -- I mean I think her -- -- the early on. You know her -- greatest thing class where. -- -- you know he's pretty close that means you're negroes are you know. -- -- you're gonna feel it. Reverse take over a barrel so. That their vote later. In your honor. Rob from a performance standpoint what does Brady possessed the -- doesn't what's the little edge that sets him above you know other great quarterbacks in the league if you have a -- you know -- Manning maybe a little bit about -- a little bit. Both -- what -- Tom do that they don't do. Here I think the problem. You know in any given situation is able -- keep. You know I can edit their stride and you know the level -- you know beat you're fired up -- you know there Patrick -- -- you know he he understands. What he did you -- senator -- to you know protect our own prior. Along -- if you like every gamer aren't due to better you know security you know error that. -- that picture -- sideline seen her fingers or to order they gave it under court order is huge. You know pretty much. You know -- couple. You think played quarterback in the National Football League is the hardest job in all sport. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- get a check all our garbage look at and say the Austrian. Or go harder for your player and having a stroke perfect pass -- you know people here Sherri maybe you know you have -- -- -- -- to make her decision there just aren't. -- Doubting my abilities. To the. It's it's it's almost as if the mental aspect of playing quarterback in this league is more difficult than the physical aspect in terms of knowing what all ten guys beside you on the field -- supposed to do. Check downs as you said changing a play about recognizing protection recognizing blitzes. -- Max protection all that sort of stuff. It's it's it's strikes beat odd bit I note. That one I see a quarterback a mercenary looks over somebody's like a little bit out of position. He points -- -- back up off the line of scrimmage or go emotional whatever case may be that the the brain power obviously east speaks for itself. Yeah I mean that's the -- got to remember which we turn and the ball. I -- -- was shot Sanchez. -- -- you think it's funny. Rosario I was -- -- lows. You know cover I was in order direct. Corporate all icing what's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done and got caught on tape in in a football game rob. Burton -- or you're you're in your face and some lemons asked. No matter where you know there and -- are. On the back the Cleveland. Cavaliers back. There was. One of those things that we're all players. Inspectors say -- that's great English only in. -- put on here and there you go out there after it was over or -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I think Cleveland. Directly on the oval seat he remembered yeah Cleveland off the ground right. Or that it I think our our -- Obviously -- it -- very -- -- year. I think -- that it the other way implies the person. Went through a well. Arose. -- vote momentarily or are literally over those. Not that the -- tree. -- You're the coach mark. And I assume that shows up in film session. In the next week correct as a pointed out to you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know or the public are you you know -- -- sure that in -- say you know -- saying either. -- the sparkle like this you -- Julio. I and as you know if you -- teammates have been nabbed for testing positive for for. Banned substances. -- wonder -- the guy like Q you're you're undersized now at least when your when your rushing the passer. How much legal stuff -- taken how careful are you when you go to CN senior at new protein powders and your vitamins. You worry. That question what -- side though. Victor you're sick you're under our -- and only when you're going against a right or left tackle its isn't it a bit angered a lot of theaters. -- there. Most are. It. I would like their maverick all right. Average I was given you credit you know you're just like Jermaine Cunningham you guys gotta go get some big dudes and I desperate. Retreat or did you I mean how naturally how big you mean if you didn't lift if you entering. Primary. So you've got like 125 pounds of muscle is that. Almond -- I know you left but is that a lot of protein shakes and a lot of legal supplements. -- -- -- -- There are definitely never go to UC it is buying anything you know obviously that. So -- US market do because. You know these companies to Carol. Pope wants to put together because some of -- you know you try it that are in trouble so. There are our secure -- their own who -- label insert. You know it -- they approve. Gone through college or professional crew you know these -- not -- -- so pretty. Can't picture most of our earlier is that she's now. Not at all no animosity you know coach more than just work of -- where most of the novel thing. Our most of the supplement you take provided by the team rob so you know it's been -- what you get them in the trainers room that the protein shakes or whatever. A media that that for alcohol. You know approaching approaching it so important issues are -- -- there so. You've been. You've been released before correct you've you've. Yeah yeah -- You've you've never had anything handed to you your. You know you were a fifth round draft pick you fed to fight for everything how tempted were you at any point college or pro. Too cheap. Now. Had that's their war speakers. Or they're coming down to it at Accenture. Your morals singled and the waiter brought up there I was always taught him that it's there. You know. Despite earlier that you that you war room you know. Cheating in the words you're now so our own. That -- the word you wanna be the biggest strongest are starting QB. Well for me you know that you. Legally and not -- Iran -- -- Thursday. You know that this this afternoon that after that it took this. Problem they destroy or so ago. The system that. Then put it it's well known as the mile fail. So. You know. So do you look at guys who have been caught and exposed as as using performance enhancing drugs differently you think different about the people when you -- found out that they were cheating. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know like their personal record. You know it is their -- -- different -- -- America. Owner and helped you. A little better -- -- its spirit so. There are I -- the you know whatever it knows. Obviously that are so -- Do you think guys are doing steroids in the league. Now none nobody. Just work how much how much noticed you have rubbed you know ahead of time to use its schedule I know that's random but I'll find out. You walk in the -- didn't go vote you off. Go through that there you know you know all -- sort of if you -- for an -- Will heat be a problem this -- another former team of viewers Miami when you played for the dolphins did you feel like. You have an advantage on you know at home when it was hot. Are you not think that. Obviously being -- and in the weather day. Just like here you know we are outside all of them or whether he's you know com -- here that are wrong says -- aren't sure. The people there on the Cole letter so. In -- early. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hold those -- aren't going to be super hot girls or are these are degrees so our home. Who aren't you know. Are these beautiful area. -- Rob good luck we'll talk to next week. Are there Rob Ninkovich -- Cali hello AT&T hotline our conversation with rob has brought to buy lunch dates and -- -- that was cruelties it was a good idea but you got him to loosen up. He actually suggest we start about Thanksgiving he dumped on Sanchez it which been no activity took -- back. And I think with a -- plea that part out. Listen we'll be right back.

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