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Should Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds be in the Hall of Fame

Nov 29, 2012|

Mut and Merloni debate whether steroid users such as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Mark McGwire should be in the Hall of Fame.

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-- actual check in with him top of the hour noon. Inside a radio on Miami all things dolphins. The -- jacked up his dance Helio was to enable get a feel as you every Thursday on the show prior to. Patriots football how the other side feels about this game will do that mix in some of the football. As the show goes all we'll talk to Kevin Garnett 1245. On this edition of what Lou how would you think of the Major League Baseball ballot weeks as a product -- excited as I ones. When this thing came out yesterday and all these names file and talked about for years and they're coming out all showed up on the ballot but I was also excited. I mean I I wanted to debate -- -- leave the hall of fame for about ten years now. Wanna see parents it was all they -- right that he has all pay per dog walker all of I AM. Why not. I'm ready to go right at the bottom -- on the bottom of the ballot right both guys deserve respect and opportunity here. Very key players Woody Williams. Would be willing to get there one note that Jay bell. Are gonna vote that got -- really liked them and talked to him a lot when news reporter so. -- mobile to go to be good form called up today I was the guy did it to what you know do you like me now my friend. Decently that these guys all get one vote right they big they get to the point even the guys at the bottom you can joke all you want. About these players you know Mike Stanton -- dear Jeff Conine at some World Series Ryan Klesko. It's a -- but Klesko rookies in home Reggie Sanders that's Reggie Sanders rookie cards home. And old gonna talk about those guys with their analysts they get their shot Jose Mesa great calls for a long time. He's listed as well but it's the bigger names that still got me excited he would bonds Clemens piazza Schilling. And to an extensible to guys started their Maguire and Rafael Palmeiro. -- I would talks officially about the guys that are are already there that have been have gotten votes right with talked about how we feel about certain guys. The new guys are even more interest because Barry Bonds home run king. Is so tied to Balco you got -- be absolutely blind or 88 giants' Barry Bonds sick of me. -- not recognized that he did something. You read game of shadows obviously something there isn't looking either one of us say for sure exactly. What he did how much he did how much it helped. 40400 guy before he left the pirates' home runs in our home runs and stole bases before -- quote reports started bulking up. So how the hell are these voters. Supposed to look through your making irrational decision -- at these guys and I had a hard time. With some of these in the mix especially the guys that are tied into the steroids I had a stance at one point -- said. No steroid guy gets in your Callahan and Dino talk by all the time. A summer I was field near Cooperstown picking you -- tell me in 2030. I'm gonna go to Cooperstown and in some way shape or form. Bonds and Clemens in particular are going to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. That's like he'd come back to you that I know they -- -- and it's bad. But is it it's about history in Baseball Hall of Fame Cooperstown is about the history of baseball. Both guys are gonna find -- way at the base. All here's what bothers me it becomes the baseball it and it's not honest -- how -- and can be consistent because it was tough enough before this whole crop comes -- Moral clause. The hall of fame. To me. Is the best players to ever play the sport I don't care. What's -- is period the best whether it's on the ice on the court on the field. Period end of story. So if you -- the best at what you've ever done Uga and I'm always felt Pete Rose should be and -- in -- when I look at these guys now the steroid users trying to say wall you know I need proof. I've got proof on this guy I've got proof -- that guy no no no but this guy no problem he's in because I don't approve but then again. I don't vote on this guy because. It just doesn't that that doesn't pass the sniff test for example guy who admits it and Paul Merrill right -- a guy who is suspected Jeff Bagwell and those guys -- Bolton about balls -- new guys but that's half. Call to make Paul Merrill has oracle hall of fame numbers you would think. Door -- we'll put up some monster numbers but -- once that there's not snip about Jeff Bagwell on steroids in Balco already in the snow Brian McNamee. Coming on the radio telling us that -- battled than anything up because he suspected. People wanna keep him out I agree with the it's that tough it's at the very gray area the only way I -- make it it's in the form part now is that those guys that I played against that are coming in. Through the hall of fame right to vote the ballot. And I just a vote -- if you did the dominant players you know hall of Famer when you see one. You know and he dominated his era. Whether he's on or not I don't know how any other way -- I don't know how to be consistent with that. You know -- and l.s gold through elixir of the pitchers that are coming up and the other pitchers in my -- that I've always felt hall of famers. Just in the induced playing in that time it was Pedro was Roger Randy Johnson. Greg Maddux. You know those relate the leak. All of the leaked by and that's what I feel -- a Wiki is another all of spam in my -- But that's what I feel that the hall of fame is unfortunately. You have cops. Right that already in there while this -- in the -- guys got going I don't believe. In in doing that can mean I don't believe the -- -- first place so. I just I just think it's the elite of the -- -- -- very good the hall of fame the best that ever played. And you mentioned those kind of guys. And then you know than to -- come down to know Curt Schilling. You know he's got the complete package right 888 great wasn't it was -- hall of fame. Career regular season -- a hall of fame post season so he says all of very good regular season hall of fame poston. And I don't and that's for sure either like them. Look at like hits when he looked it winds law that is longevity obviously how many years they in the game. He dole com. Tom Glavine 305 wins. Is he a hall of fame reluctant apart receives no question about it and I looking Glavin a look at shield CA Norton they probably are you can make a debate. Then again it is that it probably -- our day. I don't well on some of these guys outlets are sick Levin no question about it and and that's -- can make an argument. You know no question about Craig Visio has a ton -- hits but he played forever. So what what I supposed to do there. I want we just picture some names here we come back in to sort of see that that the new guys on the ballot because those the most controversial right Clemens bonds. Piazza to an extent. Even chilling with a local guy on that ballot. We just go through and got to give our take we come -- and are they in are they not all mixing your phone calls here as well 61777979237. -- -- to the ballot next. As such as fiscal you know question trivia answer because it's. I mean if you're gonna ask yeah I mean they you know they're they're they're there's girls love ballads that as as as spoke come out. And and I mean you know. So I think they're great players -- think -- solid all the same players you know yeah been assets or about may mean. Do I consider myself a halt great player for me -- -- aired. Almost like you'd be arrogant airfares actually I'm all great player ideas. You know -- the very people talking you know they'll put me area you know. It was very -- operator exactly. And look I know look I know what out of it's got no effective and and and I don't know where my heart wasn't what I was trying to do a good bad and you know obviously out how that you have regarding. I don't sit or ever try to do anything to try to make a self. Perform better than other people or whatever. A bit but there are gonna have their own opinion of that. Andy -- talked to Michael -- About steroids and hall of fame and all we talked about for the next couple months here in terms of the 2013. Hall of fame ballot which I find. Challenging I don't NB these BB WA guys. In terms of what they do -- get it to me. Com first -- is not a hall of Famer. He is an example. Of him we talk about longevity. Made -- -- to gain any -- seventeen years in the league and was always. Yet in my book and above average pitcher and continued to do it today blows my mind when he did last year for the new yankees he's coming back next year. But. Playing a long time in this league that above average. It's because he played a long time doesn't make you great. If you if you look good or above average for twenty years. That does -- that -- different when he does make you call for because we now know there are certain things guys can take that big politically wants it in that campaign that's my opinion -- says it's a place for twenty years. Right in gets 3000 hits Craig Biggio. Ailing got a Visio what they got in baseball reference page that's M twenty years that's not only at the numbers because it's like -- 3000 -- well that should be hitter of this many wins that should be in. Well if your entire career repay the twenty years in your head you're 345 years where -- -- -- your hall of fame type seasons and and that was it. But because plate when he -- but the numbers there. Twenty years of good when he is above average does not make you all the fame. Does it do you get a lot of credit you go down as one of the better players play this game. But are you a hall of Famer. Any -- to me was never ever a hall of Famer. He was a pitch to play against he knew it's gonna step up in he's -- April well in big games he continues to write down of the utmost respect for him. Even what it what happened off the fee -- still I respect the hell out of that guy. But I don't think he's a hall of Famer. Let me do this then -- go through Barry Bonds Barry Bonds -- halt to -- lemon yeah. No question. Listen there's no question. To skip right to him in book inclement. There's no doubt. That those guys are hall of famers -- you wanna put him there -- a question regular plaque. Regular spot just in dumb -- the whole thing yes because I where you are you're wrong about this -- I don't need. Pastor XOK. Districts where did to why it's part of their career I know that. Well but there are some people you all that but in twenty or thirty years with some guide -- shows up when this kid at the baseball famous Cooper tech guys not gonna know. He might know but. That Barry Bonds was tied to Balco Victor -- every one right at the end of his hall they play -- Roger Clemens accused. By a trainer five I don't think either repeat their own Wayne now but I'm not saying on when you wanna put another fine. What you got to include them on the plaque that it did tell me that is the bare minimum. A what you do with these guys to let them in unscathed. It's -- when we put that plaque would only. We just go by suspicion. Robbie Alomar -- put -- we put that played the steroid era. Was very real suspicion about -- -- it doesn't matter -- OK there are certain guys get back Bogut Cindy you state. Latest steroid -- what has been any sort of public or or even. On noted. Behind the scenes conversation about Japan they're pretty obvious ones dishing up on Clemens an obvious pulmonary wanna put a man. Obvious does Mike Piazza at the end of his obvious. Obvious -- Yasser. There's windows and tested this enough smoke there from like the -- now you're going an opinion now you -- judge Jerry here I playing god in your own eyes. You're gonna determine in you can tell me who have been put on the plaque and who have not yet -- I'm I'm not officially -- piazza -- he's not one of light years to go out on offense but my question Mike Piazza all the fame among defense. Note questions. While Curt Schilling. This question. There is listen like I said great pitcher great post season. And I think the balance of the regular season -- in the post season probably is what gets him -- Steve's a Connecticut has a question here what's up Steve. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Urine and adequate utility. When you play baseball that's a good way to put it. Okay can you be the prime example of someone who could really benefited. So what little shot but he's no questions you may so what made your decision for you. It's not worth more I million dollar pay day. Do this. Because I thought I can get did the right way and I was that close I thought I could make it Eminem what it was all said and done the smoke cleared. I could live my life knowing that I didn't do it they got there anyway. Not everybody feels that way. And and a lot of guys in my situation that did and it went on to be guys in the big was -- 2530 home runs a year going up all that kind of laughed and giggled. It was like jealous was that this. But they live -- I live with a. That is the question is gone okay that answers questions for him -- a question for you we'll talk to everyone else John Hyannis to what seven. 77979837. I'm sure we'll get back in two. This list because at the very interest and especially 2013 we come back. The patriots dolphins game this weekend Jesse tackler inside a radio Miami will join us we'll talk to him. Opens have a shot keep it here.

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