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David Ortiz: The Red Sox could use some more thunder in their lineup

Nov 29, 2012|

David joins Kirk, Rob and Ian Browne and talks about how he Feels good about his health, had some team doctors see him this week, he's not fully recovered but feels good preparing for spring training. He also says their pitching needs some adjustments. He also says he was hurt by Bobby Valentines comments but is looking towards the future instead of dwelling on what can't be changed.

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Are still showed 937 WEI Turkmen and rob Bradford Ian Brown in for Alex spear and joining us now on the AT&T hotline. Is Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz David it is cartman and rob Bradford Andy amber out of Boston Howard you. Do. -- on around. Not much you know we had the assistant general manager of the Boston Red Sox on the other today. And he would something very very interesting to say we're gonna play you clip. -- Cities. Microphone. Yeah upside down Mike I live on the got a -- pass the microphone to the you know -- -- it kind of reach around behind my back in. I'd be all cool and helping on penalty on relive that now. David do you buy it. David. Yeah you buy that you buy that excuse. No can't help combat the north of in my side -- -- a reach around and does whatever it is not we should they did before it's a bit. They want a little console. Wanna make up the issue about finally you have five that -- and so your body. The at a it does as your health right now physically are you feeling you were -- where you're -- the process. It was a I. I. The -- in the early years. Less than one basketball but it was. -- won't let me out. -- certain days. Certain elements that he bill it's the wouldn't do it the -- Mark what do you do when it. -- murder in we. Some -- Severity of Lamar Ron thanks so. It's on the I was. Where were remote where the plan -- day there aren't are not about who would go over. -- you know now didn't you form a government who have supported this sort of birdie birdie -- zone and not all of them. Or would you rather -- earth the four month. So -- they -- they because it is. There he says the you do that shockwave treatment what Boutros gonna put -- action pro. A few weeks do you think that did a lot of good for you were you happy did that. I think sort of order in. -- Not a ball. Who doesn't use. -- -- The Mormon or -- -- -- can't. In the well as it is. The the longer -- -- that. And wouldn't the so. So war. You put forward lovely but couldn't do it. There the one of the things happen and a few weeks ago is your -- Torii Hunter signing with Detroit -- First off did have you talked to him about that decision at all and I guess the second question is. Does it worry you at all about free agents coming here. Are coming off the year in you know guzzle it sounded like -- really wanted to go to a place where. He he thought he was gonna win right away do you have any concerns about that. Well and from there we where are eaten bone there -- there. He recorded what Feinberg told them symbol. Or Becker -- That. Economic -- the world. Who. Can't that didn't ball in the water -- it was a -- from Limbaugh. So once. The hold it there. Kuerten Lleyton our. Odierno cover them under our belt -- and about. Who would. Did they know would you like see this team do this winners or what -- -- the guy to up there on the free agent market the you have your you know what what do you think this team. Really needs to take the next step next year. What I -- bound. Yeah on my little. He Shia. And the older. I will not and I did a little bit and as -- Or one. That wouldn't -- -- -- you know and and Barbara that they're not meant. One. And I didn't birds that are right into the equation. It was -- it was them by about coming up. And a lot of decision it was made. We're her. The -- and so we. Quote -- -- -- You -- to a couldn't see it before. Remote upper bewilderment and so -- that they. We in films home well either so are losing one well. Has there ever heard yeah. In. Articulate -- car. And some some. Well or it's in the world that. Let them it was going to be. Who murdered -- -- I -- come back to a David need to get a chance to answer it but are you concerned at all a bow. Free agents health free agents view the Red Sox because the whole time you've been here the Red Sox have been a pretty desirable place to play. But it -- is at any concern in regards to that. Forward. With a little bit afraid the first couple of years probably. But. Wouldn't go we didn't see. Yeah ultimately -- recently we have an idea out saying if you. I'm looking for. What are preserver. Would you -- one of these about it. There's a lot of -- of -- -- so what what what they want it because of the confidence will be no person nonsense. -- Just look at her murder one bounces. Up bringing their -- Income that. This is not certain we those. They rule that -- minimum -- compliment. Very. In the -- blue ball and went -- again in certain. But I couldn't -- and it was days now -- that is true or are. It's the same group which. David Ortiz joins us on the hot stove showed David Ortiz celebrity golf classic takes place December 6 in the ninth at century grand resorts at cap -- out. David charities for that is what what is the. Well. There's not -- formal. Quote -- of two. Remind. You -- sort of armed. Would lose. -- -- Parker could hear them. None of water coming -- and now the movement. You know regular every year we -- our salute the might you -- or some promote verb somewhere in. -- let this go round and little as well. It does promote heavily in cold. It promised it would not on the group. -- -- Well yeah I'm I'm choosing to make things happen this and David actually inactive that rob character golf course right that that they'll never be the same again. I think in my eight. What you do -- that would get them back in. The -- I just lived out and blow the only way you can wherever god here. Yeah probably like. Let's say he had -- at least I don't know that it comes around and that convertible -- -- anything that stands down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let that but even colder if it's if there -- I I keep it up for easy results that are both a. David shifting back to guests their Red Sox batters with the manager John Ferrell I guess I would ask. What does John fell bring to this team that Bobby Valentine couldn't last. Well I think. He's -- mainland where we. Our -- who formed the. When we were -- would -- would -- well. So I don't even before world com more of what -- -- to do to get into Barack and so. He's gotten -- political. That's unbelievable. What department would. I think there are up flown. A mile somewhere yeah yeah I mean it's. We are. You have written. There home he's not -- that -- itself. I'm not -- -- Look Derek but what -- it will be. Form the -- and that and as. -- accomplice. Some. Of all the rest of Ramallah. Form. -- purple -- so was. Yeah the other -- solution. But not a -- and -- -- and I said those those no problem. -- thing is there's a lot of good things happening. And I think that in the long wrong -- Of the city. Obviously with Valentine you spoke about the college wrote there and -- NBC shows that you've you know basic gave up on the season you had any contact with Valentine's since that. I'm really. You know I -- on the I'll -- it was like it was a close look. Well. And as much time and there -- And incurable and over the long run Columbia. -- -- Obama yeah you're out of -- Four and once and so on commonalities common cause a loose. -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't think people -- now. That goes on as you known. Derek but it was a well -- a moment so I'm I'm super bounce and it. I'm human it's -- little amount. Certainly an uncertain what -- -- with its own. But. -- this event. And I hit a lot of reports that is what I do. And -- to -- -- and now. The one of the older brother. Although there are certain -- There's little. Lover. And -- -- that's a problem. Look no movement was mixed in our memo. One turnover. Margin. There's no local groups one -- -- -- -- -- a lot of confidence is most. Old. While posting them you know comment on the incumbents there. -- -- models for. Political. -- its own -- -- like. Nordic curtain. And the Lima. David this go back to the couple days right before. You agreed to a contract. Did you think that there was a chance that you gonna hit the open market and that that you actually might end up not a member of the Red Sox. Not really. Thank. Written. A person. Confirmed that he didn't recorded. -- Kilometer Navarro and now are important. I'm a curtain. In the -- not on the mind of the surgeon general. Or. Basically earlier couples are these so. The most liberal of the ball well what -- One -- -- -- did -- -- problems for months the world about. Corporate being. David Ellison talked to a Cody Ross this offseason and so after playing with him pretty area how important thing to be this -- possible this lineup to have a guy like that back with the team. Well I think I think Cody -- -- it would sort of a poor. Who are home. Well you -- not. Only in the proper time. So blunt -- the -- -- yeah there's there's he. He's a great human. Well horrible it's great gluten went -- their -- and and what we're. For the record some. Of that. When we order our common. Everyday certainly -- -- That there are several birds are like what are the purpose -- -- it's an important. -- Over what. Beaten in a note on converts -- -- -- number. Well there weren't well there is the brother. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The medicine and other want to know. -- I worked at Kirkland but also them and people who did the did you -- -- David most important question of the day. Who who's in my foursome. All were well water -- another common -- catch him now to. The -- at royal -- down their embarrassing myself. Mom and give it a war and then I mean. I offered that you could be my caddie. You think about it. I might be what -- I mean -- -- that durable but the numbers two. Furthermore -- -- is a mid -- a bit so some of those. The date of a look at the online auction -- you have the auction items you have right here. Unbelievable you throw first pitch at a Red Sox can you go to David. Ortiz celebrity golf classic dot com go to the the online auction won the first -- and Red Sox games and a fly you out if you want to go Red Sox giants get a chance to meet you but the big item. David you guys aren't you guys aren't dummies running this thing the second IAC out there is a is a lunch stay with Heidi why there are yeah. -- right now is 600 dollars David the guys and around -- ago. Twenty times. Have my tonight he is a great I've. December 6 December -- December night that's next week David Ortiz celebrity golf classic that benefits to David Ortiz children's fund Dave we appreciate your time thanks a lot. -- -- -- Based in the world can talk about the only about the -- Let's David Ortiz red -- does mean he's not mean your your pain itself -- a source -- some work. There's an agreement as an agreement to play -- -- -- -- enough. Let's get that obviously has put this put dog -- put it this way my wife has a better chance of playing golf tonight do they are.

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