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Rajon Rondo spoke to NBA league officials about the incident during Wednesday's game vs the Nets

Nov 29, 2012|

Rajon Rondo spoke to the media during Celtics practice on Thursday. He said he spoke to the NBA about Wednesday's incident vs the Nets at the Garden, and didn't know at the time when/if a ruling was going to be announced.

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I think. I think. Who -- yeah. This morning. Within. It's. Obama talked to the NBA. The core of the conversation. And how this -- -- we'll know what happened I think that I -- effects of second second quarter. You know it felt good about what their decision might be feeling. -- -- At some truth you know I don't know what's gonna happen and they have -- -- as this though. This way near back from the lead. With two strikes today. Hopefully I'll play tomorrow but you have enough goods. You never know. Just never know this it's somewhat stroke you know whatever the consequences -- that's what. Now they got these things very in try to start a riot. Don't think there's more in this equation -- Plus. They don't come with -- -- you know. That's -- I got her actions to play like Jacqueline -- -- business. I was -- down. And not just -- Personal. They're a bit about an independent do that I wasn't frustrated. About that again. Now says they must have been and wasn't dirty plays today point. Mainly due. This is the best -- kept myself. I know -- -- my teammates that's one thing about. But I was thinking of my teammates and not in just ought to fight my childhood. This and think they it was spreading email tetanus. -- hope that -- in this situation. That's in the past. Today's new day. I come out and get better we're reminded him today much news. Out. Controlling your. When I -- this game to contact sport it's emotional game. I'll play it would head every night and I think that's what separates -- from a lot of gusts up. I'm not gonna let that take away my game -- and kind of thing very. You know as a new day and never. I was -- I would think again you know back in and day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's different than. Yeah. Mr. Yesterday's action. -- different. They repeat offender what does this trap. -- -- -- -- up but again right away I'm not there if there. Some some of them most of the best. Militants threatened by out there I'd go out there compete every night. And a south of the game and I play the game hard -- game when it. Come out -- stressed out there alone by yourself play the game play hard and when my guys -- the suspected just. Retaliated none of that weighs just -- which vets who. Let me ask congress fight no punches were thrown. Wasn't abroad. Noses. Record breaking its we you when you. Make that decision. -- Not just it's ultimately about maybe an hour before practice about it.

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