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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, on the Rondo Humphries brawl

Nov 29, 2012|

Jackie Mac joins Mut and Merloni and discusses the Celtics loss to the Nets, the fight between Rondo and Humphries, and if the Celtics point guard will be suspended.

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Whenever guy gets on the cut you know and that's what it looked like. Like you to do play developmental attempt fell backwards on his back and look baton. They're they are not uncommon but it looks bad not -- doesn't start their return. I was Doc Rivers earlier today with Dennis and Callahan if you missed it. As always a great interview with -- chickened out on line on demand. At WEEI dot com is a Celtics Thursday jacking that -- always joins us here on Thursday she's brought to you by town fair tire. And by HSA. Insurance. Morning Jackie how are you. -- -- -- Now it was looking like -- for awhile just a sloppy start in Brooklyn come in and try to prove a point obviously the do you Rondo incident happened and at the time we got suspended last year in the playoffs -- you wrote. I your call on espn.com. Rondo makes a bad situation worse and you talked about him losing his composure he said too bad. That's a great players do they maintain their composure great teams do that as well. Was that another case last night -- on Rondo losing his composure at a bad time. Well I think he overreacted I don't think that the court is egregious since you know on all of a referee here or what happened with Mark Davis. -- he -- he -- KG they have the real man crush on each other and it's great for the team and it's been great for them both and they really drawn up each other. But he overreacted there's no question did. You know doctors right leg and great power could come priest nobody likes him anyway great -- -- -- -- everybody's you know not happy about. -- -- -- You don't -- album if you want that's fine but don't keep all. And I think that's again -- the things you thought that all along the only one that's gonna stop rise on roundup from being really great. You can sell. And how more poignant than last night that he stopped his older sister by doing. So I I understand that and have a little more understanding of the and I did with directory but again you know what I don't understand it. It -- should have been so important to them. And you'd never should come out the way he you know he was frustrated at what he did. Never had to come out the way that helped sixteen bit against became a -- makes no sense to me at all accurately doctor being upset you know. Objective would you agree that if this was another player that did some like that may be would that be that big of an issue because it is Rondo and that's. The one question he got to have put this kid is the maturity -- reason why maybe it is bigger. Well you know when you say that I was down we were talking yesterday and around the corner or the other day I guess I'm about -- you know the big linemen and now every time -- -- he definitely Emma I'm out. A magnet for controversy -- I'm on the one and only bad things -- well that's true but what happens is when you have these cumulative incidence. Then yes people are gonna make more -- so who could control that only -- Only use about I would say about that I -- and I think any time that the ball especially the team that comes in a young upstart. That the first place in the division. And it seemed that supposed to you know be proud and all that other stuff. I mean you guys did not show up in the first course in I don't understand that and -- I know they're working part -- container and that green to work and Crockett but at least sixteen minutes. Nothing last night. And this team into the kind of game. I'm -- you know docking -- rarely called monopoly he did but I do not blame him if you can't get up for this. First place in the division okay in the coming -- -- that you know. Had a little swagger they beat the knicks did all of that that you know that they think they wanna be part of the Atlantic Division equation and you can't play. You can even right up for that occasion rather really talk about him right in the case against the best point guard in the league while certainly there are millions in that category. So Andray Blatche leading talk about that we all know how. During that let you tortured him what got the better that last night too dumb and I if I'm Doc Rivers I'm seeding today. And its story about -- last year at this time we talked about Keon dueling ads and how much of a factor he wasn't Keon talent or John you're got to. You hurt your family the ticket money out of your pocket that the way this this current team is set McKeon not there. Will somebody like -- your veteran have to remind him at some point today or tomorrow that is stuff like that you're too important this team to get thrown out of a game for something like that. All -- get to that can be dark because you -- KG in a twisted sort of way and I don't come inoculated. He probably kind of like just -- -- -- sticking up for me because KG got a little bug -- bottling him to. And the thing is -- going to be suspended. I think multiple games as you know I think he's gonna get at least two game suspension might be wrong but I think. You know it's not just last night you're gonna lose them now for another two games it's an -- trying to find its way and they're not gonna find their way. On a roster that really only had Rondo had to two point guard on. You know last night we start to that we talked about this bench right how deep that -- going to be you know -- dollars that they've batted and did their bench last night minus 55 compared to plus 32 and the other side in the solid life -- like without Rondo when they're -- they're pressed them full court. Barbosa was struggling just Terry take more the point guard -- -- to stick with Barbosa. Well I'd like to carry out there. And I've also looked at our post that he was a nice surprise -- that you guys remember what that thrilled when they -- in the first place and then you show me a little something -- -- not an always on him only as Danny's you know he's not a pass first. Player by any stretch. He likes to go to the line like the score and if you want to be the point guard Ron goes up for -- -- long that it got changes mentality that I think it makes more sense. -- go to Jason Terry in the situation but yeah you're right about potential good lord. I mean Andray Blatche remember Andray -- straight and washed. Out he didn't need a guy that bit. -- just a light into that in fact he's also the guy in a rare moment of candor from Doc Rivers told me last year. When I was asking about claimed Ricky said. Well you know you can't just play him Washington did that with Andray Blatche invited that -- out and that was you know -- we doc doesn't call players out. So for that yet to come in here and -- the number that he did against them and what you think that would be something that would get. So -- motivated to -- This game to me would disturb. Let's go to promote it -- of the motivation of the -- lost this team they feel like their start to become something in that division you wanna remind them. They hate you are still the Celtics and I'll circle back that. My big concerns regarding mentioned Jeff Green because Jeff Green goes from a seventeen point outing it's Oklahoma City. Look like he's into a Jackie got a huge factory -- 88 points early in the first half. That we're so valuable to them last night. Again sixteen and a half -- -- minutes and I know he got hurt but the open dot inconsistencies got to drive -- crazy from Jeff Green off the bench. Well right and you know I think I said that early on it. I was gonna get too focused and how many points just green scored service in the eight to ten game -- it that's fine. But it was all the little things that's what made him the kind of play you get excited about. You know taking the charge -- in the balk at this is the part I don't understand he just has not rebounded the ball for them. At all and again. I'd say it before I'll say it again at the -- and chest. You know broken open last year I understand that some mental recovery -- coming down and -- that we all have to be patient but. But you can't be completely invisible he got to give -- the defense is standing to do something. While I -- you know Courtney Lee last thing we can go down the line and acting like that I get I was. To me you know I've been I've been on on -- -- they're not -- they -- -- I get all that but. Last night didn't he was justice -- -- I did didn't give the Brooklyn nets credit for the season start about bottom ranked too high when I look at them you know who knows what the gonna become come playoff time but. I see the bad matchup here for the Celtics with their size and their -- and you see that. Yeah I doing you know we can get a look -- team is so much time he was hurt and you know he's not act like -- order particularly you know. But in in a league that hasn't served as legitimate seven foreigners. It is pretty high level sadder that that can hurt you and I think -- Yeah you remind me of DJ a little bit and that. His numbers never you know shooting hammered they're not going to be like they were they weren't you content but -- we need a big play he makes it I just think he's one of the best point -- period. And I don't know I don't care that he went three for twelve Lorena because like DJ -- -- game is on the line seemed to make the play. The guy usually makes the plays Paul Pierce -- kind of pick through last night's game I thought the second half here comes. An old cup Paul Pierce throwback game Jackie and he. He tried but he missed what three was first fourth free throws five C for the game just didn't seem to have. That lift that once Rondo went out you saw that the pressure was on Pearson for the first time. Said boy the mound and -- for the whole year but the age they catch -- them a little bit not able to go on to old Paul Pierce throwback put the ski in my back mode. Yeah but I at least -- -- -- hard and I thought he was playing hard -- he would turn duty and I helped assembling about KG -- I don't think it was a coincidence that -- singled. KG Rondo and and picked out this guy didn't know what accurately means any. You know Pollack who is going to be limited athletically and and and because they and he knows that he's used to acknowledge that and -- some night. Like Oklahoma City mini comes drill for it so I can't even point of pol in the wake of the game because. I'd just -- you adapted to much less tired after Rondo did go out. Or uncle back -- follow companies and Internet do you think there's an egregious he do you think that. That's after what I've seen a lot more in and a lot of it was frustration but it just. It didn't I didn't see bush I didn't see -- entities that violent you know I mean that -- fell awkwardly but. Well it it -- jobs now -- it too that make at that. -- -- to that -- into that job I I agree with you I mean we wouldn't even you know back in the -- -- right that's wouldn't you wouldn't even turn head. It -- and I understand your point about undercutting Garnett now that it was it was gonna you know it was our children called the file but it wasn't down. You don't run all -- Activision orderly and say it. Quickly question for it is I think you and I agreed that Pao Gasol -- that Mike Dee Antonio offense is going to be perfect and run that high point is gonna -- campuses so. He has been the odd man out in his box scores they're not winning games and -- box -- a -- week. I think that the trade pal gets all the sort of free up Jackie the other guys that like Antonio offense in LA. I don't know I think that I mean I don't -- Democrat and a question -- he really has struggled and I'm I'm surprised. And you know again you start to wonder what we know the better electrocuted sacred fraternity at that point for the last two years the better consult -- in Memphis is an. And now I'm not turn the look on out that's solid he's -- guy that. But he he's not -- never gonna be a warning me you know he's been to victory concede that and that -- that that killer instinct chip. And now they want a championship because of them but I think they've got a lot the championship because of them and it's just he's -- counted. Very very -- I don't think I would get on. Given up on me and I just wouldn't. Are your record you think two games Toronto suspension at some point next point. -- our -- in the -- like that bill and I and it's going to be hard to argue it. If on Christmas Day Celtics and nets next time they'll play Jack -- will be trying to separate we'd all have to work at it we went at them. So let's get this film and watch it -- Jacki thank you so much we appreciate the time have a great weekend at a great -- right side -- nick. On ESP and joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE with speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible. And Jackie is always brought to you by town fair tire and buy HSA insurance Jack he says two games you and I. Well but higher rights -- more on that three year since you say five I think it's by separately three to five range after before it got ten games like Robinson JR Smith up back in the day does escalated to -- -- level. But this'll be -- three to five I could see that a lot of people that BQ if there wasn't history that's nothing. I'd give it up in the middle the floor and it does -- suspensions at all but what you -- the fans in this league. Forget about it. Our top of the hour with John Chandler Jeff and Chris in your phone call 617. 7797937. We get back to the phones next.

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