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Nov 29, 2012|

Danny Ainge joins us the day after the Celtics loss to the Nets, and Danny breaks the news with us that they now have lost Rajon Rondo for 2 games via an NBA suspension.

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I'd back here to bake show order weigh in -- Cedric Maxwell at third man -- We talked to -- in just a couple minutes you'll join us. Now we'll see if we get us some more information -- him of the MBA has released nothing so for. As to. Any ramifications from last night. We would expect a yes suspension. Of probably for all three of those guys will find out here probably agree sometime today to be 202. And everything around the he's in the Oakland has been while it's it's been while. Mom -- And he just get the second tactical right so we Dario are not entitled to it again I won't -- -- that was you're right got the second technical that's right he won't he's got ahead so he will be spent you guys who will be suspended -- I'm pretty sure this month. Bowl. It's. Easement and I did -- and it would your would your guess be one game to game. My guess will be when can only one we got. And if people say well it's Randall's body of work on my guy eat -- -- they they use that thing with the official was much worse than it. This was a squirrel and that's pretty much all the -- but. Under the the law. The mother of the law in the MBA right now and that's what's probably gonna have to happen you will suspend these gas for one game so you'd talk in the that Rondo. At about 250000. Dollars. What does make sense when -- when you throw that out one game because you've already been tossed out of another game it's an automatic if you're fighting. You get thrown out of that other game so it really is a game and a half suspension. Right division tossed out of that that first. So at that I think we just talk one game. You agree that this team is softer right now. And Doc Rivers talking about it if Doc Rivers I truly believe I'm asking you I believe I'm an independent and I believe it is. Him and I did you watch of every -- that that before because look at this team because they are not -- on the collect. Tough minded tough minded about what went up here I mean whether it is what you wanted but that's what up there up upstairs. Written relates to rebound per month. Eighty rebounder. In high jumper but what they -- when they were championship driven team nobody got a second chance opportunity. An -- if you played New Jersey based shoot 40% from the -- in two games and eight in the probably OK okay here's the softer concerns. You have a game a couple of weeks ago against the same team playing in Brooklyn man and you lose that game okay we have no Rondell -- to you lose like it. So and then talkative after the game and make what they've played pretty well here a rough spot but -- -- play pretty well to beat the knicks the other night back at all. And it committee or nature -- To me the way the Celtics came out an approach that game last night was extremely disappointing. While awaiting does it out of stocks and says he'll wait to start got the game was not the KG was -- for the first minutes. We KG went -- that's when all hell broke loose and everything -- already out there that they have. That happens constantly that was docked a point -- recent you know Brooklyn what better as a huge gain right. Why don't look at it looked -- as they were worried about Doc Rivers also says he said that other teams look at this team. Is if they are so. And this is hypocrisy. Of -- says that about its own team. Coach handles more than anybody yields about his club which don't -- also remembered as -- is also trying to motivate out of its eyes to hey there. Hey how's that that was it that's the realize what he's doing the real reason. I don't think he believes that the the DNA of the team is soft in their hopeless I think what he's trying to do what's called them out. Without calling -- specific I thought by name idol. Think that he is saying that -- that the DNA. Is I think he feels like the DNA could be somewhat saw. But what he's trying to do is more to beat these guys in the way that only coach is can do. Do you have to call guys out individually. Do you talked you superstars about that but when you have a team that does not -- -- and she was asked about Jeff Green. And this is one guy in particular who I happen to love with -- physical gifts but if those gifts are not used that he does not become. Tough this team to just on the Wachovia. That's just simply human to within. I think especially the way they're playing at home right now -- she shouldn't be born for all I -- -- -- -- I thought this thing would take a while you're putting a lot of new players into the mix and they got to figure out. Learn what this team does. But but to me the way your foreign force on should be better homes which I'm just surprised threaten on the voters they've Walcott the Eagles to them. In crossover -- -- anybody get one the other night I'm wondering if it's. If you Neil what it is but yet when the other and I actually think it looked exactly the same all right let's bring in Danny Ainge and the conversation. Brought to us by a Lexus of watered down first of all. -- you heard anything from the league office about the possible suspensions there. Yeah my did hear from from the leak -- the suspension is going to be two games. Two games -- that do you think that's fair. Might wanna give into that. I think -- Maybe a little bit excessive in my mind I think -- -- escalated into the crowd I think that's probably part of it. But anyway it's disappointing it's frustrating. -- Danny how did they explain it to you what was your logic -- -- -- I'm I'm not gonna get into them might. That the media can open up so I'll talk to Rondo about it and and now believe it that well. Any one of the things that doctors talk about the team disease particularly talk about this team ambience all -- not being aggressive. It would -- as a form later coach do you what do you say. Well. I see us as a not good rebounding team. And we're not big. And I think the thing that really hurts our rebounding. Is not just rebounding itself by. Regain -- off the dribble too much on the perimeter. And every time we get beat off the dribble it takes one of our big guys to step up and it's 211 in the office of glass and when you take a team that's -- New Jersey. They really make you pay for that because that's one of their strengths they have size they have offensive rebounding. And they take advantage of our weaknesses but we've got to defend the ball. -- to not open up the glass of KG and Brandon and will cause those gays can keep bodies. On their own man instead of always haven't rotator ran in them. So I I don't know I'm not gonna comment on whether they're soft. What to say they were not big were not strong. Like a team like New Jersey is big and strong. We have to win in different ways we can we knew that coming into this season and you know the second half the New Jersey I think the most disappointing thing about us that scheme the second half -- New Jersey I thought we did a fantastic job. A rebounding the basketball and knew with five guys in the focus of Courtney Lee had a ton of rebounds was beaten back in there and steel and rebounds from the big guys. And we did a really good job and into not anticipate that. You know we had to play with that same kind of energy and intensity at the defense have been on the glass. That's probably the most frustrating part of last night's game that it does 83 Brantley he'll view when you talk about controlling the initial point of attack. Well who would of course mean neighbors one of the best in the business. At that. That's his strength is defending the paint but we don't have Avery and there's everybody has to do it that we have Avery and I. On each guy. Has to be able to guard the ball. Danny doc was talking this morning asked the question about Jeff Green and he says performance to this point has been disappointing. Look at the numbers points SE rebounds at Oklahoma City. And see what he's done so for this year seven point seven points 2.5 rebounds and I say this a huge difference that I watched the Oklahoma City game the other night or obviously. He had something to pearl. All team wanted to prove to people there that maybe they made the wrong move what are I don't know I kick it into the kids yet but certainly. He played a terrific game the other night so something is there. Why don't we see in this every night -- so I think that there's there's a lot of things. -- think that doc also mentioned at least he mentioned demean it. You know -- they're trying to figure out how to best utilize Jeff and a lot of it is on Jeff. But -- suspended consistent and I don't think that that's I think everybody's. Making too much out of this whole thing too much too soon. But Jeff has not been consistent he has not played consistent minutes. Hasn't earned consistent minutes. But Jeff is terrific talent terrific player and and we think that he can give us a lot of the bench this year about what do you think people are making a big deal about this earlier mean. I remember you talking about -- because of his exhibition season and I think because of expectations. Contract alike comes with that. Lot of responsibility come with the Contra about health and the self -- need to do with a I'd I don't know of health in itself -- -- healthy but. I think the fact of not playing for a year might have something to do with a hate to make excuses why is it. Question to look at them like you see it. I can understand that if this were every single -- but Durban two -- three games in which he's been aggressive out here he's been a factor. In the game and yet. The next game you see him go back to a very passive -- out there on the floor. Well so there's a there's a lot of reasons for that the enemy to some of that is how you've been defended. When you're on the ball Jeff on the post and teams attack him off the post because they don't have a matchup they like and in our spacing on the court isn't good enough. -- Jeff can't find an open man we have shooters that aren't in their positions. It's shooters that are prepared to shoot the floors not space correctly due to react to the double teams. Sometimes it's just Jeff -- bad reads and and it's. It's all part of getting it's getting together as a team I mean you saw Joseph Johnson last night when we double teamed him. He was in that the team anticipated it they they knew what was happening they knew was coming to spacing was good in. You know that's all part of coming together as a as a team has been able to pay for how teams defend you and and we collectively as a team haven't been able to do -- Let's circle back to Rondo for a second I know you've you've already told us about the the two games he's going to be suspended in fact that situation last night -- fans look at it and say. He's being a good team me good teammate -- detractors say how do you take yourself violent game -- that that was a crazy nobody you do that. How did you see. This this situation playing out just from a from a -- perspective okay KG gets the foul Rondo was there how to how did you interpret. What happened. Well you know I I think that it I don't know how -- he would respond in the KG would appreciate that Rondo. Stood up for him but that's not helping the team and that's the objective. You know taking yourself out of the game. You know I don't think it's a fair tradeoff Rondo for Chris Humphreys and I don't think that I don't I don't think that's helping your team. And so ultimately that's what you have to do. You know I I think that KG probably does appreciate that's probably -- KG. You know sort of got back in there to try to help -- rescue Rondo after because he knew that he attempted his defense so. I just think we can't do it in today's in the old school basketball you -- you were able to do those things but it. It in today's day and -- it is can't do that and you know hopefully this is just another learning experience to -- -- and -- team you know again when things -- ideas since though after that happened. Was a sense of urgency pitchers teams but the the crowd anticipated. Hall got back into it there was some excitement that was about it is -- came together for a few moments then all of a sudden they've missed the shot that too. It leads to the drop their here thinking you know I I just did on the stale by the momentum in -- carry over with the emotion of the day especially -- when -- teammates. Right so I think you're right I think there was a burst of momentum for us. In I think we did respond in the right way to sort of the whole thing. And that we did make a run and it we did get back in the team. It was a game that was not going well body language was not -- nothing was going right for us in. Reggie Evans and fade away jump shots. I mean there -- there was a lot of stuff happening out there but. You know I think that that's that's a whole other issue Max I think it. Being able to just maintain that effort and fight and you know a frustrating thing that I've had with this team over the last two years not just this year -- effective may be less this year than it was last year. As we got off to a really bad start and you know we've we've turned it on later in the years we came together in the you know the year before we went all the way to game seven in the NBA finals after going 27 and 27. So you know I think that that's our pattern and that's that's frustrating. And that were. You know on cruise control and try to turn it on when we when we think we have a chance to win in our fourth quarters are more intense than. We heard other parts became -- you know that are we understanding how hard. It is to win games in the game of basketball in the NBA right now and you can't just show to play but you have to show to win and winning is much harder. I how to get to -- you viewers have been a player you were an emotional player. That you probably look back now and say what was I doing our regular back and laugh about it and maybe you don't still -- but for him. He is that the emotions of the game got he got caught up in -- let's face it. -- Danny he had a personal goal as well as a team goal at that at the time with the assist record so he gets caught up into it as you have done as a player. And he lets go and that's what happens and now he's suspended for two games and he hurt your team how do you how to doc how do you guys get to. Well you know it's it's kind of funny when I played -- I don't think red ever got more excited. For me I can score thirty points in the game and he wouldn't care but if I get a fight and -- loved it. I thought let's let's put it we have got a lot of people were texting earlier they were younger people. And they were saying you'll what do you think red would have thought about this is -- -- would've got pissed off. At Rondo would have been just the opposite oh heavens no red red red love the fights. He loved intensity and passion and energy -- regardless of what the consequences -- and and the thing is is that you know it's it's a different. World now that's different area and you if you can't do that I don't think red would have been that excited if Larry would get a fight missed five games. For doing some stupid but. I think that Rondo and I'm. I believe that he is learning I believe that Rondo was maturing all the time it doesn't mean that he's not gonna have. Or two or three of these staying -- hopefully not this type thing it again this year but. I love front as the motion. He's got to learn and I think that. I think that he is learning and I'm not as worried about Rondo. As others might. We're talking earlier about that I play a playoff game when -- born through Boller Mario -- and misunderstanding what you remember that. At. Tumble on I didn't have enough god I happen and people off the well. It. That was hilarious rserver -- the next game you talk to Olajuwon before the game giving your take on on what happened. It was a misunderstanding right and and then I I've admitted -- wrong that was that was an embarrassing moment about the product that was better than it throw you ever -- baseball. Apple. Any more accurate -- embrace which the -- and race which they met Max you going into the stands in Philadelphia that we're today. You would have been suspended for twenty yard games if you -- for a year sophomore year yes he would probably for about thirty yes you have what you know as little Ron Artest. He has his debate bingo you can talk about that all you want to -- bush really that was a brick towards winning the championship at that. Now I understand it is a different era now obviously and you cannot do that. But if you really wanna be true about. That was that propelled us to come together as a team and that's why I've built the same since that one Rondo had that by. And got the -- now I've I've felt that same emotion from the players and our experience you know it's like they sort -- here we go Celtics and I felt that this looks we're going to give it last night. In just become this tough minded team and they meet some great plays for about five minutes and images. Missed the shot and that's the thing that really bothers me about this team Danny. Is that they're so gradual emotionally. Sometimes they can be so Ohio but -- also when they drop they drop ball. Well you know I think he comes from our best players I think they've got to do. They've got to be the leaders and you know Paul was playing hard last night he could see his energy level rise after the incident. -- the same timing couldn't get the ball in the basket -- was missing shots missed I think for free throws there. -- an 87% shooter that just doesn't ever happen -- though once this season type of incident where you just can't get a free to drop so. You know accepting that your right that that's a tendency is -- them. We knew whenever you have veteran teams I think you. The tendency is to. You know think you can do it. I pacing yourself as opposed to like the younger players typically play with that energy impassioned capital gains are the one thing is becoming painfully obvious. When KG leaves the floor bad things happen plus minus -- on X plus 46. Unbelievable. Who complain that who can help out you have it on that roster right now Danny. Or do you maybe have to go elsewhere try to find somebody who can replace them. Well I think that there's there's a couple of issues here it's not as simple as that I think that. It would we start the game often I think the first. You -- six minutes. For six minutes of the game are our guys are always ready become come play with energy and passion. And they -- she goes to the bench early in the first quarter. I see our energy level drop and I don't think it's just because KG goes to the bench and someone comes in to replace him that player that's coming in to replace him is so much worse than KG. I think that. We're not defended the ball as well anymore like we did the first segment were not were resting. Now we're not defending the screen roles were not getting back in rebounding and it's not just the matter of that that drop off of -- east talent. I think there's a lot more factors that go into play and whatever the reason. We've got to continue to compete and last nine -- I just didn't feel we had a not guys competing at a high enough level. -- two game suspension for Rondo -- will you guys appeal of at all. There's. I've had conversations with them throughout the day today and I don't think there's any appeal process I think that theirs. We can appeal at all we want. And it's something that's going -- anyway so he misses the next two green with the the knee problems does he play. Friday -- sure he's in the big game time decision tomorrow. A -- and -- -- I don't know I don't care. Doesn't matter to me I don't and I don't know the answer. I'm sure the legal announces here -- and I -- who have thought through next. All right guys that are there any change right here -- -- --

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