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Behind Enemy Lines: The Miami Dolphins

Nov 29, 2012|

Jesse Agler from the Finsiders in Miami joins Mut and Merloni to preview the upcoming Patriots-Dolphins game.

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We've had there was an long. Streak of games what were we have not won. And and and we we beat him I think you know with an overtime repeat them on the past Detroit. There is great with our. We all our hopefully you're too. So yeah that was a that was very memorable day we've had you know quite funeral but they -- and each each game is. You know get his team has always been. Excitement bush again from last year at the Nazis that was a fun game. Some great memories and so. I'm not so great memories to. Tom Brady yesterday of preparation for patriots and Miami Dolphins 1 o'clock on Sunday but -- 93 point seven. WEEI before the year we checked in around the AFC east and -- act or the insiders to opens radioed nice not to join us and it has been a long time is where these teams have not played a game yet this year the -- two games in the final five weeks we -- Connect would Jesse Adler get it taken -- dolphins team Jesse -- Lou -- Boston power you. And we got a lot of -- the dolphins last year crisp brought album for a home game was practicing crowd noise he was so concerned about the patriot pins -- I read that. Joseph felt the dolphins are doing that again this year because they're so concerned about the about a patriot fans yes they're going to be in that building on Sunday. You ready to have. -- correctly they they are using crowd noise this week is they get ready for the game but he's done it at every single practice all year long going back to training camp. He says he does it for the defense also because even when you're at home the crowd get flat or the other team has the ball to want to defense to be able to practice. You know in need in a noisy situations so he uses crowd noise that every single practice has since he has started coaching this team back in July. Joseph Philbin has teams and at five and six overall. What is the responsible and how this first years gone for him. Are you I think it's been a little bit of a roller coaster and at the end of the day I think right handed over to end up being a lot more judged and Joseph Philbin is when this season is done. A roller coasters you'd expect with a rookie quarterback. You know I think there's the fans in the -- -- players have a definite trusting Joseph Philbin like the direction this thing is going but. Obviously it you know he's put in a month to go and these in and you know they take here they go on big winning streak or something like that things can change but assuming things sort of stay the way they are the rest of the way I think people say okay it was a good first step. They're obviously gonna be more excited about you know what the future -- -- see -- from afar but there's a Jacqueline and Hyde type of feeling that to me to this dolphins team right when you lose I'm against Tennessee 373 you bounce back. Two weeks later and beat a pretty good scalp in the beat the patriots is there a major. Reason there are major theme Jesse for why they have been so up and out these first eleven games. Yeah I mean look they're up and down because they got a rookie quarterback and then a lot of it is on him but I think you know if you look at the wind if you look at the losses. When they've won. They've been able to run the ball in the block they haven't been able to run the ball match really big part of it and they got back to being able to run the ball the other day -- he's a little bit of anomaly most of their losses this year actually been really close. Even from an ugly ugly losses like Indianapolis and buffalo where they just they played badly really for the entire game in those ones at least on offense. They had the ball late in the game and an opportunity to tie or win. They just were able to do it they were able to pull that out against Seattle the other day but the Tennessee one was really the the super ugly one outside of that. Even the losses today have been relatively close and look no moral victories and all that kind of stuff but -- yet they're able to run the ball they've got a chance to win and in their losses they really haven't run the ball very well. But the haters of god gets couple young rookie quarterbacks and Andrew -- in and run and Wilson rather -- Wilson in Seattle. Riots in hell no when you look at him now it's eleven games what are strengths weaknesses can expect a young quarterback. Super poised to really Smart knows the offense. You know he he made a really. On a couple of throws in the game the other day against Seattle one which was intercepted the other one which was intercepted in the end zone but he got bailed out. On a roughing the passer call when Earl Thomas hit him late in in the head. He knows though that those were stupid broad there you know kind of across the body rolling toward the silent just brutal way. And he was trying to force it in there Mike Sherman the offensive coordinator keeps saying all year long. He makes a mistake if he doesn't make it again next week either really really market but at the end of the day he's still the rookie quarterback and he still. Seeing things for the first time and I think we all know down here Bill Belichick probably have a couple things dialed up on defense. Did it right and it -- never seen before but he knows the offense really well he makes a ton of checks to the line they give him basically full autonomy. At the line of scrimmage and freedom to check out of the play -- switch to play and he does a lot of that he's a really really bright kid he's got the army got all the physical tools. He's big and strong but he has a rookie and -- a lot of -- stuff over the course of the year. Our talk -- Jesse Adler of the insiders get prepped for Miami and New England you -- they run the football they've got a chance in any game. How they divvied up the -- carries here in Miami with all of the a couple of guys they have is that we is that going to be a feature is any split at this point. How does that work together -- It's kind of different at different points in the season right now I would say if they're able to run against New England it's probably going to be split Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas split the carries pretty evenly last week. Against Seattle I think when all was said and done ready ended up with you know 45 more carries and Daniel Thomas did but those are gonna be to -- That you see probably -- at the start that may be used data comes with a bigger back to try and soften the defense up a little bit. And then possibly back to Reggie after that. You know again in again they weren't able to run the ball they didn't run the ball until it kind of hard to tell you what their plan once because we never really got to see it executed. But if things go well like he did against Seattle the other day I expected to be probably two thirds of the scary to Reggie Bush. You know -- book ending and carried her for the bigger back you know Thomas of all tell you this. In my eyes being a promises running really really well the other day against the Seahawks may be better than Reggie Bush is running so who knows maybe to dial up a little bit more in this week. -- patriot offense I think his. Are more balanced than we've seen in the past years the running of Ridley and marine -- yet. This Miami team at the front -- they have a mean Marshawn Lynch nineteen carries for six yards last week. Is that is that what this defense does stop the run and connected him in trouble because -- put the ball Brady's hands. Right I mean that you don't pick a point and obviously with New England -- and they're about as well balanced as anybody and yet I get any defense at any level footballer idyllic day we wanna make people on a one dimensional this week. You really wanna make -- pitch sequence meant to look at and have Brady just wrote that the five time to think -- know what happened to -- that takes place. So yeah I mean -- could get them in trouble but there are really good run defense and and you happen to not play. Great run defense I don't think you can do that. The -- defense also is probably better than people realize they've given up -- -- -- but they've been thrown against the time and they got this bend but don't break thing going on. Similar and we know that I heard that phrase before you heard them jets have. Yet -- the difference I think between the dolphins bend but don't break in the patriot bend but don't break is that a lot of the patriots. Not breaking is because of a turn over take away the dolphins are not taking the ball away on defense and that's the main knock honesty right now. I think it will give up yards and not given up -- kind of point they're forced you to try -- -- a touchdown the other day they they were great against Seattle there's a turnover in their own territory. They have fourteen Seattle -- they don't backwards and and it took over the 35. And end up having upon right before the game winning drive to Canada led the other day Seattle was first content at the Miami forty. And ended up having to -- because of three straight negative plays including exact. On third down so they've got a really good job with that but they're not taking the ball away obviously gets Brady it's kind of a whole another issue but you know -- -- Let's get back to Cameron Wake is he scares the crap but a patriot fans but I see guys in a five and half sacks. Nobody ultimate team has more than two is their frustration Jesse among dolphins fans that. Maybe offensive lines and offensive schemes are keying on Cameron Wake in the no one else been able to provide that constant pressure on the other side against opposing quarterbacks. Yeah it hasn't been -- to your -- been at times you -- guys to get through that third down sack -- just reference was scared laughter. Who the other starting defensive end he's been very quiet this year but we pitted -- against Seattle probably more than we did in the previous ten games combined. Maybe that's the sort of -- really getting going this week. Other rookie Olivier Vernon -- wears number fifty at the University of Miami he's kind of a studio pass rush specialist now he seems to be seeing more more time out of the field he's quick guy. He can get back there but there's no question. The offensive line -- and running backs and tight ends are working Cameron Wake and there's been OK let somebody else beat us. And energy that consistently over the course of the season the other guy hadn't been being opposing offenses but yeah wake is excellent. But I don't think there's any doubt that you know everybody just try to slow him down the best they can and he's really good against the run to that part of the great run defense wake when he first got here from Canada he was gonna be used as a third down you know -- throw specialist. Because they had Jason Taylor and some other veterans but. So you -- became known as the -- -- guy but he's just a really really really good defense -- -- overall he's great against the run not just the past. I'm just curious if you've you know five and six here at five to go in the AFC's unit that last wild card spot. Might be up for grabs but a couple knowingly and emblem was San Fran and playoff talks down -- Miami. There were a few weeks ago from the fans for the most part. If they want to read around the net loss in buffalo. In Tennessee game had to kill. Yes those were tough you know the panicky when especially like it that it was just different finally get a lot that they just. -- -- allotment act I can't explain it up and moved on from now -- but if buffalo was ugly on the road at night on national TV it was just kind of a flat type -- game and they can never really get anything going offensively. So yeah it is -- a lot of what it here you go back early in the season. Should be could get that home. That should have been ranked ten in the first game winning drive they missed a very amicable field goal and then ended up losing in overtime probably could have beaten Arizona. On the road earlier in the seat and also there's definitely coupled what if games and there but you know after the three straight losses the playoff talk really cool down. Obviously people you know got excited when they beat Seattle the other data that the quality opponent. You know look I can't promise you anything if if they -- New England on Sunday I imagine there will be a lot of playoff talked about that. The supreme biggest. -- if they if they do there at the bucked that trend as far as for the patriots. This they get after the football they get turnovers and they don't turn the football over kind of opposite of what the team's been doing lately. Yeah exactly and I mean that's that's the big thing we've heard of the players and the coaches always talk about ball security for the dolphins and it's it's a dangerous combination because they get pats don't turn it over and the dolphins don't take it away so that that that alone probably gives you cannot reason to be concerned if your adult content. They got to take the ball away this weekend and again that the super super hard thing to do against Tom Brady and his team but they they've got to find what even if it's lucky bounces. You know I mean do you think they've caused fumbles this year that the funny thing. They've caused the kind of fumbled but it hardly recovered any. And some of that is bad luck you know they've been practicing scooping up the ball and falling on the ball all those kind of staying put for whatever reason to all the -- -- gone the other way when it when it comes to take away. I get you out on this of the quarterbacks who have tried to fill the shoes of Dan Marino and I guess that -- it's been at the right panel finally is that guy. Your favor this to me it's like John Becker Cleo Lemon one of those crew that has got to be at the top of the list correct. Favorite -- I'm not mean he goes he's he's alert that probably the most success with Jay Fiedler and you know to repair most that's exactly because those great defense -- you know they had Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas Daniel Sam Madison and and Patrick and on the corners and and a great defensive line -- bones in the middle. So you know those boutique feed their teams if we can even call them JP of their teams. The other with -- playoff on the semi regular basis in the early 2000 I guess after Marino left. And and those would probably beat at the team's most fondly remembered since Marino left. You know again I don't know how much credit you wanna give JP the ability to an admirable job at times. But yet he'd probably be at the top of the list you know outside of that look there's no question it's been it. It's been a struggle in the -- are totally sold on -- by the way but they have to be you know more optimistic now than they have been during any of these other you know quarterback -- that have taken place. Yeah I'm sure a lot of people down there real pleased with poet Dante Culpepper over Drew Brees yeah. That never comes up and never shall never. -- ever comes up Florida Wes Welker but -- never come up brazen Welker when I meant anything now 567 years there in Miami eyes of the insiders Jesse angler. I always thought that when it comes the dolphins Jesse appreciate the time we'll talk you down the road. Any kind of -- Jesse joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speed that the ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible a lot of energy there just the other -- a lot in maybe. We've asked a lateral which as we've asked him maybe he was locked and loaded on the lateral part of a conversation a little bit sped up today like that energy. -- 92 break we'll come back patriots had an opportunity to at a defense to play yesterday and fall to them they also. And an avenue interest mix that and as well keep it. I would note that in November --

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