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Cedric Maxwell's take on the Rondo fight: Much ado about nothing

Nov 29, 2012|

We check in with the man himself, Celtics legend and broadcaster Cedric Maxwell for his take on the Celts season so far, and Rondo's "fight" with Kris Humphries of the Nets.

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The one and only senator Max and -- Taylor makes it very connected to mix that up and -- -- that's your that's your problem that market. And Obama bad. Use a George brother I'll get it does not you've got up -- you know and some -- this is the best book. Somebody is going to get this. And avoid the use this and I'm going to be going are you kidding me are you kidding me somebody to actually -- this in the in the way -- the mountains like. -- talk about el Al's mom with you dirt -- -- Did not threaten Iran. That you dumped on the part of that was. It's in my heart are under and we heard we heard him -- -- -- the mix here and on the beats on him please. -- -- Good to see and we want fictional fired beaten is that believable. The background so I went there and Harvard avenue right yeah it only able to ultimately get you know what alias Austin also have a -- -- held through the other drug. There there with the housing. Which -- -- -- -- the red blood some chemical bath substances. Through group. It's a links -- to slow fights are you there you're broadcast in the game last night. What was -- take. Much to do about. It really wasn't. There wasn't much whipping I really -- and that people are going -- -- it will put me. Remember a school is an emotional game. To react sometimes was the smartest thing in the world and who knows what via. When you saw Kevin Garnett up in the year -- Europe and here in Pasqua terms of certain things you don't do you don't undercut the -- When the gas up in the air and he's defenseless if you push him that you truly hurt. Is that in basketball terms you cross the line. It's just away in and to me that was in Detroit. Pistons bow out of the comedy awards because what the -- with -- it that well you know we know we already -- you want to. They can't call a second foul on the one -- we gave you so hit 234 times. Are and is there one prop -- to get our money power it does work. And to me he leaves are open air pushed it means -- all ballots such as -- So -- at NC. Did CD. I didn't see all the action which seem to be like Rondo pushed him you push -- go back. They'll pushed him and it was and got -- the much escrow. It wasn't like nobody really well now nobody wanted to throw helpful and now all out grabbing each other pulled shirts off to -- -- Like the old days when -- filings when one Mobil one. -- -- -- -- -- Questioning on you know angry -- me one. That -- longer. And I think that people right now he is right now regretted that has a great to have you. -- do you concede when they used to do this bridal gown odds and run the guys aren't always about it and open that the war. It was -- tigers out when he gave me and apparently -- at all. The fact girls would not -- oh skinny girls over three there was only one problem when they got their -- yeah. I want that you lead that would and that the other. Make it what it is what it is what's happening I'm noticing it earlier with the textures and then when I was. You and I are talking. Like old basketball teams it's like old school and people to pay for some reason. People watching the game today think. It's much -- were already hearing you know followed good and you know -- -- and out all the cold words and the Hong Tian. The you know you've got this game is -- don't compare to go -- it. It out through point and I was thing about this together and make me go there because in gland does this all the them -- talked about -- same thing several times more. In hockey. They glorify this. And if this isn't hockey. Would even be let me be a blip on the radar. But because this is basketball all of a sudden and I -- probably the field hockey he'll say. It's the nature of the game it it is is part of the game well in my in my generation. For the getting there. The see how tough you were in if you can stand up to the -- got so it is gone now understand this to him I'm not advocating violence -- -- -- I say that. But understand it is a physical game it's an emotional game sometimes your emotions get the best W. But Rondo is not a bogey and he is not Hulk. He is a very Smart player and to meet the one good thing to happen in this. The assists. Over your gunplay I agree is directly a basket Michael brought it up earlier and not impasse and apologize and tell -- the -- and easily break ground. Collins looked like that -- a pit -- -- and it went -- Moved out the way somebody's -- like described it looked like an offensive lineman. On who was suddenly and eligible ever I want -- now with all that's it -- we all agree we've seen. Offer follows on the basketball court we've seen tougher fights on the basketball court. What do you think in BA is gonna say this Maxwell it's going to be -- -- Richards it's a matter how many one game again. And we gave them some I tell me what. To look humbled by do you work. Is really what he's done. He threw a ball at the ref really want to -- fire ball that but pro ball that the -- -- and -- you move on just that that was worse. To be that was more of what he did a lot worse -- -- they official as much as you might a dislike -- -- that the Tommy Hanson has any user with a but you might dislike him there's still supposed to be the authority in the yes. And so to me that was far worse of what to how much -- I've got to take Draco -- more than fried chicken. Hello hello hello and you don't well yeah they're pretty. What did he say when he wanted to and. He can't walk and remain he says he said what do you eat chicken and Collard greens I think that what I'm so why can't I -- -- -- yeah. -- the -- Jesse Jackson and I'm here to Hollywood -- that doubles candidate AGCO. Are you disappointed what you see them just green. This year. No better. And I know we can be better. And you know I look at it always look at when a new he's an employer you can make a point. It's got to be some of what we're doing. And in some of what he's doing. And so I get it to grow whatever we're not doing their staff and as a team I always -- their first. We got to -- that. And then whatever just -- when he got to put that. I Doc Rivers this morning with the DNC talking about the play of Jeff Green back near oblivion big shelf Macs is in the house -- Angel joined a group here. At about 430 we'll get his two -- -- all of the stop anybody always been involved in a few of these over the years as a as a player I just dirt. Just her doctorate is involved a lot. And in a couple of leads on. -- -- -- -- Is that it -- left and Stecker and read time. Gaining through volatility. A period where the where we're Phoenix although everybody out there are totally up a motion -- our -- Critics rocket series I do remember any throw the ball eighty clocks and I've been big -- Bosnia -- -- He -- actual party he threw the ball -- can find somebody out there and remember. But he -- hatred of all the let the court after the game. And Eddie could -- Clocked a rocket. For the next day. Olajuwon -- targeted -- You know what was it by. But -- try to get -- a lot about it been involved in Lagos radio dot doc was talking about this morning when he was on the knicks being involved in little altercation authority Nixon quit resembles and a -- doc was involved in an altercation. On the -- We're coached by -- At that -- -- are -- right course. And a lot of -- -- and that's why I'm laughing they were crazy I'm lucky that he was not laughing at people who were looking at last night's game. In the obviously haven't watched much of the NBA that you have more recent Indian war. Their they're there they're not ours a lucky guy is coming from all right courses here the finding a way this is their way. Being able to once again needled the Indy all I'd love with the island that are there there is east do that area I understand the market. I love no legal affairs get Alley expect of you grab a debit card well that's it. Let me get to the Jeff -- question with -- -- -- you've seen him every single life here and you watch him. -- sister would Doc Rivers I was surprised -- well I'm not surprised doc is pretty open with the stuff. He's disappointed he should be this is a kid that was averaging sixteen point six to seven rebounds a game in Oklahoma City the numbers American -- great year. How they only seven point seven points a game 2.5 rebounds and I watched the game the element against Oklahoma City where he's got something to. Room they traded a point. And suddenly a hole would that showed up. Emotion yet there was emotion and he made the play went to a soul a three point play. -- this is a little bit there was the emotion involved in it but sometimes when you see out there he's so -- robotics. And without the emotion that you Disco. Well -- it -- if I had his ability. And he has great ability to attack the real everything he does point to the rim is really basically other than -- on Al. Is really -- more of a finger roll though -- Howard know the points was the basket. He has a great jump shot. It is just that he is dismissing that and and we got to get away from that now we've we've talked about him not think that I view and even got -- -- wasted what he's -- a basketball for years and I OK you've been out for years there. Now are you back for four I have four month. This is the point word you know used to. Yeah I'm not mine and I am not buying it. It is a sharp the other night against Oklahoma state of hit plays like that and we played against Oklahoma City every single like in his team's -- -- special idea okay I'm sorry. You can't use that as an excuse them right -- You're exactly right in that thing about you need anything you do in life as we know. Which you view person a taste of that is you have to give them more so he is one of those guys because at the plate waiting with a -- on Al Jefferson. Rebound the basketball effectively but that's going to -- -- just look at this team. In the whole match. Horrible re on the -- and every -- I have in the last on the rebounding rebounding on the deepest in the it is is lead the thing you don't Cuba deepest rebounds because you had inside position. You can call when people you can talk about all these different roles -- but when you're about seventeen that's rebounds. And you'd just get the twentieth when he gave twenty before it. You know what they're going to do right how it's -- and look at the box -- put a body on somebody. And you know that is the crazy thing will not look at instinct sometimes it just seems like. Let's forget about you know execution that's just talk about effort on the defense of -- rebound the basketball. That is all that's what great rebound in -- Out the great -- the building I had the desire you and you're sneaky you know I have got his tired they get -- in Q a rebound this is what does -- -- -- -- -- Only believe in thirty minutes last night he comes up with the re re okay right so dark -- laughs and get the rebels easily. Right docks at last night -- KG understands what it means we're in his uniform Paul Rondo is about the guys don't. My candidates for who we've talked about Jeff Green confirmed this morning clearly Brandon Bass. Another -- I forgot earlier I know he left the game yesterday was sick Wilcox Wilcox has got to be better. Yet if you look at his offensive rebounds this year not too impressive and defensively he hadn't done a great job in Wilcox is another. The guy broke Wilcox it really last night I think -- not have it it will cost game he has been times he's been released stellar on the opposite offensively but defensively again we're we're talking a different like sellinger last night. He's obviously a rookie but you concede. That his wheels were turning because. Think that attitude T yeah they they get the players on the other -- -- and he struck Colin -- guys because he didn't know. How Australia or all of composure. And have to watch your thoughts to run around with a defense of like a chicken with -- Carlo. Listen I I expect with him it's going to take a wild one good thing I see about sellinger. Is that he can -- reviewed already. Jeff Green should be contributing an idol yes yes and and the other thing about him as you talked about how unique he is at his size. In the athletic ability -- You can limit of three complaint before you can present this -- is out there in court at any given. -- -- -- at the war if in fact you're not going to be have a tougher state -- defense. That's one that things are really bothered me that Joseph Johnson should not via the back in a powerful now. No -- don't Joseph Johnson couldn't back -- right now obviously always a little bit more Brett -- Johnson would be a hard time backing me about the available on that he's not back to me -- -- Jack Johnson was literally. Backing Jeff Green into the paint. Get easy shot opportunities. A guard should never do that to a Powell four or four -- which will -- what's happened to the defense to the one thing you can look at Doc Rivers teams of the last few years. Is defensively extremely sound now you've got a lot of players and new players is trying to integrate into into all of this. It doesn't seem to be getting any better well defense what list or less thought -- in the chip and run them. Because Rondo is a guy who has to do about the job -- prohibits me. Now one of the things which is a shining light is that you do have Avery Bradley who was probably one of the best in the game. At stay in control -- mr. point of attack because once that guard gets by you. And Rondo doesn't make that steal from behind him now he creates all these problems you want to as a whole what we've seen with Avery Bradley. Playing the point position is that he does not let that guard -- in the middle and it helps you out tremendously. That's when that things is gonna happen right now so they'll solve. That our Ali -- get him it's a huge it's a huge. Problems -- no -- -- this up and group backs and we were talking about we we talked about it earlier Rondo because he's been doing great offensively and we've been focusing on the SS. Lot of people have mentioned that his defense has been. Average to below average most of the season. But if you get Rondo playing back to his defensive level -- defensive capabilities and you -- Avery Bradley this almost you'd be looking at a different. It what you could you would be looking at some different things going on especially when Avery comes back in the fold if you're playing defense like that. You did that you just mentioned which comes out crystal clear is the fact that we talk about Rondo having. And with eighteen this this sort twentieth since again at twenty aces against Philadelphia well yeah he he got twenty assists. But but Jrue Holiday in the -- the other guard the eight team so through our bags they want I have my career highs with 35 points Scott -- scored. 32 point. Radar back while it's a good score report. How that happens. -- -- you're AM that you Barton scored 32 points you get thirty fat to the net. Overall was the fact that you got three point. So let's see what you do when the defense of mean I think you're exactly right -- what's -- -- on the defense of the mr. point of attack. But also one of the other things you have to look at what this team is to go in the half that from now point to play when Kevin Garnett comes out of the game. Because your team takes a drop off like jumping off a. Like like by the way like nothing I've ever seen before I jump -- he has a plus 46. On a team right now that is just over 500. A plus 46. Hole right now was in the minus column and -- -- Sit in you say it when he leaves the floor. That's when the other team makes and they know. They don't they know exactly what we split the Celtics were ahead by eight early in the -- a lesson and we kept on that came out immediately. They lost at least -- would down for you -- that twelve point swing in the -- wrote. Maybe the remembrance and the three point deepest has been our tourist packed house with in the oh I could. I could really only -- given credit it's bad for you and -- try to give you operate and icons that I'll give Stackhouse credit worthiness of the approaches to look -- hit you yet at -- I don't. -- He was wide open and he made by two points a -- bad. But Jerry Stackhouse at this stage of his career has figured out. A role and that's another another thing with the Celtics that they don't have right now he nobody is identity. Drive to the basket and Jerry Stackhouse. In Italy to the ridiculous go to the basket now. Any kind of chuckled about it I'm an old man on -- domain parking -- Shoot the 30 mainstream that's how could -- I'll throw -- -- under the agreement as -- and you look at the Celtics. Having some guys are still trying to figure figure out what their roles I agree I Cornelius went on court and they are white boxes and other what I find is -- Courtney Lee is exactly which is because Courtney lead does not oh wind issue. When nine when he'd. NC that's one of the missing pieces and I hate to say this bring this whole Ray Allen but not all of it but this team with predicated on one thing. It was a basket. Kick him out to those ones in the job -- took the shots and rebounds report released -- appalled at all he's done it in and out anybody lately. Catches it. In the run at him he passes it triples in the middle. And he does not know what to do with don't ask also. Your -- it's become somewhat of these -- -- -- we get it over there mr. Duncan is our desire to him Israel absolutely. -- -- -- -- -- Great letters started statement about Mueller area Larry variety seconds Larry Bird weight. Ultimately I'll look what our real our real -- second recommend Macs will do what he does best -- the great Larry Byrd Democrat connect. -- trying to get back in this. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Cedric Maxwell in Philadelphia going into the stands -- already. Eloquence. Game suspension do you think he got a one game to game three game 45 -- The -- zero. He stayed in the game perfect guy for our dignity Spain in the -- outlook. We went to get a fine is app that what they've bought me an update we will damage after the champion -- and by the way. Max congratulations and championship I agree about. These -- the angles that. That was the rules of the game that we're in the what you -- going -- -- about that but that was the world to play -- you'd -- usually defend them as to what did they give you technical. That technically. What. I want to rule the way in the ghetto element -- -- -- price. -- on. And it was shocking they didn't have rules. Is to increase defense that each of the city he ended violently elderly -- and in Detroit area -- a knucklehead. -- -- in Washington tells me just talkers and nod and nobody got a call. They young players they got to. Play gene the dancing machine LA. It would the best thing about you as laugh about this. Back in the day when -- that they. Dating dating years here we go again this was a victim -- right prepared to sit back border -- the first. You do a year ago or that you do is look Hillary land on the on the YouTube without that -- and shoot it without. The body of -- at all although I don't want to call -- finish your thought that was called a few selective. And the -- the -- which you. I know what land not the cross for electorate kind of where we're dating back into the runway if he -- Rosie had had them. Established that you were. I'm. Gail king. We're trying to argue for a couple joking. I saw by the way if you're hurt on that everybody came to his defense that was forward forward. You notice bird didn't jump through as the buildup is also a surtax on reserve Larry Bird which of their. Don't tell my -- story was the guy asked you know to a talk radio and I don't. Someplace got called -- recently -- and the got called -- -- blow. -- says -- these different questions about topics and -- asked me he was talking mockery out. And in that if he had this man pressure Butler and he said a two -- Larry Bird handler was when the greats of all times and he says. On -- about it if you head and if you had one person to take a shot at the three point shot. It would between labor and Ray Allen which person which you choose. Might react because. Oh no no you would take it -- -- -- it was a great issue devolved and reports about that I needed. In the other shot a particular but this guy that was so huge it's. Mad because I chose the greatest reap what you devote I was suppression take certainly. I'll answer it got to Dirk does the three it was not a weapon. During the time that -- Larry. He would take people don't realize that it would take two shots -- -- reporters and one of those was using at the end of map. -- so it was an even desperation just wasn't a big part of -- now much different. I took a -- we go Cedric Maxwell in the studio with us as our third man in Danny -- will join us here at the bottom of the hour. There's many in Connecticut -- -- Although there -- many. -- you guys having good afternoon but I just want to know that I actually first Celtic game in 1952. Slicing quite a few more over the years and since realized that was the thing that was the -- you know. I -- I talked about toughness and halt same reception back and about 1005. And I was concerned that. I didn't think at that point we had anybody it was talked about could be an unforced error policemen underneath the basket we always had for -- and laughter -- and Collins Susan guys. And he said to me no worries that this fellow Perkins is going to be our right. He's got to be on top as we need a couple of years later with the championship and I think we might what he's -- steeper. But the thing I wanted to say it was. Right now we have nobody. To go to protect. Our players and if the littlest guy -- the team has to do that. We're real trouble you know -- traded away. -- for obvious other reasons. But he got Jeff Green by early camp play -- and we ought to get ready and so lonely and need engineers like Tony can't play. For us. Don't think we can play nine -- -- compliance is something missing there you're right we can't play and I. You're CIA. Person. Could put -- this is DeVon avenue that's what I'm saying hello -- you just have -- on what's happened. -- the net and our -- know -- -- last -- Looking for some enemy took a lot of heat for coming back into the game when they were down just to keep it -- street calling took a lot of heat for that. So instead those continual streak maybe went out looking so that. No -- -- -- they went out last night look at the analysts are not let me let me ask this what did you think about him going back in the game when in Detroit. Is to get to keep history goal would you think about that. Other disgusting. Outlook on him like everybody else. -- -- don't know -- to get a chance to finish you're. Your remark for Biden jumped on. You know what I -- not I don't want to I just what you said I just want to finish this park. He went back into the game looking to you go. To get -- certificate or continue restrict. Not a -- last night you said last that he was looking for something. I think luckily he was going out looking. To get that keep away from and that he wasn't looking to continue with its history she's going out there as a team. To open up their. Did you do you think now we hit it was a though OK Carlos get over it and yeah yeah that that's that's reasonably. It again just. As I don't -- I forgot you're going -- it now and you think he's saying that Rondo was trying to take himself out of the game last night that's what he's Annan on why I here but. In that it -- when the. The emotion erupts and you see your teammate get tossed to the do you really think that Rondo is it missing it is not okay. Now might attack countries. It's just record here. Stock -- in the bed rear view why don't his point is now in a teammate this this record didn't matter -- intelligence and DeVon at the record a matter -- You took a lot of heat for going out there and getting the -- in industry given night. So instead of being out -- -- player last night you wonder what -- actually the -- and well concrete thing was a lot. Isn't it I what I all agree with Hewitt that that's the result of that in that he can clearly look at it now and say. You know any of the streak was so important to be one when I don't I don't think he was thinking at the. And an -- one of the things that happen when Rondo did that again going and I talked to -- though about this one thing he has made a point -- And this is -- he said. Why do lie in he said why am -- the smallest guy on this team. Last that this thing -- I have to be the one that you know what hit a guy is used in -- is -- sailor to his teammates. Apparently apparently he did that to me apparently set. Our biggest I think he's right in this sense of watching them last night. And the official -- came FitzGerald had no love for doc. And and by extension didn't have much left for the Celtics he can't be -- -- him and that's one thing KG did when he felt the ground he points of the official. It's like who who was -- it didn't see anything you can see any potential for. A brawl he didn't see any potential for word on it so he was out of it. I've felt like KG has got you've got to advocates for yourself in maybe. I'd take it up with Humphries. -- push him. Or acronyms -- revealed that -- okay so that what he's got a ground -- on the ground and the person he did was point to the official like -- doesn't know. He's not he's a professional. Only got about -- a special if that is first name is carrying the leader at that moment I think about that Rondo was both the closest one to the public in the saw exactly what happened he and he took -- that the Google news. He was right there Jason Terry was there as well. Analysts so doable right there but it was right already in the chest of -- while some video what -- he would do when he grabbed him. And grabbed one of the future at the players images skews the Brooklyn players. And discount long about -- all are out to figure out what what he would -- But he's trying to get back in the well I think what he was doing is now at the things Ed -- escalated. So it was -- everybody gets to go save my teammate. Exactly. Everybody gets a man that's what that -- -- get to me in this hats on hand. Now -- -- of the columns obelisk in Europe -- you right now let's go let's do this mean you that's. Well here in the ground because he's -- fight before where. Do you the closest one to. I'm always -- it was all like yep you're the closest got to. It can't be half half a man on man and we don't go -- Europe this is a mile and what the fight independently. Don't want to -- on -- -- calling on value not to connect. You want to fight every single time -- -- what I want to rubio to me what game that's it I thought you gain in the shaking it like. When he won the fight beat you for the one that might make some gutsy move by -- -- about silence. They'll play itself on Lucas don't let them I know he would look this was a big barker. Look at what do what I'm not a -- big bark. Bark that you remember do you ever feel Hubbard used play out quickly on console however you cannot draw up on -- used to -- -- arm pants leg pads knee -- everything else. He and others wanted take cover now that are harder. -- -- and we couldn't get better every day and at the end hundreds of surgery couldn't John -- a policy. Well I wouldn't Julio -- good words suggesting we can't yet out of surgery -- -- what you want to grow our. You've got used to laugh. Oh because they weren't real key you know they let these guys right now but it. I don't think these guys break IQ. Now I. -- Geronimo wandered on. Anger are here long enough you'll get that. I'm Danny Davis Cup but -- little join -- and he'll join -- panel coming them.

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