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Is this Celtics team 'soft'? Is Rondo a 'punk'? Breaking down the Celtics/Nets fight.

Nov 29, 2012|

We discuss the news of the day, namely Rajon Rondo's fight, ejection and subsequent suspension.

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-- Mike I was very concerned for you last few safety. Valuation of the show I was extremely concerned -- -- was dilemma. Managed to use and right there. -- set and a baseline got suddenly a fight erupted. -- -- -- right I'm glad jail and I noted. You know what I right -- you've pointed at our point point. Oh well 00. And -- -- it got -- it integrates it regularly -- -- -- it's one of those things where you want to see this is. This is this is a veteran move trust. You wanna see what happens. Which you don't wanna get so close that -- So you're all of exhaustion you somehow become involved. So. Generally my policy. At these games it's especially my policy. When somebody has. Brooklyn on a front editors went in the fight with it too simple to us with that you don't wanna get to a violent. Yeah this that everybody's doing this hurdle for ESP you must. That they're taking on the character of -- town that it. They car. -- they got a couple of guys. That you really -- They -- -- while I'm open as a -- do it on them as -- out on the Imus are with him. Some some pretty scary characters. And you know it's what they did for the Celtics last night. Last night they just. Now they didn't start off brawling with the Celtics playing dirty. Just outplayed them out hustled -- out -- him before the -- end after. They really did Kennedy it was yeah it was I don't know of course and the Celtics didn't know what to do about it I think that's what happened. And in the case of Rondo are there are a lot of things that led up to that point. The the first thing and everybody's forgotten about it right now there's a guy. With a very very interesting name. Change FitzGerald who was detained FitzGerald -- FitzGerald. Is the official who gave -- the technical. In the middle of the first quarter when doc was yelling at Rhonda -- -- doc goes to the other officials that that's the worst tech. -- says some other things that the worst tech. I've had a long time in his -- -- -- Him and I. It's where it. -- that I think you visual thought he was telling him when he was yelling it is -- player so Terry FitzGerald. Had a rabbit ears. I came FitzGerald really had no feel for what the game not what the game -- com. So when I was eight months and it was even that -- of a file as hard file that you filed by applause but that way. By by Chris Kardashian Chris Carter and -- he mileage issue they're still legally married. Right still legally married follow this you don't wanna final table maybe doesn't. Maybe that. -- in order for those cheaper to make a lot moment -- using a music furloughs don't exactly so he -- it and he's got the lawyers working as a take a chunk of that excess -- you know -- Canadian art that. -- -- that I know I would everywhere you there's no guard actually get an Kardashian gives them the -- And dedicate KG is pointing to once again came FitzGerald hey you see that and FitzGerald is there like. And that's on now. Rondo where. I think people missed it on Rondo. Did the wrong thing there's no question I don't think there's any debate on the wrong thing to do. But the intentions were I'm gonna stand up for my teammate. Who's not standing up forms -- right now and I'm gonna show that you can do that to the Boston Celtics. The way you do what you do it is by playing better defense and executing and making it a competitive game against Brooklyn who can play in the Celtics to. Look at a journalist. Rondo off the hook here because there have been too many episodes of immaturity but this -- I thought was far worse obviously when he threw the basketball. Face -- the officials so to me that's or worse than anything you saw last night. To tell you -- This is my what you saw last night compared to what you'd see in an NBA game twenty years ago -- now. You don't -- -- blasted basketball or so but but it would capital. Max is going to be here. Today at 4 o'clock QB here for the last two hours Danny Ainge will join us live. As well this afternoon so we'll get the the G on the president of basketball operations do you sense on this and other -- Celtics. As well put Mexican to. He's gone far -- Max went into a -- and -- the thing in Philadelphia. And you don't got out of it. Nothing continued what game. So now I get this an automatic if you get into a flight automatic. And that in the you've got to toss them out of the -- yet understand. This happened in the middle of the floor you never would have wouldn't have escalated to the way it escalated you would -- have you know -- there in front row point. Atlanta boy -- RR RX and I got it would've had so we wouldn't have escalated to that point but Rondo could. I believe he couldn't even know. Com. -- to -- he did grabs of the two you know grabbed each other. Did grab hold him back but Rondo was then obviously the instigated at this point he could stood up to Humphries. Hands by his son -- right he didn't do right it so Rondo lost his cool out there and -- so there was still way. For him to defend his teammate show that it's about team and I'm protecting my brother here he could have done that without escalating to where it. Eric are you are -- he -- in there's another thing I forgot maintenance is there a key part of there are some of people on the net. -- the Celtics definitely respect and let's start from a from the head coaching perspective -- -- as much respect for Avery Johnson and I would together that it upon a night right. -- -- Mutual respect mutual admiration. Oscar. So -- -- a political answer I don't know that's the real answer. And Darrent Williams respect him. Joseph Johnson. They respect him. No respect card. And I think it was part of it too. Kim does it's it's quite -- they don't I think he's I think he's good players heard Jason Terry left columnists -- player. And reporters that Jason Terry. -- in the -- caught you guys off Jason Terry didn't miss a beat he said well. I guess I'm for complete without a fit right in. As being soft so they don't they don't respect him and I think that's why you saw a point guard. All of six -- that one. Go at a big man like it was enough. But I think part of that was frustration. And the way they were playing and he felt that. You can see it knew where I -- not recorded but you would do that Reggie and I -- record that that the American -- do that to Gerald Wallace now. But he he showed similar isn't mature immaturity and Indian. Toronto. He loses his personal goal it obviously was important tool because you and I have commented here in the last week. That there are times he looks like he's more interest in passing that shooting and your dirty. Example for example last night. On a break. You're going toward the basket you pass back to. Jason Collins right. 23 basket. Jason Collins. Thought it was a bad pass that it would take Jason Collins and a Minor League Baseball number number 98. Don't pass the ball I'm not an offensive threat pass through the ball especially from twenty feet or this a low ball. Twenty feet away from the basket so I'm glad the streak is over. Because it because it takes on a life of its own and now he can give back to playing basketball when he eventually does give back my best to get. You know. 234 game suspension and where to report his here's the issue with the with the streak -- you and I talked about it last we can't fault Rhonda. For wanted to be part of the record. Everybody wants to be part of the record book and -- patient out there probably times over the years do we have conversations here on sports talk radio the deal with. Records. -- -- Accomplishments. We talked about it all but all right. But that it's the wanting to keep baseball going on a regular places is that people are trying to compare numbers it's the one reason right now. That when you -- steroids you can only talk about it in context of the sport of baseball. Because that's where there are numbers attached so it's important to an individual player. Got to understand and I get that he wants to be part of the record book Magic Johnson. You know you know giant's stock that you want to be in the record book that's that that's the dream of any young basketball but you're right. It does damage does damage to the team. Because it becomes. A priority for -- player and for a coach and for his teammates because you pick a team that you -- help them get into record -- Now you mentioned earlier. You don't wanna talk old bastard baseball so let's go to middle aged people go to middle oh Obama's pastor best look at a middle -- bastard -- -- basketball. Just show me not I don't know that'll that'll go as that I had prepared but not that'll. We're gonna come up to come tonight for a second. Because I think this is what. I think this is a misconception. That's happening with the Celtics in there's a comparison and you know it very well and you probably agree you know our -- at that you'll probably agree a lot of tables they. You know Rondo is their best player and he's maturing into leader of the team this is his team he may be their best but maybe it. He's not. The leader of the team he's part of the leadership group but he's not the leader he is not setting the policy leaders set policy. How the team's go to on how to play with the gonna do off the court probably gonna travel what the persona is going to be what they're gonna do in the huddle. How they stop with the coaching staff go to the coaches with problems. Things he wanted to do it must and a pound later one practiced earlier were practicing too much when -- practice practicing enough. That's what leaders -- he is. In the leadership group with the Celtics but this is still KG's team and it's still Paul Pierce's team and it's gonna be that way here so I think people need to understand that they're not. The Celtics may want Rondo to become that and maybe he because -- displays an apprentice welcomed us and British right now. But he's not that and that's how I'll make the comparison this is where we get to the middle -- bastard basketball. It's like this Celtics of the early nineties. You had. Reggie Lewis. You had Brian Shaw you had deep brown as a rookie. But he still had Mikhail still had -- still have bird so with their best player that time Reggie probably see the future. At the time 19901991. Was the future absolutely. Was -- his team now. Still Bernstein. Although. The future everybody can see it that it wasn't gonna be long for this Big Three to stay together and bird. And one more year after that he retired same things happening now there at the end pierce and pierce and KG. Are a couple of years away from retirement maybe a year away from retirement don't know rod goes to future but as -- team. Yeah except that he's the most important player on this team he also is the one guy. Of the better players on this team that's going to give you usually forty plus minutes on most not sell or certainly 3839. The other guys are gonna do that right now because of their -- So he's the most important -- you're gonna find that out and we find out what the suspension is whether to game two games three games five games. I think it's more likely to be around to that would -- gas maybe three would be a stretch but they may go some of his history here. And throw that into upon what they probably two games it's gonna miss this guy. You need him up there on the floor. -- and I know we're gonna go back and forth an effort and I I watched quarter last night once it happened. And it was interesting because even the hockey writers get excited about it because for them. It was probably the only fight you're gonna see at the Boston Garden this year so they were gotten excited about it but the judge here in the reaction that you get instantly with with people. And that's what makes sports great. Is that we react and sometimes we overreact right Rondo over reacted last night and there -- bunch of -- people that they did media people who who who. Who were so quick to call him all. Dubious is kind of the fascinating because I think. You know it's certainly wasn't the the he didn't do the smartest thing for his team is no question about that. But to throw the word punk out there. He's the same people by the way that we -- do when talk shows that their writing columns are very quick to. Jumped out lash out at somebody else. Again not thinking the way Rondo is or you know -- somebody yelled at threatened somebody in the it helps. Sell. Going to be a little bit careful about it is the people are gonna start calling you -- I think the word. It's probably not -- -- it's like you just loaded it's loaded it's not fair to throw -- -- Rondo are not not. Not the brightest move. Wasn't the only -- there where there were tons of guys jump all over and John did admit that at least he was he was our public or something like -- a bunch of network. Were all over the last -- not the smartest thing to deal. And I must tell you I thought rivers handled league great -- at the big great after the game there are used to use it as a reason. To lash out any -- there are soft they weren't prepared dating looked like last night -- or what you saw their that is not toughness and and -- right I think it's a -- right I think it's a part of the story to. -- if if Rondo had done this. In mean. In a game where the Celtics were up by ten. With five minutes to play OK it's still not the right move because you got it take yourself out of the game and probably gonna get suspended for at least the game may be too. At least your position at that moment. You may feel a little -- game. He's got a list send a message down the broke to see them again on Christmas Day. Method a Christmas Day message. To the it to the Brooklyn -- that I think about it now marina overcome and and we're not gonna allow them the push us around. In that situation last night you already struggling office of legal to get crushed by the needs of the severity so it'll show you need to be kept. You give Beckett them by being competitive in the subjects were competitive for a while on the cut it to various times cut damn they would -- back and taking part -- -- war making. That's been the only one at that they'll get back in the game stormy -- Nobody thought if you watch and a game there was no way they were getting back. In that game I would talk an awful lot about this it would have been a lot worse this -- during the playoff game fit this year playoff game. Then I think I would be beside myself -- this thing I'm sorry I understand you lose your emotions. In KG talked about this will mark along he's absolutely commit to getting here so we got -- -- -- just an example of the current -- that -- that what happens is. You're in the middle of all of this -- thinking all your not emotions or are right now hi all of the frustration. They you have to wait that your team is playing in these guys -- as you'll remember they already beat you -- Brooklyn. And it ought to after the game and and they beat the -- the other night. And they think right now they're ready to take over the top Republican on the record bill right there -- fourteen -- and it and it and I must tell you were where there really surprised because I thought it would be good. But where there really surprised me is defensively -- -- -- immediately got it and don't represent the -- -- very quickly and degrading. And I consider taken on. This straight from the early this straight from Flatbush -- apparently OK so federal but the Brooklyn thing and but they are gritty. Team they didn't play great last night offensively. We shot 42% that's up to finish well. -- well either what they did was hit the board what they did was execute when needed to their half court offense -- Reggie Evans. Made some shots the last couple of shots -- Reggie Evans eleven right. Gerald Wallace was nick dot Jerry Stackhouse understands his role played 53 pointer pulled on any drive to add my name Michael -- -- an attractive about you could have made those shots. Nobody went put a hand in his face. They ran the ball around he was -- -- from the quarter -- I get credit but do you play any defense. All they did not play defense no transitional team that lets face this team is a terrible rebounding team. But they've been bad rebound for the last few years it's one shot now they need to shoot at a high percentage. They need to play defense to force turnovers did not give them extra opportunities they didn't. I'm going to write them and hopefully things like that this was no good -- and now hopefully he'll lose -- going to. And -- up with the question of great. Big pile up under the basket hopefully getting pushed back into the crowd assistant coaches. -- what their needs to stay on the -- as we've got -- -- person they think it started on the floor right now it is under the basket. Plus trouble dude you know he's always extra pressure hello -- where are certain lust of the Clinton Brooklyn V cavities called similar. Think you know -- -- espresso mortar. You know who's always been known to be other children. Those of a tough crowd with a little with a dual but go look actual -- No -- its territory because -- beat period no control loose. -- -- -- -- to see you react. Curious continue to sit there you -- and Washington to do this when you've done -- in the best situation it's those facilities field. The playground somewhere. You know you have got a bit more you have your kid -- so. Futures CPU react that's going to call for the quarterback -- we just sort of sit back and look at who did respond to. That situation bill without done this was the so that. AJ -- earlier with more loaning. I ache -- got to -- some of these two actionable rates at fault lines in the AT&T -- -- -- AT&T fourteen LT eat. Ron -- typical NBA punk -- well. How want to read respond to what he did not take it this is a young person who was texting and because I tell you what -- would respond. About the response. -- used the same guys out there to actually do this stupid thing that's a big loss to roll Wallace. If I've got a call you out techsters are it does I can't sit on this one. Typical. In the day. Thought honk at I think it's I think it's racial coding I think that's pretty -- I think it at the -- you're using. Coded language. May very well Ed -- it's still if those racial debate so defend that. I'm gonna call you out. Well my graduate don't I don't know what we're all at 88 typical. NBA. -- Punk. -- suspect he's right on the I. Didn't say it would I would respect you more. -- going head and say it. Would you go right up against it. And then back down to can I just listen as the round few more years you. -- one compared to win the games to -- What's your read in there. -- is to have his enforcers. Stick while they're actually do this stuff most of what you do you have an hockey so if you don't realized the game to death. He's gentle may be larger. Players may be larger com may be stronger may be more well conditioned. Who knows why and I'll -- Compared to the O. Of -- games -- lot rougher I mean. People up and -- next line are killing Rondo for what he did. I can tell you this that would Kevin McHale clothes like Kurt Rambis -- wasn't -- prism and who was as saying. That he's a punk or has -- right. -- -- McCalebb podcast fog ever -- -- narrow -- funny at his side. We're gonna talk about the flip side today we'll get into it would maxim will shortly get into with Dan. We want from Jeff Green right now. Holtz. We want shift green to go out there -- well push your body around. A little bit. Because he's not -- that he did in one game this last week and ironically it turned out to be against his old teammates. Oklahoma City the other night at the epic was uninteresting show and watched that game and I said man. This is what are you -- -- a Geoff Greer. But he doesn't show when it gets up for one thing and I isn't an interesting coincidence Michael happens to be the first time he's faced sold out. Docks at last night that. Brooklyn in the rest of the NBA has to look at us as soft right now where softy right they're off but now he made a point of saying. That guy's got some guys like Paul Rondo. KG. They understand. What putting on so -- means. It's not just showing up for best understands so if -- -- -- what do you think he's talking about. And number one candidate is Jeff -- talking much of greens are going to be tougher I agree surprising number two candidate. -- -- -- -- Because. Brandon -- Now when he's right. Now he make a shot. At fifteen footer and missed a lot. Yet some open shots early in the game hasn't missed them confront. On the Inca head coach is gonna is gonna beat you up on that but. I think where he really had a problem was. Defense and rebounding. Where's it deepened the defense the rebounding has to be better. So I think I think those are his I think those terrorist target. Democrat to -- we have a couple weeks ago when he said. Not too much different in what he used one in Oklahoma City that we had a call yet mature group. Jeff Green and Oklahoma City averaged sixteen points a game he was getting six to seven -- Now maybe with a different team and a different role. Why I think his role here news. Especially with this team being poor rebounding team he's required to be. For more of a rebound with the state so I say may -- to rebounds up a little bit of ports down a little that he's averaging seven point seven points a game. And who point five -- now is -- health. Danny Ainge told us doctors said the same thing when I went and asked about it over the last few weeks and Danny said this to us in the offseason. He's got to come back and be 100% this is not like the guy. Who blew out his knee blow out his ankle -- shoulder and he's got to go through rehab -- it's gonna take a while physically to get back into shape no. This is a procedure that once corrected will make him 100%. They get -- babies being a little timid and show you a pyrrhic or he wasn't against Oklahoma City. He wasn't -- one night he wanted to show office of the teammates that hey you guys made them has made a mistake. May. I can embarrass you if you -- also put. I think because of Jeff green's play the other night Michael and the fact that he was so aggressive in that game that's why they won that game. That was the difference in the game and why the one game we can look at over the last two weeks. Where you can look at the Celtics say they played really well and they weren't soft wood that Oklahoma City game and a big part of it is Jeff. Our enemies is just he's been inconsistent they need something from and they don't need what. He gave Oklahoma City because it was a different set up he was starting he was he was starting forward for the music and starting starting minutes 3738. Minutes a game. But they need him to be able to cut off the bench give them some. Consistent offense and defense especially on offense because it comes into the game you'll -- They run a lot of clear out for Jeff real question. No quite as opportunities. He's had his opportunities I'm telling you you can see -- the way they have devised this offense they are working to get him involved. It's his fault right now he's not involved nobody else's here's Mike in Connecticut what's up Mike. A market our course -- And after that the -- and you guys can come back art well there are part of our but I. It without court that -- in parliament when they're in -- it being my mother -- Ari and Karen Garnett is the biggest. -- model when it comes down to it. Well what the political at a tree he could run away from in. He's brought so much out there what you -- if you look back in -- so much. If you want so you -- why he picked that in each week. Why shouldn't work. Why should get it with Gerald -- Alcoholic he talked about -- -- help that he is you don't hear him. Is -- used often in in a context of the game he is tough. The the situation was they were on hold on hold. It was -- hard -- telling accident rocks that got him in the face became dependent if they really in the shoulder dirt certainly below the neck okay didn't get them there. And I've seen that file a million times but. Was it hard foul it was a hard -- pushed him off and I condition KGB and pissed off Rondo gets involved and. Now all. Over you know it's at. It's ironic that the government. That got them bark a lot of compounds. She -- a lot about it but why but why are you equating bark barking with toughness Kevin Garnett is not an enforcer he's not known doesn't -- -- -- enforcer -- the -- that -- -- Mike was -- mark mark. He's the guy and I and I saw last night this is what happened. The guy who talks a lot he talked a lot to himself talk a lot to -- yet to the other team. Now if you if you get involved in it. Then now you fallen into his trap Andray Blatche was talking right back to warm and scoring and rebounding and the fact Andray Blatche at all. He was still playing his game. No way at times for Chicago. Gets involved edit in when he doesn't get involved and he placed his normal game -- -- with your lives KG to fake -- Gartner would not pretend to be a tough guy that. -- talker. He even got a -- he's not a tough guy. If you -- it will -- that argument but I'm not saying you know we are under a lot of guys is not a lot I don't try to take it up back. Okay -- it's not been part of optical told all of them any secret war. Returned back -- one -- -- the pat look at it is it. Thought our sought and won -- fight of course you don't want a part -- -- -- went for general Wallace why do you want to -- how does that make any sense why why would that Smart. I don't know why would that be a Smart thing what you're saying is you think KG is a wimp. And he should've fought Gerald Wallace that's what you said why. Let that. You know brought a lot we don't try to get up I in no way. There's Lamar -- about it and intimidating force out there. We YouTube. Within the context of of playing a game of basketball. There's another -- that play is over to get into a fight with a guy like Gerald Wallace that's what you wanted right. Well you know what happened here. Which we should question is that would you want it from Rhonda from a from KG. No I don't know so you'd want him to get into a fight with which are -- what do you want to do not. Sure what I wanna do what that. All right let it grow in your wallet and -- what do we took place in what we're market. Back away internal way you want it to about wicket. And practice in the independent -- and help I didn't get into and away from you don't walk back. Right so he what you wanted to do is slap on. Don't look at what punch we're just talk. -- -- That made our mark. That plugs what does it mean what it didn't. Mean. That's the problem. I think -- you wanna -- wimp. And then what are you -- video. And live in the previous sentence they're they're certainly going Rondo was wrong doing what he did I great. What was wrong so he doesn't like that KG talks. But he wants -- to talk. In Gerald Wallace's face without the -- about your great players -- talking yeah you great players don't easy talker he talks a lot talks a lot of nonsense that time he does he talks a lot to motivate himself he talks a lot trying to distract players. -- some some guys -- fort. And others have mentioned this in the you're talking for example to our game Blatche used to fall forty you're now did -- now doesn't write the black looks forward to yes played a great game last night. Okay. In the Utah game. Hayward. The young player for Utah can be good place. On his way to being a good place. KG got the whole thing he tried to the culturally not trying to you know accomplishments commodity let's go let's go when Hayward buried twenty footer and his face. And then they went down the other end of the court KG -- tomorrow. Hey you know don't don't try that again whatever way you you'll be able to make that shot again -- data. -- game. That. That's payback he's in saying that walker is not Anthony Mason which you don't want to Houston not a Charles okay we don't want to -- Charles Oakley. -- with the development -- -- because all. On the Oracle's. Not against affectionately. Two. It was beautiful. -- -- We all of them being music's all the people of America because well more book a brutal physical. I expect there's there's pretty much where there is no we still much more from. Officer Rivera -- airport deepest rebounds two point though China you know to us. Their fortune war. And I was rather than and that is being -- -- -- -- you know mr. is definitely very confident responsibility you. I don't know. As a whole analyst sentiment. -- KG I must tell you -- just start again on TV and he certainly is not running away. From Wallace is pushing and and shoving a long and then fill the security guy and gets in the way and he gets tossed aside a little bit but. That's not the way it happened he was not running away I don't know what you want of the duty one of -- while. That you would've had two guys that were faced suspension I would guest at a punch and that was never thrown. That we could see anyway between Rondo on Humphries -- -- was -- Bennett myopia a serious serious. A suspect you know in my early UC's. Also part of it. I've noticed this. Part of it is generational. Too. And I that caller mark -- Well he tries to be a tough guy. Because he talks now Nancy. Actually basketball thing that goes back in and is involved. From Sam Jones is too late maybe two. Larry Bird going back and forth. With chuck person. To Michael Jordan. Do. EG immediate. Yes that's that's what a lot of basketball players do KG. Never built himself as a tough guy he's not saying. Hey I am -- I am the toughest man on the block he's not he's not that they look at this now he. You know he's not that -- that's not that's -- -- he -- talks. -- -- The late talker he has reasonably target sometimes he's talking -- two. To motivate himself sometimes I think has to get into the heads of the other you know I think that's a big part I think ended on -- motivates himself playing ahead. And on the distinction whatever come. I -- he does it because. He gets into the mode that's what he does he ribs himself up emotionally. To prepare for the game that's what he does and I -- A single guys do that over the years he's not a usual. He really has what they would and useful. And he's been doing it for seventeen years were pretty fast paced -- effective -- seventeen years of of of this. Because that's what it is he is. He's oh he's different guy off the court and there's still markets in Boston next appear -- -- -- Marcus. I was going on. -- -- chime in on the Kevin Garnett are different situation -- on the fight last night. Arm kind of agree with -- college -- -- -- -- -- -- like the clock and gone at a selective police. -- -- You know what I mean will equal the actual screen Natalie -- yep I think if you call that a lot because they put the -- I'd. A little bit and easy banged up these guys. Why -- five most of last year. It finalist last year. After -- it was consistently name need to move last year as second half when I finally he won't even survive yeah. But. It's a lot of questions and if so what -- Important to find it it is that -- that place that nick yeah I am pro actually correct. Guy from where -- can play at a slightly -- all -- a former Celtic yeah -- optic Internet. We can get through them -- so we we actually kind of gotten -- -- aren't -- mark. It is art of the team. I I don't I don't understand it we're where people are suddenly this has turned into a KG thing. No I don't I don't try to figure in my opinion. Cubic feet and I think -- -- -- from. So all of that they saw what went on about well. A screen -- hundred people. On their way back to it wouldn't get away -- -- he called it from Chicago. So people can't operate a popular. Apple if you put people on court -- trump. To college at how is it not been on the court. Were KG that's what. About oh sure a lot -- -- -- immigrant or -- Ahmed Ali and -- -- really it's not just the opposite just an office I think gives you -- when you when you play with somebody and you just talent economic. You know what if you don't even get somebody else out here like when Larry Brown you say what their burden to states like you'll -- brought UB. Get somebody else on here on the because all that it's got network of form or oracle and didn't know where our. I am a bit. Like I -- all -- just -- and that was part of the game was part of font. If -- want to let guys go with people and -- literally it is in operation and let China beat out in. Alternately that there were actually it's -- -- the fact that maybe the Celtics and maybe. Outlook. Can be applied and biblical. Talk -- No I don't I I I I don't think anything's been established this early in an NBA season. And if you wanna go back to past years you can do that breed itself and look at certain teams that you -- certain things were happening in the first month they can new players on this team. It is going to take a while for this team to blend together. It's gonna take awhile for them to start playing the type defense that were custom scenes in here. All Italian it's gonna take awhile but what I can tell you that they are missing right now the one thing that you thought they were gonna -- and that's their three point shooting. Was right now -- -- so I'm not blaming the loss of Ray Allen on the fact there's there's suddenly soft dock is right they're soft right now. Shore the KG. Is one of the soft guys but how does this become. Eight KG story that. -- Gerald Wallace. What was he supposed. I'm missing something -- -- missing something I thought this was going to be today. A referendum. On -- Toronto. -- -- -- go and move bad move how -- selfish move move. And it may be many of those things but I I don't understate end. How suddenly it's gone under KG. He was the one who was tossed on the floor. We see this happen a lot the ambient light when you -- tossed. Last night that much different that what you see most nights in the -- fair shake right cheap shot you see it all the time he's off he was off balance. And fortitude the official right and -- to sit -- going up also I'll shove him right out of the court because. It's a rough game under the it would big players playing underneath the basket you were shut elastomer for UCL there is evidence yet I love when people say well it's going to game of hockey -- -- yeah. Ghosts and under the basket sometimes with guys that are you know seven feet told about 275. And tell me -- Iowa. Popular stories are most -- even -- unlike anybody. Davos with team management problems of this let me -- apparently. You know the most in the cold enough. The stimulus is our biggest source government Iran's delight. Some -- is no different from them. The -- because that's out there you know so those -- play particularly it was a bruises. Video taken at each other. I've read back to go we go here's -- the limo driver what's up Rick. Well some -- I don't know how much they -- that you might do. Survived your neighbor your own neighborhoods on doing all right good I got out of there one. Let's hit the can I see you don't know that you can continue to keep and I see you work because I immediately. Solve -- you. Rick this may work it. That -- look at what are they standards. Is happy to be two point. Not what I agree to call the let me finish. I agree with the two quote about HE. KG ball was pulling apart skeen are valid all the same -- -- believable. Looking more like it might. Great -- But a Sauna maybe she didn't like the bully who knows he can get away with things like -- -- -- -- Charlie Villanueva. Or not somebody young got may be ready to I don't know -- you know he won't -- we could watch it like you can't do that ankle and if you look back in the day. That made it off I'm a -- you -- also -- Bill -- -- written -- thought it would not watched it would not watch car you know and then you know people who don't -- -- -- -- -- it like lectured ritual people who can go right now. But -- NBA back in the day could not get away with. Equally as I ideal but I wouldn't -- cookie -- -- Bill Walker he's not Bill Walker. And -- but he did not. Don't -- you know accurate to a degree well I think some guys. And that -- and out earlier. Some guys don't fall for Andrew Bogut the guy didn't fall Ford has the upper right right -- to close out for Atlanta. -- The big guy for I'm already talking about doing it wouldn't back down Josh matured a dog -- I didn't eat out a little. -- -- -- It's a matter of of of who you are some guys ignore him some guys engage him. And some guys get caught they really get caught up in the or distract. And they can't play again -- when the markets all the young player here at him in the first year of of this new victory. And he said after the game again you know he was talk and some of them but it even understand what you're talking about but it got to. But I think about. But that's part of the game recommendation. Other players say -- of the game other players expect him Max we'll tell you this when he comes in here today. That the -- you're chirping on the court on a regular basis. And it still moments in my this is the KG story yesterday there's many of Portland -- -- -- -- -- critical out of what these three guys are talking about. First of all. What you -- in a culture on wall he was. KG got won't go that route who get an LPG rob don't treat in the stands. The equipment belt all of this is actually took him by that have been through a lot of the way we did go to our blog right. I know what the collateral would eat and run and away from I don't know how. This is a KG story because he was the one that it originally got tossed to the to the ground let's face KG has done that others before so. -- -- -- template in that in the process I I don't see what the guy was talking about I don't I have I seen it again here and I don't I don't see what he's talking. Right about now we -- now did he want -- to punch Gerald -- have you done that that would have been foolish. -- and it he had done the same look at technology AG a cheap shot artist that's -- I called after he laid out actually would that. Well that's screen back in the playoffs. -- are reversed -- got all you wannabe -- -- you look at. People can't pick up their mind it took them already and all the talk from England is not imminent intensity and how it all because of that. Exactly because I because they lost here and it's a good point you lost the game let's listen and they they got they got blown out at home they got embarrassed at home by Brooklyn. And so now you look at the Celtics. Right at this point in the season. You know life and -- with 500. -- KG. Not playing great yesterday Paul -- the numbers didn't tell you what a bad game he had last night. And so people are the emotions change. 20072008. Cash and becomes. Pay a bully. -- it's a little over the top is a fake tough guy he's this he's that same guy. -- got a. And is still -- these deals are where they are up five years ago. Like Atlanta -- again want to go to the army guys are great they got great -- elude the game -- a bunch of punk it. It really it's hard to make an assumption on one game -- I have seen I have seen situations like. In the past. The catalyst to turn a team around and even lose a really good player. In you know get tossed out of again and they come back and win that game that happened last night. Nobody would be Colin anybody apart I gotta say -- guest -- -- as an aside. Move there Williams and Paul Pierce you know -- I don't like but I'll tell you this. Oh I've seen that I've seen that move by numerous guys here in the last week we can have all wondering whether appears. -- Monday Joseph Joseph Joseph -- -- a Joseph job I don't know what to tell you this. I'm wondering what is going on with Paul Pierce's knee right now he's having trouble. Defensively. Slide and you can see it right now. Where -- -- makes -- overall and loses it and he loses his four. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The the knowledge of Celtics fans. Is that -- at at at certain points of the game they're certain milestones the other zone -- yes certain milestones like seven minutes ago. Brooklyn makes a shot -- whole group leaves for the trains category north station Ackerman and deal with this. Then five minutes that's OK another group leaves. You're pretty much slept with. Hardcore basketball offered to people which -- one mistake the and when he did that you can almost hear everybody I'm wondering how. -- -- -- an insulator rubble throw that out to a corner of it's -- the issue because I've seen him right now try to make the defense has been numerous times. And the last week week and a half two weeks and he has struggled with that he's lost his forty. I quick break welcomed back Max at 4 o'clock he's our third man in and as I said -- injured fourth there.

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