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Kevin Garnett, Celtics Forward, on the Rondo Humphries brawl

Nov 29, 2012|

Kevin Garnett joins Mut and Merloni to discuss last night's loss to the Nets and the Rondo Humphries confrontation. KG also talks about what he's getting Ray Allen for Christmas, if anything.

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The accident happened to the president's. Going to write -- hopefully things that those that. Was so good -- and now hopefully it'll still going back. No longer up close look at what -- hopefully. Big pile up under the basket -- getting -- back into the crowd assistant coaches. He -- it needs to stay on the bench as we've got its name listed mainland. It started on the floor right now it is under the basket. The wolf. The fifth of -- player this streak they just did indeed. In a fight. This what it is. The stupid Girl Scouts and divorce does -- -- here's what this. From your physical part of it and everybody going out there's just tour you know for me to be spared when. On a Celtics Thursday joining us on the AT&T hot lines celtics' Kevin Garnett back in the program Kevin like hello -- -- you. Or Obama do a good appreciate taking a few minutes here. Talking a lot of talked a lot about your game last night and talk a lot of up Chris Humphries in the foul that happened that escalated that the whole incident there before halftime Q take us through. That play with Chris Humphries you feel like he was over the top in the file that he had on -- before the everything started. Little bit bewildered you know you watched terrible goofy stories always extra. Love lust where are so blessed and Brooke let me cavities called similar. Think you know two winners had sought mortar. You know who's always been known to be under control. Those output of whatever little more than -- but don't look actual work. No coastal territory because it is Jerry Kelly please they've. Took this -- into their team and you're just trying to hold up to the whole. The mentality. Articles Brooklyn Brooklyn. If you -- serious Google finished better than you know what I was so I just missed two the look at the -- But I have some morning and you know you view that step -- goal. -- -- that maybe -- a level of frustration you guys are feeling that first half we surprised when you looked up and saw Rajon Rondo going after. Well all grown popular stories are -- -- warning them don't like anybody. -- was with teammates were brought us let me -- apparently. You know the most that the -- And a there are reducing doses of business source government Iran's delight. Some which is no different formula that we have because that's out there you know so -- so we're particularly it was -- The other take care of each other. I'd be surprised it escalated to the what did you do it but it was just -- pushing back to integrate no no no punches -- systems. I was two well this -- looks good looks it looks a bit malicious it. Indians brought to put that Jersey off. Person it's a borderless. You say that the -- got surprised he responded like that is there are ballots Kevin between responding and and defending your teammates standing effort teammate and recognizing how -- -- you are with the team and not putting yourself. In exists -- you might get kicked out of -- game we might get suspended for a couple of games. Which little experiment so far in. Barnum. -- -- that is that -- sort of conservative vote effort but things -- here. No control loose and patrol with them. A -- to see you react. Curious could you sit there Agassi. And Washington this they would loose when you're diving in the best situation it's those that are similar to Cuba. The playground somewhere. You know you have got a bit more you have these -- so. You can see you react strongly to call what the quarterback and we just sort of sit back and look at it didn't respond to. This situation bill without done this was the so that. And you know stuck they're stuck in conservative about -- -- -- so little in the world where a lot of passes. Lot of -- reduce you know he kind of it would -- -- the recent -- would become. The deputy Cain and what's with the others please note this decision the vote in the sport in the global competition to vote. -- he will be and that's just a local major that would reduce. But did you talk to John at all after the game about the incident neither. Cutler earlier that -- post so. The -- total. What was it just you know I appreciate you have in my back Cole was they don't try to keep cool we need you kind of moved forward. As we came out -- Herbert triggered OK okay but you know restrictions you know we as a group was okay. Carlos the most subtle little farther -- to salute -- -- -- -- days about that a little Escobar I think it was in the -- All these don't move suffered Victoria was starters and can't do that you know more about thousand. You know investment which together have this kind of report that we gave to you -- -- and -- 2000. Well you know your licks itself for the no brings total presence. As a whole buttons and this -- sort of hold -- The World Series and the stories that have been perfectly open to leave them the perfect. With the situation sort trying to you know Michigan is all cool about one piece. Of -- you know you know. To restore -- quote. Doc after the game matches that he -- -- team was playing softness and again this morning did you ever think the team you would be on. Whatever be referred to a soft not but he respond here docs say some. -- subtle way to respond. -- A leader of our government in the no military development you know because all of -- Oracle's. But against a president elect. Do. They -- a bit of -- -- -- you know. We all of -- what do you say salt. People automatically picabo malvo a brutal physical. An -- nest is pretty much what years ago -- so much more from. Officer Rivera missed an important Christian rebounds two point about -- you know just. Step -- to war. And that was rather than and that is being available obviously you know -- -- and everybody -- -- -- responsibility. I don't know. As a whole deal -- you know accused. Another order of loans and student you know and so to zone economy's. Screwed up -- -- you -- or. You know in the distant -- for the future is certain total war features host comedy. Miss -- little bit so it wasn't who advocate. It doc said the same thing this morning there's certain guys maybe that that put the Jersey on and and just think that it just it it happens and clicks and I'm curious to you -- -- stocks assessment that right now this team this off. But I really -- -- You know. What sort of Russo because minimum. And you know well let me go called little bear so. Olympic style of play about the McGinest that we. Though it may have to look -- tone between right we got -- -- 2000. Are we -- -- -- just tell you what it does comply level. Him being -- twenty points when you go to the respect you know the meter -- You know coach's assessment. Or reduce. Ticket this criticism more government whose brother. Sure he knows she'll call. -- you start on the itself for the -- significant is that. Because a lot of frothing excitement that this team coming into the year you know the acquisitions had a talk about the depth of this team and it. Eight and seven right now fifty let people -- not wait wait until January so we did Avery Bradley back. Is it difficult for for you guys -- -- -- you're patient you wanna play better you wanna sit around and wait how would you look at the first fifteen games so far Starr's team go. All the -- certain possible paper it looks good -- You know he -- you know those. Republics agreed this. Or you know the coastal cook. You get -- -- basically -- very -- get these parties it was Taylor who applaud this get this could be. People more world. This really with a serious blow to military calendars. Well the chemistry in which the data -- prepared. Though -- -- agrees to do more things but make no bargain -- welcome to go to war -- by the prospect. And -- division -- -- -- -- pain and give yourself. As necessary all of -- who bought in order to all four news normally you know. You know bonding with little. Group because of this group -- you know this this this this process -- soliciting names aren't. Multiplayer in the reward will be. No. But all sorts of and can you -- -- here's where we get better yes but via boat tour. But the -- sort of us playing good basketball right now. Analyst force amongst -- They get better -- -- -- what -- you -- it's sort of been here we've always been working today. Independence. Posts. -- sort of always quote. A frivolous about the boss really really well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and you know there's historical hole ability to -- this close to -- work -- and continue to -- better -- And trying to better the whole. There's multiple -- to. I don't -- like good listings will be these mice and listings will be some. By citizen but he still was all that was going on door you know sort of as quickly as -- -- Or basketball export experience you know chemistry was one of the most underrated things. On the people and investment into well reduce vehicle or whatever it is okay -- our garage there. Alone and let him on that situation here best situation here. Four get you out we asked are your fans fans of the Celtics and listened as the station on our FaceBook page that -- questions for you Brian just wanted to know. It being the Christmas season what you plan on get Ray Allen for Christmas. -- -- -- Nothing at all to the cardinals. -- -- -- -- You know him well it. Was pretty -- it was in December the Burress. No no we have to Sarajevo hill focused almost 2% to. And let the local group. The Celtics secret -- with Kevin Garnett Kevin really appreciate the time today good luck this week it'll talk you down the road America. You are happy holidays Merry Christmas Kevin Garnett joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speed that the ten times faster in the three G it is AT&T. Rethink possible also crossed that one -- no Christmas if for. -- AG is secretive. It wouldn't be secrets and a if we knew who was -- Top of the hour John Taylor and up they'll come back and talked do you not elude ninety threes.

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