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Thursday, November 29th Whiner Line

Nov 29, 2012|

You're a douchebag, Mr. Kardashian.

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Music music music fresh and breast -- like these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox didn't. This in his discretion advised us. -- And now those -- your line. And I will tell you this philosophy is always an upper Echelon player. Yeah. And now. Ridiculous. This is ridiculous. And you could sense this from the very beginning of the I didn't win the program tonight but WEEI. Whiner line. Yeah dial 779353. Plus it. Why -- near line they're gonna it's. And the game suspension. For Rajon Rondo or some trees nothing. To back to workers. Seriously that. Well. -- -- -- Between you want to tetanus -- get scratched from the shoulder wouldn't want to nationalities with Kim Kardashian treatments. That. Picture scratches. Scratches on that that's a tax that's what you can start doing. If you start to get that little pictures. Well surprisingly that was the -- on the tree line today. Green -- green line. And these twenty people hopefully they'll like yours there did they crash to to truly they said they -- -- each. It's seasonal people came -- -- -- prices. If you're on track trying to get on it. You wait to get there were trying to get on -- and I am telling you got his wife Wesley and that's like Gayle King didn't. Be -- the -- like Erica yes -- -- imagine like Max on the road uranium which I'm Randi tonight's mentioned before the I'd done every adult reality show I would watch it was set -- reality show Obama -- when you watch so you know what you're looking at. I want to you know you can do very well that worked there six shields him. She's in great great girl and woman child from Denise -- 32 or Mikey yeah I'm in the elevator. Doctored to -- -- got a big job -- CBS yeah. Did you wireline is powered by AT&T deal -- the final climax. Though. WEEI live it's available in your rival undergraduate Blackberry device brought -- you by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE. It's up to the -- this -- -- -- Massa grabbed them and -- -- then AT&T rethink possible. And there. I was out of view of the had been working. Tell us about it -- to -- capacity and a morning. And the message it. Rick Rick -- know he was easily -- You work in here every day. Correct priorities have -- if it works it guys are high expectation I did have a this -- you can hold a full zionist. Development in development about -- that -- -- form -- an adventure. Yeah anything about it and MBA. Certainly bring broke broke it into the congregation of about using these they -- -- And now he's on now after well twenty. Paul knows me well I witnessed how. -- that this will result. Maybe you cut by a bat I'd I don't want. And I and about that I -- way that I exploit it. Been accepted. That night and and the. Is the worst expression little man boat. Off. If your larger woman still. It's a medium sized man -- the cruiser. -- giving the -- -- Hey but that -- -- I'm going back on the map I -- -- the -- ended about a bad spot and I told you guys are gonna have to do a lot better than that went out back. There is such a painful austerity Alston right tools for fewer errors they were paying. Call the Red Sox were I think Wally and some players Obama Obama. All of the -- 62 million they got back from the Dodgers and using it makes it. I want you to get all -- -- -- if we all -- -- would've found a way to take that might have been out of dollar at a time I take every angle of the easy pass like -- outcome if you buy them. -- called -- all of that through. Our goal of how -- are gonna take this -- insisted that you can also -- about it tolls for the guard. Signs of -- Russell's work in the you know the boot to -- for a change in the way. Over the island government shape you want to call it Christmas trees. Holiday tree is it any -- occurred showing -- millions and millions this holiday fruitcake. And that it is terrible thing. -- And Bob and Bob and I'm reminded. -- that man from the company's. Just trusting the direction of the problems that's not. A -- can't read only know. And that that little suspect it is it is. But -- -- -- -- Because people in the very good but what. And Lebanon whatever almost certainly brighter. I'd done that and then. That is focused on the that's our listeners that -- -- -- that they -- average David Ortiz tonight at seven that's right now you part of that showed you leave what would I -- wait seven years ago David Ortiz looked out my show us that weren't enough -- Remember the last time -- apple and Ortiz is on the phone and -- can't promise -- Not news. David thanks. You might. As part of that did you Redford actually made it sound like he knew what -- just said. -- They're. You might it goes. Well. My parents has bounced off more right -- -- It was a day. -- -- Feeling intense him he snapped -- close that -- what time for action now I can't run -- -- The wonder drive. All seen. So just -- Okay. -- -- -- Copyright infringement. I've in Baghdad but that god -- -- -- contested. The possible want them. I I've -- wanted to people -- -- a bit back but it's true that all living -- the -- -- the big cat. All the way up that kind of bad because I would. -- unity I would -- you always -- Always good good good good good body. And it will be brought the house of what -- the house of little wonder. In most global problem wanderers. Cut. -- -- What the big deal about you know a lot of fight app politicking with some of the -- benefited you the other day -- one bites. -- -- They'd pick -- you. A lot of courage knocked down and -- -- Putted pretty well Larry flooded with a group that this all happened in the playoffs. But he around the -- outcome could are probably some bad rap when he -- and cut back. Regular. Yeah. And -- and a member and a rare for you were there for dock -- is their hearing. Or you're you are in insult to junk -- -- -- did you hear that you like Doc Rivers that are after the fact yeah. I was in the middle of that map for -- and I and I -- Charles Barkley via these state program Charles Barkley. Shrug your shoulders with line into the crowd it is likely -- yeah yeah that was grad Larry Kessler again until investment that was. Read our very ready to Orlando -- Billy Cunningham had -- -- -- -- Is bought to open. And our government -- on the ball important. This. There. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we're talking about -- -- I'd want to read about why I don't -- about that -- ever got back cut back. I bet that I'd I'd I'd. I'm not quite as bad. I -- I have. Had. I have I have. Bad bad habit as bad about it that I'm I bet they -- I don't know but yeah. I had bad bad bad bad about that I'd I'd -- right. And this message to the sharp ready for a period. And spot on them. -- Rondo god bless you but you did something that we all have been dying to do for a long long time and that is on Chris -- in the states. God bless you. And let it. Stand by Alicia she's worth about four times what he's -- aria for time yeah -- four times. He's very -- she's she's paid to disappear clubs were a little bit she's OK that's off her -- for youngsters she is a current issues. And she gets paid to just say things on Twitter a Twitter -- backed Twitter. Think Max if you if you start using Twitter people will pay you -- say something about me on Twitter playing what you might want a couple of words -- game and you don't have to be a -- like Kim Kardashian. You can't leave -- where you can't beat us it's always an option. -- by the -- I might add to that the market could of these I have met in Canada. -- -- -- 72 days but this -- at -- technically it. If we could actually. No wonder what you did tiger ask tape I took 190 I don't think there. And once every six. Once and I think he calls himself once companies that that was and that was that on media day -- they've actually play I would say exactly. -- it's just the Lindsay Lohan fight with the other woman in the -- last night it was probably more volume is -- -- What what a disgrace Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor stop stop stop stop that's ridiculous to sleep that's ridiculous. Does leave so -- actually she's gross out. Thank you and she's a gross to -- -- about a young Elizabeth Taylor never have journalism. Well. For a. If there are -- I -- Did it. Both -- -- -- you married then walked -- do. -- -- guys don't watch it how about about this you know what I would assume he was that this he must have been acting. He was surprise. Surprise that she's been very powerful. And now into Israel's policy. Out of -- you know about the million credit and -- about the average age six AP. What don't give them credit but he he he stood up to the fat sister in such a close vote yet he Lamar -- was like yeah it would take craft. -- -- and at least okay. Finished out of that short of the Dallas game Oakley with him people wanted to take it brought a friend is now on at least at the salute officer about the famous on the stepfather he's OJ mystified as far LPGA golf. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Radio and what they have a -- -- them it's put up at -- He's people who aren't making a call from the year ago with the -- right now. But he is kind of went with picnic that the -- -- compete in the but -- -- -- last week -- way to -- but. And this message. I'm really disappointed in the powerball prize I was hoping my name he would win -- go the way. And so I spent thirty bucks and I got nothing. He spent thirty dollars and yet again before I got four weapons you're indeed in -- -- -- Obama ticket or it won't take a look at a ST to divide. You buy a ticket I didn't think -- get a chance to win 550 comedy to Cuba. That was he Ulanova database that you just. I adored that -- reported elves are difficult. I just checked the back is just read it I was to create GM Jerry victory -- are replies and ask the president. However do little Credo Michael. While mom and I didn't do much brought the WTI or they -- network of course thought laws and it. WEEI. About golf. Nobody that wanted to check -- so we'd better do rapid side -- looked -- obviate GPS but. Now let's go back -- the idea about why people vote all but when asked if our work our way out should be out but. Go to woke up quite a bit. -- -- -- -- They don't laugh at but expect that we will open the -- -- -- all right just -- Bought out by now -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- and how does not -- that -- A business. Like that Jessica -- up the WER board but you about work. The -- -- -- they WEEI dot com and perhaps well perhaps. And then that. Does your final I brought to my -- and I think you -- compelled to ease its goods does rest of the three GAT and T rethink possible.

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